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I knew you meant business when you called me.

And, you showing up at the door, wearing clothes proves further proves to me we have "business" to tend to. . .

You greet me warmly; although I am nervous yet excited. . .I know I have been oh so naughty, so bad. . .and the time has come.

I try to make some simple talk. You are still polite, answering me with even simpler "yes'" or "nos'."

You then remind me of the last time you told me to strip so you could spank me. You refresh my memory with how I only took off my pants and bra, leaving on my shirt. You also told me to bend over the couch, yet I was out on the balcony doing my own thing. You tell me how I probably think you have forgotten the incident. Oh, how wrong I was. . .and tonight, I was going to get exactly what I deserve.

I feel myself getting hot and flushed. I am still nervous, but now I am excited by what you have planned for me.

"Get undressed," you tell me, in your serious voice.

I say nothing. I take off my shoes and socks, then my jeans. I slip my bra off from underneath my shirt. I look back at you, smart ass attitude in full effect.

"Your shirt, too. Undressed means everything."

I take off my shirt, with a smile. I even start to take off my jewelry, when you stop me. "Get on your knees and bend over my couch."

I get down on my knees, leaning my stomach against the couch for support. My breasts rest comfortably on the seat of the chair. I look down to see how hard my nipples are. . .I know it is so much more than just the cool air rushing over them. You don't say anything; I hear you walk to your bedroom, then come back. You toss a pillow at me. I grab it, then put it under my stomach.

"No, you silly girl," you say. "Put the pillow under your knees." You then move to put on some soft music. I don't dare ask you who the artist is. . .but I liked it. I watch you dim the lights just a bit.

You're relaxed, wearing shorts and a tshirt. I so wanted to see you naked, but oh well. I wonder privately how long you can stay dressed if I am naked. . .

You get down next to my left side. You slide your left leg in front of mine, using your right leg to hold down my calves. I think you have straddled me in quite the interesting manner. I glance over my shoulder at you. . .you have a serious look, yet sexy. I want you to slide closer to me, so I can feel how hard your cock is, but you don't. You remain in control.

"You're a naughty girl," I hear you say in a low tone. "And you are going to get what you deserve."

I don't say anything to you. I look forward now, at the back of the couch. I feel the wetness in my pussy. I pay close attention to how hard my nipples have become, thanks to your last statement.

"You've been such a bad girl. You've been so naughty. In fact, you've been downright nasty-- haven't you?"

I say nothing. Yes, I am a bad girl. A naughty girl. A nasty girl. Give me what I deserve, I think.

Smack! I feel your bare hand on my ass. Perfect. Not light, not hard. Just enough to "stimulate," to let me feel you. I get wetter.

"No answer for me?"

Still, I say nothing, enjoying how my ass feels at this moment.

"Fine. I'll tell you about yourself. You are bad. You are conceited. You drive too fast. You are pushy."

No words from me. I am paying attention to how wet I am getting, listening to your words.

"You play with your pussy too much. You think nasty thoughts about me. You even taste your own juices, enjoying it! You even play with your nipples! You walk around with a wet pussy. Not only wet,but you allow yourself to get so excited, you soak yourself! You talk nasty talk! Think about it-- women don't want to be 'fucked,' yet that's what you want me to do to you! You always want to feel my fingers in your hot pussy. Not to mention my tongue--- or cock!"

I feel your hand on my ass again. . .unexpected-- I was rather pleasured by the words you were saying to me. How delightful! I want to move my hands closer to my nipples, instead of leaving them spread out in front of me.

"You talk nasty. You write nasty. You want me to do very nasty things with you. You're even enjoying this!"

Yes, I am, I think. My nipples are hard, my breasts are warm. My pussy is soaking wet, my ass is hot, and I know you are going to make me feel so good!

I feel your left hand come up under me, as you put your hand on the area between my tummy and breasts. I am now resting myself on your hand, as well as the couch.

Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack!

Seven, I think. More, I want.

"Look at how wet you are!" I feel your right hand on the inside of my left leg. "Your honey is flowing down your leg," you tell me, as you coat your hand in my juice.

Smack! That one makes me come-- I tremble a bit, and more juice flows from me. I grab my own nipples with my hands, holding myself. I lean into your hand.

"You are such a bad, bad girl," you say to me. I feel your fingers probing me, slipping into my pussy.

I start to wiggle, in an attempt to get the most of what you are doing to me with your hand. The feeling is positively delicious-- my ass is hot, and my pussy is so wet! My eyes are closed, as I focus on your hand in my pussy. I don't think I could stop my ass from wiggling, even if I wanted to. I am a bad girl, and bad girls never have to fake orgasm! Bad girls never leave unsatisfied! Bad girls get pleasured, and pleasured in the best ways!

I come again. I know you felt it, because I heard you moan softly. "Spank me some more," I say to you, as I turn my head to look in your eyes. "Spank me some more, please. . ."

I can tell you are ready to stop the spanking, and taste me, kiss me, fuck me. . .

Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack!

I think about how much I love feeling your hand on my ass!

Smack, smack, smack, then SMACK! You then start to rub my ass, kissing my ass gently. The tingle from the spanking, combined with your mouth on me makes me come again. I then feel your tongue on my pussy. . .I open my legs a bit more, so you have easy access to me.

Now you are behind me. I can feel your hard prick, pressing against my back. You still have your clothes on, which serve to remind me exactly how vulnerable I am-- how you can do just about anything with me at this moment. You bring your hands around me. cupping my breasts. I lean back into your embrace, feeling my wetness running down my legs. I feel your hot breath on the back of my neck. I start to wiggle my ass again. Now your breath has turned into kisses.

"Tell me what you want me to do to you now," you ask.

I want you to kiss me, lick me, finger me, fuck me, I think. I want to kiss you, lick you, stroke you, suck you, and fuck you, I think.

"Tell me," you say again.

So I did.

And you did.

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