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Unexpected Night


It had been raining all day today, it was also my first day off in a long time and I was spending it at home, making sure the house doesn't burn down, or the dogs don't dig holes 6ft deep. I'm 18 working my butt off at Jr. College and part time at the mall just so I can transfer to a university in a few years and get the hell out of here, I'm still living at home, which in my own opinion sucks. My mom is off to Vegas on one of her monthly trips and I'm stuck at home this weekend, which isn't new (I've been staying home alone watching the house since I was 15). The only thing that really made today suck is the fight I got into with my bestfriend earlier. Usually Ani would come over and stay with me when I had to be alone, just to keep me from going insane and bored out of my mind. Also just to keep me feeling safe, sad but true, I just feel safer with someone else sharing this house with me. But since the stupid fight we had I knew she was going to come over, not until I apologized and I wasn't ready to do that just yet. I never had party's when my mom was gone and fact was Ani is the only person that I let in, I don't even have William (my now love interest) stay over.

I just sit in the living room on the bench style window set and watch the rain hit and run off the window, out side looks so damn gray, but then again so does inside. It was getting close to 6 o'clock so I figured I would make some dinner. I went into the kitchen opened the freezer and figured a hotpocket would do just fine. I'm not big on cocking, as long as I can pop it into the micro I'm fine, anything other then that I'm just lost. I started feeling more and more down about the fight. Ani and I've been friend since we were little girls, but now its seems that we are getting farther and farther apart with time. The newest thing that had been keeping us apart is William, I know I've been spending probably way too much time with him and not enough with her, but William is my first real boyfriend (I know how sad that is). I've never really been big on self-esteem. I had a very negative way of looking at myself (like most young lady's my age). I was slightly overweight (185), but its not like I'm unhealthy, I walk a lot and go out and do stuff. I'm average height about 5'6" not too short, not too tall. The reason why I'm so shy is because of my breast (they are quite large). I started to develop at a very young age (8 in a half years old), forced into womanhood so to speak. However kids can be cruel and I was considered a freak of nature, so I always hide my chest (which grew to be 40DDD), in baggy T-shirts. I had a belly on me (my waist measuring 36) and pretty brood hips (they measure around about 40), guess somewhat an hour glass figure. If I had to pick the one thing I liked most about my appearance it would be my large gold-green eyes. They change color with my moods, and in my opinion were beautiful and went great with my short curly red hair.

William was the first boy I ever really kissed (french kissed), and even though we've been going out for only a few months I've already lost my virginity to him. First time really sucked (guess I forgot to tell him I was a virgin, because he went way too fast and way too hard), but every time after that it's been great. I won't go as far as to say I'm in love but its definitely mutual lust. William is just so gorgeous that at times I sit there looking at him and wondering what the hell he's doing with someone like me. William's pretty tall (6'1"), and kinda gaunt looking, his pale skin makes him look even more so that way. His hair was dark and curly and down to his shoulders, it was thick but very soft (I loved running my fingers through it). His eyes are this almost indescribable midnight blue color, that I could just get lost in. His face's kinda long and he had chiseled features, and his voice was soft and deep. What I really liked about him was his sarcastic witty humor, matched mine, one of the reasons we got a long so great.

The hours ran on and finally around 8 o'clock the rain stopped and I took my two beagle puppies out for a walk. As they ran a head of me mockingly pulling my down the sidewalk with them I enjoyed the smell of the world after a hard rain, everything was just so fresh. I was only walking the puppies around the block, half way back to the house it started to rain, and I don't mean the soft sprinkle, I mean a full on down pour. By the time I was on my porch I was drenched and so were the puppies (although unlike me they didn't seem much to mind). I opened the door and just let them in, I didn't care if they got the whole house wet (thank goddess for dark carpeting and furniture). As they ran a muck, I locked up and ran to the bathroom, pealing off my wet clothes as I went. Finally once naked I stood and looked at myself in the bathrooms full length mirror (to have a full length mirror in a bathroom is just cruel in my book). My light tan skin was covered in goose bumps, and my short wet hair clanged to my forehead in little soggy ringlets. My pale breast were heavy and starting to sag a little do to their own weight, my areolas are a light pink, my nipples were small and only a shade darker, they were starting to harden do to the cold air. I shivered and turned around to look at my butt, which was very very white do to the fact that it has never seen the light of day (not really a nude sunbather). My butt was a nice size though soft and round (more then a handful).

I turned on the shower and let it fill the bathroom with hot steam before I jumped in. The moment the hot water touched my body I sighed and leaned against the tiled wall, letting the water run down my back. I probably stayed a good half hour in the shower just letting my muscles relax. Usually when taking a shower I indulge in a little self-pleasure, but tonight I was just too tired. I wrapped myself in a fluffy pink towel and just went straight to my room, and plopped down on my black gothic canopy bed and roll over reaching for the bottle of sleeping pills on my night table (I'm a bit of a Excedrin PM addict, its bad but its the only thing that keeps the nightmares at bay, yes I know I need therapy). I down two with a can of flat Dr. Pepper turn on my radio and just lay down in my dark room. My door was open a little to let the dogs in if they got lonely...usually they slept in my room. It was about 10 when I finally fell into a deep sleep. I dreamt I was in a forest, lost, and something was chasing me, and I heard a women screaming out my name. I tried to run to the sounds of the scream, but I kept stumbling and falling face down, I knew every time I fell the monster would get closer but I just couldn’t stop falling. I never saw the monster but I knew it was back there looking for me, I also never saw the lady screaming my name but I knew that if I reached her the nightmare would be over. I woke panicked in the darkness, my breath coming to me in ragged gasps. It took me a few seconds to realize that the darkness wasn’t because of my room but because of a blindfold that was covering my eyes, when I went to move to remove it I realized that I was tied down. For a moment I thought this was just a perverse moment in my dream.

"I see you are finally awake." A deep voice said near my right ear, he was so close that I could feel his hot breath on my skin. I shivered and panicked, I wanted to scream, but my voice was choked off due to my fear. "You are not real....this is a dream....I will wake up soon." I whisper more to myself then to the intruder. "Now really do you believe that?" He asked...I felt him trace the side of my face with his index finger. "Please...don't...touch me." I cringed. "Intimacy problems I see." "No its just I usually have a problem with strangers who tie me to my own bed and then touch me." I said dryly then expected him to slap me or worse, all he did was chuckle, which was very unnerving. "You have guts...I like that. You are also very pretty. Imagine my surprise when I broke into this seemingly unoccupied house and here you where sleeping in nothing but a towel. Man what did you take anyway, you never even woke up when I tied you blindfolded you and took off the towel." "I took some Excedrin PM.”

“That shits strong if it wasn’t for your breathing I would have thought you were dead. It looked like you were having a nightmare.” I felt him sit down next to my right side on the bed.

“Yeah I was having a nightmare, but woke up to worse.” I felt his hand rest lightly on my bare stomach.

“Now that hurt, I don’t think I’m worse then a nightmare, actually I think I’m a pretty nice guy, and I’m willing to bet that you will think so too soon.”

“I’ll take that bet.” He lightly rubbed my tummy.

“Do you have a name?”


“That’s a very beautiful name. I would tell you my name, but then I’m sure you wouldn’t know if I was only making it up. Elizabeth do you mind if I kiss you?”

“Yes I do mind if you kissed me! I rather you not, if its all the same thank you.” My answer fell on deaf ears, his hand moved off my stomach and onto the bed so he could brace himself. He slowly leaned forward and within seconds I felt his lips press lightly on mine (his lips were so soft and so full), I didn’t give into the kiss even though it felt so intimate so familiar. His tongue lightly ran over my lips before they parted on their own accord, once his tongue gained access it lightly ran over my own. This kiss seemed to go on forever finally he pulled back, living me with an aftertaste of sweet mints.

“See that wasn’t so horrible now was it Elizabeth?” His voice was a little cocky.

“It was absolutely unpleasant.”

“Now I know that’s only your defense mechanism kicking in. Tell me something, do you have a boyfriend?” “Why you want to take me out on a date or something?” I replied sarcastically, he only laughed, then bent forward and gave me another short light kiss on the corner of my mouth.

“Do you realize how vulnerable you are right now.”

“I’m trying to forget the vulnerable part.”

“If you let yourself you could really enjoy this.” I felt him move his body a little farther down the bed, then I felt his hot breath on my left nipple, my whole body tensed knowing what was coming next. I felt his hot wet tongue ever so lightly lick my nipple then he blew air on my small pink bud to get it to harden, which it did even though my mind was screaming at it not to. His lips clamped around my hardening nipple and he started to lightly suck, his other hand cupping my right breast and lightly pinching and toying with my other hardening nipple. I tried so hard to make my body not respond, I tried just to shut off my brain, but it didn’t work. After a few minutes he came up for air (I was hoping that he was finished), I felt him straddle my waist, I could feel that he was still wearing jeans, which was strangely relieving. Without saying anything he went back to work on my breast, his hands lightly squeezing, massaging them every once in awhile he would pinch my nipples, not to hard but hard enough to get me to squeak. He bent down and started suckling again, I couldn’t help it anymore, I moaning softly, hoping he wouldn’t hear (no such luck).

“I told you, you would enjoy this.” His voice was both smug and hot with lust. “You have just huge tits, I love them, I don’t think I’ve ever seen bigger. You’re so soft and warm, I can see myself staying here for a long time.”

“I’m not enjoying this and I’d rather you get this over with, I can do without the foreplay.”

“Where’s the fun without foreplay. I enjoy pleasing you, and your moans are enough to stroke me to my full hardness, if you didn’t already realize that from the fell of my jeans.”

“Yeah I was trying to ignore that little fact.”

“Well in that case let me help make that a little more difficult for you.” I felt him get off the bed and then I heard the loudest sound I’ve ever heard, the sound of his jeans unzipping. A new wave of fear washed over me.

“I’ll scream.” I said in a panicked voice.

“No you wont. Even if you don’t want to admit it to me, you know yourself deep down this is what you desire.”

“Desire? I think not. This is rape, and it’s not something I desire.”

“It would only be rape if you didn’t say yes, and I’m very confident you will say yes.”

“Over confident.” I felt him get back on the bed and straddle me again. I felt his naked muscular thighs on either side of me. He leaned down again and kissed me, it was a little more aggressive then the first kiss but still as sweet. I knew I would never say yes, even though my body was betraying me, I knew my voice wouldn’t. He started to kiss my chin and on down to my neck stopping for a moment to nip at it. Then he moved on kissing between my breast and down to my stomach, once he got to my navel he lightly ran is tongue around it and then lightly tongue fucked my navel. He moved down lower stopping to admire my trimmed light red bush, he kissed the top of my slit and then teasingly ran his tongue over my clit.

“So beautiful.” He mumbled to himself then he started to lightly tongue my clit again. With my legs tied to the bed there wasn’t much I could do to stop him, so I just bit onto my lower lip hard to keep from moaning out. His tongue was circling and only paying attention to my clit which was hardening and sticking up begging for more attention, my juices where starting to flow, and I knew my rapist knew this and was feeding off of my reaction, I hated that my body was reacting in such a way.

“You taste so sweet, and your body is reacting to my attention, my dear Elizabeth.”

“So I cant control my body nothing new there, hey say buddy why don’t you unblindfold me.” He laughed.

“You truly are cute, but no I think the blindfold will heighten your experience, lets leave it on for now.” I felt his fingers lightly spread my moistened pussy lips, and then his tongue lap up my juices, he raised his head once again. “You never answered my question about having a boyfriend.”

“Why should I? Would you answer if I asked if you had a girlfriend?”

“Yes I would answer, and the answer is yes I do have a girlfriend.” He said candidly.

“You really are an asshole, and if you must know yes I have a wonderful boyfriend.”

“A wonderful boyfriend, yet he let you stay all alone with no protection.”

“He didn’t know I would be all alone, he thought I was going to have a friend over.” I defend William without really knowing why, it just seemed right.

“Did he call at all today to find out if your friend got here?”

“Well no.”

“Some boyfriend.”

“At least I know he’s not going around braking into houses and tying women up and violating them.” I said angrily

“You don’t know that, he could be.”

“You are an asshole you know.”

“Yes so I’ve been told. Do you love your boyfriend.”

“Yes.” I said without even thinking it just came out automatically.

“How…interesting.” Was his only comment, I felt him slip a finger in to my wet pussy, gently he moved it around. His lips clasped my clit and he sucked on it, lightly flicking it with his tongue as his finger fucked my very wet pussy. I moaned and bucked my hips a little.

“I hate you!” I yelled, he didn’t stop to say a witty reply, his finger found my gspot and he gently bit my clit, exciting me even more. It was as if he already knew my body and knew what exactly to do to make it respond. It was very unnerving for a stranger to know me so well. He inserted another finger and he let go of my clit raising his head, he started to finger fuck me more forcefully.

“Admit it you love this.” His voice was thick with lust. What could I really say to it, yes my body loved it that was obvious, but my conscience hated it.

“Fine you win, yes my body loves what you are doing.”

“I told you, you would enjoy this.” He said triumphantly, with his other hand he grabbed my clit and started to pinch it, I moaned loudly. “Are you going to cum for me. Come on I know you want to. Cum for me Elizabeth.”

“Don’t stop…please don’t stop.” I whispered.

“Wouldn’t think of it.” I felt him move around the bed and then I felt his fingers slid out of my pussy, leaving me feeling so empty. He replaced his fingers though with his hard thick cock, stretching my pussy with its thickness. “God you are so tight.” He moaned as he started gently fuck me, he also nuzzled my neck sucking on it.

“Don’t go so slow…please fuck me harder.”

“So you like it hard do you.” He pulled all the way out and then slammed back into me. “How’s this…hard enough for you…you sexy slut.” He pounded away, biting my neck and roughly handling my breast, pinching my nipples hard.

“Oh fuck, yess fuck me.” I moaned out loving the sensation.

“Are you going to cum for me slut? Are you going to cum while my big cock is deep inside you.”

“Mmmm yes.”

“Cum for me then, Cum for me right now!” He yelled his command as he slid his hand between us and fingered my clit.

“I'm so close.”

“Yes you little slut, cum for me now!” He pinched my clit hard, that was all it took. My orgasm was like electricity, leaving me unable to speck all I could do was moan. My tight pussy clenched around his cock.

“Mmmm yes slut cum, god I’m going to cum now, you are going to make me cum deep inside your pussy.” He slammed into me two more times before buried his cock deep in me and pumped his hot cum into my womb. This set off a smaller orgasm in me again and I moaned and he grunted collapsing onto me, our sweaty bodies touching each other smothering each other. Finally he rolled off of me and curled up with me, it took a few minutes before my mind finally clicked on

“Can you please untie me.” My arms and legs were sore from being tied for such a long time. I didn’t ask him to take off the blindfold because I figured he wouldn’t anyway. He moved and untied my wrist from the ropes around the mettle bars of my bed. He took my hands in his and massaged life back into them. Then he moved to my ankles and did the same, I sighed and thanked him. He laid back down and curled up to be wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his head on the back of my shoulder. I relaxed and was half way back to sleep when he whispered into my ear.

“You never asked me to take off the blindfold.” He whispered.

“Would you if I had asked?” He gently kissed my ear.

“Yes.” I felt him untie the blindfold and it slowly slipped off, it took a second for my eyes to adjust to the soft lamp light. I rolled over to look at my ravisher and my eyes widened with shock.

“William!” I screamed and pushed him away from me, he just laughed and rolled over onto his back


“No more like relieved, you asshole.” I started to laugh along with him. “How the fuck did you get in?”

“I had the key.” He said matter-of-factly.

“I never gave you a key.”

“No but your friend did. Earlier I called here and got no answer so I figured you were over at Ani’s and I just really needed to see you, you know. So I went over to her house and she told me about the fight you two got into, and even though she was still mad, she also was worried that no one answered the phone, so she gave me the house key so I could come in and check on you. I got here right when you fell asleep and figured I would have a little fun.” His grabbed me rolling me onto my side, he moved and kissed me tenderly.

“That would explain why the dogs aren’t going nuts. Never really thought about that.” I said kissing him back.

“You know you said you love me.”

“Yes I faintly remember that...” I said dryly.

“Well I love you. And I want you to marry me…please. If it makes you feel any better on our wedding night you can tie me up and have your way with me.” I had to laugh. “We’ll see.” I said as I snuggled closer to him drifting off into sleep.

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