tagIncest/TabooUnca B Teaches Ch. 03

Unca B Teaches Ch. 03


Hi folks, sorry about the Gwen/Beth confusion. So much for self proofreading. I promise not to do that type of thing again, and have a enlisted a volunteer editor to help me in this. To make amends, this chapter is about twice the length of previous ones. Part of my scientific experiment to see the preferred length for stories of this genre.

For those who want more speed, I regret my slow progress, but this is very much a spare time thing for me, and I have many other projects, including another chapter on the Recording Studio,( read the first part and vote 5) and a film script in development with a director,( for money.) Guess which has the priority.

As for my intent here, it is sort of one or two pieces of twisted development in the relationships per chapter, so if you have a request for a particular taboo or fetish that can fit, write me and I will see if I can include it in a forthcoming chapter.

Thanks for your comments so far, they are gratifying and motivational.



The next morning, Gwen called out from the hall, "OK sleepyheads, come on down for breakfast. Get a move on."

I was awake, and listening for sounds from the Pru in the bathroom. I heard the flush, and called out, "OK, but first I need the bathroom."

Knocking on the door, I heard Pru call out that it was OK to enter.

Inside, I washed up rapidly, deciding to shave later. I checked the hamper. My boxer shorts seemed to be invisible.

I decided to open Pru's side and pass through her bedroom on the way down.

Her bed was still rumpled, and there was no sign of my boxers on the floor. Now more curious, I searched. I found them under a pillow on her bed. I left them there.

"Good sign," I thought as I hurried down the stairs.

Breakfast was delicious. Pru wore a dressing gown that might well have had a label from Omar the Tent Maker. Gwen wore a tiny short top, and short shorts.

After breakfast, I said, "Gwen, stay and talk with me a few minutes as Pru gets ready to go shopping."

As Pru went up the stairs again, Gwen came to my chair slid her arms around my neck and said, "Yes, Unca B?"

"Before you get Pru out the door I want you to measure her up for a bit of shopping I am going to do on the Net. I will expect you to get only the little list I have for her right now.

I slid my hand up the back of her shorts and roamed the smooth contours of her ass.

She spread wider to give me access to her core.

"The list is short. She is to get only medium rise or high rise boy shorts for starters. Get her matching bras, and just a touch of lace around the edges. I want them to be either a bit tight, or a bit loose on her. And keep to mostly white cotton for now. She needs skirts and blouses, no dresses. The skirts need to be no lower than two or three inches from the knee, and quite full. I want her nervous in the wind, thinking about sudden exposure. I also want a shorter skirt, above the knee, with a white blouse. Schoolgirl style. Use my card."

I handed her my credit card.

Gwen grinned wickedly. "What about short shorts, Unca B?"

"Just one pair. Not too short, and not tight, actually, a loose fit around the thighs. We are going to have to respect her sense of modesty and do change bit by bit. Try and see how close she will get to a two inch leg."

"I like the way your mind works, Unca B"

My fingers brushed up inside the leg opening and along her slit, tracing the line and pressing it in.

"And for the last thing, I am going on line and getting her some jeans custom cut. I know there is nothing on the shelf for a woman as tall as she is. You are going to measure her for fit here in front of me.

"You might as well measure her bust as well as her butt. But I want her waist, and inseam length. And when I ask for gap, give me the space between her legs right at the top. Be sure to touch her pussy a couple of times when you measure. And get the circumference of her thigh at the top."

Gwen moistened her panties and spread a bit more as I stroked the cloth softly. She leaned her hips in to me.

"Wow. She will freak, she is sooo body shy."

"Good, I like pushing buttons, so to speak."

I ran my hands lightly over her breasts, pushing gently on her nipples.

"Do you think you might be Bi?"

I slid my hands back down to cup her delicious bottom, outlining each cheek.

"I mentioned it once to Pru, in a hypothetical sort of way. She went 'eeew, gross.' But half an hour later she raised the topic again about how gross it must be, and what exactly did women do to each other. So when I said it involved kissing and more stuff, like fooling around, she seemed -- interested, but too shy to go any farther."

I pointed to the coffee table,

"Ok, go stand over there, and let me adjust this little desk photo."

I sat at the kitchen desk and adjusted a photo frame on it so I could see Gwen reflected in it, standing beside the coffee table.

"When you measure her legs, have her stand on the table. The window will be behind her."

The rattle of her feet on the stairs heralded the arrival of Pru. I told her the dress; though nice would be a hindrance in the trying rooms if she also had a slip under it.

Pru said, "OK, give me a minute."

When Pru was finally back, I told her about the jeans, and needing to measure her for fit. She looked a bit nervous. To relax her I asked her to stand barefoot with her back to the wall at the kitchen entry. I approached her with a pencil and told her to stand straight against the wall, barefoot, while I made a mark using the pencil touching the crown of her head.

Her hair was soft and smelled flowery from her shampoo. I looked at her eyes. She had golden flecks of color in the green irises. She looked up at me and smiled tremulously. Gwen announced the pencil mark to floor distance as five feet twelve and a quarter.

Pru giggled. "I always mumble my height because it sounds so odd for a girl to say six feet something. I like being five -- twelve and a bit. I think I'll remember to say it like that from now on." She ducked away from under my gaze.

Gwen bossed Pru over to the coffee table and told her to stand on it, still barefoot, and turned her so she was facing me.

She said, "Unca keep your eyes on the desk in front of you, I don't want to embarrass Pru more than necessary with this."

With Pru side on to her, she first measured her bust, under the breasts, then at the tips. She spent quite a bit of time trying to keep the tape from falling while keeping it on her nipples. Finally they began to rise and Gwen called out the measurement.

Then she started to measure her waist, calling out the figures to me over her shoulder.

Then she slid the tape down to measure the full part of Pru's hips, leaning to the front and sliding her hands behind to make sure the tape was at the highest point of her buttocks. I could see her caressing the rise of the buttocks as she positioned the tape. When she brought the tape together at the front, her hands were at the center of Pru's groin, pressing slightly at her.

She called the numbers again, as I watched Pru flinch slightly inward at the almost imperceptible contact at her pussy.

I called, "OK now, leg length, groin to the bottom of the heel, thigh measurement, and gap, please."

Gwen said, "OK Pru, stand heels an inch or two apart and don't move." Gwen dived under the dress to her rear with the tape as Pru gasped.

"OK Unca, write this down -- length: thirty seven. Pru jumped a bit. Pru, spread your legs a bit more please. Again just a bit more."

I watched as Pru brought her hands to her mouth to stifle a gasp as she inched her legs wider apart. They showed nicely against the window, slim and shapely. Hands fumbled a shadow dance at the join.

"Gap is three, Unca."

Pru jumped a bit as Gwen called out the gap measure, then again as I could see Gwen measuring at the top of her legs.

Gwen called out the thigh measure as she backed out from under, giving a sort of flip to the dress as she stood up, revealing what I was almost certain were my own boxer shorts on Pru.

I turned and told Pru, "let the shopping begin. Though perhaps a half slip would be a good idea since the dress is a bit light."

Pru gasped as she realized she was highlighted between me and the window, and sped back up the stairs.

"So, Gwen, did I see my own boxers just now?"

Gwen walked over to stand beside me again, pushing her pubis forward as she straddled her legs apart.

"I can't be sure, Unca B since I never saw those particular ones on you, but -- yes they are boxers."

"Hmmm. Any interest in the three of us having a variety of combinations, relating to -- boxers and what is in them?"

"Mmm. Let me think about that."

The rattle of Pru coming back down the stairs brought my fingers out from under the front of her shorts, and Gwen over to the door, waving my plastic card.

When the door closed, I went to my little office and switched on the computer, smelling my fingers.

As the computer booted, I thought about my boxers and where they were. I went on line to do my shopping, thinking sensual thoughts of, a dirty blond (me), a blond, and a dark haired beauty.

The movie industry is connected to a whole host of specialty shops and I soon found the one for me. The custom cutters were able to quote three days delivery, on two pairs of jeans. One almost normal looking pair, with chrome buttons instead of a regular zip; the other was a very snug fit, and had a zip arrangement of my own design.


Late that afternoon when the girls arrived flushed with bags of purchases; I had them come in to the living room to show me what they had.

I had Pru stand by the coffee table while Gwen took them out to hold up against her.

I admired and commented as the tops and skirts came up one by one. Then the bras and underwear held up against Pru made her blush. I commented on the nice lacey edges and asked to see one up close.

As I held her new panties by the crotch, inspecting them closely, I said, "Pru, when you were younger, did your dad spank you when you were bad?"

"Umm, yes. Not when I was real young. He started when I was eighteen for some reason."

"Were you bad often?"

"No, I tried to be good, but sometimes he made up excuses to spank. Right up 'til last year."

"What happened last year?"

"My mom came home early and saw him doing it. On my bare bum. She told him I was too old for spanking, it had to stop."

"Was that when he started feeling you?"

"Did he feel you when he spanked you?"

Pru squirmed and blushed.

"Yes. A little. To make the cloth smooth, he said. And to be sure I was not feeling pleasure."

"Was that embarrassing?"


"Did it make you wet, between your legs?"

"Sometimes. Especially when he made me spread wide to be spanked inside. Instead of on top. Of my bum. If I was really bad he would use a ruler inside. That hurt But it was the smoothing and tightening the cloth that made me wet."

"Did you feel being spanked was unfair?"

"Well, if I did something wrong, I supposed it was fair."

"Did you get spanked on your bare bum often?"

"He made me take my panties down and lay over his lap if what I did was really bad, but most of the time it was on my panties. He would lift my dress and watch as I got ready. I had to pull them up tight. He would check."

Gwen chimed in, "How many swats did you get?"

"It depended. Once it was a hundred, when he thought I was kissing a boy. But usually it was less."

"How much less?"

"Well, I found out if I pressed up against his -- bump, thingy, and wiggled at each swat; he sometimes shivered and stopped almost right away. Then he would push me off and say he was letting me off easy this time. So it was sometimes only fifteen to twenty or so."

"So, Pru; perhaps you are wondering why we are asking you all these questions about spanking?"

Pru looked at Gwen, back at me.

"Did I do something wrong?"

Pru looked in my eyes with the widest most innocent expression. The label on it said Manufactured in Eden, and it probably lead directly to the fall. Little minx. Actually -- pretty big minx.

"Well, Gwen here mentioned something to me after measuring you for your new stylish jeans that are on the way, by the way. Something about your choice of underwear? A kind of -- fashion statement in boy shorts?"

Pru turned fire engine red. "Gwen! You said you wouldn't tell!"

Gwen said, "What I said was I wouldn't tell when we got back. But unfortunately for you, I had already told before you asked me. Sorry." She shrugged unapologetically.

I told Pru to go over to the drapes and draw them closed.

When they were closed, I said, "Hear ye hear ye, the court of private passions is now in session. The honorable Unca B presiding. Council for the defense is Pru. Prosecuting attorney is Gwen."

"What is the charge?" I looked around my imaginary courtroom.

Gwen stood up and said, holding up an imaginary scroll, "That Pru, without authorization or permission did acquire a pair of the Judge's boxer briefs and convert them to her own use as boy shorts."

"What say you, Pru to the charge?"

Pru looked wildly around, blushing; "Guilty."

"Guilty?" said I, "Surely the proper form of address is 'Guilty, Your Honor?'"

"Guilty, Your Honor."

"Although I prefer 'Guilty, Oh Supreme Master'"

"Guilty, Oh Supreme Master"

"Fine. Good. I accept the plea. The trial will now move on to the penalty phase."

"Gwen, ahem, Madam Persecutor, what do you propose?"

"Hanging and torture are out, I presume? Perhaps a spanking on the bare butt?" Gwen licked her lips and grinned at Pru with a wink.

I looked at Pru. "Arguments for lenience will be now entertained. Make them brief. We are dealing with briefs after all."

After a long pause Pru whispered, "It's not fair. I didn't know. I just wanted to wear something of yours, to feel close to you. And they wouldn't show. If they were under my dress. My father said panties hid my shame, and only made me remove them when I did something he said I aught to be ashamed of, before he spanked me. So please don't make me take them off."

"You, Pru will raise your own dress and approach the bench."

I sat on the edge of the coffee table to watch Pru being readied. She stood before me and raised her dress and slip just barely to her waist.

"Higher with that dress, Pru," I said.

Pru lifted more; baring her belly as the dress rose and her hands were high in the air.

"Spread wider Pru."

I used my feet to press her legs wider apart.

I said, "I now appoint myself executioner." Pointing to Gwen, "Bailiff, prepare the prisoner. Pull those shorts right up tight."

Gwen slid her hands all around the shorts. She smoothed them across Pru's belly and down deep under her crotch. then she reached behind to the waist band pulling them up and tight in to Pru's crack. The gap in the fly opened slightly and showed a mass of rich dark curls.

I looked at Pru's lower belly, and at the line of fine down descending from navel to under the waist line of the shorts.

"Let the prisoner be placed upon the lap."

Pru settled herself across my thighs and squirmed close to my torso, seeking perhaps the rising tower of my cock to press against. Alas for her, I have self control. As I ran my hand all over the back of her thighs and bottom, I remarked to Gwen that she seemed resilient. I suggested she try the feel as well. Pru whimpered. I had her spread her thighs apart, telling her it was so I could distribute the blows better, that I might go up between.

As I slid my hands up her wide spread thighs, I remarked to Gwen that if they had been panties, all the inner thighs would be viewable, so I aught to be able in fairness to touch them. So I slid my hands under the shorts and all the way up to the top. There was a light fluff of hair on the inner thighs close to the top, and Pru gasped as my fingers rose. As I kneaded the flesh of her thighs, I could detect the distinctive odor of aroused woman begin to fill the air. I could see a slight dampness also darkening the deeply penetrating cloth in her crack.

"I think she is ready, time to position her exactly. Gwen"

Her lower legs spread angularly open along the floor, spreading wide.

With Gwen helping slide her hips around on my knee, and me peering and reaching between her legs, I finally had Pru on the end of my right knee, with the high mound of her mons pressing on it. Her rib cage pressed warm against my waist.

I felt up the crack and commented, "I think she is getting a bit damp. Want to check?"

Gwen slid her hand up to the top of the crack and withdrew, smelling her fingers, "Yes Unca B, definitely damp."

I gave her my first swat. The sound was rich. I also gave a little bump up with my knee, and Gwen gave her hips a bit of a twist and support to keep her mound on the point of my knee. I paused to rub it in, sliding my hand all over Pru's rear.

"I think to be fair, Gwen, we will call it only twenty swats. After all she did not know the rules around here."

So I continued to give Pru a leisurely nineteen more, thoroughly feeling her rear and deep down the crevasse of her cunt with each blow. I covered each firm cheek and the upper parts of her inner thighs. I noticed the cloth getting wetter and wetter as I worked her over. I waited until she was settled again with her mons on my knee for each swat.

When her twenty was over I told Pru to stand up again and face me.

"Lift your dress again, Pru, I am going to take my shorts back." I crooked my finger at her to have her approach closer within my reach.

With the dress and slip gathered up to her waist, she stood in front of me as I took my own sweet time lowering the boxers, turning them inside out as I lowered them. I looked at her face as I lowered them and saw her close her eyes as the waist band approached her curly pubic hair.

Farther down, I could see the damp outline of her lips as they peeled slowly from the cloth. I reached in to her humid valley to free the cloth gently. The back of my hand brushed lightly on the springy curls, and I let my finger drag along her distended lower lips. At last I lowered them to her feet, she stepped free, lowering her dress again, and blushing.

I had her sit in front of me on the coffee table.

"There, you are forgiven your little sin.

Gwen told me you have a secret wish number two. I have thought it over and have agreed. Though I wonder why.

That is if you can answer me some questions before we start."

Pru blushed again and nodded looking at my eyes.

"Why me?" I asked.

"I was younger when I was visiting Gwen and we were talking when you walked by and offered us a coke. From the fridge. It was a hot day. And it just sort of suddenly came in to my mind. For when I was older."

"Just like that? Years ago? And you never said anything to me about it?"

"Yeah. Weird isn't it?"

"Hmm. And you just told Gwen today?

"No. I told her right after I had that revelation."

"What did she say?"

"She said it was a cool idea. She wondered if she could wait long enough herself, she was always talking about how horny she would get looking at some guy, or you."

"And now it sort of all comes out in the open."

I raised the damp boxers to my nose and inhaled, looking at Pru as I did so. She blushed crimson and started to rise.

"No, Pru! Back! Sit! This is to say to you, I love your scent; there is no shame in wanting to know sort of gross things about a person. I like your intimate smell, the smell of your cunt. Yes, cunt. I know from this scent you would taste as good if I licked you there. This is not your shame, or mine. It is what we as original humans are.

Gwen said, "OK Unca B, I am in charge now. Go up to the bathroom, take a long hot soak and get cleaned up, when you come back down be sure you are not wearing any deodorant or stuff like that. We want the real you. We girls have some work to do.

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