tagInterracial LoveUnexpected Interest Ch. 06

Unexpected Interest Ch. 06



Lol you guys, my readers, are so assertive. I had so many friendly requests/borderline threats about this Epilogue it was unbelievable. But hey, it just shows how much you enjoy my stuff and I'm not gonna complain lol. I'm happy you love it. But this is just a cute little update on them, nothing too heavy, fun, upbeat. Not too much sex either so *shrug* Hope you enjoy this.



"I think you and Bobby urged Cameron to finally ask the question." Olivia mumbled with a smile from the floor of Natasha's brand new, mustard colored living room. Bobby, Cameron and Tyson left with the U-Haul to pick up the furniture but the women decided to consummate the house with a full glass of wine. Natasha and Bobby had been happily married for over a year, and she stole a quick look at her ring. The ring was a unique raw gemstone flushed with purple and pinks surrounded by small diamonds. It was so unique and had such an earthy feel; Natasha loved it as soon as she saw it.

"Did he ask you?" Summer whispered intensely. You could see her hands tighten around her glass and the tension in the room grew thick.

"Yesterday." Olivia laughed and eagerly held out her hand to show off her beautiful diamond ring. It twinkled in the light and Olivia could hardly keep her eyes off of it. Natasha laughed in excitement then Summer and Naomi joined in.

"I'm so happy for you! How'd he do it?" Natasha asked excitedly. The entire feel of the topic brought back memories of her own proposal, honeymoon and wedding. Bobby was so clever with his proposal; Natasha doubted he came up with it on his own. One Saturday morning she headed out to her garden as she typically did and sat Iodine beside her. About a half hour into her work, her hands wandered across a small box. And when she opened it, Bobby was watching behind her. But her wedding was large and tasteful. Her best friends and sister of course took their spot in the wedding party while Cameron, Tyson and William walked down the aisle with them. All of their family and friends watched quietly and Natasha was in total bliss. Almost as soon as the wedding ended, Bobby whisked her away to Hawaii to enjoy nature climbs and plenty of sex for a little over 2 weeks.

"He was so nervous. We were just watching TV and he just pulled it out and asked me. I had on a cucumber face mask and everything. But I surely did cry my eyes out." Olivia said. Natasha knew her crying moments weren't over and she could see the tears forming in her eyes.

"When is the wedding?" Summer asked while taking a small sip of her wine.

"I have no clue. My art work is really taking off and I don't want to be bothered with wedding plans right now. I'm happy with flaunting off the ring." Olivia said while rolling her eyes and taking a big swig from her glass. All of the women laughed lightly.

"It's definitely beautiful Liv." Naomi said thoughtfully.

"So who's helping you cook the food for the house warming party?" Summer asked. She looked around aimlessly and purposefully avoided eye contact.

"Well, I was hoping my favorite girls would—"

"Hell no, Natasha! I can't cook! I hate cooking." Summer complained with obvious agitation in her voice. Natasha knew it'd be difficult to try and convince her friend to aid her in food preparation but she needed help. All of her family and all of Bobby's family would be joining them and she couldn't make all the food for alone.

"Please Summer? I'll help you do everything. All you'd have to do is listen to me." Natasha pleaded.

"Naomi can't help?" Summer asked and shot pleading eyes towards the brown woman who was unusually quiet.

"No, she's practicing at the studio that night. It's the last rehearsal before the recital and she can't miss it." Natasha said. Her sister was working hard in her dance studio in training for the big show planned at the end of the month. Plenty of women were enrolling their children in the dance company and the tuition was a pretty penny. But Naomi's experience and skill was worth it.

"Tash, you better be lucky—"Summer said through clenched teeth. Natasha's cheers of excitement cut her off entirely and a glimpse of hope filled her insides. Gina was still hard to impress even though their bond was strengthening as in-laws and she wanted to make sure her food was as good as it could be. The doorbell rang and Natasha speedily got up to answer it. Bobby and Cameron stood on the other side while holding her big couch. She stepped aside to let them in and they thudded toward the living room.

"Congratulations Cameron." Natasha said matter-of- factly. He smiled back at her and she didn't fight the feeling to return it. Tyson followed them with her armchair.

When Natasha closed the door behind them and came back into view of the living room, it was already placed. Her brow was furrowed and Bobby's eyes narrowed when he saw she was unhappy.

"Baby, move it to the left a little?" Natasha asked in a small voice. Cameron and Bobby grunted while they shoved the couch a little more to the left. When Natasha had finished directing the placement of all the furniture, she clapped excitedly.

"Perfect." She said while she sensed the position of everything. They decided to mix all of their belongings to best fit the style they wanted. Bobby insisted on having the homely feel Natasha sported in her old town house but Natasha wanted all of his electronics because they were most likely more up to date than hers. So her wooden table made its way back to the dining room, the brown faux leather couches were placed delicately and Bobby's plasma hung on the wall. But Iodine still sat in his small cage in the corner of the room.

"I bought the supplies to make him a new cage. It'll be up by tomorrow; don't worry." Bobby mumbled. He walked passed her and his arm skimmed her own lightly. She would've slapped his ass if it hadn't been for the company gathered around the island counter in the kitchen behind her. The large house had so many windows and the amount of light it let in was delighting. She was so glad to have Cameron as their realtor; he knew exactly what they wanted.


"Do you like it?" Bobby asked from Natasha's lap. The TV played quietly on the opposite wall but Natasha was focused on her crochet. Bobby rested his head on her upper thigh and the sound of his deep voice startled her. She stopped working to look down into his eyes.

"I love it." She said honestly. She never felt so much more cleansed and in a way she felt like more of a wife. Bobby had moved most of his things into storage and moved in with her and it did make them feel like somewhat of a husband/wife, she still couldn't shake the spirit of single life around her. But this house was different.

"Good... I love you." He said sweetly. Natasha gave him a closed lipped smile before she replied.

"Mmm, I love you." Bobby sat up and was suddenly a little higher than Natasha on the bed. He moved toward her lips and kissed them passionately. Natasha latched onto his bottom lip and nibbled on it ever so lightly. Bobby wasted no time with gripping the endings of her tank top to rip it over her head. The momentary pause didn't faze them and his ministrations continued on her lips.

His coarse hands gently massaged her brown tits and his messy hair was suddenly all she could see on her chest. He suckled on her right nipple and took in her entire areola too. He removed all the air from his lips and Natasha could feel the roof of his mouth on her nipple and his hot tongue was lashing at her nub. The feeling was unexplainable and was the reason for her loud whimper. Bobby furthered his lips down her stomach, to the hood of her pussy between her thighs and she spread them carefully.

The look his black eyes gave her made her nibble on the insides of her bottom lip. He nuzzled up to her warm snatch eagerly and breathed in her sweet aroma. Bobby wrapped his hands around her thighs and tugged light. Natasha scooted down from her sitting position on the bed, to lie on her back with her legs on his shoulders.

Bobby quickly indulged into her folds and she quivered when his tongue lapped up her juices. Bobby's flat, pink tongue covered her entire pussy and he quickly moved his head up and down. Natasha had never felt him do that move on her before but she was glad he had tried it out. He alternated between that and letting the tip of his tongue slash at her sensitive pink clitoris.

"Oh, shit." She mumbled when he slipped his middle finger into her tight hole. He flipped his finger around inside her so that his palm face the ceiling. Natasha could feel his digit intentionally rubbing on the hood of her core. He was roughly pushing on her spot and she could barely contain her release. She molded her swollen lips into the shape of a circle and sat up on her forearms to watch her husband bring her to orgasm.

Bobby saw her French tips clench on the sheets and he felt her body clench below him. She purred out something unintelligible and he advanced for her lips. She received them hungrily and Bobby was thankful she was on the pill. Without even having to think about it, he slipped into her awaiting cunt. They groaned in harmony at the sensation they provided one another.

Something about Bobby's lovemaking seemed different to Natasha. It was so intense and every thrust or buck of his hips weren't undetected. Every vein brushed her walls, the skin rippled inside her and the ridges around his tip scraped at her spot. Natasha was already on the brink of cumming again, and he wasn't even 5 minutes in. She groaned when he put in more force and gripped his flexing biceps.

Natasha let her release go and she clenched her eyes shut as it passed. The feeling was rejuvenating and she felt as if she had never came a day in her life. Natasha's mouth was pursed as if to let a loud, horror movie type of cry escape her lips, but nothing came out. Bobby stopped making love to her when he saw the beads of water forming in the corner of her eyes. It rolled down her cheek and ended somewhere beside her ear.

She finally let a sound escape her lips and it was a piercing shriek. Bobby pulled out quickly and moved his hand to the side of her jaw.

"Natasha? Whats wrong?" He asked intensely. Natasha's eyes suddenly opened and she couldn't believe what had happened. She cried during an orgasm. Although it was one of the most powerful orgasms she had, she still didn't see why she needed to shed tears.

What the fuck? They both thought internally.

"I don't know." She mouthed. Bobby looked at her strangely and took his spot beside her in bed. His dick was completely flimsy between his legs and his drive was nowhere in sight. He reached over to turn off the lamp on his side of the bed and Natasha reached for him before he could.

"You didn't cum." She whispered. Natasha mistook his confusion and worry for agitation and annoyance. His brows were pushed together in a straight line and he was turning on his side, away from her.

"It's okay." He said delicately.

"Bobby I'm sorry. We can finish." She whined. Bobby's confusion was ever more aroused. Natasha sounded like a child on the verge of having a weeping tantrum. He quickly reached out for her hips and his warm hold seemed to calm her.

"It's alright baby. Just go to sleep." He figured she really must have needed it.


"Is it finished?" Natasha asked at the same time she walked down the carpeted steps. The wide, mahogany rabbit cage looked like a part of the décor and she couldn't wait to let Iodine be free. She knew he must hate being confined in the small wire cage and she almost sprinted to go get him.

Once he was in his new home, Natasha recognized they'd better get going. They had tons of things to do that day and if they didn't leave as soon as possible, it'd never get done. She made sure to dress comfortably so she decided on some jean shorts and a pink v-neck. Bobby could see she was ready to start their day and followed her while she led them to the car. Once they were in the BMW, he grasped he had no idea what they had planned today.

"So what are we doing?" He asked.

"We're going to Home Depot to get flowers and stuff for the garden so I can get started, we need to stop by Marshalls so I can get more things for the house, I was thinking we could start grocery shopping for the house warming party and then the cable is being set up at 7 so we need to be back by then." She said quickly. Bobby rolled his eyes at the road and dreaded the day ahead of constantly running the streets and shopping with Natasha. Although he did love Home Depot, so that was a plus.


"Hello. Do you need any help with anything?" An older woman asked Natasha. Bobby was pushing the huge, industrial like cart that was filled with different plants and mulches. They were wandering the aisles that were located outside and Natasha thought of a conflict she could ask the employee her opinion on.

"Um, yes actually. Are you in charge of the garden area?" Natasha asked. She wanted to make sure the woman was remotely capable of answering her question before she took the time to ask.

"Yes I am. I'm certain I can help you with anything." She said with a smile. Natasha took in the gardening battle scars of dirt on her orange smock and gave her a light smile.

"Wonderful. I was thinking about purchasing a fertilizer and I just wanted to know which ones I should use. I typically use a compost but I moved and I don't have time to rebuild because it takes a bit to get the element levels right. So I want a fertilizer that's high in Nitrogen, absorbs in the soil but doesn't sponge up the water I feed the plants." Natasha told the woman. She seemed somewhat overwhelmed with Natasha's specific request but quickly understood what she was asking for.

"Okay, just follow me." She said. The woman wandered down the sunny aisles and slowed when she came upon the bagged fertilizers. She browsed for a mere 2 seconds before she tapped a bag firmly.

"This is what you want." Natasha immediately went to inspect the ingredients label. She wanted to be careful about what she put in her garden, because some things that were claimed to be organic and safe really weren't. Natasha pondered on whether or not she'd just rebuild her compost and use her on fertilizer. But she couldn't keep walking to the front door of her house without seeing colorful and vibrant flowers. Espec

"We have a sample too. It's in this pot." The helper woman said and she waved her arm toward a clay pot holding a medium sized shrub. Natasha made her way over so she could inspect the soil. The pot was located on the ground so she squatted to get a better look. She instantly dug her hand into the dirt. She pulled out a small sample to find it was perfect for the soil. She stood up satisfied.

But as she straightened her legs to stand, her head began to pound. A small bead of sweat formed on her brow and her vision went blurry. She reached her hands out to grasp something but instead fell backwards. She gasped a jagged breath when she fell into a strong chest.

"Natasha?" Bobby asked, helping her stand on her own.

"Thanks baby." She started. Bobby was somewhat hesitant to let her go but she slithered away from his grip to turn and face the woman watching it all.

"How much is this one?" Natasha asked while gesturing toward the fertilizer.

"30 dollars a bag." She said. Natasha's eyes widened at the steep price for a bag of no more than a few pounds of substance. Bobby could sense her discomfort with the price.

"Buy it so we can go. No more shopping for today; you need to lie down." Bobby said hardheartedly behind her. They had done everything on her list except shop for the party. Natasha rolled her eyes like a teenage girl and proceeded to go get the bag positioned on the shelf but Bobby was quicker than her. He had it in his hands within 2 seconds and it was on the cart before she could blink.

"Thank you so much, Erin." Natasha told the small woman. She nodded at them before she walked away. Bobby kept her eyes intently on hers and Natasha tried to head in the direction of the register without hearing his comments about the little scenario.

"Natty, you okay?" He mumbled as they rang up their things. She nodded strongly.

"Yeah I'm fine. I just got up too fast."


"You want to watch Bambi?" Natasha asked from the bedroom door. Bobby was stretched out on the bed lazily and when she spoke, only his eyes moved.

"You can watch it up here, but I might fall asleep. I'm tired." He mumbled. He had done a lot and had every reason to be exhausted. He put in the linoleum for the bathrooms, cut the grass, set up the basketball hoop and tried it out almost all afternoon. Although Natasha worked on her yard the entire evening, she was still wide awake and nowhere near tired.

Natasha brought the DVD up to the master bedroom and played it on the TV. She nestled up against her husband and he held her loosely. Bambi was Natasha's favorite movie and she had seen it well over 20 times. But as the part came when Bambi's mother was killed, Natasha surprised herself.

Within an instant tears were streaming down her face and her brown cheeks were soaked in water. When the scene played out further, her tears morphed into full blown sobs and Bobby was awoken. He modeled the same perplexed face he had been wearing a lot recently and looked down on Natasha.

She wiped away her tears with the back of her hand and reached for the DVD remote. When she had it in her hands, she cut the movie off and sniffled back into Bobby's side.

"Natty?" He mumbled in a raspy voice. Natasha jumped when she felt his voice through his body and looked up into his black eyes.

"I didn't mean to wake you." She whispered. Bobby kissed her forehead tenderly before he leaned his head back onto the headboard so he could resume his sleep. Natasha spared a glance at Bobby's sweats and could see the outlining of his cock, even though it was lifeless between his legs. She decided to be bold and ran her fingers over the meeting of his thighs. The moment her hands touched his clad manhood, he awoke and sprang to life beside her.

"What are you doing?" He grumbled. Natasha stopped rubbing him so she could climb over his legs. Her hands found his and she straddled him face forward.

"I'm really tired baby." He said softly. He looked into her wet eyes through low, heavy lids and she looked so hopeful. Natasha kissed his lips and Bobby almost complied. Almost.

Natasha was devastated when Bobby pulled away from her kiss and groaned in displeasure. He read her face right away and wondered when she became so clingy. Natasha deflated over him and crawled to her spot on the bed. Silently, she turned off the light and tried to fall asleep. Less than 5 minutes later, Bobby took a large breath and peeled the covers off of Natasha. She angrily looked up at him but could only see his form in the darkness.

"Tell me what you want." He roared. Natasha's panties moistened and she took an audible gulp. While he awaited a reply, his hands were searching for her panties and he irritably took them off. The soft flesh of her body contrasted to his raging emotions.

"You." She whispered. Bobby shoved a finger into her awaiting pussy and Natasha howled at the ceiling. Bobby pumped her slowly and bent down to her ear.

"You're so spoiled. Do you know that?" He mumbled. The words turn Natasha on as she realized her husband did spoil her. All she had to do was act the slightest bit upset, and whatever it was she wanted was hers. So that was the reason her fatigued man was using all of his energy to make sure she went to sleep satisfied. Natasha felt bad... for a moment. Until she concluded, she really needed him. To have him fill her and give her interest was a craving. Like a desire for a certain food after seeing the commercial on TV.

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