tagFetishUncle's Visit

Uncle's Visit


All characters are 18+.

"Wake up, Baby."

Baby wakes up to Daddy's rough voice in her ear. She opens her eyes to realize she is blindfolded and starts to question why. As she opens her mouth, a hard cock is thrust in. It's different, not Daddy's, and Baby mumbles around it trying to ask Daddy what is happening.

"Uncle is here to visit, show him what a good girl you are," Daddy says as he gives her a warm kiss on the cheek. Baby sucks like a good girl as Uncle grasps the back of her head. She swallows all of Uncle's long, hard cock as he groans in pleasure. Suddenly she is pulled away and pushed onto her back. She can feel Daddy's rough hands grabbing her wrists as Uncle pins her shoulders down. Daddy quickly ties her wrists up to the bed posts as Uncle pulls off her panties and pushes her legs open, tying them as well. Baby is scared, but finds herself getting wet with excitement. It's going to be a busy night! Uncle gives Baby a soft kiss to reassure her as he swipes his finger in her already damp pussy.

"What a good girl you are," he whispers to her. Baby can hear the two men rummaging around the room and waits impatiently to find out what will be happening tonight.

"Daddy?" she calls out. Daddy responds with a rough, biting kiss that leaves Baby hungry for more. He's in a rough mood tonight and Baby squirms impatiently, pulling against her restraints. She can hear something vibrating and her pussy twinges with want. Daddy smacks the side of her butt.

"Be a good girl and stay still," he growls. Uncle presses a vibrator on Baby's stiff little nipples and she sighs with pleasure, arching her back for more. Baby does her best not to squirm, but she cannot help herself, her already dripping pussy aches to be touched. She is met with another smack, harder this time and with a paddle.

"What did I tell you?" warns Daddy. Baby opens her mouth to whine, but Daddy's cock is thrust in before she can get any words out. As Daddy straddles her chest to fuck her mouth, Uncle moves down to tease her wet little cunt with his tongue. Baby groans with ecstasy around Daddy's dick and enjoys the feel of Uncle's skilled tongue as she pleasures Daddy. Soon, Baby wants more and she thrusts towards Uncle, trying to get him to lick her harder, but as she does Daddy rams himself down her throat making her gag.

"Shit, I'm already getting close," He groans as he pulls away. Uncle stops too and Baby whimpers desperately for more. After what feels like an eternity, she feels Uncle's cock head pressing at her soaked little pussy.

"What a good girl, you're so wet, Baby," He praises. Baby moans and arches her hips. Uncle responds with a few slow, long strokes, but pulls out all too quickly. Baby nearly sobs with need and as her leg restraints are undone she presses her legs together in an attempt to get some stimulation. Daddy quickly flips her over and onto her knees, spanking her with the paddle a few times as he does so.

"I told you no squirming little girl," Daddy snarls.

"Please, Daddy, please fuck me!" Baby begs with desperation. She hardly feels the burn of her ass-cheeks around the ache in her cunt. Daddy takes his time, rubbing his hard cock against her pussy lips while Uncle pulls at her nipples and Baby grows more and more desperate for release. She is nearing orgasm when the men suddenly stop, leaving Baby panting.

"Not yet sweet girl" Uncle says before he thrusts into her mouth. Baby does her best to swallow him down, but Daddy is putting nipple clamps on her and she is getting very desperate again. Baby moans around Uncle's dick as her pussy drips down her legs.

"Please, Daddy," She tries to beg around the thick cock in her mouth, but a muffled whine is all that comes out. As her cunt gets more and more sopping, Daddy finally returns and slowly pushes his long dick into her.

"Is this what you needed Baby?" He teases. His strong hands reach forward and stimulate her clit as he finally fucks her the way she needs-hard. Uncle begins to swell inside of her mouth as he pulls her hair, thrusting faster and faster in and out of her mouth. Baby lets her throat relax as she prepares to swallow all of his hot cum. She is in heaven as wave after wave of orgasm finally washes over her. Daddy and Uncle pump stream after stream of cum in her, filling her mouth and pussy to the brim and she swallows every last drop like the good girl that she is. The two men move to clean themselves up, leaving Baby on the bed, hands tied, ass up, and pussy still dripping.

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