tagIncest/TabooTwo Moms, Two Laps: Old Wounds

Two Moms, Two Laps: Old Wounds

byTx Tall Tales©

Lap Moms 6: Two Moms, Two Laps: Old Wounds


Reopening Old Wounds between the Sisters

Alex's efforts to bring his Mom and Aunt back together come to a head. Serious repercussions follow.

Apologies for the long delay between chapters. Things got ugly, and I had problems finding the right ending. Ended up changing things, doing some rewriting, and now have finished three more chapters. Pretty happy with the way it turned out. It looks like there's only one more to go. Hope you enjoy this installment.


I woke up alone with a smile on my face, and a severe case of morning wood. Seemed a shame to waste it.

I got up, stretched, stroked my shaft, and headed for the bathroom. After a few seconds I was able to relax enough to relieve myself. I shook myself dry, patted the end with some TP as a courtesy, and stroked myself back to full-hardness as I walked down the hall.

Mom's door was open, and she was lying in bed, a single sheet partially covering her. She looked so beautiful and serene it made my heart ache.

I climbed on the bed, and pressed my cock against her lips.

"Suck your son, Mom," I told her firmly.

She didn't move, and I rubbed my cock up and down against her lips, shaking her shoulder softly.

"Suck your son, Mom," I repeated.

I saw a hint of a smile, and her mouth opened. I eased my cock inside, and started stroking between those sexy lips.

She turned a little, toward me, and sucked softly. No special moves, no attempt to take me down her throat, just a simple, willing sucking.

I brushed her hair back, and watched her pretty face. Her eyes were still closed, her mouth a comfortable 'O' letting me use her. I reached down and caressed her breast, and after only a couple of minutes felt the early end approaching.

"Soon Mom," I told her.

Her lips tightened, and her tongue starting moving. I pumped faster, fucking her mouth, and groaned. I delivered a full load, taking my time finishing, leaving my cock in her mouth as she swallowed and sucked me clean.

I pulled my cock out a few seconds later. "Good Mommy."

"Thank you baby," she whispered, her sweet smile fluttering across her lips.

I kissed her forehead, and straightened out the sheet. "Sleep now, you've earned it."

She sighed, rolling onto her belly, and I tucked her in, taking a moment to caress the swell of her ass, lifting the sheet so enticingly.

Mom came downstairs a couple of hours later, hair still slightly damp from her morning bath. She was wrapped in a plain cotton robe. I gave her a hug, and escorted her to the kitchen table.

I set her coffee in front of her, and heated up the pan. "Dad's egg white veggie omelet Ok?" I asked, whisking three egg whites, one whole egg and adding a splash of milk.

I turned on the broiler, and looked over where Mom was watching me. I blew her a kiss, added the butter to the pan, and poured the egg in.

Dad made omelets different than anyone else I know. He cooks the eggs over low heat without stirring it, then when it's mostly firmed up, he adds the extra ingredients, then puts the whole pan under the broiler for a couple of minutes to fully cook.

With the omelets on the top rack of the oven, I popped the English muffin in the toaster.

"You didn't pay me a visit last night," she teased.

"No Mom. The door was closed. Looked like you guys wanted some privacy."

She took a sip of her coffee. "Thanks for cleaning up last night."

I took the pan out of the oven, and slid the egg onto the plate, folding it in half and adding a little salsa on top. I put the omelet in front of Mom, and kissed her cheek.

"You're welcome, beautiful. I love you."

I buttered the English muffin, putting it on the edge of her plate and placing the jar of strawberry preserves next to her.

"Are you trying to fatten me up, Jeremy?" she laughed.

"Don't think that's going to be a problem. You've been getting quite a bit of exercise lately."

"But I already had my breakfast. Best breakfast I could ever ask for." She glanced down at my crotch, teasingly.

"I'm glad you like it, but I want to keep your strength up. Purely selfish reasons, you understand."

She sipped from her grapefruit juice, and wiped her mouth. "Pretty special night, wasn't it? Are you alright this morning?"

I washed the dishes, while she ate. "Yeah. I had a rough time there for a bit, but I think it was good for me to feel a little of what Dad was going through."

"He understands. We both do. He was having a difficult time as well. Not the sharing as much, but rehashing our early days. That Penny is a hell of a girl. Too bad the summer's ending."

"I think we're going to try to keep it going. Spend our weekends and holidays together. I'm crazy about her."

Mom stood and put her plate in the sink, then came over and hugged me. "Of course you are. She's a special girl. I'm not sure how easy it will be, once you're away, but I think it's great that you're giving it a try. There are a lot of girls out there, and you'll be able to have your choice, but I don't think you're going to do much better than her."

I stood and gave Mom a hug. I escorted her back to the family room, where I sat her down and kissed her gently. "I want you to watch something for me. Please try to keep an open mind." I hit play.

I went to the kitchen and finished cleaning up, letting her watch it alone. I grabbed the phone and called Aunt Marie.

"It's time, Aunt Marie."

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"It's time. Give us about an hour."

"You still want me to bring Colin along?"

"Definitely. He's part of this, and we can't keep him in the dark forever. I'll see you soon."

I returned to the living room, and sat down next to Mom, putting my arm around her.

Mom seemed upset, and I kept quiet as Aunt Marie plead her case on screen. At least Mom was sitting through all of it. I wasn't sure it would even get this far on the first try.

She was stiff, sitting upright, her shoulders back. As the screen went blank, she didn't say anything, eyes still locked on the solid blue screen.

"How could you do this to me, Jeremy? Betray me like this," she said coldly.

"Mom! How can you say that? You know how much I love you. Are you so bitter about 20 years ago that you'd accuse me of betraying you? Me? Ever?"

"What do you expect, choosing her over me? You couldn't love me and do that!" she snapped.

"Stop it. You know better. I'd never choose her over you. This isn't even about her, it's about you."

"You expect me to believe that! You just want to fuck her." I could feel her anger brewing.

"I'll never touch her again if you don't want me to. I love her, I always have, she's the best aunt a boy could have. That said, she means nothing to me compared to you."

"Then why would you do this to me? Side with her like this," she whined.

"Because I love you. I want you to be happy. Our life is so wonderful, except for this feud between you and Aunt Marie. I think it's time to bury the hatchet. She's been good for twenty years. Yes, she was horrible to you in high school. She admits it. We all know it. Can't you let it go?"

"Twenty years? After trying to steal you from me barely a week ago?"

"She didn't. Didn't steal me, didn't try. You know we've always been close. She just wants to be a part of us. She's lonely, and she wants to make things right with you. Can't you give her a chance?"

"Give her a chance? What do you think I've been doing for the last two decades? I never cut her off from the family. I never locked her out. I let her be the fun one in your life, while I had to be the tough one. I've treated her son like my own. She repays me, how?" Mom was practically frothing at this point.

Not going so well. "She loves Dad. She has from the day she first met him. Has she ever made a move on him since you were married? Done anything that was inappropriate? Over the top?" I asked.

"She knows I'd kill her if she did!"

"Never stopped her in high school," I reminded her. "Admit it Mom, you know she's been good. Her only recent mistake was letting me go too far with her in the backseat after Dad and you practically threw us together."

"We did no such thing!"

"Yes you did. Both of you. At least Dad is willing to admit it. What did you do with her son? Were you such an angel?"

She turned crimson. "I allowed him a few liberties. Not like you two."

"C'mon Mom! The boy has the biggest crush on you, and you let him play with your tits and rub between your legs. You kissed him. Were you trying to steal him away from his mother?"

"Don't make this about him," Mom snapped. "He took the liberties, not me."

"I did the same with Aunt Marie, with Dad's secret encouragement, throwing us together and making sure he hit every damn pothole between our cabin the main road. What about those outfits you two wore? That wasn't just her."

"I was wearing it for you, Jeremy!"

"No you weren't. Be honest, Mom. You and I had never done anything remotely sexual until that moment. That same morning I got to see Aunt Marie's tits, and motor-boated them. You were teasing Colin. Kind of cruel when you know how he feels about you."

"But that's all it was! Teasing, being a little playful. She's the one who crossed the line."

"Did you two discuss that line? Where to cut it off?" I insisted.

"She should have known!"

I felt like I was going in circles with her. I lifted her off the couch, while she tried to maintain her stiff manner. I pulled her onto my lap, hugging her.

"Mom, who do I love more than anyone else in the world? Honestly."

She slowly sank into my shoulder, leaning against me. I stroked her hair softly, turning her head to look at me. "Who, Mom? Who do I love?"

She lowered her head 'til our foreheads touched. "Me."

I kissed her lips gently. "Who do you think I love second most?"

She had to think about that.

"It's an easy question Mom. Don't think about it. Answer. Who do I love almost as much as you?"

"Your father," she said softly.

"Third? Don't think about it. Say it."

She couldn't just blurt it out. She gave it a few seconds, then wrapped her arms around my neck. "A week ago I would have said Marie. Now I'd have to guess Penny."

I brought her head down to mine, and kissed her a little more firmly, insistently, until her tongue caressed mine. "Correct on all three. Aunt Marie comes in fourth. Knowing that, why would I try to get you to accept Marie's confession and apology?"

She stiffened a bit, but I held her tight.

"Maybe you think it's the right thing. I could see how you might. But you don't know her like I do, baby."

"I've known her all of my life. Hell, I fed from her breast when I was an infant. I've lain beside her, holding her in my arms, and talked. Heart-to-heart. Talked about her past, her mistakes, her dreams, and her failures. I've let her cry on my shoulder until she had no tears left. She's sad and lonely, and afraid of you. In her eyes, you have everything. The perfect life. She's just a sad three time loser, who compares every man she ever meets to yours, and always falls short."

"That's her fault, not mine," Mom argued.

"You're right. She made her bed. She had to sleep in it. You got Dad. The best man you and I have ever known. She was jealous, went out and got married to the first man she could sink her claws into. For twenty years she sat on the sidelines, waiting for you to accept her back, watching you have what she never could. A man who loved her so completely, so devotedly."

"What do you want from me, Jeremy? I've let her in. As much as I can."

"I want you to sit down with her and talk about the things that you've avoided. Without hate or rancor. Sit, listen, and try to accept. Let's try to move on. The only time I ever see you angry, upset or unhappy is in relation to your sister. I hate that. I hate to see you upset."

She wiped her eyes. "You might try avoiding things like that damned tape and this whole conversation."

I smiled. "Maybe. I'm thinking more along the lines of building bridges. A little hurt today, to forgo future heartache."

She dropped her head to my shoulder. "I don't think I can do it, Jeremy. It's too much. She hurt me. You can never understand how much."

"I know. She hurt herself worse. Your sister is hurting badly. Please, Mom? Try? For me?"

"That's not fair," she whispered.

"You're right. It's not fair. I'm willing to beg. I'll do anything to make you happy, and I honestly believe we all need this. Whatever you want, Mom. I'll do anything. I'll never touch her again. I won't be with anyone but you. I'd even defy Dad. What will it take, Mom? What will it take to get you to at least make the effort?"

"Why, Jeremy? Why would you do this to me?" she whined sadly.

"You know why Mom. I wouldn't do this for anyone else in the world."

She'd had too much. I felt her body shaking as she cried into my shoulder, quietly at first, then louder. All I could do was hold her, caress her, and let her work it out for herself.

Eventually she calmed down, and I used the belt from her robe to dry her tears. She couldn't help but giggle a little when I gave it a tug, opening the front a bit. Then she kissed me so softly, I wasn't even sure our lips touched.

"What if I can't, Jeremy? What if I try and I still can't?"

"Then I'm wrong. I'll love you exactly the same, and will do my best to hide the pain when I see you two go at it. Only you can know if it's possible. All I'm asking is you give it a chance."

"And if I can't, you'll leave her alone? No more going to her?"

"If that's what you want. I'd hope she could still be my favorite aunt, just without any benefits."

"Of course. I'd never try to break you two apart."

"Just like she'd never do that to you. Never again."

I had my hand inside her robe, cupping her breast, feeling her nipple harden against my palm. She pressed her chest forward, pushing into my hand. "Mine aren't as good as hers," she said.

I gave her tits a squeeze, making her twitch. "Yours aren't as big as hers," I told her. "But they're better. They're yours." I kissed her neck. "They're not as big as Colleen's either. Do you think I prefer hers?"


"All of yours are bigger than Penny's. You think I love hers any less?"

"Of course not," Mom said.

I leaned her back, opening her robe wide. I took her nipple between my lips and sucked hard. She moaned for me.

"My tits, Mom. You said these were mine. You gave me life, fed me with your body. Whose tits could ever mean as much to me?"

"Nobody, baby. They are yours. Your father may own the rest of me, but my breasts are always for you."

I was taking turns suckling on each, when the doorbell rang. I sat up, and pulled her robe closed. "Listen, Ok? All I ask is that you try."

She sat up, calling out to me. "Jeremy! You didn't!"

I went to the door, and welcomed a nervous Aunt Marie into my arms. "She's seen the video. She's still a little upset."

"Is now the right time?" she asked.

Colin stood in the doorway, obviously confused.

"I don't know," I answered my aunt. "I hope so. Be honest with her. Honest and patient. Don't argue with her, try to listen."

I let her go, and gave her an encouraging pat on her rear, in Mom's direction. I dragged Colin in and closed the door behind him. "C'mon, Colin, let's get a beer and you can catch me up on the latest," I told him.

We walked through the living room, and I saw Aunt Marie on her knees in front of Mom, head in her lap, crying. "I'm sorry, Alice," she whined. "I can't help it, I'm so sorry."

Mom was stroking her hair, and looked up at me. She gave a nod of her head toward the patio. I took Colin out to the garage, grabbed a beer for each of us, and took him out the back. We ambled over to the patio, and I saw him looking inside where his Mom and mine were.

"Let's give them some private time, Ok? They've got some things to work out. How's your Mom doing?"

He opened his beer once he saw me open mine. "Nervous as crap. What's going on?"

"Sister stuff. Best we keep out of it for now. I want to hear what's been going on at your house since the jeep ride. Any repercussions? Problems?"

I saw him blush. "I'm not supposed to say."

"Jesus, Colin! You're not supposed to talk about it to anyone but me. You know that right? You can tell me and Dad anything, nobody else. We're family."

"Your Dad too?"

"Sure. He knows everything that went down. You haven't seen him blowup or anything, have you?"

He looked unsure. "No, I guess." He stared at his beer. "Uncle Harold really knows?"

I figured I'd grease the rails and get this train rolling. "Tell you what. Let me get you caught up. Penny and I did it."

He almost spit out his beer. "No shit? Did it? The whole thing?"

"Popped her tight little cherry. Blowjobs too. Sweet as can be, I gotta tell you. I was an idiot for waiting so long."

"Wow! Man, you are so damn lucky. First playing with our Moms and now going all the way with Penny. You're not shitting me, are you?"

"No way. Mom and Dad know too. They're cool with it. So's her Mom. I don't think her father knows yet, but it won't be long."

Raised voices from inside the house let me know things weren't going completely smooth. "Dude, grab a chair, let's give them some space." I picked up mine, and carried it further out into the yard, near the back fence, with Colin following.

Seated again, I grinned at him. "Spill. You couldn't keep your hands off her, could you? I know I wouldn't be able to."

He looked back at the house, and took a big swig of his beer. He shook his head.

"Tit? Or more?"

I saw a small smile creep across his lips. "Tit, then some more." He sounded proud.

"Damn it, tell me! I told you about Penny."

His smile grew bigger. "You didn't tell me much."

I gave in and told him a little more. About my father encouraging me, getting experience before college, Mom saying I could take her to my room, and spending a day naked in bed with her. More the next day, before she decided it was time. I told him the Mom's helped stage the room, but not about their presence. That was still their secret, especially Colleen's.

"You're kidding, right? They were there in the house, getting everything setup?"

"Candles, music, lube, they wanted it to be nice for her."

"How was it?"

"Fucking incredible! I had no idea. Man, we're going to have to get you laid. There's no way to describe it."

"When was it?"

"Two days ago. We didn't do it again yesterday 'cause she was too sore."

"Holy crap! Too sore?"

"Hell, she was a virgin. I'm pretty sure we're going to spend a good part of this weekend doing it some more. We're going to try to still see each other while we're at school. Weekends and breaks," I told him.

"Fuck. I'm so jealous. She's gorgeous."

"Everything I told you has to remain a secret. It's just between us. I haven't told anybody else," I warned him. "You gonna tell me now?" I teased.

He drank some more of his beer. He was already two thirds done. I'd never seen him drink a beer so fast.

"Nothing happened that first day. I was still kind of embarrassed, and Mom seemed out of it. Really tired and a little upset. The next morning though, when I woke up she was sitting on the edge of my bed. She brushed my hair back and looked down at me.

"'My boy's becoming a man,' she said to me."

"I told her good morning, kind of nervous still, and she scared the hell out of me when she took off her robe and climbed into the bed, wearing just a t-shirt and panties."

"No shit!" I told him.

He nodded. "I couldn't believe it. She said, 'Colin, I still can't believe what you did to me in that back seat. My shirt was up around my neck and my panties were off. I never thought you'd do that to me.' Man, I felt bad about it. I told her I couldn't help it. She asked why."

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