tagFetishTwo Hundred Dollars Ch. 14

Two Hundred Dollars Ch. 14


Reader's note: Laura makes a reference to the "L.C.B.O." In the province of Ontario, the sale of alcohol is regulated by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. Until recently, LCBO stores were the only places in the province where a person could purchase non-beer alcohol products. They are still the main source for consumers and carry the largest variety of products.


The Halloween party, and its orgasmic aftermath, had left Kent's inner beast satiated. Even when Bailey had come by the following day to pay off three more dollars, he hadn't felt any relentless surges from down below.

That, of course, had taken place twenty fours later, and involved a deeply thoughtful Bailey, pondering the nature of her friendship with Laura.

Kent had spent the following day dwelling on the same issue, mindful of the fact he didn't really know what went on between girls, but trying to make sure he didn't step on any toes.

For one thing, he didn't want to ruin what he had. Even if it cost him some money, it still counted as the most interesting sexual encounter of his life -- and it showed no signs of stopping.

I wonder what happens when we run out of debt?

He brushed that aside. However long it lasted, it wouldn't improve anything to lament its end in anticipation. Better, Kent decided, to live in the moment.

Staying up late for the Halloween party on Wednesday had made Thursday pass like a dream, even if it had included the delivery of thirty spankings.

And then she'd tried to sneak in that 'gift', Kent mentally shook his head and twisted his lips, as if I'd fall for that. We have rules, and I'm not letting her pay me extra.

In a way, he felt for Bailey. He sympathized at a visceral level with her desire to solve her own problems, deal with her own debts and refuse help. But, like it or not, Kent had accepted payment for those two dollars. Laura had paid them off and Bailey just had to accept that. The bad blood, however, remained between the two girls, and he didn't see that he had any right to force them to accept anything.

On the other hand, Kent had another obligation in this whole affair, and that pertained to enforcing the rules they had made. Bailey expected him to keep her honest, even when violating their regulations might work out in her favour. He had a duty to catch her.

He sighed. With midterms over, labs had returned, and that would consume the next three hours of his early evening.


"So?" Laura looked through the steam of her tea at Bailey. "What happened last night?"

Bailey looked around her friend's kitchen and stalled to try a sip of her own tea. Finding it too hot, she put it back down on the floral, country kitchen style table cloth.

"We did three more dollars," Bailey kept her voice low, unsure of the location of Laura's parents.

"Mom's doing laundry," Laura assured her. "It's fine. Now, what happened?"

"Nothing," Bailey said. "Just the... y'know... usual."

"That's it? No, extra fun?"

Bailey hesitated, pulling her lips back off her teeth to suck in a breath.

"We talked a bit," she admitted.


"This and that," Bailey stalled. "Him and me. And you."

"Me?" Laura sounded touched.

"Yeah, you're my best friend, right?" Bailey confirmed without meeting Laura's eyes.

"Right," Laura agreed.

"I don't want this to come between us," Bailey said. "I don't want you to feel like you have to do it, or like you're excluded."

Laura gulped and took a moment to collect her thoughts.

"I've never felt like I had to do anything, alright?" she reached out and put her hands over Bailey's on her tea cup. "Alright?"

Bailey nodded.

"Okay," Laura withdrew her hands. She took a deep breath, relaxed her shoulders to show that she'd resolved the issue, and added in a calmer voice, "Was that all?"

After a short grumble, Bailey blew out a breath from her mouth, upwards into her hair.

"I did thirty over top, okay?"

"Okay," Laura cued Bailey to go on.

"Then I offered him, y'know, some free ones," Bailey frowned in memory and felt her breath catch in her throat.

"Free ones?"

"Yeah, I pulled down my pants and everything," her chin ticked up and she gulped.

"And then?"

"He said, 'no'," Bailey enunciated. "Just turned down my gift, with my butt sticking out at him."

Laura raised her eyebrows and stared at Bailey, an expectant look on her face.

Bailey took a few deep breaths and settled herself down, part of her wishing she hadn't told Laura this part, but she had no one else with whom to share her embarrassment.

"How many 'free ones' did you offer him?" Laura said slowly, her eyes narrowing.

"Does it matter?" Bailey's eyes twisted aside.

"How many?"

"I guess," Bailey rolled her eyes to the ceiling as her voice drawled. "I guess I offered eight. You know. As a gift."

Laura's lips turned, a dubious expression on her face.

"Eight," she confirmed.

"Eight," Bailey shrugged.

Surveying her friend, Laura stood up from the table and walked toward the back of the house.

"Hey, Mom?" she called down the stairs.

After a muffled reply, she went on, "Bailey and I are going out for a walk. We'll be back in an hour or two."

"Where are we actually going?" Bailey asked, bewildered.

"L.C.B.O.," Laura said. "And it's a bit of a walk, so let's get going."

"We need liquor?" Bailey wondered aloud as she donned her jacket.

"I'm buying this time," Laura said, "but I'll need to leave it at your place."

Bailey groaned as she slipped into her boots, "So I have to drink that creamy crap you like?"

"Look," Laura fixed her beret smartly on her head, "I promise I won't buy the one with your name on the bottle."

"Thanks," Bailey rolled her eyes.


Kent hadn't worried himself much on the subject of Bailey. Thursday's spankings had seemed so distracted, Bailey had thrown him off. He's expected some kind of talk about the various orgasmic encounters the two of them had had, but Bailey had clearly put those aside in favour of her concerns about Laura.

So when the apartment door opened and he heard the two girls careening down the stairs so noisily, he felt a shock go through his body.

Am I in the mood to spank them? he wondered honestly, although if they're together, I suppose things are alright. Although, really, I shouldn't expect they want a spanking every time I see them.

The last few months had done a lot to warp his sense of normalcy.

Hearing Laura's voice came as a comfort, for he could deal better with Bailey and Laura than just Bailey alone.

On the other hand, they sounded excessively giggly, all things considered.

That's a good sign, if I'm looking to spank someone.

Bailey popped into his doorway first, leaning up against the right side of the door frame.

"Hey, Kent," she smiled, her cheeks rosy red. She'd left her winter boots at the door, but still wore her beige jacket over her jeans and a white, woolen cap on her head.

Laura appeared next in beige khaki pants, matching jacket, pastel orange scarf and a dark beret.

"Hell-ooo," she said. Then she whispered, far too loudly, to Bailey, "Is the other guy here?"

"No, Carson's out," Kent assured her. "Have you two been drinking a bit?"

"Just a little," Laura drew out a bottle from behind her back and tried to hold it up to the ceiling light fixture, but the bottle proved too opaque.

"We're not drunk," Bailey added, then turned to Laura, "he won't do it if he thinks we're drunk."

Kent raised an eyebrow and glared at them, "You need to be aware of what you're doing."

His heart, however, did not invest itself in his protest, and they could tell.

"We know what we're doing," Bailey enunciated as she moved toward Kent, "And we decided ahead of time anyway."

"Mostly," Laura added.

"Mostly?" Bailey turned around to ask.

Laura shrugged out of her jacket, revealing a thick, off-white, cotton sweater, "Well, you know. Not every detail."

"Did you just duh-TAIL?" Bailey asked, ditching her own jacket.

"That's how you say it," Laura replied.

"It's DEE-tail," Bailey stared at the ceiling in exasperation, then looked at Kent, "Foreigners, eh?"

She twisted around and fell into Kent's lap. "You're behind us by a couple drinks, and it's weird if you don't catch up."

"This one's on me," Laura said and foraged in his closet. "There we are!"

She took a shot glass and filled it until only surface tension held the creamy liqueur in place. "Quick, quick!" she told Kent.

"Jesus!" Kent cursed, trying to take the glass while Bailey squirmed.

"Blasphemy!" Bailey cried out, before Laura could do more than glare.

Kent took the glass and downed it quickly, spilling a few drops across the thighs of Bailey's jeans.

"Attaboy," Bailey said. "Pour him another."

"I don't need to be drunk," Kent pointed out.

"He really doesn't," Bailey agreed.

"Yes, he does," Laura assured them both, "he definitely, definitely does."

When he got his second shot down, Laura took the shot glass away.

"We should get a bottle of wine next time," Laura said.

"You could have bought a bottle of wine this time," Bailey pointed out.

"You just bought this?" Kent asked.

"On the way here," Laura nodded. "Wait, are you allowed to drink while you're walking around the street?"

"No," Kent and Bailey replied in unison.

Laura's eyes widened, "Jees-"

Kent and Bailey stared at her, leaning forward with widened eyes.

"That was close," Bailey observed.

"Closest I've ever seen," Kent agreed.

"Anyway," Laura shrugged, "We got away with it, right?"

She set the bottle down and dimmed the lights.

"Can we get some music or something?" she asked Kent.

"Sure," he replied, just starting to feel the alcohol's easy sway get into him as he spun in his chair, Bailey still in his lap.

Unable to get to his mouse with her blocking the right side of his body, he tapped her gently on her cheek to get her to move. She gave a polite, mousy squeak and surrendered her place. A moment later, the deep, gentle beats of Sade came echoing through his speakers.

"Ni-ice," Bailey complimented as she leaned against his desk and closed her eyes.

Laura walked past her and sat on the bed, extending her legs to the floor. Bailey looked over at her, then back at Kent.

"She's really looking forward to this," Bailey faked a whisper in Kent's direction.

"Shut up," Laura protested.

"So you've resolved all your problems?" Kent asked. "I don't want to come between you."

Laura giggled, possibly because he'd used the word 'come' but Kent raised an eyebrow anyway.

"Almost all our problems," Laura said, "But we can get to that later."

Bailey gave Laura a discerning Detective's Glare, but Laura defended herself by maintaining a neutral, innocent expression.

"So you don't feel like you have to be here?" Kent clarified.

Laura nodded, "I'm here to help and I'm fine with that. That's all."

Kent looked at Laura, then at Bailey. They had disagreed there, and some point of contention still hung between them. If Kent read it properly, Laura had declared the existence of a problem and Bailey had glared at her in confusion.

Bailey doesn't know what Laura means, but Laura remains completely self-assured.

Kent put his hands behind his head and leaned back.

Do I need to do anything about this?

So far, with great success, his policy of waiting everyone out had done wonders.

Rule number one, he tried enumerating his internal constitution, has always been to make sure everyone consents to whatever we do.

Rule number two, he had just realized, is that I'm better off letting things play out when I don't understand the girls.

He had learned that the friendship between them ran older and deeper than his involvement. As such, Kent felt a bit of responsibility to make sure he didn't ruin that relationship, and he intended to carry out that duty of care by mostly minding his own business.

The fact that they both came here, yet again, implies things are fine.

"So let's see," Laura clicked her tongue and looked at he ceiling. "It's ten spankings over top of my pants?"

"For one dollar," Kent agreed.

Laura leaned back with her palms on the bed, thrusting her chest outward.

"And five on a bare butt," she sang out, "and four with panties off."

Kent laughed, but Laura turned to face him again and locked her eyes on his.

"What else?" she asked.

"What else?" he echoed.

"I just remembered that Bailey was thinking of offering something last time," she said. "What was it?"

Bailey stifled a giggle before stuttering out one word, "Inspection."

"What?" Laura asked.

"You take your pants and panties down," Bailey moved away from the desk and mimed the actions, wiggling her butt toward Kent, "and let him see you. Then you pull 'em back up, he spanks you, and you let him look again after."

"Inspection," Laura repeated, her eyes widening as she, too, had to hold back a giggle.

"And?" Kent drawled out, letting his voice trail off to remind Bailey to continue.

"Oh, right," Bailey added. "He gets to say how you pose for that part..."

Bailey turned on Kent, rolling her eyes, "Pardon me for forgetting."

Kent nodded in satisfaction.

"And I would do this why?" Laura asked.

"It's only eight spankings that way," Bailey said.

Laura nodded thoughtfully and looked back and forth a few times between Kent and Bailey.

"You didn't mention that," she finally accused Bailey.

Bailey shrugged, "That wasn't our plan. Two each, remember?"

"We can make a new plan."

There's a plan? Kent wondered, barely holding the words inside, which had become difficult with the alcohol. Alcohol had a reputation for making inside words come out. Of course there's a plan. Duh.

Bailey took Laura by the hand and dragged her past Kent into the hallway where the two girls briefly conferred in hushed whispers.

"Yeah," Laura assured Bailey, her voice just loud enough for Kent to make out that one word before she went back to murmuring.

They returned to the room, Bailey closing the door, and made their marks on the board, three each.

"Six dollars tonight," Kent confirmed.

"Alright," Bailey said. "The first one, since Laura is so excited, is going to be a set of eight."

Laura gulped, and looked at Bailey, "So he tells us how...?"

"Uh, huh."

They both turned to look at Kent, still sitting in his rotating chair.

A lot of pressure all of a sudden, he noted, and felt his brain congeal, stilling his thoughts. I need a moment to work this out.

"We're doing this at the same time?" he stalled.

"Yes," Laura piped up immediately.

"Alright," Kent said, pointing to the floor in front of him. "Side by side, hands on your knees."

His heart jumped as he realized events had begun to unfold. The two girls looked at each other and turned their backs, unbuckling their belts and pants.

"Pants and panties all at once?" Laura, on the right, asked.

"Yeah," Bailey said. "On three."

Both girls grabbed the waistbands of their pants.

"One, two," Bailey inhaled deeply, "and three."

With swift motions, jean, khakis and panties went down and Kent found himself looking at their bare asses. They put their hands on their knees, as he'd requested.

"How long do we do this?" Laura asked.

"Long as it takes," Bailey replied. "When I did it for him before, it was so he could see where I was red from the spankings the day before."

She looked over her shoulder and asked, "Am I?"

Kent rolled his chair forward and reached out to touch Bailey's right cheek with his fingertips. "On the lower part, here, mostly, but the left side, too."

Her body shivered in his hand and she pushed her hips back a little farther, pressing her flesh toward him.

"Should be," Bailey quipped, turning her head away. "Thirty spankings."

"Not me, though," Laura pouted a bit.

Kent took a hold of her right hip while still holding Bailey's left, and gently pushed them together until their hips touched, flesh to flesh.

"Better?" Bailey scolded.

"Yes, thank you," he replied politely. "And no, Laura, there's no redness in your cheeks."

Kent watched as she squeezed her cheeks together, muscles clenching and thighs flexing in anticipation.

"Alright, that's good," he said. "Now you two make your own decisions."

The girls pulled up their pants and fastened them back on.

"Will he really be able to see a difference with just eight spankings?" Laura asked as she did up her belt.

"If you want a difference," Kent warned, "I can make that happen."

"Me first," Bailey said, her voice clear and urgent, "Over your lap."

Kent nodded and shifted himself to the bed as Laura took over his chair, folding her hands in her lap and sucking in her lips in anticipation. Bailey crawled over Kent and arched her back, even more than seemed normal.

"Right now," Kent said, his right hand rolling circles over her denim covered cheeks, squeezed at the lowest parts of her ass, "You're red here and here."

"Yeah, my seat," Bailey rolled her eyes. "You gonna make it redder?"


Bailey inhaled deeply and buried her face in the pillow under her folded arms.

I know what you want, Kent thought, gripping the lowest part of her right cheek where it met her thigh, you don't want to show off to me. You want to show up Laura.

The best part about the right side, the reddest part of her rear from the day before, lay in its location. Because she liked her spankings over his lap, he sometimes had trouble striking her left cheek. But this position put the right cheek, situated farther away, right in his wheelhouse.

He raised his hand in the air, felt Bailey tense beneath him, and landed his first strike.


"One," Bailey said, hearing the pillow muffle her voice. She turned her head toward Laura, made eye contact, and said again, "One."

Kent had struck the lowest part of her right cheek, the sorest, reddest part of her body.

That matters, she let her gaze wander wistfully across Laura's face, I'm going to have more to show for this than you. I'm going to make sure he goes after that.

The second strike landed, stinging her flesh even through the denim.

With a theatrical sigh, she replied, "Two."

Two more strikes landed in rapid succession, pounded on the same spot.

"Three, four," she suppressed a groan and sang out the numbers as casually as possible.

This is going to be hard.

She hid her face in her arms again. Letting Laura see any difficulty on her part would ruin the whole effect she wanted. Instead, she arched her back harder and twisted her hips upward.

A fifth spanking bounced off her right cheek.

"Fi-ive," she sang into the pillow, making sure her voice carried.

I do not want to do any extras this time.

Kent slapped her twice more and she lifted her head as a low moan forced itself from her throat.

"Six, seven," she said. "Damn it."

She turned her head to look at Laura, primly sitting upright in Kent's chair, her hands clamped together and jammed into her lap in what appeared to be wide-eyed fear.

Is she scared of getting spanked now? That's not likely. So what...

Laura, unaware of Bailey's eyes, kept her own eyes locked on Bailey's rear. Bailey saw the glistening of Laura's brow and realized something else had happened. In her lap, Laura's clenched fists twitched.

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