tagFetishUnder Lock And Key Ch. 03

Under Lock And Key Ch. 03


The girls grew extremely close after that night, and the topic of chastity control became their favorite conversation. At Evey's request, Gabby bought a matching necklace identical to hers and let Evey carry around the spare key to my cage. Before inviting Evey to join our little secret, Gabby had looked at a few stories and read mainly just one chastity website. Once she had a co-conspirator, however, they became obsessed with looking at as much pornography, literature, and research as they could find.

Evey especially seemed intent on testing my limits, seeing just how far she could push me. Initially she would come over just once or twice during the week to use my tongue, sometimes with Gabby home and other times without her. Soon it became an every day thing. She would find something that turned her on, tell Gabby what she found, then the two of them would try it out on me as soon as they could. Thursday nights she usually had a workout class -- these days became a challenge for me, as in the second week she began coming over immediately after she was done, covered in sweat from head to toe. Her pussy would reek of sweat, but always be wet by the time it found its way over my face. Luckily, by Thursdays I was horny enough to care more about finally getting my daily taste of Evey that those first nauseating moments quickly faded. Gabby often would sit nearby and watch, but on Thursdays, watching me devour Evey without so much of a whimper got her so turned on that she would get out her magic wand and finish right along with Evey.

While Evey got her fill from me during the week, she had little interest in hanging around us during the weekend when I was allowed control and use of my cock. Gabby seemed to enjoy the weekends almost as much as I did, as our sex was amazing. My mind was so fucked up from the week of control that I became a bit of a freak -- I would come almost immediately after being unlocked, so on edge that it was ridiculous. At one point Gabby discovered she could actually make me orgasm just by whispering dirty things in my ear, a trick she proudly displayed to Evey. After that first friday orgasm, I would then reach this weird state of constant erection at the slightest hint of arousal. We would fuck like animals, and my appetite was insatiable. If I came, I barely noticed, as my dick urged me onwards over and again, imploring me to take advantage of this amazing privilege of being able to get hard. Gabby loved it all -- unlocking me, teasing me to being hard 24/7 if she could, fucking each others brains out...and probably as much as anything, she loved blowing me at the end of every Sunday and then using ice water to shrink me back in to my cage. It became a weekly ceremony, one that Evey loved to witness. Gabby let Evey have as much control over me as she wanted, but she saved that one bit of fun for herself only.

One Sunday, Evey came over with a few new ideas. It had been a few months since our first night all together, and I think she had become a bit bored with the same routine. She watched patiently as Gabby lovingly brought me to orgasm with her mouth, then waited until the click of the lock started off my week. "Get your ass in the other room, bitch. We need to talk." she said, adding a cruel kind of tone she hadn't really taken with me before. I looked at Gabby. I had only been in the cage for a minute, not nearly long enough to build up the automatic submission Evey loved to take advantage of. Gabby looked at me sternly. "You know better than to disobey us, baby. Get in there." she said, just as sternly as Evey. I bowed my head and walked out of the living room into our bedroom. Evey was so excited that she would occasionally forget to make an effort to keep her voice down. "Look...don't you think...HOT?!" Gabby's responses were always too low, but it wasn't difficult to figure out that she had some kind of doubt about the plan. "Oh I bet he would Gabby! You see how he gets, you don't push him that hard, but I do! I know..." and her voice trailed off as the air conditioner hummed to life. Fucking Texas. They allowed me back into the room shortly after, and Evey left looking more excited than she had when she came in. I tried to read Gabby's face, but the only thing I could get out of her was a wink and a smile.

The week progressed like it normally did, save for Evey's enthusiasm. She came over every day and rode my face with an increased intensity, squirting every time, which she hadn't done since that first night. Beyond that, however, there really was no difference and I soon forgot about it. Until Friday.

Gabby sent me on my way to work with a warning. She had a look on her face I recognized right away. She was nervous, almost afraid to let herself be excited."Baby...we're going to take things a little further tonight. Evey didn't want me to give you a choice, but I'm asking you now. If you aren't ok with anything, we can stop now. We can stop it all." I looked at her flushed face and didn't give it a second thought. I loved giving myself to these two beautiful women, loved the pleasure they took in using me, and I had no doubts whatsoever -- I wanted this. "I'm yours, Gabs." I said, and her face shone bright. She kissed me deeply, and slapped me on my ass as I walked out. The day was a blur, I honestly don't remember a single thing between stepping out that door and walking in that night.

Gabby stood there completely naked, waiting for me. The second I had shut the door, she spoke in a harsh tone. "Strip, and get your fucking ass on the ground NOW!" she commanded. I stopped short. She slapped me roughly across the face. "I SAID NOW." I scrambled to get everything off in seconds, kneeling immediately on the ground in front of her, my cock noisily knocking against the tiled floor of the hallway. I looked up to ask her what was going on but was rudely slapped across the face again. "You will not speak tonight, bitch, or you will pay dearly." My heart raced as I looked back down, wondering what was going on. She had never been this authoritative, even at her angriest. It was intoxicating, scary as hell, but I'd never been more attracted to her. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her pull her phone out, texting someone. It had to be Evey, she wasn't there. I dared not ask.

I knelt on the hard floor for what was probably 10 or 15 minutes. Gabby ran her hand through my hair every once in awhile, but would slap my face at the end of her stroke. After an eternity the door opened behind me and slammed shut. "Get him on the floor in there." came Evey's voice. Gabby grabbed me by my hair, dragging me to the living room. "Lie your ass down, and you better keep your eyes fucking shut." said Evey. I obeyed as if my life depended on it. I suspected that it might. It must have been Evey who blindfolded me tightly.

Several seconds passed, and I heard a shuffling. She was stripping. After a few murmurs, I sensed her straddling my face in that familiar position. I prepared myself for her taste, opening my mouth to give her ecstasy that I loved giving so much. But the contact with her thighs never came. I shut my mouth, confused. An even harder slap struck me across the face again. "Open your fucking mouth!" My jaw snapped open, held there by a strong hand. Several more confused seconds passed, and still nothing happened. Just as I began to wonder just what was intended, a slow drip of the most disgusting liquid I'd ever tasted fell into my mouth. It was bitter, so bitter...I tried to close my mouth in disgust only to receive another slap. "OPEN IT, BITCH!" I kept it open, as the semen began dripping thicker and faster into my mouth. I recognized it now. It was still hot, and covered with Evey's sex. It was all I could do not to throw up, and my gagging must have given that away. Evey finally lowered herself onto my face, bending her magnificently flexible body down to whisper into my ear. "I just got fucked half an hour ago, little bitch. Tell me...how does he taste?"

I couldn't have answered if I wanted to. I couldn't have breathed, except to breathe in the startling musk of some stranger's cum only partially masked by the pussy that suffocated me. I knew what she wanted. Grudgingly, I began to lap my tongue, sucking the semen out of her. She moaned, rocking against my face. Off to the side I heard Gabby's vibrator switch on, followed by her moans. For some reason this energized me, and I began sucking in earnest, shuddering but loving the load that still oozed from her dripping cunt. She came hard and quickly, screaming, squirting a mixture of vaginal fluid and leftover cum all over my face. Gabby's yell accompanied Evey, who then leaned over me again to whisper "I hope you enjoyed that...tomorrow is Gabby's turn."


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