tagSci-Fi & FantasyUnder the Full Moon Ch. 02

Under the Full Moon Ch. 02


Author note- I am so happy with the encouragement you all have given me from Under The Full Moon 1. Hoping this chapter is steamy enough for everyone to enjoy. One Shot, please let me know your thoughts! Happy reading. -


I felt my hips rock.

He was the only one who made my me feel a rush of eroticism that matched my desire.

She remembered meeting him, inside the castle school, dark yet its surrounding outskirts covered in lush greenery, with gem filled gardens awaiting all that heard of its immense beauty. A fairy tale garden only those with open minds could see. The fort itself was encrypted with Quartz and Jade. It was a sight to behold. Housing 945 rooms only for the "chosen" to evolve their psychic intuition, no flying brooms involved.

-His nails were unnaturally sharp for someone of his stature.

The room they'd selected for me was covered in waves of blue, a royal blue transfused in turquoise, variations of magical teals amplified when seen with the third eye. They matched the color of my eyes that rolled backwards in pleasure. "Cecil!?!! Are you in there?! Cecil!! Cecil!! Cecil!" He spent four hours listening to that blabbering witch, mesmerized by this young woman who arranged underneath him, stared heated admixed eagerness, annoyance, and sensuality provoking his alpha male ego.

With his hand placed over her mouth, she had no words, the power of his aura atop of hers was no match.

"I can breathe but I cannot respond."


My name drowning as my conscious laid focused on the man holding a slight smirk on his face, dark confident oblique eyes, and daring me to reply.


It sounded like a caged sigh more than anything.

He wouldn't wait.

Soft shreds of cotton fell from the sides of my thighs, he'd torn through my panties.

He smiled crookedly leaning into my ear.

"Don't move."

The silk purple sheets were most likely stained from the sweat loosening from my back, I'd dreamed of him and now I'd have what I wanted the most.

His touch.

But I hated the thought of not understand his being, his nature, he was almost foreign his powers of wisdom, healing, sexuality, and immorality were well coveted. He'd had many before and now I'd be on his mark off of holy young witches to fuck.

"I can't think."

"Please teacher."

Dipping his head while locking his gaze he took in my skin.

Planting at first what seemed like small kisses underneath the tips of my hardened nipples. They were then exchanged for small bites. Biting me, around my nipples the left and kissing me across to the right breast only to bite the skin surrounding.

His breath teased at the mounds of my flesh. It was unbearable, my senses were so attuned to him but we'd only met not so long ago.

Not so long ago I wished to feel him mounting me roughly while spanking my ass.

Who was I, I had no desires spoken from my heart until he came into.."

"Your body craves for me little girl, have you dreamed of me before?"

When he spoke my insides dampened. His voice slow, astringent, experienced, strong, and provocative all at the same time.

"I have to prepare for the full moon." Breathlessly that's only what I could manage to say.

He bit me on the right side of my breast sideways his mouth coaxing down my inwards to pressing innermost into my belly button.

"What was this longing?"

All the while he kept staring into me, as I the keeper of souls it was me being taken.

It was just a kiss he'd tucked into my pelvis that sent me into a slight confusion.

Because right below was my betrayer.


He placed himself underneath my arse, facing my small frame.

"I don't like to ask questions twice."

"My mistress tells me dreams are told to the sacred." I said.

Practically I was holding back my legs from shaking while hands, screaming on the inside my body wanted him like a drug I needed his medicine to cure what I hid every day.

Rawly his teeth latched onto the sides of my flesh nearest my womanhood.

"Get up. Sit at the edge of the bed now."

Hesitation in the air, I didn't move.

And within seconds upon deciding as to not moving, I was on my stomach.


In between words he struck my ass each time harder, tiny mewls escaped from my lips.

What pulsed between my soft skin oozed with excitation. His stimulation was the cause, to all of it every second I craved it.

Pinching at my clitoris pressing his full body weight on top of mine he spoke: "Get up."

Moving from me I sat at adjacent at the edge of bed.

"Sit back more and spread your legs."

He stood in front of me commanding me I saw only his body and loosing the wide black gypsum pants he wore.

His body, glistening, I would've never thought of such a strong masculine frame under the majestic monk style robes he'd wrap himself in humbled on the outside but a master of dominance eternally. My vulva exposed wide for his view he began examining every inch of my autonomy from the backs of my toes to the twisted French rolls that decorating my cranium.

Inside out I felt him, ending his gaze at my pussy.

"Touch yourself the way you would when you dream of me, Cecil.


make me..ask..twice."-


Outside under the full moon, I remembered.

Glowing skin bent as his raging breath harbored above.

I remembered.

The saliva falling from the corner side of my mouth struggling to hold on to the posterior of her outdoor balcony.

Using Asixphation as he continued to suffocate me. He'd take his cock out right at the tip of my clitoris harassing my labia.

"Don'tttt. Stop." I heaved.


"Don't stop what? What do you want me to continue to do?" I cut him off. Managing to scratch at his waist signaling to him, challenging velocity at which he gave it to me. Reaching out as he guided himself inside me.

Here in the now I'd forgotten my current situation.

Instead, my muff juiced fervently in front of his eyes as he watched me masturbate.

-His expression was lost clouded, as he observed the girl, her tiny b cup breast swayed as she fingered earnestly flicking pawing at her clit in front of him." What was this obsession with her all these years?

He saw her fluids building overtop, ferociously she tickled her pussy with her dainty fingertips back and forth around and around stretching her folds in front of his sight. Such a toned slim body, her golden brown skin glimmed under the moonlight. She'd lost herself in the moment.

"Look at me."

Huskily I turned upwards to see his pants unfasten and fall.

In front of me stood a god, his thighs toned complementing the set of eight that packed itself atop his groin. Smiling girlishly I delightfully held back from taking in the rest of his shaft. I wanted that part to be a surprise.

"Open those pink wet lips,"

Walking towards me he anchored himself right above my entrance stroking his cock over my slit.

Slapping it into my pussy.

Drawling he said, "Tell me you've dreamed of me, Cecil."

"I dreamed of you last nighh.. Ah, Fuck!"

A loud screamed emitted from my chambers, praying the elders hadn't heard my moans.

"I only wanted to hear those four words baby."

Plunging into my wet core he slammed himself roughly, so harshly I felt my body shudder. Choking back my cries frozen, my mouth uttered no audible sounds except the small hiccups adding to the stupefaction that the man I'd wanted all my life was fucking the shit out of me.

The smacking of our bodies could call for a crowd. No one had since checked. He thumbed at my clit riding me at the edge of the bed our eyes searching for an answer to this madness.

I jolted my hips upwards thrusting what felt like 10 inches down my hungry tight pussy. I returned his onslaught grinding myself down hard when he slammed into me. Until he pressed his nails into my hips picking me up swiftly casting me down upon my clean table knocking over my spellbooks, elixirs, and oils. Ejecting himself flipping me on top sitting in a seiza style position placing me atop him and began pumping into me up and down.

"Fuck you're so wet for me my little girl. You wanted me this entire time."

Wheezing I felt all of him thickening spreading my hole, open-mouthed I could feel my wetness dripping down his length, I wanted him to have no idea of all the pent up emotion I'd felt towards him, yet again even in my dreams and in this moment, my body betrayed me.

"Please don't stop teacher."

I wasn't aware of when he'd switched and flipped me over and downwards, I could feel my cheek against the coldness of the oak table, as his right hand lifted my chin...kissing the back of my ears, nibbling on my earlobe, all while savagely penetrating me using his other free hand to molest my breast.

"Ezekiel fuck." I purred.

He stuffed his fingers down my throat.


He began biting me behind the nape of my neck slowing down his strokes pumping deeper, elongating every hit.

"I will have you forever, I will find you in every realm. You are mine."

The table beneath began creaking giving away almost with the weight of our bodies.

I gagged on the fingers still fucking my throat, while the other started twisting, and pulling at my enlarged nipples taut, awaiting manipulation his mouth covering mine as he took wet fingers to position my chin turning just enough for him to engulf me in our first real kiss. Our tongues brawling claiming for dominance tipping me forward the transfer of sexual energy sent me dizzying as he not once faulted in his forwardness pushing me towards ecstasy, he pressed near my g spot.

"Get on your knees, on the floor now."

And with one leg fastened leveraging him while the other stood bent he propelled himself buried inside of me further than he had ever gone before. I wanted to run from him the pleasure was too much. I was close. My back arched as I felt his finger above my pearl. Taking that same finger he licked it and tweaked my little bud, encircling it softly all while closely slapping against my g-spot.

I couldn't breathe again.

My entire body felt as if it was overheating, a compulsion of pleasure roused inside of me.

He took it from me.


Before I could question he'd beckoned me against the wall with a loud bang, stuffing his cock plastering his intoxicated lips against mine we convulsed into each other arms. I bit into his left shoulder as I could feel a substance sputtering from my pussy lips.

"You're a little squirter I see."

The candles burned above my window, almost melting away, that flame was the fire he ejected into me... our bodies stood as one as he'd let my feet now touch the ground.


"You remember don't you, our first night?"

"I'm going home Mr. Kim Yun I'm not here to play memories with you right now. The darkness enriched them.

"That first night we met under the full moon Cecilia, how did you ever think I wouldn't find you again especially in this era?"

And with that, he whispered "May your eyes soften and your heart riddle with slumber."

"I am sorry Cecilia But we have so much to catch up on."

And with that she fell, fell deep into his claws, thank god they didn't have a long drive to his home. He wanted to fill her all night.


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