tagBDSMTwo Friends in Need Ch. 07

Two Friends in Need Ch. 07


Before you read this story, may I suggest you go back and read the previous Chapters first, as it will help you understand the storyline. When you read this story you will notice that, outside of the sex of the characters, I avoid describing the physical appearance of the characters. This is done to make it easier for you the reader to place yourself into the role of the characters. I would also like to thank all of you who have sent me feedback and posted comments on the previous chapters.


Monday morning came too soon, after the weekend I was dragging, but the Monday morning grind did not care, weekly reports due, and meetings to attend. I did not hear from Rebecca that week at all, which was not unusual, I was still a bit concerned that I had pushed her to hard, after she got home, thinking like Rebecca she might be having second thoughts about our game.

The following Monday I received an Email from Rebecca. I was a bit apprehensive when it came to opening it so I check through some other emails, taking care of the Monday morning grind. It was late morning before I was back at my desk to open her mail.


Thank you for a wonderful weekend, it was everything I had hoped for and more. I wanted to send this last week but I had an emergency out of town meeting with a client that ended up being a four day negotiation. Enough about that.

I do wish to discuss some of my homework, at this moment consider 'Item one Yellow'. My concern is that Marie knows about our game and if I go there, she will treat me like we were playing the game and not respect that I am Rebecca unless we are playing.

About me masturbating, you were right I have masturbated a few times in the last week and yes, when I did, I did think of Marie and Anna. Which brings me to my point, one reason I am not willing to go back to their place for a night cap is I do not know them that well. I have to think about my professional life.

I would like your thoughts on this.

I thought you would also like to know it took slut three days to talk me into going with garter and stockings instead of pantyhose, I have been without pantyhose since Thursday morning. Don't think I did not catch that you took advantage of a little grey area in the rules.

Obediently Yours,


I wanted to address Rebecca's concerns as soon as possible so I composed and sent a reply.


I am glad to hear you enjoyed our weekend, it was most enjoyable for me also. Slut can be pretty persuasive it does not surprise me you are wearing garters and stockings instead of pantyhose. Yes I did take advantage of a grey area in the rules.

As far as your concerns about Item One, I suggest you handle it by calling Marie and making a private appointment concerning some items you would like to purchase. When you go there make sure your mind is clear, you do not want slut influencing you. Explain to her what items you are looking for, expect her to be very professional, if you feel uneasy explain to her that you are there as Rebecca and not playing the game and you expect to be treated with respect. I am sure she will understand.

I respect your concerns about going back to their place, you are right we do not know them that well. Remember I will never make you do something you do not feel comfortable doing. Let's play this by ear, see how she treats you dealing with item number one and go from there. My guess, she will treat you with complete respect, you are a customer and she does not survive without customers.

If you have any other concerns ask.

Your Friend Always,


I hit send then went back to work, and ended up working late and did not check my email the rest of the day.

Tuesday morning there it was Rebecca's response. Again I ignored it and concentrated on work. Between all of the emails, reports and meetings, it was noon before I had time to read Rebecca's email.


Your right, slut is very persuasive, I have been struggling to keep her under control.

I took your advice and called Marie, she was happy to hear from me, was very professional, which put me at ease a bit, I will let you know how the appointment goes.

Thank you for understanding.

I want you to know that your marks are all but gone, however I plan on continuing to wear stocking and garters, God help me, another little reminder of the game.

I also want you to know you have woken up something deep inside me, I have not masturbated this much in my life, but every other night my hand finds its way into my panties. I am not complaining, it has had the desire effect, I have closed several deals and have several more in the pipeline, my boss said that maybe I needed to take more long weekends, if he only knew.

Obediently Yours,


After I read her email I did not think too much about Rebecca, work was hectic and I went to a Sports Bar with some friends for a few beers. Later that week I did manage to find website for the evil vibes and forward it to Marie.

I did one thing to put some of Rebecca's concerns about Marie to rest, I contacted a PI friend of mine and asked him to run a back ground check on Marie and her business for me. As far as he knows I planning on investing in her business.

I did not hear anything from Rebecca over the next three weeks, but I did hear from the PI, his report showed no red flags in her personal or business life, in fact it looks like a prime investment if she was interested in expanding.

I scanned the report and attached it to an email to Rebecca.


I know this is another grey area but I think that you will be ok with this, I have attached a file that you will find useful I am sure.

Your Friend Always,


I hit send, shut down my computer and went home.

It had been six weeks since we played our game, and after so many years of not finding a true submissive, Rebecca had me really missing the game. I was pretty sure she felt the same way, but knowing her career there were times when she was so busy it seemed like she fell off of the face of the earth.

Her reply was in my email the next morning.


Thank you for the report, I was glad to see no red flags in her personal or business life.

I am working on wrapping up a few projects at work, once that is done I will be in touch.

Obediently Yours,


After reading the email, my mind started thinking about the possibilities for next time, when a thought crossed my mind, I knew Maries personal and business life was ok, but what about her health, was she really someone we wanted to continue to play with. So with that thought I wrote an email to Marie and blind copied it to Rebecca.


I hope this finds Anna and you well. I am writing you to let you know that I expect Rebecca to be emailing me in the near future to request another session of our game. As I am sure you figured out that Rebecca was very confused about her feeling dealing with Anna and you.

I think there are two things we can do to help her relax and possibly let go. The first one would be if Anna and you could provide proof that you are free of STD's. I will provide proof for myself, and I am sure I can convince Rebecca to do the same. I think you will agree, one can never be too cautious.

The second thing has to do with your request that we stop back at your place for a nightcap, could we make it my place. I think if we do this Rebecca would be more relaxed.

Let me know your thoughts.



I hit send and headed for home. It was a couple of days later when I received a Reply from Rebecca.


You must have been reading my mind about the STD's that has to one of my biggest concerns. Also I understand we cannot ask for Marie and Anna to provide proof if we are not willing to. I have set up an appointment to get the necessary test done, I will let you know when I get the test results back.

Thank You for blind copying me on your email to Marie, I appreciate you being up front with me.

You are right I would be more comfortable with them at your place instead of theirs. Somehow I feel safer.

I did go to Marie's for the appointment, she was very professional, no snide remarks like when we did the corset fitting. She helped me with all of the items listed under Item One in my homework. I hope you are pleased with my selections.

Obediently Yours,


The next day.


I hope this finds Rebecca and you well. I was happy to hear you are expecting Rebecca to request a session. I am also happy that you would like to try and get her more comfortable with Anna and me, I could sense the underlying doubt she had when we were at dinner.

I have the papers to show Anna and I are STD free, I made Anna get the test as soon as it was clear we were going to be playing.

Going back to your place would be an excellent idea if it makes Rebecca more comfortable.

Keep in touch, would love it if we could work this out.



The next time I heard from Rebecca was a phone call, she needed to know if I could be her plus one at a big business awards dinner. I checked my calendar and confirmed I was available.

The dinner went well, at least as well as can be expected from a business awards dinner. Rebecca and I exchanged small talk and the evening past just like any other dinner I attended with her as my best friend.

It did get interesting on the way home. Rebecca was quiet most of the way home. As I was pulling up to her apartment she started, "Jordan I know this is outside our game, but I need you to know this. Even though we were not playing, I took extra care in shaving my pussy, I wore a garter and hose, and I even wore one of the panties from the game's lingerie, and I am afraid I have made a mess of them. I don't know what came over me, but it was like slut was whispering in my ear, he will know, you know you want to please him, go ahead you know you need to. Heaven help me it was all I could do, not to masturbate. I can feel my nipples pressing against the padding in my bra. At one point I was wishing you would tell me to take it off. I am so glad you couldn't read my mind, I am afraid if you even joked about me taking it off I would have, and that would have been bad."

"Rebecca, I am sorry as you said this is outside of the game, while I appreciate your effort, I cannot in good conscious act on it tonight. I am Jordan, and you are Rebecca, you know what you need to do if you want to serve me. As tempting as it is I will bend the rules but I will not break the rules."

With a sigh "I understand."

I walked her to her door like I always do, gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek, "Thank You for a wonderful evening." She entered her apartment and I headed home. My mind was going a mile a minute, I think I could have done whatever I wanted to Rebecca that night but I felt it would have violated her trust in me. We set the rules for her protection and my job is to protect her from herself.

The next morning I got an email from Rebecca.


I want to apologize for putting Jordan on the spot last night, and thank him for not taking advantage of my weakness. I know I had let myself get caught up with my desires and took a big risk. I am truly blessed to have a friend like Jordan.

I beg for your forgiveness and I request the honor of serving you again. I have cleared my calendar from noon next Thursday through Tuesday, knowing how I felt after the last time I had the pleasure of serving you, I ask that you end the game sometime late Sunday, early Monday so I have a day to recover before I have to go back to work on Tuesday.

I have the documentation from my STD test, I will bring them along.

I know that I have a punishment coming for my actions with Jordan, I will accept any punishment that you deem necessary to make this right.

I have completed all of my homework and look forward to discussing Item Two with you.

Also as you already know, I have been masturbating more than I ever have, you have woken something deep inside of me and the need to know, keeps growing, I trust you to help me with this.

I have one request, please invite Marie and Anna to dinner at your favorite restaurant, and reserve one of your special tables for us so you can demonstrate just how much control you have over me as your slut.

Obediently Yours,


I read her email, then read it again, then one more time. I had to believe Rebecca had given her request a lot of thought, it still made me wonder.

Well, first things first, I will let her sit and wonder about my response. I contacted the restaurant hoping that I could get the alcove for four, they only had a couple of them. I was assured that they would reserve a larger alcove for me.

I checked with Marie to see if Anna and she would be available. Marie loved the idea and said she was looking forward to dinner with us the following Friday. While talking to her I ask if she was available later that afternoon to listen to a proposition. We agreed to meet at four o'clock.

Now to deal with Rebecca, she presented me a problem by ambushing Jordan outside the game, trying to entice him into playing. This is not acceptable, she was very lucky I understand her need and how it can get the better of her.

After some thought I decided on a plan to deal with this.


You are apologizing to the wrong person, you ambushed Jordan and put him in an uncomfortable position, knowing what you were doing, while very tempting, was against the rules. Jordan was very concerned, you almost caused him to violate his friends trust. I think you should look inside yourself and write Jordan an apology.

As far as your request for you to have the honor of serving me, it depends on if the apology convinces Jordan that he can trust you won't make that mistake again.

You asked for a lot in your email, I know you want to please me, but you are expecting me to have your back, as much as enjoy our game I have to be sure before we proceed.

Your Friend Always,


I know I already have the plans in motion, but she did not know that, and this will let her know how serious the game can be, there may be grey areas when we play, but there is very little grey outside the game.

At four o'clock I was at Marie's, as soon as I entered she greeted me. "Hello Jordan what is this proposition?"

"Where is Anna?"

"She has classes today, I probably will not see her."

"Good this is between us, if you agree we all will benefit. The outfit that Rebecca wore the first time we played the game, can you get one identical to that, lingerie, shoes everything for Anna by our dinner?"

"Yes, that should not be a problem, why?"

"I have a plan that will help put somebody back on their path, and could possibly persuade Anna to accept that she likes to be displayed."

"Sounds interesting what is your plan?"

"Rebecca let her slut influence her at an inappropriate time, lucky for her, Jordan stuck to the rules and sent her on her way after pointing out that she was out of bounds. I would appreciate you keep your questions to a minimum on the on that subject. I have not dealt with Rebecca's slut side on this, but by next Friday it will have been dealt with."

"So how does that help me with Anna?"

"I plan on having Rebecca in the identical outfit on Friday, and the restaurant we are going to is very discrete, even more discrete than the club. It is where Rebecca agreed to be my slut. It was an interesting evening, now if Anna was dressed the same way as Rebecca, and I start to put Rebecca through recommitting to the game, maybe you can convince your subbie to support Rebecca by joining her in her quest to get back on her journey. So to speak."

"So as you make Rebecca perform for you, you want me to encourage Anna to mimic her to help her with her quest to get back on track."

"Yes that is about it."

"How exposed will she be?

"To her, she will be on total and complete display, in actuality, only us and to a lesser extent a few lucky waiters. I take care of the wait staff, they know there will be a generous tip in it if they provide me the discretion I require, and also I personally know the owner."

"Now after the restaurant if Anna and you come back to my place things could happen. I would never force anybody to do anything, my place will truly be a play it by ear, making sure slut is not too eager to please without considering Rebecca. So I know my bounds, is Anna a lesbian, or is she bi?"

"Fair question since you are the only man in the group. From what I understand she is bi and only found this out when she submitted to me. So not promising, but, maybe if everything is good it will be an interesting night."

"Friday morning I am going to let Rebecca know that I expect her to wear the exact same outfit Friday night that she did when she agreed to play the game. The problem for Rebecca is she lost her panties to that outfit. So I am going to suggest to her that she call you and ask if you have the missing panties in stock and if you do could you have Anna deliver them as soon as possible. Of course she will know you know she is in a session of the game, so end the conversation with telling her she owes you one for getting her out a jamb. That will give you a chip for my house Friday night."

"I will make sure I have the panties in stock, and I will dress Anna identically for dinner. It sounds like it is shaping up to be an interesting evening, I am looking forward to it"

"As am I"

The next day Rebecca's reply was there. I thought about making her wait another day before I read it and responded, but I was on a bit of a time crunch. So I opened her email.


I want to take this time to apologize to you for my behavior the other night, you graciously agreed to be my plus one at another boring business awards dinner that I was required to attend. I was so happy that you accepted as I was not looking forward to having to fend off all the assholes who would have been all over me all night.

It all went wrong when I let the slut inside me push me to do something I fear has hurt my best friend, I never wanted that and if you can find it in your heart to accept my apology, I promise never to try and get you to play outside of the game again.

I promise to keep my slut under control in the future.

Your Friend Always,


I did not want to keep her waiting to long for an answer, she did not need the extra stress at work.


Jordan wanted me to let you know he accepts your apology, now don't think that leaves you off the hook, there will still be punishment to be doled out. First punishment, no more stocking and garters or masturbation outside the game unless I say different. Pantyhose and your grandma bloomers only.

I have cleared my schedule from sometime in the afternoon on next Thursday thru Monday, consider that you are serving me from the time you get off work on Thursday.

To prep for this session I need you to return to Marie's and let her know you want the skimpiest French Maids outfit she can get you into.

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