tagCelebrities & Fan FictionUma's Baby Ch. 02

Uma's Baby Ch. 02

byTom Mandy©

I awoke some hours later. I had no idea what time it was, except that it was dark. Why should I care, anyway? Lying naked in my arms, also asleep, was the sexiest woman on the planet, Uma Thurman, breathing softly, her breasts against my chest. The bed still slick from our juices, I had just had some of the most passionate fucking I've ever had- and I've been around the block between you and me, what with the 9-incher I have- on our first 'session' of sorts. Uma wants a baby, and I'll give her one, you can count on it.

I got up softly and walked into the bathroom, adjacent in the bedroom. The bathroom is decently-sized if not the largest, but the bathtub is at least twice the size of the one I have home. I wash my face and look at myself in the mirror, still trying to remind myself that it's not a dream, that I'm really here, cock still dangling.

I take a leak and hear the soft steps coming up to the bathroom.

"Hey, handsome. Still got it even soft, dont you?"

"It's all good, just a quick drain. How you feeling?"

Uma comes up and cuddles me, stroking my chest hairs. "About as good as I could ever be. Finish up and we'll take a nice bath together."

"Perfect. We're both still, you know, got the smell goin."

Uma gives a grin, "And what, like that's a *bad* thing, sweetie?"

We both chuckle. She starts to draw the bath. I slip in first, already semi-hard from just staring at her ass and long legs. She's like a spider who got fucked by Eros, the God of love, and out came a magnificent blonde that stood taller than most men. She enters in after me, her ass cuddling in up against my near-rigid pole.

We start to clean each other, her rubbing my back, me hers, my front, her front (her's longer washed than mine), and then I lick two fingers and start to play with her clit again. "Oh Jake. Honey, stick em in further, fuck me with your long-daddy fingers," she moans. I comply and stick them deep into her vagina, giving her a furious finger-stickin, her shuddering all over, screaming loud and out for my name. Water splashes all over, and finally she starts to come down from an orgasm that leaves my fingers wasted. Almost.

She cuddles up to me again, rubbing her ass tantalizingly over my at-attention Johnson. Uma purrs and says, "Jakey? I have an idea."


"Let's not wear clothes around each other, not while we're together."

"You're not worried about anyone coming by? Pizza guy answering the door?"

"You big silly, of course not. My personal assistant knows I have company this weekend so has sent everyone away. And there's enough food and drink to last a month. Besides, if I need you at any moment- *any* moment- here you are and there I am!"

She rubs her cock over her slit but doesn't put it in.

"But... I may tease you, just a little. You know, want to build up the boys." She tugs at my cox like a temptress and gives me a deep kiss, her tongue extending all the way down my throat. "You may be here a while," she says softly. Oh baby-baby.

... It's the next morning. That night she actually did a better than expected job of *not* having any sex. We stayed up late, watched some stupid movie on TV, and cuddled. I thought I was going to cum just by accident a couple of times, just by her casual wanking of my cock, or by my diddling of her cunt here and there, which she never rejected. We also made out for about an hour straight, non-stop, which was the hardest part. We fell asleep again, but only for a couple of hours. Little did I know what was to come...

Uma puts on a cute little apron- she jokes that it doesn't count as clothes- and makes some eggs and bacon. I sit like a little boy, naked as the day I was born, anticipating for once something other than just her. We both eat, but looking at each other like animals, making eye movements and funny faces and growling. She flings a piece of egg at me, making a face like "Oh! So sorry!" Like she doesn't know I have to fling something back, which I do with my bare hands. A little food fight starts and soon we're flinging practically the whole plate, laughing hysterically.

Suddenly, we get close enough and, believe me, this was the hottest kiss we had so far. We pulled at each other's hair and I picked her long frame up again and maniacally we got onto the living room floor. I pinned her down on all fours and took my rock hard cock and pushed it all the way into her steaming wet pussy. This was completely lose-yourself-time.

I piston in and out fast, but then slow and with a rhythm that sends her moaning softly, begging for more. I know by now to tease, since Uma is the kind of woman that knows what she wants but has to be at the mercy of me. It's so sweet on all fours, too, spanking her ass, feeling her tits from behind, and, as something she mentioned before that she loved, liking the skin on her back, which sends her vaginal muscles in a frenzy milking my cock.

Somehow, even as I've had pent up cum for a whole night, I can keep going for a good ten minutes, and Uma's already cum twice. On the third time, I hear the familiar sounds: "OHHHH, OOHHH, OOH MY GOD, OH FUCK, OH, CUM, CUM, I-I CUM AGAIN, FUCKING SHIT, JESUS, OH!" And I feel my cock treated like a beaver in a blasted dam, drenched but taking it all. I feel it finally building up in my, and I announce to her I'm going to cum hard. "Fuck yes, Jake, stick it deep, cum in me deep, HARD, NOW!" Again, a torrential flood of cum pumps into her womb, all over, one of my hardest orgasms yet, rippling through me, and sending her over the edge once more. We lay together on the carpet in the living room, gasping for breath, sweaty as fuck, and ready for more...

That day we just fooled around, played cards and then went into her basement where she had a ping pong table. This was interesting: during the game I had such a godzilla going on that she just couldn't stop laughing.

"What's the matter? Miss a point?"

"No, no, it's just... you should use that to play some ping-pong!"

I laughed a moment and thought, "hey, fuck it, you're in Uma Thurman's basement and you're both naked, why not?" So, for a few minutes of total absurd hilarity, like out of some dream, I tried hitting the ping pong ball- both serve and receive so to speak, with my wang. At the end of the game she came over to me and kneeled down. "Thank you, big soldier," Uma said and gave it a kiss. Her face became a little more serious and looked up at me. I grinned, and she started to give about the hottest blow-job imaginable. You hear about women who can suck a dick, but this was scary, like a professional couldn't top it. Barely would she even come up for air, and more than a few times she deep throated. She nearly gagged trying to get all of it down, but just couldn't do it. No bother; I was so lost with my head being wrapped around in her tongue, my balls being squeezed and prodded like it was from a ball-expert, that I was amazed again at how long I could last.

Finally, I came, but for this she took it out and let me cum all over her face. It was, basically, like the Philippine islands squared. Then, Uma did something very interesting. Her eyes, never leaving me (matter of fact she barely ever took them off my eyes during the act), she took some of the gobs of come and stuck them up her cunt, positioning herself so that she could keep it in there without letting go, until her face was sticky but clean of most of the gobs and semen. She got up, clenching her pussy tight and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"Waste-not-want-not." We chuckled at that and went back upstairs.

An hour later, after lots of cuddling watching daytime courtroom shows, which we lost ourselves laughing at, we made out again and, again, more sex. This time it was some of the hottest yet, but also in a style that one might call "making love" as opposed to the dog-dirty fucking of before.

This time in her bedroom, all the lights were off and the two of us, me on top and her on the bottom, had a slow grind going for the better part of half an hour. She came, of course, and often, but we never went too fast with the temp, every inch of my bone grinding, getting to know so well the walls of her vagina. I thought I even felt her cervix a few times, and my cock growing just that little bit more, thinking about how much baby-making jizz I could flood in her again. But also, another feeling came over me too. I almost wished I didn't ever have to go, that I could be like this with Uma for days, weeks. Not even all-the-way nude like now, just in her embrace, looking in her eyes, feeling that vibe only a handful of men in the past several years (not least of which Ethan Hawke, unlucky bastard) had experienced. It wasn't quite love, I knew that, but it was so strong knowing that I was the father of this child.

I came ever so strongly again in what must have been my fourth or fifth climax inside of her in the past day and a half. We kissed more and snuggled and fell asleep again. There was still one more thing to do though, or perhaps a bit more....


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