tagMind ControlUltimate Trust Ch. 02

Ultimate Trust Ch. 02


CHAPTER 2 - Her Turn

Two nights later we sat down in the family room to watch our tapes together. I was both nervous and excited to see them - nervous about how she would react to seeing her 'session', and excited to see my own. I had no memory of last night, though my cock was tired and I slept like a baby.

She wanted to watch 'her' tape first. I think she was dying to know what I had done to her. As soon as the tape started, she couldn't take her eyes off the screen. I don't think she even realized it as she unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my dick. She didn't even wait for me to get hard. She just put my knob in her mouth, and as she watched herself sucking my cock on the TV, her head was bobbing up and down in my lap, her saliva running down onto my balls. This was not a teasing, playful blowjob; this was a woman who wanted me to cum and right now! That was one powerful suggestion!

I groaned and closed my eyes. I really wanted to wait until the end of the tape before I came, but I had no chance. I exploded into her mouth and she groaned appreciatively as she swallowed every drop of my hot cum. She continued to watch the tape and lick and suck my cock and balls until I softened in her mouth.

At the end of the tape, she sat up (still holing my prick in her hand) and said, "Now I remember! It was wonderful. I had the best orgasms of my life. But why didn't I suck on your..." She looked down at my cock in her hand and then looked up at me, surprised. Then she laughed, "You tricky son of a bitch!" Then she laughed some more and said "Your cum does taste pretty good, though. That was never the problem...it was just my gag reflex. But I guess you fixed that, didn't you?" And as if to prove it, she put her mouth over my cock all the way down to the base, and flicked her tongue around the shaft until I started to stiffen into her throat again.

Then she stopped suddenly and said "Heh. Now its time to watch 'your' tape." I was a little flustered, because her mouth felt so good on my cock, but I definitely wanted to see my tape. So I reluctantly put my semi-hard-on back in my pants and buttoned them back up as she switched the tape.

On the screen I saw me setting up the camera and making sure it was pointed at the bed. Then I saw Bridget embrace me, her hand slid down to my crotch, and she said something in my ear. When she pulled away from the embrace, my eyes were closed and my shoulders were slumped. I looked like I was asleep standing up.

She stepped back out of the frame, and I heard her say "raise your right arm over your head" And I saw myself do it. Then she said, "Stick out your tongue" and I did. And then "lift up your right leg and stand on your left", and I did that too.

She giggled as I stood there on one leg, arms over my head and tongue sticking out. Then she said, "Take off all your clothes and stand normally." So I stripped off my shirt, pants and boxers and stood next to the bed, eyes still closed. It was so weird watching myself on the screen and having no memory of what happened.

Bridget stepped back into the frame and reached down to my flaccid penis. She said "Rod, make your dick hard." And in about five heartbeats, my cock was standing at full attention. She licked her lips and said, "Okay, make it soft. As small as possible." It was amazing to watch my thick cock shrink away to nothing. I looked like I just stepped out from swimming in Alaska.

Next she said "Your cock is to remain small and soft until I say otherwise. Do you understand?"

On the tape I said, "Yes."

She said "Good" and nodded. Then she said, "While you are under my power, you will never cum without my permission. You will only have an erection when I tell you to, otherwise, you are to remain limp and small. Do you understand?"

"Yes" I said.

"Good." She said, now I would like you to undress me. Start at the top and work your way down. Don't hurry." And the me on the screen opened his eyes, unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, unsnapped her bra and set it on the floor. Then He/I helped her out of her capri pants and finally her thong underwear.

She sat down on the bed and ordered the me on the screen to kneel in front of her. She spread her legs apart and said simply "Eat me. I want to cum in your mouth. Eat me until I tell you to stop." So I did.

I watched me eat my wife on TV for what must have been 15 solid minutes. She climaxed over and over, moaning and screaming with pleasure. Sometimes she would grab my head and grind her pussy into my face, and other times she was clawing and pulling on the bed quilt in ecstasy. Finally, after I had lost count of how many times she came, she pushed my head away and gasped, "Stop!" The TV-me stopped eating her pussy, but remained kneeling between her beautiful legs.

She lay there for another few moments, panting. Then she roused herself a little and said, "I want you to go over to the dresser and get my silver vibrator and some lube out of the top drawer, and bring them over to me." So I walked out of the frame as she watched, and returned a few seconds later with the items she has requested and handed them to me. My cock was still tiny and looked kind of comical to me.

She said "Get your cock hard. Here is what you are going to do. You are going to fuck me in the ass with that big cock of yours. First you will get my ass ready with my vibrator and this lube. Then when I am ready, you are going to move the vibrator to my pussy and put your cock in my ass. Then you are going to hold still while I fuck your cock. And you will not cum until I tell you to. Do you understand?"

"Yes." I said.

I watched fascinated as my beautiful wife took the doggie-style position and rubbed her clit with one hand while I massaged her asshole with the tip of the vibrator. She moaned and gasped as we slowly worked the vibrator in and out of her ass. She came at least once and then finally said, "I'm ready for your cock." Then she rolled over onto her back and put her legs straight up in the air.

She put some lube on my cock and told me to slowly work it into her tight asshole. When I was completely inside of her, she was panting as she told me to be perfectly still. Then she took the silver vibrator and worked it into her soaking wet pussy. For a moment on the tape, everything is still and quiet except for the buzzing vibrator.

Now, I must tell you that Bridget enjoys having me in her ass, but it usually makes her very sore the next day, so for us anal sex is usually reserved for special occasions. I was a little surprised that she chose this, but I was fascinated to watch as she began to rock up and down on my cock. She put her calves on my shoulders for leverage and as she worked my cock in and out of her asshole, her moans turned to soft cries.

After several minutes of this and two long, loud, shuddering orgasms, she gasped "fuck my ass now! Fuck my ass and cum in meeeee!!!" And I watched as the TV me started pumping in and out of her asshole and then I shuddered and groaned with an orgasm as Bridget screamed in ecstasy.

She pushed the TV-me away and rolled over on the bed into the doggie-style position. She said, still panting, "Bring your dick over here." And I did. She took my dick in her hand and said "Make it hard again now!" and we both watched as my cock sprang back to full attention. She said "Good." and kissed the head of my penis affectionately. "Now fuck me from behind...and don't cum until I say so."

So we watched together as the me on the screen got in position behind her and mounted her with one smooth stroke. I started thrusting into her, she kept telling me "harder!" and "Harder!" until the impact of my thrusts was shaking her whole body and she was once again screaming with an earth-shattering orgasm. "Cum....in me...now..." she said between those massive thrusts, and I came for her again, burying my cock balls-deep and squirting hot semen into her deepest regions. She collapsed onto the bed, and my cock sprang free, releasing my last spurt of jism onto her bare back.

After a few moments of resting, my beautiful Bridget got up off the bed, and walked out of the frame. The TV me was still on the bed on my knees, seemingly content to just sit there. She came back into the frame wearing a bathrobe, and walking erratically. She took my hand and told me to come over to the edge of the bed and sit down.

"That was awesome, she said, shivering. I don't want you to remember any of it until you have seen the tape. I love you, Rod." She looked back at the camera and said "I want to try something on you, and if it works, I want you to use it on me."

She turned back to me and said, "You are starting to get little love handles, and I want you to get rid of them. So here's what we are going to do. Every time you cum inside my pussy, you will not get hungry for 8 hours afterwards, and you will fell energetic and want to work out. You want to be in good physical shape for me, but you're not going to be obsessed over it. Do you understand?"

"Yes" I said.

"Good." said Bridget. "Now I'm going to release you be saying the trigger word, and when I do, I want you to just climb into bed and get a good night's sleep."

Suddenly I could remember it all. Every minute detail came flooding back to me. I could remember undressing her, the feel of her asshole gripping my cock, shooting my load deep into her from behind...all of it. God, what a woman!

I turned and kissed her deeply while the tape ended.

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