Uncle Jake Ch. 08


"She's going to cum hard on your cock!" Barry said excited, now standing to the side watching Jake fuck Sarina's ass hard. He was already stroking his hard length ready to take over the moment Jake pull his satisfied cock out of her back hole.

Jake leaned over her rocking ass and plunged fast and deep into her asshole. He felt her ass begin to clamp down on his throbbing cock as her cries of pleasure filled the room. He could hear Barry cheering him on as he fucked her ass harder and then came, filling up her tight channel with his hot sticky cum.

Sarina cried out in ecstasy as she felt her ass cumming over Jakes throbbing meat, her orgasm setting off his. Her ass continued to twitch as she felt Jake removed his now softening cock from her back hole and then being filled again with Barry's now stiff one. Oh God they weren't going to give her a break she thought, moaning as Barry began to pump into her well lubed and open hole. He accepted the vibe from a smiling Jake and pressed it back against her aching clit. He kept the toy on high hoping that she would be able to cum again. He began to fuck her ass in a steady rhythm, not as deep and hard as Jake had but smooth and short strokes. There wasn't anything much better than this he thought to himself feeling her channel tight around his thick cock. Yes he had made a mistake not planning better with what he was going to do with her. He should have kept her for himself. But the plans were in place. He let his mind return to the moment and he thrust in and out of her in faster. He leaned over and began tweaking her erect nipples, loving how she was moaning again.

"Cum for me Sarina. I want your ass cumming all over my cock." He growled above her."

Sarina was surprised that she was nearly there already, just at that point but it stayed out of reach. Jake was pushing her to cum fast but she couldn't rush the natural flow of her body. She ground back against him causing him to curse and then grab hold of her hair.

Taking her cue Barry ground his cock into her ass, his grip on her hair firm, with his other hand pressing and rubbing the vibe into her abused clit. "This how you want it Sarina, hard and rough? You want me to grind my cock into you until you cum?" On and on Barry talk to her until she felt her ass explode in rapture. She felt her tight channel spasm around his thick meat, causing him to growl and fill her ass with his hot jism. She felt his cock jerk over and over, releasing its slippery load. And just as she had done the first time Barry and her had fucked, she passed out.

Jake looked at her a bit worried but Barry reassured him that she would be fine in a bit. That they had merely made the girl swoon in ecstasy and explained what had happened to her before. With Jake looking relieved he suggested that they untie her and change her position. Jake smiled at that idea. They needed to take a break anyways so they could be ready to fuck her some more.

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