tagCelebrities & Fan FictionUma's Baby Ch. 03

Uma's Baby Ch. 03

byTom Mandy©

At about six in the morning both Uma and I were awake again, snuggled against each other. Not the prettiest sight perhaps- it looked as though a little drool that dribbled on to one of her cheeks from my mouth overnight- but we still made quite the sexy pairing at that moment. My cock was hard but really just from morning wood. I probably hadn't taken a piss in a while and I was pent up.

But, almost without even thinking, or even trying, Uma guided with her hand my cock into her cunt. It actually took a minute or two since she wasn't exactly very wet, but she wanted a quick wake-up fuck and I was more than happy to oblige. It's funny how a woman in her late 30s, who's had her share of men not to mention a few kids, could still have such a tight hole-of-holes. It even felt a little small considering how tall she was.

The sex was good, but it took a while for both of us to finish. Not a whole lot of energy at the very start of a morning, especially after an already full day of boning the previous day, we did pick up the tempo after about fifteen minutes or so, and finally the orgasms starting coming on strong for Uma. She was humping back at me, her curvy ass rubbing against my pelvis and going strong as she oo'd and ah'd her way to another finish. As did I, though I didn't feel like I gave a good enough load right at the start.

After this Uma led me by the hand, beaming as always, into the shower. This was strictly shower-related, however, just rinsing and scrubbing all over. I thought I might get hard again, but it didn't really go this time. I did give Uma another good fingering though, maybe even better than the day before. This one was from behind, with her squished sort of against the glass of the shower-room. I couldn't even see her cause of the steam and water, but I could definitely feel her alright, tugging at my fingers, spraying her juice all over me. "Jake, this is so wonderful, oh keep doing it like that, fuck me good with it, oh baby, oh honey, OH!" She came again.

A light breakfast on this day, since she had to do some actual exercise (I tried to persuade her what we were doing was enough, which led into a long conversation about sex aerobics and other crazy things she learned about from personal trainers on her movies, specifically Kill Bill, but that sex wasn't enough really). Since we couldn't go out jogging, of course, and going out into her pool might bring on the swarm of Paparazzi, Uma opted to do nude Tae-Bo. This was very interesting, since we had enough room but there was some worry on my end that I might just hit her with my first or my foot, or maybe the other way around. It was thrilling all the same, watching Uma's luscious breasts swing this way and that, her nipples totally erect through the entire work-out, me peeking at her, her peeking at me. Of course, it was hard (no pun intended) for me to get it up during this, but I still felt a real rush of sexual energy through the entire workout. If only Billy Blanks had coitus in his program!

After this we just collapsed out of exhaustion. Uma cranked the AC up high enough so that we could cool off a little, as we sprawled our birthday-suited selves out in the living room. For an hour or so we just shot the shit really, goofing on people we remembered from various film gigs, rumors, fun things.

"And he didn't try and suck your toes, correct?" I ask, specifically about Tarantino's fetish for feet.

"You wanna know something? He definitely did his best to get at them!" She laughed a lot at that, as did I, almost not comprehending how disturbing that really was. "But he's the sweetest guy, really, I'd go naked for him in a movie if he asked."

"But you never actually went all-the-way though."

"No. I mean, he's an attractive guy, but it was just at the time I was with other people, like Ethan, and I was actually really committed and smitten, so all my love for Quentin was plutonic."

"Uh-huh. You know something?

"What, Jake?"

"I don't know if it's corny or what to say it, but I'll just say it. I feel such a strong connection with you, it's not even funny."

"I know, silly, that's why you're here."

"No, I mean," I say, as I put her in my arms, staring deeply in her eyes. Her gaze is intoxicating. "I don't know if I'd call it love, but... it's something like that."

"Oh, I've loved you for quite a while."

I was surprised, if not shocked. "Really?"

"Ever since, God, I can't remember which movie. You just made such an impression with Dean (a production designer) in between takes, and then there was one day you took your shirt off for something and I got the chills. You're smart, talented, witty. You're good."

"You too."

We kissed then, and not out of lust. We were so connected then, in such a strong bond, like animals out in the wild when they've been together and mating for days on end. It no longer felt like a dream. I had my tongue deep down the throat of a woman that I may have loved, if only just a little. At that moment, I couldn't care about anything else in the world than her.

"So, you want to really seal this deal," she purrs at me.

"What do you mean?"

"I'll show you. It's something I picked up on the last time I was trying to get pregnant."

She stands up, as do I, and she directs me to a wooden chair in the dining room.

"So, sit right there."

I sit. My pole is a little hard if not all the way there. She kneels in front of me and gives a very good licking. She knows all the right moves, all the angles with my shaft now, and in a few minutes it's straining upward at the full 9 inch mark.

"So, here's what I'm doing here." Uma stands up and positions herself on top of me on the chair. She slides down easily enough, and inch by inch goes in all the way until my cock has disappeared into her. I can feel the entrance to her cervix I'm in so deep.

"I'm going to keep wiggling here, see if I can get the head in to it. It more than doubles the chances of conception. You just have to hold on and don't lose it."

"No problemo," I wink. She keeps grinding against me, wiggling herself, and finally, after some effort my cock head slips past something in her cunt.

"There it is! Perfect." Uma Thurman, Goddess, keeps wiggling her cunt muscles now, barely lifting herself off of me, milking like a machine on my cock.

"Oh God, this is so good, you feel so big in me!"

"As opposed to before? Oh man."

"No, this is so much better, so deep!" She moans a little bit, but mostly our lips are locked. A worry suddenly pops in my head -- without any thrusting, can I keep this thing going on for so long? Thrusting is one of my best suits during sex, and I just don't know if it will work.

"Uma, can I tell you about a fantasy of mine? Would you go with it if I asked?"

"Of course, anything you want."

"Well... for years I had a fantasy of fucking my mother."

"Oh? Kinky, Mr. Mann."

"Yeah. I never acted on it, but I jerked off a lot thinking about her, came many times to her. She looked a lot like you, actually, tall, light eyes, blonde hair, soft skin. So... could you be my mommy?"

"Oh, honey, you're fucking mommy now."

That does it. Nothing can keep it from going down now.

"Yeah? Did you know I wanted to knock up mommy?"

"Ooo, my potent boy I see, the apple doesn't fall far."

She's grinding so deep on me, but we're not apart or bouncing around. I've never been this hard or hot in my cock, ever, not even the first day with Uma.

"You're fucking your baby good, oh God, your cunny is so tight, Mommy!"

"Oh, Mommy loves his Jake! Mommy loves fucking his Mommy!"

We both looked at each other, totally lost in ourselves. Even my voice sounded different.

"Fuck, fuck, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me harder Mommy, milk me, make me cum!"

Uma was already there, coming so hard I felt my balls splashed about with her juices.


Finally I felt it, pulsing through my balls, then up my shaft. I exclaimed what I was about to do, and did it, flooding her room with a direct shot. This was a full load, I can tell you, and I came hard for at least twenty seconds. Uma kissed me deeply, repeating "I love you" so many times I couldn't keep track. I was starting to come out of my incestuous haze, and my cock softened.

After this, Uma rolled herself into a position so that her cum would stay in the same spot, I suppose, and not let it drip out. Not much did drip out, which was a good sign to me.

It was around this time that a phone rang that I didn't see the previous days. Uma picked it up and walked into another room. She emerged a few minutes later, totally embarrassed and sheepish look on her face.

"God, I'm sorry Jake. I just got a call from my agent, super-emergency line. I have to meet tonight with Ridley (Scott) about a movie role. I really, really can't pass it up, so.."

"Oh, yeah, totally, I understand completely. You gotta do what you gotta do."

Going back up to her bedroom, and her getting changed while I got back into the clothes I brought with me, was really surreal. I couldn't really imagine her again with clothes on, and a wave of disappointment flooded over me.... and yet, she was now wearing a long flower-green skirt, and a blouse that provided some ample room to eye her 'particulars'. Once again, for the last time, I felt a tingle in my prick.

We walked down the staircase, and I could tell Uma was a little sullen. But I had a trick up my sleeve. I snuck up behind her, and at first she reacted like out of a defense move in Kill Bill, stopping my arm. She smiled, and we kissed deeply, my kisses going down her neck and onto her chest.

I push her against the front door and pull her skirt up and push down her panties. I pull out my rod and stick it up her cunt. I could tell she was already waiting for me, and it's one more fuck for the road. So hot, sticky, with abandon we grunted and screamed and cursed our way through one of those four-minute fucks that feels a lot longer. I deposited another decent-sized load, if not as generous as the one before, and withdrew once more.

"Heh, good job there, Jake. Now I'll feel you through the whole meeting tonight."

She pecked me a kiss on the cheek, and we headed out the door...

It was sad, but after this I tried to contact her. I felt like even if she didn't want me to be "the father" of the baby (i.e. actually be around for it) I wanted to send my support somehow, send her something, anything. But it was very cruel, and sort of heartbreaking, that she really ended up just using me for cum. A couple of months later she announced her pregnancy and that she was keeping the identity of the father secret. Some speculated she got back with Ethan Hawke, others thought it was that Italian model or other whose name I can never remember. They never thought of me, Jake Mann, capable assistant to the production designer.

Months later she had twins... no, triplets. One was named Jake, though, so it was one last 'thanks' I suppose. And, at the least, I always have in my mind the real thing, Uma Thurman, superstar movie Goddess, naked in my arms and in that exact pose from the magazine with her one strap coming down her arm, her face looking like all she needs is the biggest schlong this side of a horse. I guess, at the end, I was happy to oblige.

The End.

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