tagMind ControlUltimate Trust Ch. 01

Ultimate Trust Ch. 01



My wife and I have always had awesome sex.

We had been married for about 5 years when we started to explore a little bondage with our sex-life. She would tie me up and tease me for hours until I was begging to cum. Or I would tie her up and use her as I wished - sometimes teasing her, sometimes being a little rough with her. On my birthday, we decided to take our level of trust in each other and our bondage to a new place - mind control.

It was a simple process, really. We both went to several sessions with a hypnotist who gave us each a 'trigger' by which the other person could put us in a trance, and once in that state we would be the willing slave of the other person. I love my wife and I know she loves me. We trust each other completely, and this new bond took our relationship to new heights. My wife is completely in control of my sex life, and I am completely in control of hers. We trust each other not to abuse this power, and as a couple we have never been better.

My name is Rod, and I am about 6-foot tall and 180 pounds. When we embarked on this adventure, my wife Bridget thought I was getting a little chubby - nothing bad, mind you, but she uses her mind control over me to make sure that my body stays the way she likes it. In fact, I've never been in better shape - washboard abs, and a nice tan, which compliments my blonde hair and blue eyes. My cock is a full 8 inches long, almost 6 inches around, and has a slight upward curve, which drives Bridget crazy.

Bridget is shorter than me, around 5-8. When we were first married, she was very self-conscious because she thought she was carrying a few extra pounds, and she was probably right. She has always had gorgeous legs and a very perky pair of 36D breasts with large, pink, sensitive nipples. Since I have had control of her mind, I have helped her not only sculpt her body so that she turns men's heads, she has also become very comfortable with people looking at her. We even catch women checking her out sometimes!

When we had first completed our sessions with the hypnotist, we were both a little nervous about how this would work, so we discussed the ground rules. We would never use this without the other's permission. We would never use it to harm the other person.

We decided that we would each take control for a night, and setup a camcorder so that - in case we couldn't remember - we could see exactly what happened. And after two nights, we would watch the tape together and honestly discuss what had happened. We flipped a coin to see who would be in control first. I won the toss.

CHAPTER 1 - His Turn

I spent the whole next day at work planning out my night. I got NO work done whatsoever. I wanted to explore the power, but not push it too far. I was completely turned on all day - its a good thing my office is fairly isolated and no one could see my erection under my desk.

That night, I think I was more nervous than she was. She helped me setup the video camera on the tripod in our bedroom and then she took me in a long embrace. She looked me in the eyes and said "Rod, I want this, and I trust you completely. I love you."

"I love you too, dear." And I cupped her left breast in my right hand and whispered "lighthouse" in her ear. This was her trigger, and she closed her eyes and I could feel her whole body relax. My cock sprang to attention in about 4 heartbeats. This was really working!! I decided to test it out a little before getting into it.

I told her to open her eyes. She did, but I could tell they were not focused on anything. I told her to stand at attention - back straight, shoulders back, chin up! She snapped to - her beautiful breasts bouncing slightly under her t-shirt. I told her to tweak her left nipple with her right hand, and she did. Then I got a little braver. How much was possible?

I told her to remove her shirt. Still at attention, she pulled her t-shirt over her head in one smooth motion. She was not wearing a bra and her nipples were also at attention. I told her that she was not sexually aroused in any way, and that her nipples should not be erect, and I watched, fascinated, as they relaxed into her large areolas. Then I told Bridget her nipples were very sensitive, and aching to be touched, and they sprang back to full attention. I was in full control of my gorgeous wife. I told her that her nipples were to remain erect until I released her from my power.

I had had an erection all day long and it was now aching for release; throbbing against my boxers. As awesome as my wife was at giving head, she had never been able to master the skill of deep throating without gagging, and didn't like to swallow. Sometimes she would get me to cum in her mouth, but it would make her gag. Most of the time, she would finish a blowjob by jacking me off on her tits, and then rubbing my goo into her nipples with the head of my cock. I decided that this would be our first test.

I said, "I want you to close your eyes and listen closely. Bridget, you are going to suck my cock and swallow my cum. You will relax your throat so that you do not gag on my cock and you will be able to take my cock into your throat until my balls touch your chin. When I cum in your mouth you will not gag, you will hold my cum in your mouth until I tell you to swallow it. You will enjoy swallowing my cum, whether you are under my power or not. You will enjoy the feel and taste of my cum in your mouth. You will no longer gag on my cock, whether you are under my power or not. Do you understand?"


"Good. Take off the rest of your clothes, but leave your thong on.'

My gorgeous wife stepped out of her jeans and stood back at attention, wearing only a purple thong. I told her to undress me, and when I was naked, I laid down on the bed with my head slightly propped up on pillows. I had Bridget take up a position kneeling between my legs. I had a great view of her beautiful breasts and erect nipples.

"I want you to relax and open your mouth, and slowly slide your lips down my cock until you feel my balls on your chin. You will not gag, and you will concentrate on breathing out as my cock slides in, and breathing in as my cock slides out of your mouth." My back arched involuntarily as her warm lips slid down my shaft. She went all the way to the base, and then slid back all the way to the tip. I could already feel the beginnings of my orgasm in my toes.

"Stop" I said, with her lips just on the tip of my swollen head. "This time, when your lips are around the base of my cock, I want you to swallow three times before coming back up to the tip." She did as I asked. I cannot describe the incredible feeling of her throat muscles contracting around the head of my penis. I was thrilled with my power over her.

"Bridget, you want to taste and feel my cum in your mouth. You will suck my cock in and out of your throat until you feel my balls spasm. You love the taste of my cum, but you will not swallow it until I give you permission. When you swallow my cum, you will have an orgasm."

My wife has always been a talented cocksucker. But never like this! She sucked my man-meat from tip to base - in and out of her throat - at first slowly, and gradually speeding up her pace until my orgasm rushed up from my toes and into my balls and blasted hot cum into her loving mouth. I must have spurted six or seven times before it subsided. I felt lightheaded and I could hear myself moaning. Her mouth never left my throbbing cock.

"Sit up" I said, when I could form words again. She did. "Open your mouth and show me my cum." Her mouth was full of my gooey cream. "My cum is tastes so good to you, you want more. Do you want to swallow my cum and have your orgasm?" She nodded her head yes. "You may swallow, Bridget."

As she swallowed my load, her body went rigid and began shaking. Her hands gripped the bed quilt we were laying on in an orgasmic spasm. After a moment, her breathing slowed again and she began to relax. Watching her cum was such a thrill!

I had her switch places with me, lying on her back with her head on the pillows. My dick needed a few minutes to recover from her blowjob, so I decided to have her masturbate for me.

"Bridget, I want you to make love to yourself as I watch. Use your hands to stroke your breasts and tease your nipples. Your nipples are very sensitive and every time you squeeze one, you will feel a tingle in your clit." As I watched my beautiful wife caress her breasts, and erect nipples, I could feel my limp cock begin to stiffen.

"I want you to work your hands down toward your pussy. Slide you hand under your thong and gently rub your clit. As you masturbate, you will feel you orgasm building, but you may not cum until I tell you to. Do you understand?"

"Uh huuuuh..." she moaned as her manicured fingernail brushed her swollen clit.

I straddled her on the bed and told her to open her mouth. I slowly slid my soft penis into her mouth as she rubbed her cunt. I could feel the beginning of another erection as her mouth closed around my cock. I felt her tongue on my shaft and as my dick grew in her mouth, and it continued to grow until it reached its full size. Leaning forward and bracing my hands on the bed, I slid out of Bridget's throat until only the head of my cock remained in her sweet mouth. Slowly, I slid back in to the hilt and felt her throat stretch open to accommodate my cock. I began to fuck her beautiful face as she masturbated furiously. She moaned and gasped as her orgasm approached, but she could not cum without my permission. I fucked her mouth like this for several minutes as I watched her lips close around my invading shaft and felt her warm breath on my balls.

When I was fully hard again, I slid my cock from between her lips and I climbed off of the bed. She continued to moan as she rubbed her pussy. She had pushed her thong underwear aside, and I could see that she now had worked two of her fingers deep inside herself as she tried to reach her orgasm. But she could not without my permission. What power I had over her!

"Keep massaging your clit, but I want you to take your fingers out of your pussy. I climbed between her legs and I could see her beautiful lips moist and parted for me. Her cunt has been shaved bare since I have known her. I put the head of my now-throbbing cock between her pussy lips and said "Bridget, when you feel my cock slide inside you, you may orgasm." She screamed with pleasure as I slid the entire length of my cock into her slippery cunt. I held still, buried deep inside her until the waves of ecstasy subsided. Then I pulled my rock-hard cock out of her with a wet sucking noise. She whimpered. Her nipples were stiff and pointing straight at the ceiling.

"Bridget, are you my willing slave?"

"Yes" she panted.

"Slave, I want you to stand up next to the bed and bend over so that I can fuck you from behind." She didn't hesitate. I moved behind her so that my stiff cock was resting on her left cheek. "While I am fucking you, I want you to moan and tell me how good it feels to have me inside you. It will feel wonderful, but you may not orgasm until you feel me cumming inside you. Do you understand?"


"Then reach between your legs and put my cock in you."

"Oh my god your cock feels awesome!" she said as I slid into her. I felt her round ass press against my stomach as she took my full length. My god, what a woman I married! She moaned loudly as I started thrusting in and out of her dripping cunt.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! I want to cum so bad!! Please cum in me!! You feel soo good!!!" She was almost screaming. It certainly wouldn't be long at this rate - I was starting to feel my scrotum tighten as I hammered her as fast as I could. "OOoooohhhh!! Gaaawwwwd! Please cum in meeeee!!!"

With one final thrust, I exploded into her, and I could feel her whole body spasm from the force of her orgasm. My dick squirted gobs of hot jism into her as she screamed and moaned in pure pleasure. I felt her knees give out and we both collapsed on the bed. Her breath came in shuddering gasps, and her whole body shook. I was lightheaded again, and was actually seeing spots.

We lay there for a few moments, panting. I stood up, shaky. I ordered my willing slave to lie there and relax, my cum oozing slowly out of her pussy. I took the video camera off the tripod and got some close-up shots of her lying on the bed totally spent and relaxed - and still under my complete control. Then inspiration struck me.

"Bridget, sit up on the edge of the bed, and look straight into the camera." She did so, without hesitation. Her nipples were still erect. "Now I want you to listen closely to my instructions. I am going to release me from my power by saying the trigger word. When I release you, you will not remember any of what happened until after we have watched this tape together. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand."

"Also, as we are watching the tape together, you will have an urge to suck my cock. You won't even think of it, it will seem the most natural thing in the world. You will take all of me into your throat and you will not gag. You will enjoy the taste of my cum, and you will swallow it all. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand. I love the taste of your cum."

"Bridget, I love you and I cannot wait to watch this with you."

I put the camera back on the tripod and stood in front of her. I cupped her face in my hands and said "lighthouse." She blinked twice. Her eyes refocused, and she looked up at me and said "what happened?"

I said "You'll have to wait until the day after tomorrow and watch the tape with me." And I gave her the special smile that I only give to her.

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