tagNovels and NovellasUnbelievable Summer Ch. 18

Unbelievable Summer Ch. 18

byD.C. Roi©

"Bobbeeee!!! Oh, God, Bobby!!! Oh, God!!!" Lana groaned. She was bent over the bathroom counter and Bobby was behind her, plunging his cock into her.

Bobby was sitting in his bedroom, reading, when he saw their visitor walk down the hall wearing her blue satin pajama top. He heard her enter the bathroom and, since he knew they were home alone and he was horny, he put down his book, got off his bed, and followed her into the bathroom.

He entered the bathroom and, without saying anything, walked up behind Lana and slid her pajama top up. As he expected, she wasn't wearing anything under it and, before she could do or say anything, he shoved his already-hard cock into her.

Lana was almost as horny as Bobby. She had been debating whether she wanted to stay home and make love with him, or meet her friends at the mall, and hadn't really decided, although making it with Bobby kept looking better and better the more she thought about it. As a result of her thoughts, she was wet and ready when he walked into the bathroom and took her suddenly. As he slammed into her, her body shook and deep inside she sensed the start of her orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!! Bobby!!! Bobby!!! I'm...I'm gonna come!!! Oh!!! Ohhhhhh!!! I...I'm commmminnnnngggggg!!! I'm commminnnngggggg!!!! Oh, God!!! Oh, God!!! Oh, God!!! Oh, God!!!!" she cried. Her body began to vibrate, then she exploded into blissful swells of pleasure. Her legs went weak. If Bobby hadn't been pressing her against the counter, she'd have fallen.

"Yeahhhhh!!! Oh, yeahhhhhhh!!!" Bobby cried as muscles inside him contracted vigorously and his hot, sticky cream jetted into her.

Bobby's ejaculation caused Lana additional exultation. She loved having sex with him. She never knew fucking could be as great as it was with him!

Bobby leaned against Lana, allowing his body to calm, feeling her calm, too. Slowly, his rampant cock withered and slid from her clutching vagina.

They stood up and Lana turned to face him. As the juices he'd pumped into her began to trickle down her legs, she hugged him and kissed him. "You are awesome!" she gushed. "God! You make me feel so wild! How did you know I wanted you?"

"I didn't," Bobby replied. "But I wanted you."

"I wanted you, too," Lana giggled, her body still tingling from his delightful, unexpected assault. "But I'm all messy. Now I have to take a bath." She unbuttoned her pajama top, dropped it to the floor, and stood there, nude, smiling at Bobby.

Bobby stared at the lovely girl's nude body, relishing what he saw. When she entered the shower, he shed the sweat suit he was wearing and joined her.

"I can't get over how gorgeous you are," he exclaimed as he stood in the open shower door, gazing at Lana's finely-formed body, on which jewel-like droplets of water glistened.

Lana felt herself blush. "Come here, cousin," she said, and held out her arms.

Bobby moved into her embrace, his body coming against her warm, wet one. Locked in an embrace, their tongues lashed as warm water beat down on them.

After the kiss ended they soaped each other thoroughly, enjoying the sensations their moving hands spread along with the rich lather. Each of them thought they'd been sated by their frantic joining on the vanity, but their behavior in the shower was arousing them all over again.

Lana turned to put the soap in the soap dish and felt Bobby move against her from behind.

"Jeezum! I don't believe it! He's hard again!" she thought, elated, as his erection slid between her buttocks, brushing the tiny pucker of her anus. "Ohhhhhh!!!" Lana trilled, "Bobby, does that ever feel good!!"

Bobby moved his hips, causing his cock to ride through the cleft between his partner's delectable cheeks. His actions made Lana's legs quiver and sent jolts of delight racing through her curvaceous form once more.

"Do you like that?" Bobby asked.

"Yessssss!!!" Lana hissed. "Oh, yesssssss!!!"

Bobby cupped one of her breasts and began rolling the nipple between his thumb and finger. Lana grew more and more aroused.

Bobby continued thrusting and Lana felt the swollen head of his cock nudging her anal pucker. She pressed back against him and shuddered when she realized she wanted him in her there! In her ass!!

"Push!!! Oh, God!!! Push!!! Bobby!!! Bobbeeeeee!!! Put it in me!!! In therrrrreee!!!" she cried. She kept pressing back against him. Tortuous feelings of joy swept over her as his cock slowly moved through her snug sphincter, into her virgin opening.

Bobby's blood pounded in his ears as his throbbing cock probed into Lana's body through the opening he'd never entered before. He believed they'd shared all a man and woman could share, now this! His cock was going into her ass! Lubricated by the heavy lather he'd spread over her, his rigid member made slow, steady headway into the unbelievably tight orifice.

Lana groaned, overwhelmed by what was happening. Her ass was being stretched and strained. The sensations coursing through her were a mixture of pleasure and pain. Slowly, ever so slowly, Bobby's cock moved deeper and deeper into her tight rear channel, thrilling her more and more each centimeter it advanced.

Bobby gripped Lana's hips and maintained steady pressure, forcing his cock inexorably into her quaking body. "So...tight," he groaned, "Oh, God, Lana, it feels too good!"

Gradually, his thighs began to press against Lana's and he felt her buttocks against his groin. He was all the way in!

"Oh, God!" Lana's cry was a combined moan of ecstasy and pain. Never in her life had she had an experience like the one she was having right now! "Oh, Bobbeeeeeeee!!!" she moaned when she felt him begin to move slowly.

Bobby realized he couldn't help himself. He was going to come, very soon. This was too wild! It felt too good! "Oh, Lana, I'm gonna come!" he groaned, feeling the commencement of joyful spasms deep inside his loins. "Oh, Lord! Lana!!! I'm gonna come!!!!"

"Come! Please, come!!!" Lana cried. "Yessssss, Bobby!!!! Yessssss!!! Fill meeeeeeee!!! Come!!! Fill meeeeeee!!!!" The feelings resulting from their contact were incredibly sweet. Her anus was clutching Bobby's cock so tightly she could feel every ridge of the meaty pole embedded in her. And that pole throbbing and pulsating, was pumping hot cream into her rectum. She exploded.

"Lanaaaaaaaaa!!!! Gaaaaaaaahhhhhhhdddddd!!!! Lanaaaaaaaaa!!!!" Bobby groaned. His fingers dug into Lana's ass as, his cock spouting wildly, he lunged against her.

"B...B...Bobbeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Oh, yes!!! Oh, yes!!! Oh, yes!!! Oh, yessssssssssss!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!! Yessssssssss!!! Yesssssssss!!!! Yessssssssss!!!!" Lana groaned. Her impassioned cries echoed in the shower and she clawed at the wall, desperately seeking something to hold on to.

Later, dried off, they lay in each other's arms in Bobby's bed.

Bobby studied her lovely face. "Are you OK?" he asked.

Lana kissed him and smiled. "I never felt better!" she told him and kissed him again. "It was fantastic!"

They lay in Bobby's bed a little longer, necking and caressing each other.

"We better get dressed," Lana said at last. "Your mom's going to be home soon."

"Yeah," Bobby said reluctantly. "I guess so."

They began to dress. Lana noticed that Bobby paused to watch her put her clothes on and looked at him, puzzled. "How come you're looking at me like that?" she asked.

Bobby grinned. "I love to watch you dress," he explained.

"I thought you liked watching me undress," Lana said.

"I do," he said. "But it's almost as neat watching you dress." When she was dressed, he finished putting on his clothes. "Come on," he said, "Let's go down and make dinner." He took Lana's hand and they started for the stairs.

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