tagNovels and NovellasUnbelievable Summer Ch. 19

Unbelievable Summer Ch. 19

byD.C. Roi©

Bobby was sitting in a local "unisex" beauty parlor, waiting to get his hair cut. He was the only person left in the shop and, since it was late, he assumed he was the hairdresser's last customer of the day.

Bobby studied the hairdresser, whose name was Lisa, as she put the finishing touches on the customer she was working on when Bobby arrived at the shop. Lisa was a slim, attractive woman in her mid-twenties. Bobby watched her take money from the customer ahead of him, a plump middle-aged woman.

The other customer left and Lisa turned to Bobby and smiled. "I'm sorry, Bobby" she said, "Mrs. Gillingham took longer than I expected. She's such a chatterbox, and she won't sit still. That makes her take longer."

Lisa walked to the door, locked it, and put a "Closed" sign in the window. It had been a long day and the last thing she wanted was someone walking in while she was with her last customer. She wanted to finish Bobby's haircut, then go home. Not that going home was any big deal. Her live-in boyfriend had just dumped her for some bleached blonde teenage slut, so there was nothing at home for her to go to.

"That's OK," Bobby said. "I don't mind waiting." Waiting wasn't bad. He got to look at Lisa while he did. And she was pretty, very pretty.

"Shampoo, cut, and blow dry, right?" Lisa said.

Bobby nodded. "Just like always," he agreed.

Lisa was wore her long dark brown hair in an attractive, loose, fluffy style. She had on a white silk blouse with long sleeves and big collar, and a snug, very short black skirt. The legs displayed by the tiny skirt were well-shaped, very well-shaped. And the dark pantyhose Lisa was wearing made her lovely limbs look even more enticing.

"She's something else!" Bobby thought as he followed her to the chair. "I wouldn't mind making it with her!" He found the idea of getting it on with the pretty hairdresser in her shop more than a little exciting.

Lisa put a protective plastic cover over Bobby and fastened it around his neck. When she did, her hip brushed against Bobby's arm and he felt his groin tighten.

After the cover was fastened, Lisa spun the chair around. "You have to lean back so I can do your shampoo," Lisa said, releasing the seatback latch and lowering the young man so he could put his neck in the groove in the specially-made shampoo sink.

Bobby eyed the hairdresser as she got the water temperature right, wetted his hair, then began lathering it. She had a really nice bottom, he noticed. Passion continued to stir deep inside him. He was going to have a major case of blue balls if he kept thinking the things he was thinking.

Lisa continued to work the lather into his hair and Bobby gripped the arms of the chair, acutely aware of the lovely woman's nearness and the sweet feelings he was getting from what she was doing to his hair.

"Tell me if the water's too hot," Lisa said.

"It's...ah...it's fine," Bobby replied. Did his voice sound funny, or was he just imagining things? "The water isn't too hot, but I sure am!" he thought. He couldn't believe what a randy bastard he'd turned into this summer.

Lisa kept working her fingers through his hair and massaging his scalp, and as she did her firm thigh brushed his hand. Bobby felt her warmth and, without thinking, extended a finger and gently caressed her leg. He figured the worst that could happen would be that he'd get slapped.

Lisa, busy working shampoo into the young man's hair, at first wasn't aware he was caressing her leg. Her first inkling something was happening was a tingling sensation--little shocks of pleasure shooting into her. She was a little perplexed to by the realization. At first, she didn't know what was happening, then she glanced down and saw what Bobby was doing.

"He's touching me!" she thought. "The little shit! My God! What am I going to do?" At first, she tried to ignore the feelings and continued working lather into his hair. She figured he'd stop eventually if she didn't respond. Bobby had nice hair, thick and full, she told herself, trying to get her thoughts off what the young man was doing to her.

Lisa didn't wasn't aware she was doing it, but her body began to press against Bobby a little harder. Even if she didn't want him to do what he was doing, her body, denied satisfaction since her boyfriend left, was seeking his delightful touch.

Bobby was pleasantly surprised when Lisa moved closer. "I don't believe it!" he thought, his cock jumping. "She's pressing against me! She likes what I'm doing!" His movements became bolder. As long as Lisa wasn't telling him to stop, he wasn't going to! He kept touching her.

Lisa continued washing Bobby's hair, acutely conscious of her customer's seeking fingers and the effect they were having on her.

"What am I going to do?" she thought. "He's playing with my leg! I've got to stop this before he gets the wrong idea!" She opened her mouth, intending to tell Bobby to stop, but nothing came out. "What he's doing does feel nice," she told herself, scandalized by her thoughts. Was it possible she didn't want the young man to stop doing what he was doing to her?

"He's young and he probably thinks he's getting away with something. It's harmless," she thought, unconsciously rationalizing her inaction, "What's the harm in letting him cop a feel? There's no harm in that. I can stop him any time I want to."

Bobby knew Lisa was taking a lot longer doing his shampoo than she usually did, and she was pressing against him a lot while she was doing it. The pressure of her leg on his hand and the sensations resulting from what she was doing with his hair had given him a full-blown, throbbing erection.

"It's a good thing I'm covered," he thought. "Otherwise she could see what's happening to me." Emboldened by Lisa's lack of protest, he began caressing her leg with his whole hand. As it slid over the warm nylon-clad skin of her leg, his penis jumped as if it had been touched by a live wire.

Lisa felt her insides start to writhe when the boy's hand began gliding over her stockinged thigh. She better stop him now! This was way more than she should allow him to do! Instead of stopping Bobby, she finished rinsing his hair, shut the water off, and wrapped a towel around his head, tucking the ends carefully.

The boy's hand continued sliding softly up and down her leg. Her breath caught. Her legs were rubbery and she couldn't speak. Though her mind was ordering her to put an end to what was happening, her body had other ideas. Her legs parted. The young man's hand slid between her them and continued to thrill her.

"Jesus!" Bobby thought. Fires of passion blazed in him as his hand glided over the woman's silken thighs. This couldn't be happening! He brushed the place where her legs and body joined and was surprised to discover he could feel wetness through her panties and pantyhose. She really was getting turned on!

"Ohhh!!!" Lisa moaned softly when Bobby touched her vagina. It was the first sound she'd been able to utter since this crazy thing began. Her chest was heaving, her mind was a jumble of confusion. She had to make him stop! She had to! But she couldn't move, and her voice wouldn't work!

With a single finger, Bobby began tracing Lisa's pulsing, damp opening. He could feel her trembling and the juices of excitement flowing from her demonstrated very clearly that he was turning her on.

"Unnnnhh!!" Lisa moaned as her body jolted. Passion washed over her in unstoppable waves. This was crazy! A kid was playing with her pussy and she was turned on! Really turned on!

"Ohhhh!!!" she moaned softly. Her hips thrust forward automatically, seeking more of the teenager's delightful touch.

Bobby saw her discomfort and felt her jerk. "Am I hurting you?" he asked.

Lisa, quaking with excitement, was unable to reply. She shook her head.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked.

The sensible part of Lisa's mind screamed, "Yes! Yes! Get away from me!" but her body was no longer paying heed to her conscience. Instead, her head moved from side to side. "What is the matter with me?" she thought desperately. "Why can't I stop him?"

Bobby slid his hand to the elastic waist of Lisa's pantyhose, then he shoved it into them, moving it toward her passion-inflamed pussy. It glided over her silken belly and discovered her swollen, tingling clit.

"Ggaaaaahhhhh!!!!" Lisa moaned as she experienced overwhelming explosions of pleasure. If the kid kept that up, she was going to come! She had no idea how things had gotten so out of hand, but it was too late! She was so turned on she'd scream if she didn't come! She couldn't remember the last time she'd been this turned on!

While his hand drove the lovely hairdresser wild, Bobby shifted, trying to relieve the discomfort his swollen,throbbing erection was causing him. His pants were too tight. He unzipped his fly and fumbled his engorged pole out.

Lisa was no longer pretending she was trying to do his hair. She clung to the chair to keep from falling as her young client's hand sent delectable impulse after delectable impulse racing through her.

"Oh God!" she thought, "If he keeps that up, I'm going to come! I...I have to come! I have to!!"

Bobby continued stroking the hairdresser's pussy, feeling her passion-inflamed body tremble as he did. He stopped caressing her for a second and fumbled with her pantyhose, trying to push them down. He was startled when Lisa pushed his hand aside and shoved the pantyhose, and her panties, down baring her vagina for him.

Once Lisa's middle was bare, Bobby slid his hand over her hot, supple belly, through her pubic hair, onto the need-slick petals of her labia. He traced her opening for a few seconds, then he slipped a finger into her. At the same time he managed to get his thumb on her super-sensitive clit.

"Unnnhhh!!" Lisa groaned softly. Overwhelming sensations knotted her insides, building sweet tension that felt wonderful, but demanded release. "Oh God! He really is finger-fucking me!" she thought. "A customer, a boy I hardly know, is finger-fucking me! And I'm letting him. Oh God! It feels sooooo good!!" Soft moans continued to pour from her as Bobby's finger and thumb plunged and twirled insistently. "God! Does he ever know how to do that!" she thought. She couldn't remember the last time she'd had such a wonderful finger-fucking. She felt her control fading and knew her body was about to explode with passion. She gripped the chair so tight her knuckles were white.

"I'm gonna come!!!" she thought, as signs of imminent release flashed through her whirling mind. "My God! I really am!! Now!!!!!" Overcome with joy, she groaned aloud. "Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Her luscious hips jolted and juices of passion flooded out of her. "Ohhhh!!!! Yesssssss!!!! Yesssssss!!!! Oh, yesssssss!!!"

Bobby felt the walls of Lisa's vagina spasming around his thrusting finger. Her hips began rocking frantically, wetness dampened his hand, and sounds of delight cascaded from her. He pressed his finger deeper and watched her ride out her orgasm on his hand. Her gorgeous face was flushed, her eyes were closed, her exquisite features were contorted with need, and she bawled with delight.

When Lisa's movements slowed and the clutching of her vagina stopped, Bobby slid his finger from her, sat up, and gently maneuvered her onto his lap. Weak and limp, she fell into his arms, her head lying on his shoulder.

She'd just had one of the most shattering orgasms she'd ever had! Lisa couldn't recall the last time she'd felt any better! Bobby might be a kid, but he had her in his power! Lying on his plastic-covered lap, she felt something pressing against her bottom. Something hard!

She'd been so consumed by what Bobby was doing to her she hadn't had time to consider he might be getting turned on,too. "My God!" she thought. "He's got a hard-on!" A ripple of delight went through her, evoked by the rigid pole prodding her bottom, and the additional delights it promised.

Bobby wasn't quite sure how to get Lisa to allow him to make love to her. Making her come with his hand had been a real trip, but he wanted more. He wanted to fuck her! He reached for the buttons on her blouse.

Lisa looked at Bobby and saw the desire in his eyes. When he began unbuttoning her blouse, she felt yearning began to grow anew.

Slowly, carefully, he opened the buttons. Lisa felt air on her exposed skin as he slid the blouse down her arms. She sat on his lap wearing just her flimsy bra, trembling, as his hands traced patterns of bliss on her chest and moved to the clasp of the bra, which lay between her breasts. Then her bra was open and the flimsy garment fluttered to the floor, leaving the exquisite woman naked from the waist up, aquiver with rapture.

"What's wrong with me?" Lisa thought feverishly, "Why am I letting him do this? Why can't I stop him?" "Mmmmmmnnpphhhh!!!!" she groaned when his lips covered the turgid tip of one perfect breast. Electricity shot into her. He was turning her on all over again!

Bobby stopped suckling Lisa for a second and gazed at her breasts. They were delightful. Small, but firm, and wonderfully shaped, they rose proudly from her lean chest. Rigid nipples jutted from dark aureolas, begging to be suckled. Bobby resumed doing that. When he did, he again felt her tremble and heard her impassioned moans. He mouthed one breast, then the other; over and over. Lisa was soon quaking uncontrollably.

"I want you," Bobby said finally, his voice hoarse. He reached down and tugged her tiny skirt up, leaving it a thin black band around her waist.

Lisa, numb with passion, felt him pulling on her skirt and shivered. She felt terribly vulnerable, but was so inundated with need she couldn't think straight. She watched him pull off the plastic cover and saw his engorged shaft for the first time.

"Jesus! He may be young, but he's huge!" she thought. "My God! He'll split me in two!" She continued to stare, transfixed, while Bobby opened his pants and shoved them down.

He looked at her and smiled. "You want me don't you?"he rasped.

Lisa nodded slowly. She rolled so she was a stride his legs, grasped his erect shaft and began guiding it toward her aching opening. Bobby grasped her hips and pulled her onto him.

"Ohhhhh!!!" Lisa moaned as the flared tip parted her vaginal lips and moved into her. Marvelous sensations ripped through her as she impaled herself. His column spread her, stretched her, and filled her more than she'd ever been filled. Finally, her buttocks came to rest on the young man's thighs. He was crammed all the way into her! She'd never experienced anything this fantastic!

Bobby began rocking his hips, thrusting his swollen rod into the clutching warmth of Lisa's tight love channel. He grasped her slim, shapely hips and kept lunging into her, relishing the wonderful way her snug cunt massaged his erection.

The boy's huge cock gave Lisa feelings she never imagined were possible. She didn't believe she could feel any better than she had a few minutes earlier when her passion exploded on his fingers, but now she knew that had just been an appetizer! She didn't want the exquisite feelings to stop! Her head lolled on her shoulders and her fine breasts bobbed softly as Bobby thrust into her forcefully. Passion coiled tighter and tighter, ecstasy building upon ecstasy. She'd never felt this good!

"It's going to happen again!!!" Lisa thought, as she experienced the first stirrings of her approaching orgasm. "My Lord! He's going to make me come again!!"

Bobby couldn't wait. The situation was too exciting, too intense! Sensations so intense they were almost painful, exploded through him with surprising intensity. "Gaaaaaaaa!!!!!" he cried, powerfully pumping hot, opalescent fluid into Lisa.

Lisa felt the hot fluids gushing into her and then her mind dissolved into a kaleidoscope of ecstasy.

"Agggggg.....Aggggainnnnn!!! Aggggain!!!" she cried. "Yessss!!!! Yessssss!!! Yessssss!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!!! Ohhhhhh!!! Yessssss!!!!"

Lisa's pelvis ground against Bobby's until no more pleasure remained to be savored, then she collapsed into his arms, her head again on his shoulder. Her bare, semi-rigid nipples tingled as they brushed his shirt. She couldn't remember when she'd been more satisfied. She lay in her customer's arms and felt his penis shrink, then slide from her with a tickle. They were finished.

Bobby held the gorgeous hairdresser in his arms. He was so exhausted he couldn't do anything else. After a bit, she stirred, then got off him. He turned his head and watched as she picked up a towel and cleaned herself off. Then she wiped him clean, too.

Both of them got dressed, neither of them talking about what had just happened. They both seemed to feel that talking about what they'd done would somehow spoil it.

Bobby sat back down in the chair and Lisa, acting as if nothing unusual had happened, put the cover back over him and finished his haircut. When she was done, she held a mirror up to show him how his haircut looked.

"That's fine," Bobby smiled, "I'm really very satisfied."

"Thank you," Lisa replied, picking up the hidden meaning in his comment. "I am, too."

She took the plastic cover off, Bobby got out of the chair and Lisa brushed pieces of clipped hair off him. Then they walked to the desk. Bobby paid for his haircut and shampoo and added a generous tip.

"Would you like to schedule another appointment?" Lisa asked.

"I think I better make one," Bobby said.

"In four weeks," Lisa said, handing him an appointment card. "I'll put you down for the same time as today." She grinned. "You'll be my last customer."

"Sounds good," Bobby said. He took the card and left.

Lisa locked the door behind Bobby, turned, leaned against it, hugged herself, and shuddered. "Damn!" she said.

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