tagCelebrities & Fan FictionUCLA to Big D Ch. 17

UCLA to Big D Ch. 17


As you might have suspected from the ending of Chapter 16, this one contains celebrity sex and thus was placed in the Celebrities and Fan Fiction category. Like Chapter 15, it contains hot celebrity sex, but also an impactful trip that moves the story towards its ultimate destination.

Please keep in mind that any references to celebrities or real-life people or places are purely fictional. Any and all sexual situations regarding these individuals are consensual.

I made the final decision to go with 18 chapters (epilogue will be combined with chapter 18), so the amazing ending will take place in the next chapter. I trust you've enjoyed the story to this point and hope you do the rest of the way too. I'm looking forward to sharing...


Ryan Nielsen sat quietly in the interview room at the Pacific Palisades police station. There was a one-way mirrored window on one end of the room from behind which two plain clothes detectives observed while discussing his case.

"What's this guy's story?" Myers asked.

"He tried to break into the NFL star Cole Steele's estate. He claims the linebacker is holding his wife against her will inside." Gonzalez responded.

Meyers laughed. "Another housewife falls into Steele's web and the jealous hubby thinks he's going to do something about it?"

"Yeah, he got a little roughed up by Steele's gate guards, but I'm sure that doesn't sting as much as knowing that big football player is porkin' his wife!"

They both laughed again.

"Does he have any evidence that she is being held against her will?"

"I didn't get that far, we weren't far into the interview before he clammed up and said he only wanted to talk to Chief Jones. He says they are buddies from the club."

"He doesn't know yet?"

"Apparently not."

"Okay, let me go talk to him."

Moments later the detective entered the interview room. "Mr. Nielsen, I am Detective Rudy Myers."

"I told the other guy, I only want to speak with Chief Jones."

"I'm afraid Chief Jones is incapacitated at the moment Mr. Nielsen. I'm the only one you can talk to at this time."

"Bullshit, Steve and I are good friends. If he knew I was being held here, he would be here in minutes. Have your office reach out to him and tell him what's going on. I'll wait till he arrives to discuss my case detective."

"I'm afraid you might be waiting a very long time for that conversation Mr. Nielsen."

"What are you talking about?"

Myers told Ryan what had happened with Chief Jones in the past 24 hours. "I'm sorry to tell you Mr. Nielsen, but your friend Steve Jones looks to be in a lot of trouble." Myers himself was never a big fan of Jones and was not surprised one bit when he heard what the chief was being accused of.

"Wow, I just saw him Saturday afternoon. He was on some kind of stakeout of a sexual abuse victim in Pasadena. He appeared to be in especially good spirits when I saw him. He said he was firmly behind her and was hoping to cuff his target later that afternoon. I wished him all the luck in accomplishing his mission." Ryan said, still in shock as to what the detective had just told him.

Detective Myers gave Ryan a quizzical look as he wasn't aware of a PPPD case involving a sexual abuse case in Pasadena.

"Well Mr. Nielsen, I'm sorry to break the news to you, but right now, you have your own problems to worry about. Breaking and Entering can carry a felony penalty and jail time. Why were you attempting to enter Mr. Steele's property?"

"Because the mother-fucker is holding my wife against her will. If you let me have my phone back, I can prove it to you."

"Those are pretty serious allegations Mr. Nielsen, are you sure about this?"

"Yes...I mean no...that is why I went to his house. I'm confident if I can explain to her about the contract..."

"What contract are you referring to Mr. Nielsen?"

"My wife accidently stole something...but it wasn't really her fault...she was master...trying to put it back..."

Detective Myers interrupted him, "Your wife stole something from Mr. Steele? What is this contract you are referring too? Did you say she was mastering something? I'm losing my patience here Mr. Nielsen. You better start making sense or I'm going to throw you in that cell for the next 48 hours to give you more time to think it over! What makes you think she is even at Mr. Steele's residence? How long has she been gone?"

"She's been gone about a week and I know she's there because I took her there."

"You took your wife to Mr. Steele's house a week ago and she hasn't returned and you are just reporting this now?"

"That's what the contract is about. After the...uh...misunderstanding...I signed a contract to have my wife work as Mr. Steele's personal servant as a means of payback..."

"Do you have copy?"

Ryan shook his head.

"What were her responsibilities?"

"Cooking and cleaning and..."

"And what?" The detective asked impatiently.

"Anything he demanded..."

"Anything? And you signed such a document? And so now why do you think she is being held against her will? Isn't she just fulfilling the duties of the deal?"

"There's more detective. Please bring me my phone, I'll show you..."

The detective eyed him carefully before pushing a call button on the desk phone, "Please bring me Mr. Nielsen's cell phone." Within a minute, one of the uniformed cops brought it into Myers.

He observed it carefully before handing it to Ryan. "Okay Mr. Nielsen, no funny business."

Ryan took the phone and clicked on his email inbox, "This was sent from an anonymous email account. You might not be able to tell as easily as I can, but my wife is crying out for help." He clicked the first video image and handed it to the detective:

The image flashed to a campfire burning brightly and the sound of two people having passionate sex. The image moved to another camera angle which showed the naked sweaty ass of a large black man pumping aggressively as his massive balls swung wildly forward and back against the thighs of a white woman.

"...yes Bull...uhn...it's my favori...umph!" The woman moaned and neglected to finish her sentence as the black man pumped hard into her from behind.

"How's that big black cock feel now compared to your husband's dick?" The man taunted.

The woman continued to moan loudly as he fucked her harder.

"You didn't answer the question; do you want me to stop?"

"Oh...no...no please don't stop," the woman begged urgently, "it feels really nice."

"Nice...puppies are nice! Tell me how that thick stick really feels!" The black man demanded as he picked up the pace and slammed it in and out and spanked her.

"Oh, oh...it feels fucking GREAT...it's so much bigger than his...he could never make me feel like this...please don't stop!"

Detective Myers did his very best to keep a professional outward appearance. Inside he was awed and aroused watching the wild sex on Ryan Nielsen's phone, "So are you telling me this is your wife in the video Mr. Nielsen?


"I heard her refer to the man as Bull, is he someone you know?"

"Yes detective, I am certain Bull is Cole Steele. That is one of the clues as to her non-consent; clearly she is being coerced into calling him by another name as a means of showing his power over her. Also, did you see him spank her, couldn't that be construed as assault." Ryan questioned. He was grasping at straws.

The cop thought to himself that ironically the entire scene could be considered assault...the black man was brutally hammering this guy's wife with a weapon that wasn't too dissimilar from a baseball bat. "Is there any other evidence of an assault Mr. Nielsen?"

"Yes, this other clip shows him forcing her to copulate him as he treats her roughly." Ryan clicked on the second video and handed the phone back to the cop:

"Oh God, fuck them Bull!" Was the first thing the cop heard.

The head of a massive black dick was now up against a white woman's lips as she frantically slobbered and licked it as he rubbed it around her mouth.

"Is this your wife Mr. Nielsen?"

Ryan nodded his head.

"Is this what you were referring to when you said he forced your wife to copulate him?"

"That is only one example detective. There's more..."

The cop was happy to hear that...he was looking forward to seeing more of the incredible action.

The black man pushed his fat veiny cock down and shoved it between the woman's incredible tits and fucked them urgently as he flicked her hard nipples with his thumbs. He was sweating like a bull as he thrust his hips forward and back across her chest. He gripped her soft white breast skin roughly with both hands as he pounded away. As he did so, the man's wife frantically licked and sucked on the fat fleshy head as it extended up to her waiting mouth. The black man groaned and said, "Get ready bitch here it comes!"

The detective watched in awe as Cole Steele tensed and shook as his first big spurt shot over the woman's head. She had a look of shock on her face but she quickly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. The next couple of streams landed heavily across her lips, chin and neck. The football player released his grip on her tits, grabbed his shaft and aimed it at her heaving mounds. He stroked it hurriedly as large streams coated her breasts.

When he finally finished, her tits looked like snow covered mountains and long cum streams coated her beautiful face. The large black man was huffing and puffing as he grabbed her panties off the bed and wiped his cock clean.

He then brought her wet sticky panties up and used them to futilely smear his cum around her face. He wiped around her nose before letting the panties rest there. Her slutty panties looked like a well-used respirator air mask sitting across her nose and mouth.

The cop kept watching as the woman's hands went to her tits; she rubbed the messy spooge around to coat them more evenly... she tried to rub it all in, but it just smeared. The cop couldn't believe the volume...it looked like the black man hadn't cum in a month.

The football player then said to her, "Don't worry about rubbing that shit in, they look better all shiny and wet with my seed anyway! Clean it off your fingers."

The cop kept watching for signs of objection by the woman as she now did as she was directed and pulled her cum-stained panties aside and cleaned her fingers with her lips and tongue. The black man brought his cock to the woman's mouth one final time. She kissed and licked around the head before he finally pulled away and the video stopped.

"Do you see what I'm talking about detective? She is clearly doing these things because he is threatening her. I know my wife; she would never do this otherwise."

Detective Myers felt bad for the man who was clearly living in denial. He hadn't seen anything in either video that suggested his smoking wife wasn't giving herself enthusiastically to the football player. He hesitated before he lied, "Mr. Nielsen, I can easily understand your feelings of anger and frustration but I don't have a lot of experience in domestic cases, do you mind if I take your phone back into the office so I can consult some of my colleagues who do?"

"No, I have no objection with it detective. I'm sure they will agree with me. When you're done, can you then send a squad car over to get her out of there and arrest that mother fucker?"

"Let me consult them first, then we'll come up with a plan of action Mr. Nielsen. One more thing, "You said these videos came from an anonymous email, who do you think sent them?"

"I'm sure they came from Cole Steele!"

"Why would he send you videos of him having sex with your wife if he was holding her against her will?"

Ryan pondered the question. "I'm not entirely sure detective, maybe he is blackmailing her or something, but isn't that what you guys get paid to figure out?"

Detective Myers just nodded at Ryan before exiting the interview room.

His partner was waiting near the one way mirror. "Well, what do you think Rudy; does the guy have a case?"

"Fuck no, his slutty wife is loving every minute of that nigger dick! Check it out." He played both videos for his partner.

"Holy shit, his wife is hot as hell. That poor guy, I can't imagine how he must feel watching her get fucked like that!"

"I know, can you believe the size of that dude's cock?"

"How about the volume of jism he spewed on her face and tits?"

They both laughed. "Pretty fucking incredible!" Gonzalez responded.

"Where are the other guys, I gotta show this to them?"

"They are all in the conference room Rudy; let me check it out one more time before you go over there."

Myers handed the phone back to his partner. "Holy shit, I've never seen anything like that! She is fucking hot, I might need to borrow that phone and head into the John when you are done showing the guys."

"Get in line Jim!" Myers said as he laughed and walked towards the conference room with a bulge in his own pants.

Thirty minutes later Detective Myers entered back into the interview room. "Sorry that took so long Mr. Nielsen, but I wanted to be as thorough as possible in determining our plan of action."

"No problem Detective Myers, I really appreciate your professionalism."

Myers nearly laughed at the complement. He had just spent the last 20 minutes showing the videos to his partner and all the guys in the conference room. He also ported the videos to his own phone for future viewing. To a man, none of the cops thought Ryan Nielsen had any leg to stand on in regards to his wife's supposed captivation. No, they all watched in aroused fascination at the wild sex between the stunning blonde and the professional football player. There were lots of jokes and volunteers for conducting full body cavity searches on the poor "captive" woman.

"Unfortunately Mr. Nielsen there does not seem to be any agreement in our office with your theory that your wife is being held against her will. Those who I shared the video with all believe your wife is in fact enjoying herself very much. And since you have no other evidence to the contrary, we are forced to believe that no criminal activity is being conducted by Mr. Cole Steele. I wish we could make a case on your behalf, but the evidence points to consensual transgressions on your wife's part. And while the spanking, rough manipulation of her body, and dominating treatment are, I'm sure, hard to watch, they are things that happen in bedrooms and beaches, albeit not always so intense, all over Southern California. I'm afraid Mr. Nielsen, Cole Steele and your wife are not breaking the law, only your heart."

Ryan stared at him with tears in his eyes.

"Can I call you Ryan?"

He nodded.

"Ryan, I think you've been through enough today, I am going to release you and assuming you don't make further attempts to trespass on Mr. Steele's property, we'll forget this incident ever happened. If I were you I would contact your lawyer and see if he can draft a letter requesting a meeting between you and your wife. Perhaps you can talk some sense into her if you meet with her face to face."


Face to face was how Jenna and Cole were sitting in his limousine at the moment. He had just pulled his lips from hers. "Jenna, thanks for doing this favor for me. Try and relax and enjoy yourself, I think you will have lots of fun if you do."

"I'm a little nervous Cole, but I'm excited too...I can't believe I am actually doing this. As I told you earlier, I've been a big fan for a long time. Watching that show has been a guilty pleasure of mine for a long time. I hope I'm not like a stalker when I get there...but the drugs and the tequila have me feeling good, I think I'm ready."

Cole reached out and squeezed her large breasts through the lingerie, "Yeah I would have to agree that you do feel really good at the moment!"

Jenna giggled and playfully slapped his shoulder, "You know I was talking about a different kind of feeling!"

Cole laughed. "Yeah I got a different kind of feeling stirring in my pants; you better get out of this car before I change my mind and take you back to my place and tear that hot little outfit off of you!"

Jenna giggled again.

"Anyway, my driver Dave will pick you up here in the morning, try and get some sleep tonight."

"You know that's probably not going to be up to me," she responded with her own devious smile.

"You got a point there...well you can get caught up at my place tomorrow."

"You sure about that?" Jenna said as she reached out and rubbed his big balls through his shorts.

"Well you're probably right about that, you can spend the day in bed, but I'm not sure how much sleep you'll get!" Cole said as he squeezed her tits again. "But you might get a reprieve; I'm probably going to be pretty torn up myself. Me and a couple of the guys are heading to Vegas for the night as soon as I drop you off; I won't get much sleep either."

"What if I don't want a reprieve?" Jenna smiled before she buried her tongue between his lips and grabbed his cock one final time.

"You're terrible girl, get the fuck out of this car now and do me this favor or we will head straight back to my place..."

"Promises...promises," she said cutely before sliding sexily out the door.


As the maid exited out of the kitchen, she made eye contact with the black man sitting at the large dining table. A big smile appeared on his face. While she was new to the staff, he recognized her quickly. His wife was sitting adjacent to him looking at images on her phone.

The maid approached the table carrying a bottle of 40-year-old Dom Perignon. "Excuse me, do you both desire a glass of champagne?"

"Yeah, that'd be nice." The man responded as he checked out her fantastic cleavage.

The maid poured his glass first. "Ma'am?"

The woman didn't look up and simply tapped her glass as if to say "Fill it up."

While she poured, the maid looked over at the husband. He got another grin on his face and winked at her.

He turned to his wife, "Ahem honey, what's so interestin' on your phone?"

"My sisters are at a new club in North Hollywood and it looks like so much fun! They sent lots of pics!"

"I'm sure it is, we'll have to check it out suntime soon baby."

His wife let out a frustrated sigh as if to say "I've heard that before."

The husband then said to the maid, "What's on da d'sert menu tonight?"

"Chocolate souffle, crème brule, raspberry tort, or... um pie...pussy pie!"

Kim Kardashian finally looked up from her phone. She now stared at the maid who was dressed in the sexiest French maid lingerie she'd ever seen. It took a minute for Kim to register what she'd just heard and was now seeing. The maid looked familiar, but she didn't immediately recognize her. Moments later, a big smile formed on her face as it finally came to her. She ogled Jenna's unbelievable body in the stunning outfit.

Kim looked back over at Kanye who himself was sporting a big smile as well as a pretty decent tent in his shorts. "Kanye, how did you...? Cole's party? I thought she was...?"

"Happy birfday baby!"

Kim got up quickly and gave him a big wet kiss on the lips. "I told you this is the best birthday ever honey! I never doubted you would make it that way Kanye. I love you!"

"Me too baby...enjoy!" Kanye said as he started to get up.

"You aren't going to share..." Kim said as she looked excitedly over towards Jenna, "...my birthday...um...present?"

"No baby, I'll go help Gabby with North and Saint and besides knowing you the way I do, you probably want to keep yo presents to yoself on your birfday anyway!"

Kim got a hungry look on her face as she ogled Jenna again, "Kanye you know me too well, sometimes I can be kind of selfish. There are certain things that I like to have all to myself...like uh...dessert!"

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