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Unexpected Guests


My daughter Tami is a freshman at a local community college so she still lives with me at home. I'm a single mother and I don't have a lot of money, but I am proud of the fact that I'm able to at least give Tami some form of higher education. However, while living at home, I still expect her to live by my rules and not run wild like most college kids.

A few weeks ago, my daughter brought home a couple of cute college boys. Later that same afternoon, Tami prepared to take a bath because she thought the boys had already left. Unbeknownst to Tami, the boys only pretended to leave. They actually sneaked back into our trailer home and hid inside my daughter's closet.

The real twist was that the spies were being spied on! Nobody knew that I was already home before they arrived. They also didn't know that I was secretly watching everything that was taking place inside my trailer. My daughter had no idea I was home and the boys had no idea that I knew about their hiding place. I finally made my presence known by going to the front door and acting as if I'd just gotten home from work.

I probably should have been angry about the spies in my daughter's closet, but I hadn't enjoyed romantic fulfillment in quite some time so I was feeling a little mischievous. I decided to pretend like I didn't know the boys were in the closet. My plan was to innocently strip completely naked in front of the boys and do a little teasing in the process.

Unfortunately, my daughter came into the bedroom and took off all her clothes before I was able to put my plan into action. Tami was standing there totally nude and she was unaware that the boys were watching her. Telling Tami about the voyeurs in her closet would have spoiled my fun so I just went ahead and allowed my eighteen-year-old daughter to prance around naked in front of her classmates.

When my daughter finally went into the bathroom to take a bath, the fun really began. First I slowly stripped off all my clothes. Then I posed in front of a mirror and acted as though I was admiring my naked body while the college boys watched. That was all I originally intended to do, but I got carried away and ended up masturbating with a vibrator right in front of the nineteen-year-old spies.

After giving myself an earth-shaking orgasm, I caught the guys slapping their salamis. I even watched as they fired off their stiff cannons. When I caught the boys stroking themselves, I pretended to be shocked and angry. However, the fun didn't stop there. Before the guys left, I took one of them into my bedroom and showed him how to really satisfy a woman. Discovering that I could still excite a college-aged boy was a real thrill for me and I looked forward to my next opportunity.

A few weeks passed and then another opportunity presented itself to me. Tami invited a couple of friends over to eat dinner and watch TV. I assumed that she invited the same boys that participated in our naked romp earlier so I hurried home from work to prepare for the evening. First I thought I'd take a soothing hot bath and then I'd begin preparing dinner.

Even though I live in a trailer home, I have a large tub with whirlpool jets in it so I looked forward to taking a nice long bath. My bathroom curtains were wide open and I saw a man who appeared to be in his forties walking down the street. He stopped at my neighbor's trailer and I concluded that he worked for the electric company. The man was wearing a work shirt and a hardhat, and he was performing the annual inspection of our electric meters.

I was going to close the curtains, but the man looked so handsome and rugged that I decided to leave the curtains open and have some fun. I thought it would be exciting to doing a little harmless flashing for the man as he walked down the street. Unfortunately, I'd forgotten that my electric meter was right below the bathroom window!

As the man approached my trailer, I slowly unzipped my tennis dress down the back and let it fall from my shoulders. My skimpy push-up bra was now in full view and my pretty pink nipples were visible beneath the white lacy fabric. I felt so naughty and sexy as I pushed the dress down in front of me, which generated a rush of excitement throughout my body.

I faced the window and said to myself, "Do you like 'em Mr. Electric Man? Do you like looking at my firm titties pushed up nicely in my sexy bra?"

As the tight fitting tennis dress fell to my waist, I heard grass rustling outside my bathroom window. I sensed that the man was nearby. This made me nervous because I only expected to give the man a little glimpse of me as he walked down the street. I didn't expect him to walk right between the trailers. However, I just assumed that he would pass right through so I decided to push it a little further.

I tugged on my dress a little harder and wiggled my hips back and forth until my dress came free. It slipped past my thighs and fell all the way down my smooth shapely legs. My dress was now pooled at my feet, leaving me clad in just my skimpy bra and panties. After stepping out of my dress, I checked the mirror to see what the man was getting a glimpse of.

I said to myself, "Mmm, look at my shapely body Mr. Electric Man. Look at my fine curves. Do you like my nipples Mr. Electric Man? Do you like looking at my curly brown pussy hair through my sheer panties? I'll bet you do Mr. Electric Man!"

Suddenly my boldness changed to fear as the man stopped right outside my bathroom window. It's true that I wanted to flash the man, but I only wanted to flash him from a distance. I didn't expect him to have a front row seat!

I hadn't made eye-contact with the man, but his shadow confirmed that he was just outside the bathroom window. I always knew the man was watching me, but I was now horrified because it looked like he was going to stay. It looked like he was going to stand outside my window and watch me take a bath!

I tried to determine what possessed the man to boldly walk right up to my bathroom window. I didn't want to let on that I knew he was out there, but I was terribly embarrassed because the man was staring at me from only a few feet away and I was in my underwear!

I looked in the mirror and said to myself, "Oh no! Just look at me. He can see my nipples right through this white lacy bra and my little undies are super sheer, too. The material of these panties are so thin that my butt crack and pussy hair showing right through. He can see almost everything I've got!"

Of course I probably should have run out of the bathroom, but that would have revealed my scheme to the man. It would have confirmed that I intentionally meant to remove my clothes in front of him. Then it would have appeared as if I'd lost the nerve to go any further after he came up to the window. That would have left both of us feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

I didn't want him to think that I was some kind of flaky flasher. I also didn't want him to feel like a perverted voyeur because after all, I was the fuel for temptation in the first place. I quickly came to the conclusion that the only way I'd be able to prove to the man that I was oblivious to his presence was to continue removing my clothes as if I didn't know he was there. Unfortunately, that meant I'd be stripping completely naked while a strange man watched from only a few feet away.

With the man just outside the window, I nervously fumbled with the clasp on my bra, but I was finally able to unfasten it and free my melons from their lacy constraints. That's when I saw the man's reflection in the bathroom mirror. Now I was sure he was peeking through the window. There was no doubt that he was watching me undress and my bare titties were right out in the open where he could plainly see them!

I thought to myself, "The man is right outside my window. How could he be so bold?"

That's when I remembered that the electric meter was right below my bathroom window. He was just doing his job. It wasn't his fault that I was taking my clothes off in front of the window. He couldn't avoid looking at me. He couldn't help it if he had to stand in front of my bathroom window in order to read the meter. However, it was sure taking him a long time to read that meter!

The man's presence made me both nervous and excited at the same time. Again I thought about running out of the bathroom, but the idea of a man watching me take my clothes off was too exhilarating to pass up. The thrill of exhibitionism took over and I quickly worked up the nerve to continue removing my clothes. While taking off my underwear, I just had to act natural. I had to make it appear as if I didn't know the man was there.

As the man watched, I hooked my thumbs inside my white panties and pushed them down my legs. I was left standing there naked, except for my white socks. It was now time to begin filling the tub. When I bent over to turn on the faucet, I kept my legs straight and gave the man a clear view of my bare ass. I even took my time checking the water temperature which gave him a nice long look at my smooth round butt.

I blushed as I thought to myself, "I can't believe I'm showing my bare ass to a stranger. I sure hope he can't see my pussy lips from behind!"

However, I didn't alter my plan. I went ahead and put one foot up on the side of the tub to slip my sock off. When I did, I got a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror.

I thought to myself, "For a thirty-six-year-old single mother, I don't look bad at all. I have a great body, my breasts are nice and firm, my abs are tight and flat, and I've got a beautiful round ass, too! Maybe Mr. Electric Man feels lucky that he's getting a look at me."

Even though I've have a child, my skin is nice and smooth without any marks on it. I've also been pretty lucky to retain my youthful looks. I guess I owe it to my job at the Health and Fitness Club. I spend much of my time there working out, so it allows me to stay in great shape.

While admiring myself in the mirror, I couldn't help noticing how much my daughter and I look alike. Tami is five-foot-two with a slender body and perky breasts. She has dark hair, a cute face and a bubbly personality. Tami is both sweet and cute so there are always plenty of boys hanging around.

I'm five-foot-four and my breasts are somewhat larger than Tami's are, but otherwise we look more like sisters than mother and daughter. Therefore, the man from the electric company may have thought he was watching a younger woman strip for him. That perked up my spirits and made me feel more proud than ashamed to be naked in front of the man.

After removing my socks, I was forced to spread my legs apart in order to step up over the side of the tub and dip a toe into the water. This made me somewhat nervous because the man was about to get a good look at the patch of hair between my legs. I glanced up to see if the man was there, and of course he was still at the window watching as I flaunted my neatly-trimmed brunette bush in front of him.

I finally settled into the tub and positioned myself so that one of the jets was shooting right on my love button. It felt so good that I closed my eyes for a while and let that wonderful feeling begin to build up inside me. As my love juices started to flow, I no longer felt nervous. The thought of a strange man watching me take a bath now excited me and I felt like I wanted to do more in front of him.

As the man continued to watch, I took the soap and began lathering up my body. I slowly massaged my breasts and then I used my index fingers to make little circles over my round rosy nipples. Touching my nipples made me tingle all over and a quick glance up at the window confirmed that the man was enjoying it, too. Then I gently rolled each nipple between my thumb and forefinger until they were nice and hard.

Before washing my hair, I rinsed the soap off my breasts. This insured that the man would be able to examine my ripe melons and pert nipples in all their glory. There wouldn't be any soap suds obstructing the man's view of my titties while I washed my hair. When I raised my arms up to apply shampoo to my hair, my big boobies were thrust out in front of me. I spent a good deal of time lathering up my hair and I made sure that I jiggled my full firm breasts for the man while I vigorously massaged my scalp.

Next I stood up, and with my bare ass pointed right at the man, I lathered my beautiful butt. First I worked my soapy hands all over my smooth tan butt cheeks, and then I moved to the inner portions of my nice firm ass. I even slid my finger up and down my sensitive butt crack and delicately probed my butt hole right in front of the man. Then I bent over to wash my legs and feet, giving the man a fantastic view of my smooth backside. With my legs spread wide apart, he probably could see my pussy lips from behind, too!

While still standing, I turned around and lathered up my hands again. Then I slowly slid my soft hands up between my inner thighs until I finally reached my pleasure patch. While continuing to face the man, I moved my hands all the way up to my neatly-trimmed brunette bush and then I shampooed my girl fur. Once I was finished with my pussy hair, I dipped a finger down between my legs and made sure that my pink place was nice and clean. My slippery finger split my pink pussy lips and I leaned back to give the man a clear view of my sweet snatch. The man had to be enjoying the show I was putting on now!

After teasing my pussy to the brink of an orgasm, I settled back in front of the whirlpool jet and let the rushing water work its magic between my legs. The feeling was building stronger and stronger as I massaged my breasts. Having the warm water shoot straight at my little clitty felt fantastic as the emotional tension continued to build. Then the pressure inside me became so strong that I couldn't hold back any longer and my body erupted in a powerful orgasm. I was moaning so loud that the man from the electric company probably heard me, even over the sound of the whirlpool jets.

I laid motionless in the whirlpool for a while, but after getting a grip on my senses, I rinsed off and got out of the tub. I dried myself off, but instead of wrapping the towel around me, I hung the towel up and stayed in the nude. The man got a good look at my bare boobies as I dried my hair.

With my hands holding the hair brush and hair drier up above my head, my breasts wobbled in front of me. I even exaggerated my movements to make sure I put on a good show for the man. I also remained naked as I put on my make-up. When I was finally finished pampering myself, I concluded that the man had seen enough and I went into the kitchen to start making dinner.

Still in the nude, I entered the kitchen and put a few pans on the stove. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I was bare-assed naked and the living room window was between me and my clothes!

The only way I could gain access to my clothes was to pass directly in front of the living room window. Whoever was at the door would be able to see me without a stitch of clothing on! All I could do was grab the only thing available in the kitchen. It was a red and white plaid apron that really didn't provide much coverage. However, it was better than nothing.

The bib part of the apron was obviously not meant to be worn alone. My large breasts threatened to spill out the sides and my nipples were about to pop out on top. The short hem of the apron stopped right at the bottom of my soft pussy hair.

If I pulled down on the apron to completely hide my bush, my titties would pop out on top. If I pulled the apron up to cover my breasts, my soft brown pussy hair would peek out from below. My only option was to position the apron so that my nipples and pussy were teetering on the brink of exposure. Of course my butt was still showing, although the ties of the apron hung down over the crack of my ass.

I covered myself the best I could and then I opened the door. It was the guy from the electric company. When he saw what I was wearing, his eyes about jumped out of his head. It appeared that the man found it more exciting to see me barely covered by the pretty apron than to see me completely naked.

As the man surveyed my barely covered body, I asked, "What can I do for you?"

He grinned, cleared his throat and said, "I just want to give you your inspection certificate."

I took the card and asked, "Are you finished with your inspection or is there something else you want to look at?"

He grinned at me, but he didn't know how to answer the question.

Then I asked the man, "Usually you just attach this card to the meter. Why did you take the time to give it to me in person?"

The man said, "Since you were home, I decided to give you personal service."

I gave him a curious expression and then I asked, "Since I was home? How did you know I was home? I was taking a bath."

Then I acted a little frantic and said, "Wait a minute...you'd have only known I was home if you looked in my bathroom window. Were you watching me take a bath? Did you see me naked!"

His face turned red as he stammered, "No...no, of course not. I was just trying to be nice."

Then I calmed down and said, "Okay. I'm sorry for misjudging you. I guess you're telling the truth" even though we both knew he was lying.

The man asked if he could come in and I must admit that I was tempted, but I told him that I was expecting company. At that very moment, a college-aged boy walked up and claimed that he was invited for dinner. The man from the electric company gave me an impish smirk as I allowed the nineteen-year-old boy to enter my trailer home.

I blushed as I tried to explain to the man, "This isn't what it looks like."

The man just laughed and said, "Whatever," and then he walked away.

I closed the front door and turned to face the boy. I was somewhat embarrassed because I was still clad in only that little apron and I was now standing in front of a boy that I'd never met before. He said that his name was Brock and then he asked if Tami was home. I told him that she would be home any minute and then I said that I had to get back into the kitchen.

I expected the boy to wait in the living room, but he followed me into the kitchen. He even took a seat at the kitchen table. The boy apparently intended to watch me cook and all I was wearing was a tiny apron!

I had bread baking, spaghetti sauce cooking and water boiling, so I couldn't just walk away and let the food burn. I had to continue cooking and let the boy gawk at my bare ass. I hoped the ties of the apron were covering my butt crack, but I could feel them sliding around on my bare butt cheeks as I moved around the kitchen. It was obvious that the apron ties were not offering any coverage at all, which I'm sure delighted the college-aged boy.

It was an awkward situation and neither one of us knew what to say so I just continued cooking in silence. The boy was only a few feet behind me as I bent over to check on the bread. I felt the apron strings shift and I could tell that my butt crack was totally exposed. In my bent over position, I was also worried that the boy was getting an eyeful of my pussy lips from behind. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do about it so I simply let him look.

Then I was forced to reach up into the cabinet to get the spaghetti noodles. When I did, the hem of the short apron climbed up in front me, putting a large portion of my soft brown pussy hair on display. Seeing that I was in a vulnerable position, the boy quickly moved forward and asked me if I needed any help.

Brock certainly knew I was capable of retrieving a box of noodles by myself. The only reason the boy stepped up to help was to afford himself a better view of my pussy hair. It was very embarrassing to have my brown bush right out where the boy could see it, but I was unable to hide it from him and cook at the same time. Therefore I was forced to give the boy a clear view of my furry beaver. After getting the noodles, the apron fell back into place so the boy returned to his chair as I continued making the spaghetti.

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