tagFetishUnconventional Awakening Ch. 07

Unconventional Awakening Ch. 07


I had wanted to feel his cock going deeper, until he was buried in my hot, glove like tightness of my ass to the hilt. Yes, I wanted him to fuck me in my ass. To ravage me, or was I ravaging him? I wasn't being raped or plundered, but a willing participant in wild moment of unbridled passion. I was fucking his cock with my ass as much as he was fucking my ass with his cock. The feeling of being stretched and filled here was so different from the fullness my pussy experienced in making love. At first, it stung as his cock split my rosebud, but that sting only lasted but a few moments, after the head of his cock "popped" into me. And the ensuing sensations are hard to describe. I was a whirlpool of emotions and feelings. We were becoming one in a very personal and intimate way. I wanted this! I didn't feel used, but pleasured.

My eyes were closed as my brain tried top process all the sensory information, the sense of being filled fully. His cock created a feeling of fullness unlike that of being fucked in my pussy. I slowly came to really enjoy the feeling of having my ass stuffed. I contemplated what a DP might be like. To feel two lovers cocks buried in me, with only the thin membrane separating them. Feeling two cocks fill two holes that evidently enjoyed being filled and fucked. Would Paul and Peter share my fantasy? Time would tell. What was I thinking? Who was this person who had come to Chicago as a mid-western raised housewife and was now actively being fucked in the ass by someone I had just met a few hours earlier. Was this party animal always there? Why had she come out to play now?

Peter pulled his cock back, then slammed his cock into my ass until it was buried. I felt his balls slapping my buns, bringing me out of my reverie, with a gasp. The pressure was exquisite. It felt like a glove was wrapped around his cock. I was tingly knowing that I had all of his cock in my ass. I wondered if I would be able to enjoy Paul's cock in my ass as much as I was enjoying Peter's. The answer to this question would be answered later.

Speaking of Paul, he was content at the moment to enjoy the show. His cock evidently getting ideas, but for now, Paul was smiling as he saw his good friend fuck me. I was surprised that I would feel so unabashed at having another man present while I was making love, but tonight was evidently a coming out party. I asked Paul to stroke his cock as Peter continued to make love to me. My pussy throbbed as I watched Paul caress his cock, his fingers barely able to wrap themselves around his growing desire.

My fingers found their way to my slippery pussy, and began to rub my clit, which I coated with my juices, and throbbed as my thumb and forefinger rolled it. I hadn't masturbated before until this afternoon, and now, it just seemed natural to stimulate my sensitive parts. My fingers seemed to know just how to roll my clit to get me to hump Peter's cock as he fucked me. And my fingers had no problems sliding down and reaching within me, hooking back and teasing me. I looked at Paul as he continued to slowly stroke his cock, the tip of which was now glistening with his dew. I pulled my wet fingers out of my pussy and brushed them across my lips. I slowly let one finger slide into my mouth, sucking it clean, all the while looking into Paul's eyes. What was on his mind?

I pulled my finger out and smiled at Paul, as I crooked my finger at him. I didn't have to say anything, as my lips formed a perfect "O". He slid over to me and knelt. His cock grazed my cheek, leaving a trail of his dew on it. I turned slightly, and his cock found it's mark. And I humped Peter!

Peter continued to tease my ass as he buried it deep in my ass, and then slowly pulled back. There was something naughty about being fucked in the ass and enjoying it. I had told Peter that I wanted him to pound my ass, to drill me, to fuck my ass hard. I wanted to feel his cock fucking me hard! I wondered what it would feel like to be fucked in my ass with a passion. Several times Peter pulled out his cock entirely, before plunging it back deeply into me, impaling me.

When he withdrew and refilled me, it was particularly tingly. My rosebud felt on fire, as it continued to wrap itself tightly around the invading cock, gripping it firmly. I enjoyed the feeling that coursed through my rosebud. A feeling of violation and intrusion, as well as a feeling of accepting something wonderful and being one in the most intimate of ways.

I continued to enjoy having Paul's cock fill my mouth with his hardness, seeing it all wet and shiny from my saliva. I was enjoying the rhythm of my lover's cocks as they slid in and out, one in my mouth, and one in my ass, when all of a sudden I felt Peter's cock slip out of my with a squishy "pop".

I pulled out Paul's cock from my mouth with a pop too, and looked at Peter. What was the matter? Was something wrong? Peter had pulled his cock from my now warm and stretched ass and was looking at his cock. He then looked at me with a questioning look. I was immediately nervous. Was it dirty? Gross? He wanted to know if I wanted to look. I asked him "Should I?" He answered "Yes". So, it couldn't be that bad. He stood up and let go of my ankles. He brought his still rock hard cock closer to me. I couldn't see anything. That was his point. His cock looked clean. He brought it still closer, so close I could see it very close and personal.

And then he surprised me by pressing it to my lips. My immediate reaction was to look away, but his cock brushed my cheek, and I turned back. His cock grazed my lips again, and this time I opened them. His cock had a new scent. It was a mixture of pussy and something more musky. My lips tentatively wrapped around his cock and I tasted me. An electrical jolt shot through me as I realized that I was sucking his cock, and that his cock had just been deep in my ass.

I was turned on by sucking his cock. What a tingly revelation! I could never have imagined that I would enjoy having my lover's cock fill my mouth just after he had the pleasure of being buried to the hilt in my hot tight ass. I was turned on knowing that his cock had been in my ass, and was now in my mouth! I couldn't think of anything more erotic than that. I knew that I would be doing this again. I let his cock slip out of my mouth and with a grin told him to do it again. His cock twitched as I said it, and he nearly lost his balance. I was becoming a nympho. And I was enjoying it.

Peter quickly slid back down and grasped my ankles and raised my legs up and slid his now saliva coated cock back into my now willing ass and fucked me deep. A new thought flashed through me and I asked Peter if he would alternate between fucking my pussy and my ass. He just moaned and buried his cock in my tingly ass and then slipped it into my sopping wet pussy. I was twitching. It felt wickedly delicious to be fucked in both my holes. Peter continued to fuck my pussy and ass for a while, and then I told him I wanted him to fuck my ass deep and hard, and then pull out and fuck my face. I felt his cock jerk as he plunged it deep into my ass and moved it around. He then pulled out, and immediately brought his cock to my waiting mouth.

And I devoured his cock, letting it slip past my lips and deep into my hungry mouth. I enjoyed tasting the mixture of my pussy and ass on his cock. It made me tingle as I knew I was sucking his cock that had just pleasured my pussy and ass. But I wanted more. I wondered if he would be open to eating me. Would he feel as aroused eating my pussy knowing that he had fucked me in both my pussy and my ass?

I asked him to 69 me, and I got my answer. He was horny enough. I felt him position himself so that he could eat me. And I nearly came when his tongue slipped into my pussy.

And I did cum when I felt warm breath on my sensitive ass, and a tongue trying to go where Peter's cock had been. Paul was evidently aroused enough to see what my ass tasted like. His continued tongue lashing sent me over the top, and I filled Peter's mouth with my orgasm.

I continued to cum as two tongues lashed at my most private parts. Evidently Peter and Paul were intent on seeing just how much I could orgasm at one time, as their tongues lapped at my pussy and ass. Paul kept thrusting his tongue past my rosebud, and this kept me cumming. I knew that there was no turning back, that anal sex was going to be an active part of my future.

Eventually the tidal waves gave way to slow lapping waves as my pussy ached and the twitching in my rosebud receded and I was able to regain my breath.

It was now past 3 in the morning!

And Peter hadn't cum yet.

And Paul felt like he was ready for making love again.

To be continued...

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