tagCelebrities & Fan FictionUnder My Thumb Ch. 2

Under My Thumb Ch. 2


Willow watched as Angelus easily vaulted over her balcony only to land gracefully on his feet. He smiled when he saw here standing there in the center of her room. He opened the door and walked inside, the door closing softly behind him."I feel just like Romeo, coming to your balcony under the cover of night. Especially with you waiting up for me like this." He pressed a hand to his chest, starting mid quote. ". . .and Willow is the sun." He frowned. "Maybe it should be the moon."

She had decided after last night's fiasco that she would greet him at the door, fully dressed. She even had a stake in her back pocket if worse came to worse. No more being caught in bed with a flimsy set of pajamas on. Angelus was evil. He was trying to ruin her life by visiting her every night and now he had just ruined one of her most treasured plays by inserting himself into it. "I don't think of us as Romeo and Juliet."

He couldn't wait to hear what she had to say. "Oh? Who are we then?"

Willow thought a moment and a wide smile spread across her face as the answer came to her. "Hannibal Lector and that FBI agent lady." Hmmm. . .a serial killer paying visits to a red haired young woman. Scary.

Angel was never one for movies or popular books especially ones that featured killing so Angelus had no frame of reference for her comment. "Never heard of them."

He had promised not to kill her here. He had abided by their bargain last night."He's a serial killer and he kind of has a love affair with her. Though, it's completely one sided. He buys her presents, shows up at her house. . .but she's trying to track him down and put him in prison."

Angelus frowned at first and then he bust out laughing. Willow was clever and a real spitfire too, even now her chin was raised just daring him to contradict her. His voice grew husky. "I don't think that suits us at all. I think we proved last night that this isn't one sided. . .you aren't immune to me."

Willow glared at him. "It's your body I'm attracted to. Not you." She'd decided to separate the two entities in her mind. Angel, the vampire with a soul and Angelus, a demon who wore Angel's body. It would be easier to face Angel that way when he got back. . .if they ever got him back.

He was fascinated. "Really? Had a thing for soul boy, did you?" He drifted over to her desk and pulled out her chair to sit down on.

Willow sat uneasily down on her cedar chest at the foot of the bed. "NO! Of course not, I would never do that to Buffy, never run around lusting after her boyfriend. But I'm female and I'm not blind, I've noticed that Angel's attractive."

Angelus practically preened as if the body he wore were a new outfit. "Well, now it's my body, ergo you find me attractive."

"It take more than a body to make a person appealing. You know. . .things like humor, charm, kindness. . .not killing people."

"I thought you said it was only Angel's body that you found attractive. Not his humor, charm, kindness, or lack of homicidality." He smiled, enjoying catching her.

"I think we should talk about something else. " She said through gritted teeth.

"Fine. What do you want to talk about?"

Willow felt like a bit of payback. "How about The Judge?"

"What about him?" Angelus said tightly.

"Looks like we foiled you again." She said, proud grin on her face. They had destroyed him at the mall earlier that evening.

"Damn rocket launcher." He grumbled in a low voice. One little rocket launcher and big blue went all to pieces. Never send a demon to do a vampire's job. Not that he'd intended to let the demon feed on all of humanity. Just Sunnydale. He hated this stupid little, one-Slayer town.

"Yeah, that was neat. He was nothing but kibbles and bits when Buffy got done with him." She tried to sound casual. "Heard you two had a . . .confrontation. Actually, I heard that she kicked you."

He unconsciously shifted in his chair. At least he wasn't in pain anymore. "She did." He glared at her. "But she didn't have the guts to kill me."

"Nope. She just kicked you in the. . .in the. . ." What did Xander say? Oh yeah. "The family jewels."Take that, you undead creep! And go, Buffy! Too bad she didn't pull a Bobbit.

Angelus shook his head. "Speaking of. . .jewels." He licked a stray droplet of blood from his mouth. "I fed on the most beautiful young woman this evening, she had red hair." His eyes almost stroked her mass of auburn hair. "Anyway, I brought you a gift." He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a handkerchief. She noted that it was blood spattered. He caught her look. "I'm a messy eater when I'm hungry." He pulled a silver chain from the white cloth, it held an emerald pendant. "When I saw this, I knew you had to have it. "

"You stalked and killed that woman because of her necklace." Willow felt sick to her stomach.

Angelus sighed. Humans. "No, Willow, I noticed her hair first and decided to eat her, not because of–"

"Oh, that makes me feel better!" Willow cried.

"No, it wasn't because of her hair, I just noticed her hair looked like yours."

It was her fault that the young woman had died. She eyed the pendant. "I don't want it."

"You'll put it on." His voice brooked no argument.

"Fine." Willow held out her hand. As soon as he was gone, she'd throw it outside. Or stomp on it.

"Come here."


"Do I have to remind you of our agreement?"

"Alright. Fine." Willow clenched her jaw and obediently walked over to him. She held out her hand again. "Turn around." He directed. She did so. "Kneel." Willow felt her knees tremble as she knelt on the floor at his feet. "Move your hair back." She looked at him disdainfully. "Willow." She did so, now she was completely exposed to him, her neck naked and vulnerable to attack. His cool hands latched onto the cheap chain Buffy had given her. He undid it and lifted it from her neck, the cross dangled momentarily before her eyes before he slid it into the blood soaked cloth. He slid that into his pocket, he intended to throw it away. "I saw this cross last night and wanted to give you a suitable replacement."

He put the pendant's chain around her neck and fastened it deftly. It hung just between her breasts. "Perfect." He whispered. "You should always wear emeralds." His thumb pressed against the pulse in her throat. "I can feel your heart beating fast."

Willow closed her eyes, summoning her strength. "Fear has a way of doing that to a girl."

He bent over her back, like a looming shadow. She jumped as his lips touched the nape of her neck. He chuckled. But then his fingers ghosted over her neck as he ran his hands along the chain. "Oh, I don't think it's fear that you're feeling right now." He inhaled deeply, smelling the sharp scent of her arousal. "Did you miss me today, my sweet?"


"Liar." His blunt teeth nipped her neck.

It hurt but it wasn't unbearable. "You're going to tell me what I feel? You don't know even me."

"But I want to. There's nothing about you that I'm haven't found interesting."

"I don't–"

"Shhh." He said, bringing his deadly mouth to the pink shell of her ear. "I'm tired of talking." With that, his hands seized her, pulling her up to her feet. He gathered her up in his arms and took her to the bed. He laid her down upon it and pressed himself against her left side. "Close your eyes, my sweet."

Willow knew she should fight him, but somehow she couldn't. It was as if her body had a mind of its own. She did the only thing she could. . .she closed her eyes.

Angelus brought his hands to the collar of her shirt, his hands made swift work of the buttons. Beneath the button-down blue shirt, lay a white lacy bra. He grinned, this was on thing he admired about this age. Women's clothing today gave him much easier access. . .no chemises, stays, and pantelets. In fact. . .three little hooks and eyes and she was bare to his ravening gaze. Her soft skin was smooth and unblemished. Her breasts were small and would fit easily into the palm of his hand. Beautiful. She breathed shakily causing the ivory orbs to jiggle slightly. He sighed as he let one lazy finger circle the erect pink peak.

She'd never been so exposed in her life. And it wasn't nearly as upsetting as it should be. Willow was on fire, the secret moist place between her thighs was throbbing with an unknown need. Her limbs felt leaden and her eyes were screwed shut. "C-c- can I look now?" She had to see him.

"Open your eyes." She did, seeing a look of such intense hunger on his face that she was made mute by it. He deliberately brought his mouth to the nipple that he'd fondled, taking its warm soft flesh in his mouth. The coolness and his sucking it caused it to harden further. She moaned and his other hand cupped her other breast, playing with it in the same manner as he had done with the other one. Willow let her eyes drift shut again. This felt too good. She was surely going to Hell. She realized that she wanted more she wanted to know the full extent of this fire that flooded her body. Wanted him to take her.

He knew the moment she gave in. The slight relaxation of her body. The soft sigh of surrender. Suddenly, he stopped sucking. "Beg me."

There was a long moment of silence. Neither of them was willing to speak.

Angelus sighed. He pressed a kiss between her breasts, grazing the emerald pendent. "The second rule is to never take that off, my sweet. Ever." He moved away from her body, standing on his two feet and gazing down at her as she lay on the bed. She looked at him in confusion. "Goodnight." He was out the door in a matter of seconds.

Willow picked up her pillow at threw it at the door. "Vampires!" She muttered. She wasn't sure who she was more angry with. Herself or Angelus. Definitely herself. *******

Willow was in the library once more, using the computer. She had found some vague references to the Soul Restoration ritual but nothing definite. The sooner this thing was done, the better. She couldn't believe that she had not only allowed Angelus to handle her so intimately but that she had actually enjoyed his attentions. She must be one sick puppy, having lustful thoughts and feelings for a blood-sucking demon that lived in her best friend's boyfriend's body.

Buffy came in, looking even more dejected. "He drew me another picture." She said, sitting down and putting her head in her hands. "God, what am I going to do."

Willow went to her best friend. "Oh, Buffy, we've always gotten through the badness. We'll be alright. Somehow it'll all work out." She knew it wasn't' much comfort but it was the truth. Everything did work out for them.

Buffy wrapped her arms around Willow, sighing into her shoulder. "What would I without you, Wills?"

"You'll never have to wonder about that. I'm here for you. Always."

"Want to get a mocha?" Buffy wiped a couple of tears away. "Caffeine and chocolate has restorative powers."

"Sounds like a good idea. Let's go get everyone a round, we'll be here late for a research session and the coffee would be good for us anyway." The girls walked out of the library, Espresso Pump bound. ********

"Yeah, the thrill is gone." Angelus muttered as he lay in his bed. Drusilla as holding a tea party of her dolls on the floor beside him. He felt restless. Annoyed. He was slowly losing interest in the dark vampiress as well as the golden haired Slayer. All his thoughts were colored red now. Willow.

"What's wrong, my Angel?" Dru asked, holding a cup of blood for Miss Edith to drink from.

"Nothing, Dru. Just thinking out loud."

"She's a witch, you know." She confided. "With her black cats and broomsticks."

"Who is?"

"The red witch, silly." She cocked her head, listening to 'Miss Edith' speak to her. "She wants you. . .but she doesn't."

Hmm. . . the red witch. . .Willow. "She's not sure if she wants me?" Dru-speak was difficult to decipher.

"Yes and no, beast then soul." Drusilla sighed.

"She wants the soul?" Angelus demanded but the insane vampiress merely shrugged and was now engrossed in her dolls once more. He knew from experience that she wouldn't speak again until she had something worth saying. He rolled over on the bed. Night fall couldn't come soon enough. *******

"I've got an uninvite spell." Giles announced as the girls reappeared with coffees.

"Thank God!" Cordelia announced fervently. "I invited him in my car once, let's do this thing. I don't want to be giving rides to the evil undead."

"I'll do the spell. I've been looking at some pagan sites and I know how to do a basic ritual." I'm safe! He can't molest me without an invitation. No more strange feelings for a demon to examine. Clarity was a good thing. Wasn't it?

"Very well." Giles agree, handing the book to the red head. "You girls go and do the spell now, before sundown."

Cordelia, Willow, and Buffy went in 'Queen C's' car to both the Slayer's and the hacker's house. They blessed both houses, nailing crosses to the place where Angel had first entered. . .Buffy's front door and Willow's French doors. Willow had then said a simple incantation. The same was done to Cordelia's car.

After the cheerleader's car was de-vampired she left for home. Willow breathed a sigh of relief. Funny, she hadn't thought about Xander since Angelus had appeared in her room. That didn't mean she liked Cordelia though. As Willow finished her room, she looked at the Slayer. "Do you need anything else, Buffy?"

"No, I'm good. It'll be nice to sleep for once."

"I bet."

"You sure he hasn't been here?"

Willow ducked her head. She hadn't wanted to worry Buffy or confess what had happened. "Nope, and now he won't be. We're safe as houses."

"Yeah, as long as we're in our houses." The poor residents of Sunnydale we're SOL though. She looked out the window, it was a half an hour past sundown. "I'd better go, it's patrol time."

"Alright. I'll talk to you later on tonight?"

"Sure." She hugged her friend goodbye and left the room.

Willow sighed as she sat down on her bed. "I thought she'd never leave." A voice said from outside the door. Angelus.

"Uh, hi." Be strong, Willow!

"Hi." He smiled as he opened the door. He started to walk through when he banged up against the barrier. His face was thunderous. "Invite me in!"

"Um. . .hmmm . . .let me think . . .NO!"

"What about our deal?"

"I lied. You don't have to keep ones that you make with a homicidal maniac." Ha! Take that.

"Willow, if you don't let me in. . .I'll–"

"You'll what? Yell threats from the doorway?" Willow pulled the pendent from underneath her sweater. She unfastened it and threw it through the opening. "While I'm thinking about it, you can keep that."

He couldn't believe she had done this to him. It was devious. Clever. It only made him want her more. "Maybe I should pay Buffy a visit."

"Go ahead. You can yell at her through her window. I performed the ritual there, too."


"Oh, be quiet. I have homework to do so why don't you go away?"

"I am kinda hungry. Guess I'll just take my anger out on some school children tonight."

Willow winced but didn't rise to his bait. "It's not my fault you're a killer."

Angelus hear gravel crunching in her driveway, he went to the edge and looked down. It was Cordelia, the foolish girl stepped out of her car. Willow could see from her vantage point. He turned back to the redhead with a grin. "Look, it's delivery!" He started to swing his legs over the balcony.

"Come in, Angelus." she said wearily.

"Knew you were the smart one."

Angelus stepped inside and promptly went to her closet. Cordelia appeared in the doorway. "I forgot my folder." she said, reaching for a glossy black folder which lay on Willow's desk.

"Oh, well. . .I'll see you later." She said shakily. She couldn't help but think about the monster in her closet.

"Yeah, whatever." She stopped to look at her. "Why are you all jittery? Too much coffee?"

"No, I'm fine. Just tired."

"If you don't want to talk that's fine with me. I'm just trying to be nice to you because your Xander's little friend."

"Go home, Cordelia."

"Fine. Goodnight." The cheerleader said, sweeping majestically from the room.

Willow watched Angelus open the closet door in almost slow motion. "You didn't honor our agreement, my sweet. I can't let that kind of insolence slide."

"Insolence? I was protecting myself." She said quietly.

"Protecting yourself." Angelus picked up the ancient text which lay on the bed. He flipped through the pages. "Vampire Uninvite Spell." He ripped it from the book, tearing it into small pieces of paper too small to contain more than one or two letters. She'd never be able to piece it back together. The spell was gone. "Looks like your fresh out of protection, my sweet." Then, he advanced on her.

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