tagCelebrities & Fan FictionUndertaker's Loving Pet Ch. 01

Undertaker's Loving Pet Ch. 01


Disclaimer: This story is fiction. The characters in this story are a product of the author's imagination, though some of them have the names of real people and bear some resemblance to their namesakes. Nothing here should be taken as speculations, facts, wishes or assumptions about any actual person or relationship. Some language and incidents may not be appropriate for the sensitive reader.

WWE had a house show the night before to a sold-out crowd. Some of the performers stayed on in town for a few days of rest and relaxation. From what they had heard there would be some interesting diversions to be found if you knew where to look.

Dave and Jan had come into town for a much needed weekend. They were planning to go to the private club. They did not have much of a chance to go now that they lived two states away. They had to leave no later than noon to make sure they had time to rest along the way and get to the club by the time they opened. Having to drive all that way, they wanted to make sure they were there the entire time the club was open.

It just so happened that on this day, they arrived about an hour and a half early. They had called ahead when they just got into town to see if someone may be there. Dave and Jan lucked out, someone was already there. Told to come on over, the night's entertainment had just shown up to set up for the night and Dave and Jan were invited to watch.

Going on over, they went to the back door like they were told. Tess greeted them with hugs and kisses for them both since they had not been there for a few years. Jan asked what was going on because live entertainment was not normal for the club. Tess said that they had received a phone call from a celebrity requesting the performers and if she would give them a call they would be there the next night. He had already called them to ask if they would do it. Jan asked who the celebrity was but Tess could not tell her because she did not take the call and Chad wouldn't tell her.

They heard all of the commotion out in the main room and went to see what was going on. Jan stopped in her tracks at what she saw. The room had been draped in black with red and purple lights placed in strategic areas of the room. A couple of spot lights had also been hung. The main stage had two bondage crosses set up along with a table to the side holding various whips, crops and candles.

A few women were already dress for the show. Some were dressed in various styles of corsets and garters while one was in a solid black leather attire with stilettos. She had her long red hair pulled tight in a pony-tail which allowed everyone to see her striking features and jade green eyes. She had full red lips that looked so soft and gentle when she laughed.

The men were also dressed in black leather. Some in a vest and pants while others were in leather shorts. You could see all were very nicely built. Only one wore a white poet style shirt under his vest. He was talking with the beautiful red head when a crash was heard toward the stage. She looked up with a fierce look on her face. All the others turned and looked to her and then to the one who had dropped the tray. All of the workers bowed their head low to make sure to not make eye contact. The man in the shirt went over to correct the offender and have things set right.

Dave and Jan just stood in awe of what they saw. He could feel the change in Jan as soon as she saw the room. This was going to be an interesting night.

Someone else had looked up at all the commotion. He had also noticed a change in the air moments before it had happened. He hadn't payed that much attention to it because he had been so deep in thought. When he did look up, it was not at the stage but at the entrance to the main room. There he saw Jan. She was standing so still. He could see she had sandy blonde hair and ice blue eyes. They had not seen him or his brother sitting far back in the corner. They would not have known who they were because both were wearing hooded robes.

The older of the two, motioned for the gentleman in the shirt to come over. Jan still had not noticed, transfixed on the stage as she was. It was just a half hour before the club opened.

After a conversation with the man who was obviously the Master of the troop, the two robed men got up and left the room for the office. They had not wanted to draw attention to themselves until the time was right.

After making sure that they were out of sight, Master Richard, Jan found out his name later that night, approached the early guest. Richard introduced himself to Dave first already noting the down turned eyes of Jan. He asked if they were a Top and bottom couple. Dave laughed nervously letting Richard know that they were not really into that side of the life style. Richard said that was a shame seeing that Jan seemed to be a natural. Dave turned to look at Jan with a questioning look on his face wondering where Richard had got that idea from. He put a finger under her chin to raise her eyes to meet his.

"Well what do you have to say for yourself, Jan?" She had to swallow a couple times before she could answer.

"Sir, I will say it had crossed my mind a few times, but I was afraid to really try it. See I had toyed with it once and found out I was not cut out for the whipping and pain. I did not care for it. I didn't have any say as to what went on in my life. If I did try to think for myself I would end up with a belt on my backside. I apologize for speaking so bluntly to you, Sir."

Richard had several emotions run across his face during her speech. He felt shock, anger and rage at who would do such a thing to her. All his feeling turned to respect for Jan then. She had turned her eyes down again by this time .

"Jan please have a seat here while I talk to your husband. I would like to discuss something with him."

After a few minutes, Richard approached Jan with a couple of girls in tow. "I want you to go with them to get dressed." A questioning look came on her face. She looked to Dave for his reaction. He nodded for her to do it and mouthed 'I love you'.

After she was dressed in little less than she would have liked, she was returned to Dave. He just stood there with his mouth open. Pulling her to him, he kissed her on the top of the head. Dave told her that the night was all for her. He would be around if she truly needed him. He had some idea of what was going on but not everything.

"Before you ask, I am not going to say any more."

A good size crowd had already shown up. Everyone was greeting them, telling how much they were missed.

Time came for the show to start. The two hooded men had returned in the back of the room. No one really paid too much attention to them. This was the annual Halloween party.

The show started. Jan and Dave were up in the front row. She was mesmerized by what she saw, how the submissives reacted to the two Masters on stage. How they bowed down and did what was asked of them to please their Master. Some were to performing sexual acts for the audience. Some were chained to the crosses for the whip, canes and candles.

It was explained to the audiance that each sub had a safe word they were to use if things became too much for them. There were also levels to the safe words. All parties would know if a break was just needed or to completely stop. Safe words were to be discussed and agreed to before to any play was to begin.

The audience was also told that complete trust was a must among all parties. The Top or Master must trust the bottom or sub to use the safe words. But it was also the responsibility of the Master to push the subs just past the limit they originally thought was possible. This was how they could grow. A good Master must care for the subs and think about their pleasure first and foremost. A good sub's desire was to do all that they could within reason to please the Master.

When the first part of the show was finished, Master Richard told the audience that a special scene was coming after a few minute break. A member of the audience was going to be asked to join them on stage.

During the brealk things were being moved to the side of the stage leaving a special table with all the extras, center stage. This table had a head rest that could be moved and extra attachments that made arms and legs.

Richard told everyone this table was for someone special in the audience. Everyone was looking at each other trying to guess who it may be. Several hands went up to volunteer. Jan's eyes just went to the floor. A part of her would like to try it but a part of her was scared because of the past experience she had.

A tall man in a red and black robe now came up behind her and laid his large hand on her shoulder. With a start she turned her head and looked up at him. He seemed to go on forever. She could not see inside the hood of his robe because of the light shining above his head. He guided her to the stage under the encouragement of the audience. Jan looked to her husband and he motioned for her to go.

At the stage, Jan was turned to face the audience. She had her head bowed down not making eye contact with anyone.

Richard walked circles around her as if to inspect a purchase. The whole time he was talking, explaining what would make a good submissive. He also explained that there were two different types. One type was made thru extensive training while the others were natural. The natural, in a lot of cases, needed to be handled more gently. The Master had to take more care to see that the sub did not go further than what was good for them. They tended to do almost anything that was asked of them. No matter how they felt about it, just because it was in their nature to do so.

He then told them that Jan was a natural sub. He could tell that the first time he saw her by the reaction she had to him. He pointed out her stance, arms at the side and head down to not make eye contact. He then told them that she has had no training. To assure everyone there would be no trouble, he told them everything had been discussed with her husband first. Respect for ALL parties was key for things to work out for all concerned.

He told Jan to raise her arms and put her hands behind her head. She did so. Richard leaned over to where his mouth was by her ear and told her the safeword was milk shake. He said this in a low voice but had the microphone where the audience would hear it also.

Master Richard asked Jan if she understood. She nodded yes. He asked her again with a scowl on his face and she answered "Yes, Sir."

"That's better. Now please repeat the safeword."

"Milk shake, Sir."

"Do you promise to use it for any reason you are uncomfortable?"

"Yes, Sir."

Master Richard undid the snap holding the skirt she was wearing. Under it she wore a purple corset with matching G-string, black garter and stockings with high heels.

"Take her and get her ready for the Dark Master."

The tall man in the red robe guided Jan back and to the side of the table center stage. There he gave her a pair of long black gloves that could be zipped together.

He adorned her neck with a black choker with rhinestones and a black rose on it. The gloves were zipped together be hind her back. She was guided to lean against a stool with her legs spread apart. He took what looked like to be jewel encrusted dagger and cut the G-string from her, exposing her shaved, swollen lips.

He went to stand behind her to help support her should she start to fall. A couple of the female subs traveling with Master Richard went to either side of Jan and started kissing her face. Each licked down her neck toward her swollen breast taking one into their mouth. Jan was already having a hard time catching her breath. As a result, she found herself being supported by two very strong arms.

While leaning back, she could see part of the audience. She could see the result the show was having on them. She saw their response. Most were engaged in some sort of sexual ac,t be it masturbating themselves or the person next to them. A few having sex there on a chair.

The subs were now running their hands up her legs to her waiting pussy. Jan caught her breath as one clasped her lips around her clit while the other had started moving her finger inside of her.

Jan thought of Richard as Master Richard. Master Richard was continuing with other demonstrations with more volunteers from the audience.

When the subs that were playing with Jan felt that she was very close to a climax, one went over to tell Richard. He acknowlaged what she said and stopped what He was doing. He went to see how ready Jan was. Feeling the wetness, He motioned for his briefcase sitting at the back of the stage. Opening it she could see all different sizes of plugs and dildos. He started running His hand over them, at the same time judging Jan's reaction when He would hesitate over one. He started to reach for a very large one and saw complete fear in her eyes. Changing His mind He went a few sizes down and saw yearning for this one instead. He opted for the one a little larger seeing apprehension but not fear. Jan was told to look at His eyes while He talked to her. Everything seemed to fade away except the two of them.

Her Master was the only one to bring her to climax unless someone else was instructed to do so. "But tonight, my dear, I am not your Master." He began slowly inserting the dildo. He would bring her to the edge then back off. This was done several times. Each time she was coming closer to the edge. Suddenly she felt the man in red nod. Master Richard stopped, removing the dildo.

Jan was escorted to the center stage and strapped to the table. Wanting to make sure they hadn't gone to far, Master Richard asked if she was doing ok. Jan answered with a "Yes, Sir."

Nodding to her escorts, the table was turned around and laid back to a full reclined position. Her head was pointed to the left of the stage with her feet to the right. She was laid out spread eagle on the table.

Master Richard announced it was time to offer an innocent, He could not say virgin, to the Dark Lord.

Dark music started and the lights went down to just red and purple. The red robed man walked to the head of the table. He started stroking Jan's face and neck while the music played. Slowly his large hands went farther down to start pulling lightly on her nipples.

A gong sounded and the lights went to straight purple. A man in a black leather robe came to the foot of the table. Now Jan started trembling with a slight fear. This new guy was about the same size as the one in red. She had somewhat of an idea of what was about to happen because this was like one of her fantasies. Suddenly she felt a calm over come her as the man in black laid his hands on her legs and started slowly sliding on them up to the junction of the volcano between her legs.

She felt like she was being petted all over. The man in red hand was just resting on her cheek. The only hands moving were from the one in the black, but that was not where she felt like she was being petted.

Suddenly the music came to a crashing halt. A spot light came on, covering the three in bright light. The head rest was unlocked and Jan's head tilted back. The man in the red pulled back his robe showing her one of the largest cocks she had ever seen. He took one of his fingers to guided her mouth open. He slid his cock in and started to rock back and forth. His head started to roll back when Jan caressed him with her tongue. He let out a growl loud enough even the audience heard him. He erupted in a deafening roar.

This was the moment the man in black was waiting for. He removed a dagger from under his robes and held it hovering above Jan. The crowd went silent at this sight. He slowly started using the dagger's edge to cut open the lacing of her corset.

When it was open, he placed the tip of the dagger on her chest and lightly pulled it toward him leaving a scratch all the way down the front of her. He was careful though to make sure she was not harmed by the knife. He handed it to someone who was standing to the side waiting to do his bidding. Opening his robes, he show one of the largest erections anyone had seen. Jan did not get to see it, but could tell she was in for a surprise by the crowds reaction. He stood there with his cock in his hand stroking it while leering down at Jan. Taking his cock, he started rubbing Jan's slit with the head causing her to draw in her breath deeply. In turned making the man in red moan loudly by the sensation caused.

The man in black entered Jan with a swift movement causing her to loose the cock in her mouth. His movements were strong and deep, getting a little faster as time passed. Jan kept pace with him by increasing the suction on the cock in her mouth. Feeling she was close to her climax again and knowing nothing was going to stop it this time, he said in a deep husky voice, "You may have your release now."

This was all she needed to take her right over the edge. Her release was all that was needed to send both men to the edge also. She started sucking for all her life. At the same time her pussy was massaging the cock pleasuring it.

When the guys pulled out of Jan, she moaned in disappointment. They then released her from the table. The man in black pulled her up against his chest, drawing the robe over her nude body while His arm draped in front of her from shoulder to waist holding her to him and also to support her.

"She is now Mine" was all he said. The familiar gong sounded again which brought a slight frown to Jan's face this time. She knew that sound, but from where. As a loud roar went up from the audience she could barely hear the music that started. When she did hear it, a big smile came over her face. She looked up and saw that the Undertaker and Kane stood there. Taker picked her up and left the main room before anyone could come to them.

It had been arranged earlier that all the halls would be cleared and all door ways would be blocked until he had made it to the room set aside for him for the night. Everything that they would need was in there. This was where they were going to spend the rest of the night.

To Be Continued...

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