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We are four normal guys, perverts. I'm Gary, that's my best friend, Joey, the one with the black hair, and my other friends Billy, with the blonde hair, and Arthur, the tall, skinny goofy one. We attend the same college in the Northeast and return home to Dayton, Ohio during school breaks to touch bases with our parents; after all, they are paying the bills.

Our friend Arthur, the nerdy one of the bunch, developed a sudden interest in hypnosis after watching a video from Japan where they hypnotized a group of women to crawl around the floor while wearing miniskirts as men beat drums. The drums were their hypnotic suggestion to crawl around the floor. The women under complete control of the drum beaters crawled and rolled around the floor, eventually, with their skirts hiked up to their waists and with their legs wide open as they crawled through, over, and around obstacles put in their path giving the viewers a complete and unobstructed view of their panties.

Okay, the video was hot alright and a guy, even a horny guy like us may watch it a couple times and even jerk off to it, but Arthur watched it over and again jerking off each time. Since, Arthur doesn't have a girlfriend and has never been laid, this Japanese video of hypnotized women and hypnotism in general are the topics that he is presently fixated about.

Last month, it was water parks where the women lose their tops sliding down the slide. He spent the little money that he had on a video camera so that he could wait at the bottom of a water park slide on the slim hope that a woman would lose her top and he would be there with video camera in hand to video tape it. He waited for hours without videotaping anyone, until, finally, the water park manager told him to screw or he'd call the cops.

The month before it was upskirt sneaky photos where he'd literally stick his camera up women's skirts at the mall, especially when he was standing behind them going up an escalator. He got some great shots, but even we, as horny young guys, don't get off on just body parts. We aren't forensic scientists or morticians; we want to see faces, too. He stared a whole collection of upskirt photos until a husband of a wife that he was taking a picture of her panties in the supermarket caught him, took his cell phone camera away from him, and stomped on it breaking it into pieces. It was a good thing because his cell phone bill was out of control.

Bordering on creepy, Arthur is the most perverted of the four of us. Still, we do not think of us as being perverted. We think of ourselves as being normal, horny guys with a healthy interest in sex. Our only fault is that we have too much testosterone because we are all so young.

Anyway, Arthur bought a bunch of books on hypnosis and has been going around hypnotizing people with some success. I have to give him credit; he is a smart pervert and is determined as all Hell. With the consent of his 23-year-old sister, his first victim, he hypnotized her. When she awoke from her deep sleep, he did not tell what happened or what she did.

"I told you it would not work on me, Arthur. I am one of those people you cannot hypnotize," his sister said to him and returned to her room.

Later, he showed us the videotape of his hot, older sister doing a striptease. First, she removed her sweater then; she unbuttoned her blouse exposing her white bra. Man, my cock was growing big time in my jeans. Next, she unzipped her skirt and stood before him in only bra and panties. She is really pretty and has a hot body. She's 5'7" about 125 pounds and has dark brown hair.

Then, she reached around her back, unhooked her bra, and removed the straps from her shoulder allowing her bra to fall to the floor. She stood posing for his camera topless. Next, she rolled her panties down and raised her arms up in the air smiling for the camera. He got great shots of her cute little A cup tits, nipples, shaved pussy, and ass. Yeah, that's right, ass, she turned around, spread her ass cheeks, and bent over for that shot. It was outrageous. I thought I was going to cum in my jeans. I could not wait to jerk off over this video. Suddenly, I felt much like Arthur.

When he said the word, "Get dressed" she dressed herself. Only, when she was dressing herself, she appeared less animated and more in a trance. Then, when she was sitting back down in the chair, he slowly brought her out of her hypnotized state and clapped his hands to wake her up. It was incredible. All of us got to see, Sheila, his hot sister, totally naked.

We joked with him that he should have given her a hypnotic suggestion for her to go in his room late at night and give him a blow job.

"You guys are sick! I'm not going to hypnotize my sister to blow me. That's incest. That's really sick." Yeah, sure, Arthur, it wasn't so sick when you had your sister give you a personal strip tease. I'm surprised you did not hypnotize her to give you a lap dance. Yet, he who protest too much, and by his angry reaction, he, indeed, protested too much, we figured, no doubt, that he already gave her a hypnotic suggestion for her to sneak in his room at night and blow him.

We all have hot mothers in their 40's. They all exercise daily, watch what they eat, and do not smoke or drink more than socially. Every Wednesday, the four of them get together to do Yoga. Again, we joked with Arthur telling him to give our hot mothers a hypnotic suggestion like he gave his sister. I mean, I did not think that he would agree to it and I really did not want to see my mother naked, but I would not mind seeing everyone else's mother naked. Now, that would be hot, and for me to see the other mothers naked, I had to agree to have my mother get hypnotized and strip, too. That was the sudden rules that we established. True to form, Arthur was the only one who was hot to see his mother strip naked, as well as wanting to see all our mothers naked, too.

Arthur readily agreed, the horny guy that he is, of course, to hypnotize our mothers. We did not think that he could do it, figuring that he just got lucky with his sister. Yet, to hypnotize four older women was, at best, risky. Still, it was exciting to consider the proposition and the outcome. So, the next day, we had him over to each of our homes for a private conference with our mothers. Seriously, we really did not think that it would work for a minute. We even suspected that he put his sister up to striping naked in his video by giving her something or promising her something. Yet, Arthur is one of those guys that all the mothers love. He is like Eddie Haskell on Leave It To Beaver. He is very polite and all the mothers love him, including his own mother.

"Why can't you be more like Arthur? He is always so well mannered, polite, and respectful."

If they only knew that he was the jerk off king, they would think otherwise.

So, one by one, Arthur visited our mothers when we were not at home. Of course, they all asked him in and he chatted with them for a brief period while hypnotizing them and giving them the same hypnotic suggestion. Now, that I think of it, I wonder if he did anything with our moms on the sly while they were hypnotized. I'd really be pissed if I found out that he hypnotized them to give him a blow job. How would we know? He was the only one there with them. I would not put it past him to, at the very least, feel them up or stick his hand down their bra or up their skirts and under their panties to finger their pussies while he was alone with them.

Finally, Wednesday arrived and the four of us guys met at my house where it was my mom's turn to host the weekly Yoga session. My mom has a space down the cellar that is carpeted and mirrored that she uses as her exercise room. All the women wear these tight fitting, one-piece little outfits that really show off their bodies. For a bunch of older broads, they all have great figures. I wouldn't kick any of them out of bed, that is, except for my mother. I'm not into incest and doing my own mom. Yuck.

The four of us guys were at the other end of the cellar playing bumper pool. Arthur asked my Mom, if it was okay for us to be down there assuring them that we would not disturb them. Because it was Arthur asking, my Mom told him that it was not a problem, so long as we respected their privacy and stayed on that side of the cellar. The proverbial stage was set. Now, we had a launching off pad to watch the show, that is, if there was to be a show.

Just as our Moms were starting their warm up stretching, Arthur, with us following close behind him, walked in and said, "Umbrella". He could have used any word but choose that word because when he had talked to our mothers, it had been raining outside. What happened next was surreal. Never have I seen anything like it. It made me wonder if we could rob a bank or a convenience store by using this hypnotism shit.

As soon as he said the word, umbrella, all four of our moms stopped stretching, stood bold upright, and looked straight ahead, acting like they were alone in the room, and started stripping. At first, I was excited just thinking about seeing everyone's mom naked but was kind of weirdly nervous about seeing my mom naked. I mean, I have not even so much as seen her in her slip, although, I have seen in her bikini lots of times. I know she has a nice body, too. When I was younger, I used to fantasy about her wishing that I could see her panties or bra or tits or pussy, anything, but I never even saw so much as her bra strap. I guess she is modest.

It was exciting to see Joey's mom's tits and pussy. She's pretty, 5'4" and about 115 pounds with nice B cup tits and a dark brown bush. Billy's mom's is a dyed blonde, 5'7" with a brown furry pussy, and C cup tits. She's really cute, too. Arthur's mom is very thin. At 5'9, she weighs 130 pounds and has A cup tits, just nipples, actually. She, too, has a bushy, brown pussy. My mom at 5'6" is a natural redhead and has a red trimmed bush and shapely B cup tits with pink puffy nipples. She had the nicest tits. I had the cold sweats trying not to look at her but I had trouble not looking at her tits and staring at her pussy. Man, she had a nice body, the best body of the bunch.

After a while, it got a little creepy seeing my mom naked and having my friends see my mom naked because all of my friends were really staring at my mom and Arthur was videotaping with one hand and touching himself with his other hand. Double yuck. Suddenly my excitement quickly turned to embarrassment for them, that is, once I saw everyone's bare tits and bushy pussies. And with the mirrors behind them and around them, there was no part of their bodies that were not exposed to us or to Arthur's video camera. I suddenly felt ashamed that I had violated their privacy.

"I'll be jerking off over this for years," said Arthur while videotaping. "Gary, your mom has a hot body."

"Okay, that's enough, Arthur," I said. "This is not as fun as I thought it would be. Wake them up, get them out of the trance, do whatever it is to stop this."

"Okay, okay. In a minute."

"Now, Arthur. I freakin' serious. Do it now!"

He commanded them to get dressed and once dressed; he slowly brought them out of it and then, clapped his hands. Actually, it was just as hot watching them getting dressed as it was watching them getting undressed. Once, they were all dressed the three of us left the room leaving Arthur alone with them, so that none of them would suspect anything.

"I just wanted to say good-bye. I'm leaving, now," said Arthur to our moms and his mom.

"Oh, okay, Arthur, we'll see you, later," they said in chorus.

"You did a good job with him, Susan," said my mom to Arthur's mother, as they started stretching, again, beginning their workout all over, again, and not realizing that anything was amiss.

"Yeah, I wish some of his manners would rub off on my Joey," said Joey's mom.

I could not believe that it worked and that they had no idea, no memory of what happened. It was totally unbelievable. It was freaky weird.

Only, there was one glitch. Arthur apparently did not finish reading the books on hypnosis and never removed the hypnotic suggestion. A week later, my Dad was entertaining his 3 friends, one of which was his boss.

"Honey, where's my golf umbrella?"

To the embarrassment of my father but the excitement of his three friends, my mom stripped herself naked in the living room. I was sitting in the living room watching television and it did not hit me immediately what she was doing until she was buck naked and standing their with her arms by her side and her chin up like she was looking at herself in the mirror. There she was standing as straight as a board with her tits, ass, and pussy on full display.

"Jane! What the Hell are you doing?"

My father threw the comforter from the couch over her and took her by the shoulders shaking her. The abruptness of his response woke her up and she looked down at herself, her pussy and ass still on display to the men, screamed, and ran upstairs.

We found out that the other three moms had similar experiences, one at the supermarket when the bag boy asked Joey's mom if she had an umbrella with her because it just started raining cats and dogs. She stripped herself naked at the checkout in the supermarket. It took the police to snap her out of that. Arthur's mom was at Home Depot when a passing woman asked another woman where she bought her umbrella. She stripped herself naked in the paint aisle and was quickly surrounded by a dozen gawking men. The sounds of the cackling, whistles, and yelling woke her out of her trance. She grabbed her clothes and ran from the store naked.

Billy's mom was the last to have it happen. She is a science teacher and a student asked another student if she had an umbrella to walk out to their car after class. Billy's mom overhead the conversation and stripped in front of the entire class. The Principal suspended her until she seeks professional help.

This hypnosis is powerful stuff. I never thought it would work so well. Unfortunately, it worked too well. We all met at Arthur's house to discuss what we did. Arthur was in the crapper. When he takes a crap, he's in there for half an hour, at least. We figured he plays with himself before and after her craps.

His video camera was on his bed. We turned it on to see his sister strip naked again and sure enough, he videotaped his sister opening the door of his room, walking to his bed, pulling his cock from his boxers, kneeling down, inserting it in her mouth, and sucking him off. It was hot to watch her sucking Arthur, as he reached down her nightgown and fondled her tits. He held the back of her head while he shot his load of cum in her mouth and she swallowed all of it licking him clean. When she finished, she left his room closing the door behind her. Man that was hot but sick, disgusting. He did that to his own sister without her knowledge. It is one thing if both parties agree, even if it is your sister, but to take advantage of your sister like that is rude, Dude.

I was afraid to look further on the video, but I did. There was Joey's, Billy's, my mom, and even his own mother sucking Arthur off. It was the same at all of their houses. We all stood around the video camera staring. We could not believe it. Even though it was disturbing to see what he had done to our mothers, it was so hot at the same time. He hypnotized them all, had them kneel between his legs, unzip his pants, pull out his cock, and blow him. Just as he did with his own sister, the sick bastard, he cam off in all of their mouths and they all swallowed his load.

It was kind of weirdly hot to watch my mom suck off Arthur. She appeared like she was totally into blowing him, jerking him off with her hand as his cock was in her mouth. She really gave him a great blow job.

"I love your cock. I love sucking your cock." She kept saying that over and again. Watching her suck off Arthur gave me a huge erection and I could not wait to jerk off over my mother sucking off Arthur.

Arthur's mother was the most outrageous. She sucked his balls and fingered his asshole. He shot the biggest load in her mouth because he grabbed her by her hair on the back of her head pulling it forward as he cam off. He screamed the loudest when he shot his load in her mouth. Man, that Arthur is incorrigible, first his sister, now his mother, his own mother, not a step mother but his real mother.

He played with Billy's and Joey's mother's tits while they were sucking him off. He actually had them remove their tops. That was really hot to watch albeit Joey and Billy did not think it was hot when they were watching their mothers suck Arthur off. Still, you could tell that they were getting excited watching their moms give Arthur a blow job.

After watching my mom suck off Arthur, she made me so hot that I wish that I could hypnotize her and have her suck me off, too. I know that is sick, but my mom has a really hot body and she gave Arthur such an incredible blow job. I just wondered what it would be like to have my mom suck my cock, too. She really did give him a great blow job. Yet, as soon as I thought of it, I removed it from my mind, temporarily, that is, until I return home and jerk off over my mom blowing Arthur.

It was time we turned the tables on Arthur. I, too, had been reading up on this hypnosis stuff and between what I read and what Arthur told me, I figured that I could hypnotize him. The three of us burst in the bathroom and while Billy and Joey held him down, I hypnotized him. Only, I hypnotized Billy, too, but I brought Billy out of it before giving Arthur the hypnotic suggestion.

I hypnotized Arthur to go to all of our mom's houses and as soon as his name is mentioned, he is to strip naked in front of our moms, including his own mother and sister, if she is there, too. We figured that would embarrass him but, in actuality, the plan backfired on us. When they saw Arthur naked, including his own mother, they all believed that he, just as they were, when they found out later that they were hypnotized, too, were the victims, and that we had everything to do with the hypnotism. It wasn't until we, reluctantly, showed them, including his sister, the videotape that they believed us.

Again, it was weirdly hot to watch all of our mothers and Arthur's sister watch them giving Arthur head on videotape. Then, to watch our mom's seeing themselves naked on videotape, too, was wildly hot. I wish I could show you all the video tape. Maybe, because I personally knew all who were on the video, it was so hot, the hottest video that I have ever seen.

Our mom's threatened to go to the police with the tape but, with some pleading from Arthur's mom, Susan, they kept the matter private. Instead, Arthur's punishment was to do everyone's yard work for the entire summer. His sister had Arthur do all of her chores, make her bed, do the dishes, clean out the pool, and walk the dog. From that point on, Arthur did not even have time to jerk off.

Our mom's destroyed the videotape but not before I made a copy. Man, it is hot to watch Arthur's sister blow him and to watch my friend's moms suck Arthur's cock, including my mom, and then to see everyone's mom naked. I find myself taking over where Arthur left off. I have never jerked off as much.

Still, I think about hypnotizing the mom's. I'd like to have them suck my cock, yeah, including my mom, too. Now, I cannot wait for school to start in September. Suddenly, I am going to get real lucky with the women, really lucky, if you know what I mean.

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