tagBDSMUnder Lock And Key Ch. 02

Under Lock And Key Ch. 02


It was an insane mental trip, I know of no other way to describe it. I no longer had control of my own penis. The more I got turned on, the more painful it was as my cock strained against its confines. She decided a day at first would be a good experiment, but it was almost beyond what I could take. It didn't help that simply thinking of the damned thing got me turned on. On top of that, I had to start behaving a bit differently. Using the urinals was no longer an option, not unless I wanted anyone nearby to get a look at my embarrassing secret. I had to sit down to pee, a humiliation that only turned me on more, making it impossible to even pee until I could somehow calm myself down. Trying to sleep was hopeless - between trying in vain to jack myself off or just trying to find a comfortable way to lie without aggravating myself, I got nothing. Gabby on the other hand could not have enjoyed herself more. While I'm fairly average in length, I do last forever when we have sex...but my true talent lies in my tongue. Before the cage, I was fairly amazing at giving her head. We had a weird kind of connection where I could feel from the tiniest movement in her hips exactly where and what she wanted, from my tongue to my fingers. Whether or not the cage had me frustrated to the point of mentally putting all of my pleasure nerves in my tongue or whether controlling my cock had her at the brink from the word go, with it on she woke up the neighbors. Literally. They came over to complain.

True to her word, she took it off the next day. I almost came from feeling the fresh air hit my dick which seemed to spring to life in seconds. She jacked me off, and I erupted in what had to be only seconds, shooting several thick, massive squirts of backed up semen yards away. Gabby squealed happily, then quickly cleaned me off and locked me back in before I could get hard again. It was too late. She laughed as she walked to the kitchen to get some more ice water.


This went on for few weeks. We developed a schedule - I would spend the week locked up, then I would get the weekend to recover. Both of us began to notice that by Tuesday nights, I became increasingly submissive to a ridiculous extent. I would actually ask her permission to run errands for her. At night I would get on my knees and beg to eat her out if she didn't seem in the mood. I even started acting more submissive to her friends, finding myself wanting to tell them somehow, to see how proud yet how humiliated I was to belong to Gabby in such a way. By Thursday of the 3rd week, I confessed this to her, much to her amusement. "Oh, really?" she murmured, gently pushing my head down to her already moistening pussy. I knew we had already discussed not involving others, however, and in such a submissive state I knew better than to ask. Perhaps that's why the next day was such a shock.

It was Friday, the last day of being locked up until a glorious weekend of freedom. By this point I was at a near frenzy. I felt like grinding my crotch against every corner or wall in any room like an animal, desperate for some kind of relief. I somehow made it through work and sped home, anticipating a nice evening alone with Gabby. I walked in the door and heard two voices, Gabby's and her friend, Evey. "FUCK." I thought to myself. Evey was probably my favorite out of Gabby's friends, but this was not exactly great timing.

Since I'm only about 5 foot 9, tall girls really aren't my thing - definitely for the best considering Evey. Without heels she stood about 6 foot 3, with long, blond hair that fell to her shoulders. She was extremely skinny, which is why she decided only to get 36d's when she got implants. I wasn't sure if they'd hold up once she got older, but right now she was only 25, they had only been in for a year, and they looked fantastic. Going out with her and Gabby was usually a great time, as she passed me most of the drinks the guys bought for her. Still, I would prefer not to go out given my present state.

If they were planning a night together, I held out hope that maybe I could sneak by and go find the spare key somewhere, but had no such luck. Gabby heard me come in, calling out "Baby, bring us some margaritas!" It sounded like she was using her dominant tone, but then again, by Fridays I was so worked up that even the old Asian lady at the dry cleaners sounded like a veteran dominatrix. Shrugging it off, I went and made a pitcher and brought it out to the living room. Evey sat next to Gabby on the couch, and her stuff was in my armchair. "Just sit on the floor right here baby." Gabby said, smiling at me, pointing to the ground in front of her. My heart beat a little faster, looking at Evey to see if she was showing any kind of recognition of the subtle implications in Gabby's command. Her face showed nothing aside from her usual sincere smile. I relaxed, sinking into our usual comfortable banter of teasing each other. "How many hearts did your tits break today?" I asked, pouring myself a tall glass. If it was going to be a long night I might as well enjoy it. "Fuck you!" she said brightly, handing me her glass to fill. "You just wish you were tall enough to see them."

Since they had already been drinking, we decided to have a margarita night at the house instead of going out. I tried to text Gabby anytime Evey wasn't looking, asking her to toss me the key so I could run and get the damn thing off. Each time she would only glance down at her phone, smile at me and rub the key between her fingers for a few seconds. I finally gave up, mentally preparing myself for another night of frustration.

As usual, a few hours of the three of us drinking turned some form of truth or dare. Despite my protests, truth or dare typically lacks the dare element when left to them. After a few hours, the girls got louder and the questions got raunchier. After hearing Evey reluctantly share a story about blowing two guys at the same time, my dick began impatiently reminding me that it would very much like to get hard now. Evey's next question brought my attention back to the conversation instantly. "Ok. Gabby. Craziest thing you two have ever done?" My pulse quickened once more, wondering what Gabby was drunk enough to divulge. She paused, and that was the kiss of death. Evey immediately recognized the hesitation. "Tell me!" she squealed, excited that there might actually be something she hadn't heard before. My heart leapt up into my throat. Gabby is an awful liar, especially when she drinks. It was all coming out now.

Gabby flushed red for a moment, then went and got her laptop. From the floor, I could only guess what she was showing Evey. I heard the mouse click softly, then Evey's eyes grew wide. She started laughing. "Whhhhhat the fuck is that?" she said between uncontrolled giggles. Gabby looked apologetically at me, then said "It's a cock cage. See?" she clicked something else. Evey stopped laughing and stared intently at the screen. Gabby must have pulled up the step by step guidelines for male chastity that she had bookmarked. I had it memorized. I was so flushed I could actually feel my cheeks as if they were on fire. Evey finally looked up over the screen at me in amazement. "You let her do this?" she asked, not really understanding. "Oh, he wanted to! He loves it!" Gabby said, forgetting her embarrassment. Evey was fascinated. I tried to move the game along but to no avail. The girls ignored me, as Gabby enthusiastically answered Evey's questions. "So he can't even get hard unless you let him?" she said in an unbelieving tone. "Nope!" Gabby said proudly. "I wear the key around my neck. He goes all week in that, and he gets so horny that he pretty much does whatever I tell him to do." Evey laughed again "That's genius! Oh my god! But don't you get horny too? How do you have sex?" Gabby looked a little embarrassed again, but kept right along. "Oh well...he really is incredible with his tongue." Evey finally began to understand the controlling aspect of our arrangement.

"I want to see it. Can I see it?" she asked excitedly. Gabby shrugged. "Sure. Tell him to show you. If you start telling him what to do...well, you'll see." Evey looked at me with a smile that was purely diabolical. "Strip! Everything off!" I didn't hesitate for a second. I quickly unbuttoned and removed my shirt, slid out of my pants and pulled down my boxers. My swollen dick could do nothing but push angrily against its thick, unyielding transparent prison. Evey again lost herself in uncontrollable laughter. I looked at Gabby, who smiled at me. She was enjoying this. Upon seeing that, I lost myself in submission deeper than I had ever felt before in my most private thoughts. I knelt before Evey and bowed my head, like Gabby usually had me do. Evey stood up, still in her swimsuit. She had never seemed taller or more imposing than she did now. "Lie on your back." she said. As I did, she knelt down and pulled on the cage, examining exactly how it locked me up. She held the plastic sheath between her long fingers, lost in thought as she flipped it up and down. Her face reminded me of a predator who's unsure how they want to play with their food before eating it. She smacked my balls smartly out of nowhere, making me wince. Gabby giggled.

Evey stood up. "Is he really that good with his tongue?" she asked playfully. "Why don't you find out?" Gabby responded, winking at me. "Do a good job, baby."

Evey wriggled out of her bikini bottom. My mouth began to salivate at the sight of those long legs leading up to her stunningly beautiful pussy. She must have just gotten waxed, there wasn't a single hair - just a small raised mound of tanned skin. Gabby moved over to us, whispering something in her ear. "He does the best job that way..." I caught. Evey nodded, then turned around facing my legs. She slowly descended her slender curves until my face was completely covered. A reverse cowgirl over my face. "Now..." she said.

Even though I had never been so hungry to eat pussy in my entire life, I was disciplined. I started slowly, massaging her clit so softly that I knew she could barely tell it was there. She shivered. I ran my fingernails down the small of her back, gently at first then pressing in harder as they reached her flawless ass. I massaged each side, increasing the contact my tongue made against her clit. She moaned, readjusting herself to be closer to my mouth. A small, sticky collection of moisture glistened along those bald, slender pieces of dark, red soft skin. I ran my tongue deliberately from the bottom to the top, tasting her...then used the broad side of my tongue to spread it around her increasingly swollen lips. Gabby must have sat down beside us, as I could feel her tiny hand grab my balls, pulling them down and then back, massaging them.

I groaned, then put my mind back to the task at hand. I slowly pushed Evey's back forward a bit. I needed access to everything, wanted to taste everything. She gave no resistance, allowing me to mold her position. I took her entire clit in my mouth and ran it against my tongue, closing my mouth, creating a little bit of a vaccuum...sucking her gently like almost like it was a small, delicate penis. She shuddered. I continued, quickening my pace slightly, wanting her to surrender all of her wetness to my hungry mouth. I slowly opened my lips, allowing hers to slide out. A thickening juice began to pool at the bottom of her pussy, dripping onto my face. I smiled, then held her ass firmly in place. I doubt she had felt this before. I spread each side, and lightly darted my tongue around the edge of her asshole. My suspicions were confirmed, as she started a bit...but she let me hold her in place, and I began exploring her ass deeper and deeper with my tongue, gently rubbing her pussy. "ohhhhmmmmygod" she moaned, almost incoherently. I slid my index finger inside her pussy, still focusing my tongue on her ass. She was so wet that there was barely any resistance. Thick fluid seeped out onto my chin, displaced by my finger. I slid it up, gently brushing against her vaginal walls on my way up to her g spot. Once I hit it, I kept my finger there, I placed my other hand right below her belly, pressing in gently but firmly, the sudden suction adding an electric overload of sensation inside her pussy. She gasped, and began to gyrate against my face. I took out my finger, moved my tongue from her ass, stiffened it, and let her use it. She slammed her ass down, letting my tongue fill her flooding cunt completely, and ground the entire lower half of her body roughly against me. Her loud moans turned into screams, her body jerking uncontrollably. In fevered anticipation, I grabbed her legs and held her still as she came in waves. The first orgasm was long and intense, and I guessed she wasn't used to getting another from the attention her mind gave it. Gabby caught my eye, and I winked at her. She grinned.

As Evey's convulsions began to slow, I tightened my grip. This was going to be intense for her, and I didn't want her, Gabby or myself to get hit by a flying limb. Right as she gave her last shudder, I dove in again, precisely sliding my tongue between her swollen lips. She screamed, and tried to squirm her legs out of my death grip, but she was going nowhere. I showed her no mercy, twirling my tongue inside her dripping cunt. In only a few seconds she jumped to that next mental plateau, and began moving her hips enthusiastically back against my face, yelling "Oh shit...oh shit...OHHHH MY GODDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!" as she found herself on the brink again. As she came, ejaculate squirted out of her pussy, filling my mouth. I took it all, letting her rock her body back and forth until she finally came down. Her legs were shivering. Gabby held out her hand, helping Evey up. Both of them looked down at me, my smile partially obscured by a white, sticky residue. It was delicious.

Gabby gave an impressed whistle, "I've never seen a girl actually squirt." Evey gave a shakey laugh. "First time for everything I guess."


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