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Uh Oh!!


We had been desperate to see each other all week. You were out on the road, and I was eagerly waiting your return. We had been teasing each other with videos and photos all week long. I would send you a photo of me sitting on the toilet, first thing in the morning, with messy hair making a kissey face. You'd send me a photo of your erection through your jeans. I'd up the ante and send you a video the next time. A video of me taking a piss. The next thing I get from you is a photo of the rope of cum you had just thrown after watching my video. We were amped for each other.

We had spent the first night out at a nice restaurant, eating and drinking a bit too much. We walk the few blocks over to our hotel and instantly fall into bed. Kissing and touching each other. Ripping each other's clothes off as we go. The night is spent making passionate love. You go down on me and I piss a little in your mouth. It makes you lick me with more enthusiasm. I've even drank enough that I'm up for anal sex and you fuck me in my ass so well we both have huge orgasms at the same time.. You just unloading in my rectum. We collapse on the bed together, spooning. You growing soft in my ass and we fall asleep.

And then the next thing I know, the covers are being pulled off on me and I hear you say "Peach, get up! You were so out of it from the liquor and fucking that you shit the fucking bed!"

I go to sit up and you grab me by my arm, pulling me forward "Don't sit in it stupid! Didn't you hear me? You shit the bed. You almost sat in it."

As you are saying this to me I realize what you say is true, I can smell it. And still feel the heat of the load behind me. My face starts to turn red and I began to roll onto my knees to scramble out of bed. I'm mortified and I want to go clean up.

But something about seeing me so embarrassed and vulnerable gets you going... And as I'm nearing the foot of the bed I can see your shit smeared cock starting to get hard. You like this!

I look into your eyes and a see a familiar gleam. You grab my hair and you say "Stop. Don't you dare move one fucking muscle. You aren't going to run off and leave me here to clean up your shit! You made this bed, and now you're gonna have to lay in it. So to speak."

Hearing the authority in your voice stops me in my tracks. I look up from you from on all fours "what do you mean, Sir?"

"Oh you know what I mean you nasty bitch. I'm gonna fuck you right on top of that dirt pile you made in the bed. After I'm done with you. You'll never do such a nasty depraved thing ever again."

You pulled me by my hair to the foot of the bed, pushing my face toward your dirty dick. Rubbing my face into your groin.. Wiping your shit stained cock on my red, humiliated cheeks. You smack my face, the shock sending my mouth open in surprise, you force your cock into my mouth. Straight into the back of my throat and you hold it there, gagging me till I pull away, spit stringing everywhere. I start working my tongue in my mouth, trying to get the taste of shit out of my mouth when you lean down and kiss me. A big wet kiss, you love the taste of my dirt in my mouth.

You break the kiss, pulling away with a moan and you tell me to get in bed. all the way up to the mess in the middle of the bed, straddling it a little so you can get a view of my puckered butt hole right above the mess of soft shit mixed with cum from the previous nights fuck session. I reach down between my legs and scoop up some poop and start rubbing it around my asshole... I look you in the eyes and say "come fuck my nasty shit hole daddy... I know you want to. Your cock is leaking pre cum..."

With a growl you crawl into the bed, nearing the pile of shit you stop and give it a few sniffs while giving your cock a few jerks... Making more pre cum flow. You've never been so turned on. You come up the bed till you're nestled between my thighs.. You can feel the shit on your knees and you lean down and kiss me. You pull away saying "baby girl, I'm gonna fuck you alright.. I'm gonna fuck your shit back into your dirty little bottom."

My eyes go wide once I hear this! You're literally going to fuck my shit back up my ass. The thought of this gets me so turned on I'm leaving a trail of girl com along your belly.

You reach between us, and start scooping poo on your two fingers and you start pushing it back into my rectum. I flex my pucker, helping pull it back inside of me. Feeling you finger packing the soft shit back inside of me turns me on so much, that just the sensation of your erect cock rubbing across my distended clit makes me cum.

You laugh a little as you watch me writhe beneath you. Seeing me so turned on by such a flirt situation breaks your resolve, you have to be inside of me.

You use your clean hand to scoop up some of the cum flowing from my orgasming quim and you rub it over the head of your cock. You look down at me and watch the expression on my face as your rock hard prick start working its way into my butt. You get a few inches in and feel the soft shit smush around your cockhead. It's so hot and soft. You pull out a little and eagerly plow back in, wanting more of my mess to surround your hardness.

After a few good strokes you start to develop a rhythm. The shit starts to break up and it actually becomes a bit of a dirty sticky lube. The scent of it and my arousal waft up to you with every thrust. Your so close to cumming.

I sense this and I tell you to stop.. I pull you in for a passionate kiss. Wiggling my hips, working my clit across your abdomen, while your cock grinds deeper into my shitty ass.

You break our kiss and say "baby girl, I'm about to cum if you keep doing that!"

I look up at you and say "tell me to cum for you and I will"

At that you start pounding my pussy furiously and in moments we both cum. Your cock spurting jizz deep in my shit filled rectum, my pussy gushing my juices all down your balls.

Our orgasms last for what seems like ever. And when they finally subside you look down at me and say "okay babe, we're a mess. Get up and get in the shower. We're gonna need a rug doctor to clean all this shit up."

I laugh and scamper off to the bathroom, in full disbelief that the best sex of my life was scat sex. Who ever would have thought?

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