tagLoving WivesUnexpected Turn Ch. 03

Unexpected Turn Ch. 03


Please read the first 2 parts of the story, Unexpected turn Pt1 and Pt2

I tried getting a hold of Marco for a week. No luck...I sent him about 100 pics of me in various states of undress hoping he would reply. I tried everything I could. I was starting to lose hope. On the other hand work was going better, James was giving me everything he could to make me fall for him... with no success. I regretted sucking his dick. He started bringing me gifts everyday and buying lunch for me and Linda, he was almost making it obvious that something had happened. But it was cute. One day I told him jokingly to just give me cash instead of gifts. Because David could start to get suspicious. The next day he gave me $300, he said he was gonna buy me the new Air Jordans in pink and an outfit but decided to listen to me.

After work I went to Linda's and waited for David to pick me up. My phone rang and I noticed it was a number I had never seen before. I didn't answer it. Shortly after I received a text message saying, this is Marco, new digits hit me up. I called him back immediately pretending to be angry...he apologized and he asked what I was doing tomorrow. I told him it was my day off and David's too and that he was taking me to the beach. Marco said I was messed up and he wanted to fuck me really badly. His voice made my pussy so wet and made my whole body shake. I started fantasizing and thinking of a lie to tell David. I told Marco I'd call him back once I had a plan, and that I would make it happen. I figured out my lie...

As soon I got home and told David I had to cover for James because he called off sick. I pouted as if I was upset...David didn't seem to care. I asked him if I could borrow the truck tomorrow and he said yes. I told him I'd be working from noon to midnight and he said "so what". I knew I had to make today memorable now that everything had fallen in place. I took a shower before heading out and on a whim I decided to shave my pussy. I felt so hot. I hadn't been fucked in over 6 weeks and I knew my pussy was going to be virgin tight because I had been doing kegels as well.

I called Marco and asked him to meet me at the Marriott by the mall at 4PM. He said he couldn't wait! I had errands to run now. First I went to the mall and went straight to Fredrick's and bought a few different colored skimpy laced thongs and a garter belt with thigh highs and a matching bra and panty set. Then I went and got my hair and nails done. I wanted to make sure to deliver for Marco and blow his mind. I really wanted to be a dirty slut for him so I decided to try coke for the first time. I had Linda and Paul meet me at the mall with $40 worth of coke...

It was getting close to 4 O'clock, I checked in to the room. I decided to change out of my normal panties and put on one of the skimpy lace thongs I just bought. I tried each pair on in front of the mirror and imagined all the nasty things Marco was going to do to me. I chose pink... After that I fixed my hair and make up just perfectly. At this point I'm wearing my tightest jeans, my newest blouse and high heels, my hair and make up are perfect, the lace thong feels so sexy against my shaved pussy and I'm hornier than I've ever been. Marco texted me that he had arrived and I gave him the room number 226.

Marco walked in and said "hey sexy damn you look good" started kissing and fondling me all over and pulling my thong up into my pussy. He was grabbing my ass with his strong hands and telling me how good I looked and smelled. I wanted to tell him the same but I was speechless. I started grabbing his dick and then he pulled my pants down and took complete control of me. He took off my shirt and I was in bra and panties with my jeans around my ankles. He sat in the chair in the corner and told me to get on my knees and suck his dick! I got on my hands and knees and crawled over to him trying to be as sexual as possible swinging my ass from left to right. I undid his belt and took out his package and gave him a slutty wet blowjob. I licked his balls and licked his shaft from top to bottom moaning the whole time, I french kissed the head of his dick for what seemed like eternity. He told me he wanted to cum on my face so I let him. While I was taking him as far into my mouth as I could he pulled out and slapped me in the face with his wet, hard dick before he put it back in my mouth. Then he pulled out and jerked his dick in my face getting it all over my cheeks, forehead and lips. I licked off and swallowed what was on my lips and then ran to the bathroom.

I locked the door and decided to clean up and change into my new lingerie. After all it was our first time having sex and I wanted it to be special, like a honeymoon but slutty and nasty. I got ready and after I was done preparing myself I sniffed a line of coke up each nostril. It was such an intense sensation my mind moved a thousand miles a minute and my pussy was so warm and wet I felt like the biggest slut in the world.

I finally came out and Marco was laying on the bed naked. I got on the bed and crawled over to him, he kissed me and touched me with more passion than I could have ever dreamed for. He got on top and pulled my panties to the side and stuck it in my tight wet pussy, it was so hard to get it in there at first, he grunted that it was the best pussy he ever had, like a slut and a virgin at the same time. Marco fucked me missionary for what seemed like hours then he finally bent me over doggystyle and fucked me like a whore. He was stretching my pussy so good I came four times I felt so overwhelmed. He had me in a state of ecstasy by the time he decided to put his finger up my ass. My pussy was so wet that my ass was lubed up beautifully. He said he had to fuck me in the ass and I agreed... anything for Marco.. He was taking my anal virginity and I was feeling so many sensations at once, I moaned like "ah uh ah uh" "uh uh uh uh ah ah ah " as he slowly worked it in my ass. "Ah Ah uh uh Ah ah ah uh ah!! Ah Uh" then he asked me if I was his bitch and I came so hard and started pouring sweat, then I screamed out "I'm your little bitch fuck me in the ass, ah ah ah uh, I'm a fuckin slut. Then he pulled his dick out of my ass and told me to get on my knees, I was breathing heavy and panting as he came in my mouth and all over my face. For the next few hours I did the rest of the coke and let him record me on my iPhone, blowing him and getting fucked in my pussy and ass. He made me obey his every command and talk and behave so badly. I hope David doesn't go through it when I get home...

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