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Indulge me a moment of explanation. This is not a work of erotic fiction. I doubt I have the creative ability to produce fiction. It is a factual story with the names and locations changed for obvious reasons. I've been told I write reasonably well, and have actually published a couple of books and a number of professional journal articles. But, I am a pretty linear thinker, in all matters except sex.

I have been incredibly lucky to have led a very satisfying and by some standards exceptional sex life. I've now reached a point in life where retelling some of my experiences allows me to enjoy reflecting back on them and hopefully provide interesting, and maybe even stimulating, reading.

It may also be useful to share that I am a retired cop from a large urban department in South Florida. My name is Anthony but everyone calls me Tony. Since retiring I have occasionally worked internationally, but I'm not in a position to say much about that. It's not relevant to this story anyway. Both careers have opened some doors for me, provided me good income in exchange for taking risks, and presented opportunities to meet unusual people. I am male and heterosexual. I have always been attracted to bi-sexual women (aren't we all) and have had the great good fortune to be involved with many women who enjoy sex with both men and women. I hope my writing has appeal for women, I think it will, but it is written from a distinctly masculine perspective. To balance out my male bias, for those stories that involved my ex-wife Linda, I actually got her to agree to offer her own recollection of our sexual encounters. Amazingly, we have that kind of relationship, even though we divorced a couple of years ago.

My international gigs typically last between a week and a couple of months. The nature of the work allows me time to reminisce on past experiences and to write. I am writing this story from beautiful Montevideo, Uruguay. It's winter at home, but summer here with highs in the mid-80s. Montevideo is beautiful and the Rambla provides a beautiful place to run or stroll in the early morning along the Rio de la Plata. There is also a nice gym nearby providing me a place to workout and enjoy the sight of some incredibly beautiful and fit Uruguayan women. The job took me out to Punta del Este, about two hours east of Montevideo on the Atlantic coast. The sights there were even better. Unfortunately, most of my days and much of my evenings are taken up by work. Someday I will come back here just to relax.

When I decided to start writing these short stories, I intended to write somewhat chronologically, but chose instead to begin with an experience Linda and I had a few years ago. Linda, was the most sexual and seductive woman I ever knew, almost completely uninhibited. In fact, since our marriage fell apart it has been hard for me to maintain a long term relationship because I invariably grow bored with sex, even if my girlfriends have been pretty, sexy and wild in their own right. I was, in a manner of speaking, ruined for "normal" sex. Our sex life had nothing to do with the deterioration of our marriage. While we had sex with a lot of other people, we never cheated. Our problems related to other issues.

So, on to this story, from my perspective...

Linda was married when we started seeing each other. Linda delighted in cuckolding her husband. I confess it did not bother me at all as it was her choice and I was pretty reckless. The fact she was married made it even more erotic and sort of dangerous. I felt that way and learned later she did also.

We met while I was on the job. She was bored and unhappy in her marriage and I was up for sex with a good-looking, provocative woman regardless of her marital status. Some of our escapades in her house, her husband's office, in public, and at sex parties will be woven into other short stories. The sex we enjoyed included pretty much everything imaginable. Linda also had very vivid fantasies she shared with me. I did my best to make them all realities.

Linda is very attractive. That is an objective observation. Many people have the erroneous impression that the only people with the sexual appetite Linda had are ugly or emotionally unbalanced, unable to get the attention of men any other way. That could not be farther from the truth. Linda and everyone we played with were at a minimum attractive, and some were downright gorgeous.

Linda is not classically beautiful, but very exotic looking with a knockout frame. She's lean and muscular. She and I shared interests beyond sex, primarily fitness and outdoor activities like cycling and hiking. I am addicted exercise and she was simply gifted genetically. We also enjoyed dinner in nice restaurants, movies, travel, pretty mainstream stuff. But our sex life was anything but mainstream.

We moved from lust to love, she got divorced and we got married after living together a couple of years. We realized we could enjoy "the lifestyle" and still lead productive, straight lives. We were swingers, though we both hated that term. We were almost completely uninhibited with regard to sex. While we never cheated on one another, we did have a lot of sex with other people. We never went behind each other's back. We mostly engaged in threesomes, with other women, though we partied with some couples as well. The sex parties were fun and recreational for both of us. We did not always hook up but, because she was bi, had no difficulty when we found a woman or a couple that fit the bill. At least at the time we were in the lifestyle, it was an active scene in South Florida and many couples were very much like us, and almost all the women in the lifestyle were bi. We also met couples and bi or lesbian women to play with outside the lifestyle. At the time it seemed easily one in four attractive women in the area we lived was bi or bi-curious.

At the encouragement of a few of the couples we partied with regularly, we finally decided to host a party at our place. We lived in a nice suburban community and were friends with many of our neighbors. We made a point of letting them know we were going to have a party, telling them it was a reunion for some of Linda's former college friends. It was summer and would still be light when our guests started arriving so we cautioned them to dress a little more modestly than they might to other parties.

In all, seven other couples were able to attend and one couple showed up with a second woman in tow, a good number with lots of opportunities. We knew everyone, except the "spare", from parties or other encounters. The couple who brought her, Marty and Gail, was close friends who we socialized with outside the lifestyle as well. Linda and Gail were very hot together and in addition to being sexual partners they had become good friends. It was financially brutal when they went shopping together, but Linda and I both had good income and Marty was a very successful businessman. We had known them for about two years at that point. We would have been a little concerned about somebody we did not know showing up, but as long as she was with Marty and Gail we were comfortable.

Several others had already arrived when Marty and Gail got there. I shook hands with Marty while Gail kissed Linda, her hands planted on Linda's firm ass.

"This is Carol," Gail said nodding toward the woman as she slowly pulled her lips from Linda's, one of her hands still cupping her ass. She reached out, grabbed her guest by the ass with one hand and pulled her close also. "I met her a few weeks ago when I was showing her house. We got to talking, found out we had a lot in common, shared many of the same fantasies and next thing you know, we invited her to join us."

Both Linda and I hugged Carol and she told us how excited she was to be here. Carol was about 5'7", trim blond, flat chested and pretty. At that point Susan came over.

"Hey, I am getting jealous here," she said with a fake pout. Susan was a nice-looking, short redhead in a micro skirt (I was glad she had worn a jacket over it as she walked into the house), a sheer white blouse with four buttons undone and her nipples hard and visible under the thin fabric. We had met her and her husband Paul through an ad in an underground sex paper. Our experience was that most who advertised in them were disappointments, but Susan and Paul had not been. Susan was an accountant and Paul had recently retired from the Navy. He now worked as a harbor pilot for tankers coming into Miami harbor. Susan was very bi, but also loved to have threesomes with me and Paul or me and Linda. Linda was OK with Paul and had given him head a few times, but the relationship was mostly about Susan.

Linda introduced Susan to Marty, Gail and Carol. There were cheek kisses and the four women openly sized one another up. Linda was in a short black leather skirt, CFMPs (come fuck me pumps) and a blouse, braless, but not as unbuttoned yet as Susan's.

"You guys all look unbelievably hot," Carol said staring at both Linda and Susan's erect nipples. "I feel really over-dressed."

Gail put her hands behind Carol's head, intertwining her fingers in her dark brown hair, and told her matter-of-factly, "we'll take care of that." She then kissed her long and deeply. Carol actually seemed to swoon a little bit as she eagerly returned Gail's kiss. It was very erotic watching them in front of the room full of people. From experience I knew it would get even steamier as the night went on.

With this group I did not really need to explain the "rules" for the party. But I did get everyone's attention once they were all there and before they began to pair up.

"Just a reminder, if you drink too much, plan on staying the night. No drugs in my house, period. No pressure on anybody. Just have fun and relax. We have good neighbors and large lots, but try to keep any loud shrieking to a minimum. I said this looking pointedly at Susan who was known to be a screamer when she climaxed, which was normally quickly and often.

Linda smiled at Susan, licked her lips and told her in front of the group, "you scream as much as you want and I'll tell the neighbors it was me being taken care of by Tony... or somebody."

Over the next hour or so everyone mingled, chatted, sipped drinks and flirted. It was a lot like a straight party except for the provocative dress of the women and the salacious conversations. Gail and Marty introduced Carol to everyone and made it clear that Carol was available. Carol did not protest and it wasn't long before she left for a bedroom with one of the couples. I was starting to like Carol.

Susan came over to us as we were chatting with one of the couples. She said that Paul was busy in a threesome and she really would "really enjoy taking care of us." Linda turned to her, grabbed her by the back of the head a little roughly, kissed her hard and ran her hand over her breasts.

"Can I take that as a yes?" Susan said looking me in the eye while Linda began to kiss her now exposed nipple.

The three of us walked into our bedroom, finding a couple already fucking, the woman on her knees, bent forward and taking it from behind, on one side of the bed. She glanced at us as we settled on the opposite side of the king sized bed and smiled. She was a gal we knew from other parties; early 40's decent looking with a great frame. I cannot recall her name, even though Linda and I knew her pretty well and she had confided that she was an elementary school teacher at a school in our neighborhood. For some reason Linda and I both found that pretty arousing. Linda had taught high school for a couple of years before we met and she began her current career as an investment advisor. We occasionally reflected that it might not have ended well if she had remained a teacher.

Susan wasted no time in unzipping my pants and pulling my semi-erect cock out. She glanced at Carol, and said, "you don't mind do you?" Carol bent over and kissed her. They held the kiss for a long time and Linda broke it saying, "of course not, but I may need some attention too." As Susan began to kiss the tip of my cock I looked at Linda who smiled at me, leaned close and whispered in my ear that she loved watching me get head. That was something I learned not long after Linda and I hooked up, but I always liked hearing it. Linda then turned to the school teacher getting banged from behind and kissed her deeply as well. Then she returned her attention to me, kissing me and then laying her head on my chest to watch Susan blow me.

In no time at all I was fully erect and Susan was alternating between trying to take all of me down her throat and licking my shaft and balls. Linda soon joined her. In a couple of minutes Linda worked her way back up to me and again whispered in my ear, "I want to watch you fuck Susan. Just use us both however you want."

I pulled Susan up and laid her head on a pillow, pushed her legs open and entered her. She was already very wet. Linda lay next to her, talking to her softly and roughly kissing her lips and nipples, while I pumped away. It seemed only a couple of minutes before Susan began moaning loudly, dug her nails into my back, and shuttered. In an instant my cock was soaked and so was the bedcovers under her. I had been with Susan several times and knew that once she climaxed, she was still good for a lot more.

I rolled her onto her stomach, pulled her hips up so her ass was pressed against my abs and went back into her. There was just enough light that I could see her asshole when I pulled her ass cheeks apart. Linda laid her head on Susan's lower back and watched as I thrusted. I considered easing the tip of my cock against or into her anus and pulled out of her and ran the tip up the length of her ass. When I passed over her asshole I lingered there and pressed lightly. Susan did not resist at all. At that point Linda grabbed my cock, lowered her face and took it to her lips. Watching her kiss and lick the tip that had just been inside Susan was almost too much the take. Linda then took my cock into her mouth sucked it a few seconds and pulled it out. She looked up at me and in the dim light I could see her lips, cheek and chin was wet from Susan's juices on my cock.

Linda dropped down with her face next to Susan's, kissed her and then told her she wanted to see her riding my cock. Although I was still thinking about taking Susan's ass I pulled away and lay on my back. In an instant Susan was on top of me. I loved watching her gently rock back and forth with me in her. Unlike Linda who had small and firm breasts, Susan's were a little large for her frame. I like small tits but it was great watching Susan's bounce as she rose up and down on me.

By now the couple next to us had finished and the expended male had walked into the bathroom. School teacher lay next to me, kissing me occasionally and running her left hand over my chest. Her wedding ring shined in the light. I always found that a turn on.

It was then I felt Linda licking my balls as Susan rocked forward my shaft. I could imagine Susan's ass pressing against Linda's face. We had done this before with other women. Linda had told me that she also actually liked watching me fuck other women and that it turned her on. Sex was recreational for us and never a threat to our relationship.

After a few minutes, or seconds... hard to say... of Susan's soaked pussy riding my cock, Linda licking my shaft and balls and school teacher kissing me and rubbing my chest, Susan gasped a little and I thought she was going to climax again. Then she lowered her face down to mine, putting her ass higher in the air.

"Her tongue's in my ass." She said in a quiet voice, a look of ecstasy on her face.

"Is that a bad thing?" I asked, though obviously it was not. "No, it's unbelievable," she whispered.

Susan began kissing me and school teacher, her ass remaining in the air. She moaned and shuttered. I was a little surprised because, while Linda liked anal and enjoyed having her ass licked, she had never talked about doing it to a woman. I knew she was continuing because I could feel her head moving and Susan moaning and shivering. It was probably only a minute or less before Susan let out another gasp and began to loudly climax. I could imagine her wetness all over my beautiful wife's face. Fantastic.

Susan climbed off, dropped down and pretty quickly finished me with her mouth. She took my whole load in her mouth, raised her head and smiled at me. Then she made a show of swallowing.

We all sort of collapsed on the bed. Susan and school teacher made out. It was a turn on thinking that they were sharing the taste of me and I almost immediately began to get hard again. After a few minutes Linda got up and went into the bathroom, I'm sure to wipe off her face. She returned in a few minutes and we all laid there. None of us smoked (well OK, I do occasionally hit a cigar but only rarely and usually when I am outside the US) or it would have been a good time to do so. Susan kissed all of us, and lingered with her tongue in Linda's mouth. "You taste amazing," she said as she finally pulled her mouth from Linda's. Then she got up saying that she had better go find Paul, explaining that "he's probably off pouting somewhere."

About 1 AM Gail and Marty rounded Carol up and found Linda and me in bed recovering from the wild sex with Susan and then oral for both of us from the school teacher. Although I was pretty well spent and Gail had been involved in a threesome with Marty and another guy, Linda and Gail found the energy for one more round with each other on the sofa while everyone watched. Susan joined them and they all seemed pretty satisfied. Just before Marty, Gail and Carol left, Carol told Linda and me she was disappointed that she did not hook up us and asked if we would give her a call. She confided that she had more sex in a few hours than she'd had in years. Linda took her number and kissed her deeply, and smiling asked for details next time they talked. She promised that she would fill us in on everything and did confide she had always fantasized about sex with women and learned that she loved it. She also told us she should probably shower before she went home to her husband, but she actually liked how she felt and smelled and was sure he wouldn't notice. It was the first we heard she was married, but that was her call, not ours. Frankly Linda and I both found it exciting that she was going home well used.

Two couples spent the night and by 2 AM everybody else was gone. Linda and I went into bed, snuggled and slept in Sunday morning.

Linda's perspective...

Tony explained that he intended to chronicle some of our sex life with names changed. I thought it sounded fun and agreed to add my perspective to those episodes that included me. He is correct in saying that we remain close, though we don't have sex. I am sure it crosses his mind from time to time, and it does mine as well.

Hmmm... his comment that I am very attractive is kind but an understatement. Most people would consider me a knockout though I agree that my look is more exotic than classic. Aside from that he described me pretty accurately. I am lean and muscular, and very bi. Well, not much anymore, though I still think about it a lot and find myself sizing up a lot of women I see. I am re-married, my third, to a guy whose idea of wild sex is an occasional blowjob. Long story how I ended up here, but it is best for me.

Reading this story was a little tough for me as it brings back memories that are very erotic and a little nostalgic. It makes me smile. I know some women may find that hard to believe or even distasteful, though if you are one of those, I doubt you would be reading this. I also know a lot of women who have engaged in the same types of sexual activity and many more who fantasize about it. I remember one of the things that was most exciting about my sex life with Tony, and even our relationship outside of sex, was that we generally did what other people fantasized about. We brought that out in each other. Of course, we also had fantasies that we never got around to acting on... probably ought not to mention the types of desires we secretly shared with each other. Some might make this story unpublishable. Suffice to say, as Tony mentioned, it is probably good I left teaching. Not just because I make a LOT more money in finance. Being able to be completely unrestrained in what I confided to Tony was one of the best things about our relationship.

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