tagNonHumanUnexpected Turn of Events Ch. 11

Unexpected Turn of Events Ch. 11


Authors Note: If only I could place in some eerie music at the end of the last chapter...lol. I want to thank you all for you comments and for your votes. I never would have thought that this story that was always in the back of my mind would take off like this. But it all is thanks to the readers. Without your comments and encouragements, I probably would have stopped with chapter 3—where I made big mistakes with the POV.

I hope you continue to read this story and make comments. Never realized it before how the comments really help inspire the writer and encourage the author to write the chapters faster. :)

Well enjoy this chapter. What will happen now? *eerie music inserted* lol.


Cullen was enjoying his pack members smiling and having a good time—even if they had to share their meal with the MacNare pack members. Cullen was reaching for his cup of ale, when he heard the scream. He spit his ale out, letting the cup drop, and was up on his feet running to the door. He knew right away, that it was Angel. Cullen never felt this cold sweat before, and this fear gnawing his insides.

When he arrived near the stair case, he saw Glynis bent over Angel, who was lying unconscious on the floor. His heart probably stopped right there. He quickly dropped to his knees, to try and check for injuries.

"What the hell happened," Cullen ground out through gritted teeth.

"I know not Sir. I heard milady's scream, and came running here, and this is how I found her," explained Glynis.

Cullen leaned over Angel. "Come on Angel, wake up," said Cullen while he was tapping her cheeks lightly. He noticed already the bump and bruise forming on her forehead, and knew she must have hit her head. "Sweetie, wake up, you can do it." Cullen was able to detect everyone was gathering around them.

That's when Edana stepped through the crowd. "Is she alright? Poor dear, must have slipped on the stairs."

Just then Angel began to stir. She moaned out in pain, when she felt a set of hands on her arms. She began to struggle right away, thinking she wasn't out of danger. Then she heard his voice...

"Angel, calm down. Stop it, I got you," Cullen tried to reassure her.

Angel slowly opened her eyes, and was shocked to see the number of people around her. She closed her eyes for just a moment, before she tried to get up. She felt sore as hell and her head was killing her.

Cullen helped Angel to stand up right away—keeping an arm around her, just in case she needed the extra support. The fear he felt before, was now turning into anger.

"Angel, are you alright," asked Cullen.

"Yes, I am fine, I guess. Just perhaps a bump or two," answered Angel.

When Cullen realized she was alright, that cold fear he felt earlier begin to turn into anger. "How could you have been so clumsy? I warned you before about these stairs."

Angel was astounded at this coming from Cullen. What did she do wrong now? She was beyond confused. "Excuse me?"

"You were told to be careful going up and down these stairs."

At that moment, Angel couldn't hold back anymore. "I was pushed you asshole!" Angel screamed in total frustration and hurt. Did he honestly think she was this clumsy?

Cullen was surprised at the venom that came from her. But he would be able to take care of that. "Angel, you slipped. The corridors were dark. Speaking of which...GAVIN!"

Gavin soon appeared right next to them.

"I thought I told you earlier to make sure these lights were lit and made brighter," accused Cullen. He would not tolerate a simple task not being done.

"But Sir, I did do that. I was even here personally to see to it that it was done immediately."

"Cullen it is not his fault, it was someone else that did it!" yelled Angel.

"Who Angel?" Cullen asked, still angry.

"How the hell would I know!? I don't have eyes glued to the back of my head to see who pushed me!"

"Angel for the last time, you were not pushed and it wouldn't be right for you to accuse someone like that!" Cullen just couldn't believe that someone could have entered his home and would have done this to his mate. That was totally out of the question. His pack is not so careless as too allow a stranger to just wonder the halls. Cullen didn't even think of what he said next until he said it. "You really are just prone to accidents, aren't you?"

The look on Angel's face could have broken everyone's hearts that were gathered there. But then everyone took a step back at the anger that just exploded. Angel pushed Cullen hard away from her. "You stupid stubborn bastard! I did not slip on the stair case. I was pushed. And I do believe I know the difference from slipping and from feeling a pair of hands on my back!" Angel continued to yell. This time though she couldn't stop the tears from sliding down her cheeks. "And all these accidents didn't start happening until YOU came into the picture. You said I was safe with you, and that you would keep me safe," Angel looked straight at Cullen, with a deadly, accusing and saddened look, "but did you Cullen? No. I still ended up getting hurt, even though I flew across the fucking ocean to another country! You promised you wouldn't let me get hurt," said Angel, placing her hand over her heart making what she said have double meanings, "but I have yet to still see it happen."

With that Angel turned and left right away from Cullen, heading outside toward the stables.

Everyone in the room could not believe what happened. Half of them were angered with how Cullen treated his mate, and the other half were completely saddened at how hurt Angel was. But when they saw the pained look Cullen had, they didn't know what to feel. To see the strong, powerful Alpha, being hurt like that, made their wolves want to howl.

Cullen knew what he said hurt Angel like nothing before. He didn't even know why he said it. How could I have done that to her? How could I have done that to my Angel? Cullen felt his wolf wanting to howl in pain and to go after his mate, but Cullen knew that Angel needed time to calm down.

Just then, Quilliam, the stable master here, came running into the house hold, clearly shaken. "Alpha, milady, she just took off on the horse..." he tried to explain

Cullen shook his head, "She probably decided to go off on a ride on Alainn to calm down."

Quilliam shook his head, "But my Alpha, she didn't take Alainn," stated Quilliam.

Dread once again took Cullen. "Then what did she take?"


Cullen immediately ran to the stable to check it out for himself. He saw Alainn in her stall, eating her meal, and then saw Cadifor's stall empty—not only that, he saw the saddle still in its' place. "She is riding bareback?" Cullen screamed the question.

"Aye Alpha! That is what I was trying to tell you. I was giving Alainn her meal when milady came running in and saw me. That's when she turned and just jumped onto Cadifor using the crates."

Cullen stood there, not knowing what to do for a moment. He knew it was useless to take one of the other horses because they would never catch up to his horse's speed. He turned and was glad that his beta's followed. Cullen quickly let his wolf take control, and felt his bone popping and rearranging. In no time, he was on all fours, howling to the sky. He took off toward the woods, knowing his betas' would be following.

Cullen then communicated with his betas, 'I need two of you to go east, and the other two go head more west. I will continue to head north. We will circle around Angel, and block off all routes.'

With that said, the four wolves separated following their Alpha's order.


"Stupid bitch, she didn't break her neck! If I didn't know any better, I would have thought she was half cat. Damn those nine lives! But I know I don't have anything to worry. Her lives are numbered. I just need to bide my time."

Pacing around the room with a solemn expression at first, but soon turned into a devious grin.

"At least one good thing came out of this. With Angel and Cullen fighting, the chances of catching her alone will be even greater."


Angel kept on riding Cadifor, needing the time and space. She continued to feel her tears running down her cheeks. How could Cullen have said that? Did he honestly think that I care so little for what happens to me? Angel closed her eyes for a moment, feeling even more tears running down her cheeks. Come on Angel...no crying. You haven't cried since that one day, and now you are blubbering over what that idiot said! ... But that idiot is my idiot...or so I thought. He promised he wouldn't hurt me and that he would protect me.

The pain she felt from the headache could have easily been forgotten, but now the pain she felt in her heart was another thing.

This is when, she heard the wolves cry out, and just knew that it was the wolves from her pack. Her pack? Since when did they become hers? Angel kicked Cadifor into full speed. She was not ready to go back. She couldn't deal with seeing everyone...especially him.

Just then, a couple of wolves appeared to hear right. She expertly veered her horse to the left, but then saw another pair of wolves. She felt Cadifor's nervousness. So she brought him around, and was planning on heading south, when the large black wolf appeared—Cullen.

She felt her horse rearing back on its hind legs. Normally anyone would have been thrown right off, but Angel was an expert when it came riding horses. Even when it came to having a saddle or not, didn't hinder her at all.

All the wolves shifted right away—standing there in all their naked glory.

"Angel get off the horse," Cullen said through gritted teeth. He honestly believed he was going to throttle her.

"I will not. Leave Cullen, and take the rest of them home with you. I have not had enough time," she sent coolly to him.

"If you do not get off that horse right this moment, I will not be held responsible for my actions."

Angel glared daggers at him. "No, you wouldn't. I will be held responsible for everything that happens to me."

Cullen took a step back, as Angel threw that at him. He saw her tear streaked face, and knew she was crying. That thought alone, made his heart break into thousand of pieces.

"Now like I said. If you would all leave, I will come back to the compound when I am ready and when..."

Angel let out a little scream, as Cullen came by and plucked her quickly from her seat and brought her down on her feet. Angel immediately began to struggle, trying to break free of his hold.

Cullen gripped onto her upper arms tightly, shaking her slightly. "Since it seems that you will recklessly put your life at risk riding bareback on..."

"I know what I am doing. And I know how to ride horses, with or without a saddle." Angel interrupted full of venom once again. There was no way in hell she will allow him to talk to her as if she was just a child. Enough is enough.

Cullen stared at Angel for a moment, before turning his gaze to Brom. "Take the horse back to the stable. Make sure he is given his meal and lock up his stall and the stable..."

Angel didn't even bother waiting to hear the rest, as she pushed Cullen as hard as she could, and started to walk toward the compound.

Cullen turned, and growled at Angel. When he saw she wasn't stopping, he quickly shifted and ran after her.

Angel all the sudden saw the black wolf stepping in front of her. Cullen looked over his back, indicating what he wanted her to do.

"Cullen, if you think I am going to ride on your back, I would think it was you, not I that hit their head on the stone wall..."

Cullen growled once again. He was going to lie down on the ground to make it easier for her to climb on, when he remembered how she was able to get on the horses easily. He growled once again, when he didn't see her moving.

"You can just go and kiss my a...," Angel was going to argue some more, when she felt a nudge on her back side. She turned to see the grey wolf. At first she didn't know who that was, but when she stared in its eyes, she just had a feeling it was Gavin.

Gavin nudged her again. All the betas could feel the anger radiating off of Cullen. And they all feared that he would loose any control he had left, and hurt Angel even more. So once again, Gavin nudged Angel again closer to Cullen, as he let out a small whine.

Angel got the hint, and just rolled her eyes. She climbed on his back, not because he wanted her too, but because she just wanted to get back to the compound and escape to her room. As soon as she settled herself on Cullen, he took off right away, making Angel grip onto his fur tightly. She leaned her body down close to his, like she would do on a horse when she was going faster. "You will rue this day Cullen. And don't you think I will forget what happened here."

Cullen growled even more. And just continued to run, followed by his betas on either side of him.

When they arrived at the compound, Angel quickly got off and started to head for the doors where she saw Glynis and Eilis waiting for her.

Cullen never dismissed Angel, and he wasn't done with her yet. He jumped once again in front of her, and growled.

"Step aside Cullen, right now. I don't have time for your bluster."

Growling even louder. She dares to ignore my orders? I am the Alpha. This is my pack, and she is my mate! She too will follow orders.

Angel saw and heard Cullen growl even more. "What...do you plan on hurting me even more? Than go right ahead, mate, if that is what you want since it seems that it is your soul purpose to do so."

Cullen stopped his growling right away. His wolf wanted to cry out to her, but Cullen kept him back.

"Enough," Glynis came forward. "Cullen you stop that growling right this minute. Your mate has been through enough for today." Glynis fixed Cullen with a stern look. She knew she was risking a lot, especially talking to her Alpha that way, but she refused to see her lambie hurt even more. "Come Angel. I will help you settle in for the night."

With that they left, followed by Eilis.

Cullen shifted, and went right away into his study. He poured himself a glass of brandy, and just sat in front of the fireplace. So much turmoil was going through him; he didn't know what to deal with first. What the hell is wrong with me? First I hurt Angel, and instead of trying to make up for it, I fucking growl at her menacingly?

Gavin walked into his study, closing the door behind him. He didn't need to say anything, as he poured himself a drink, and sat across from his Alpha. He sat there, studying Cullen for some time, waiting.

"What have I done Gavin? How could I have done that to Angel?"

"Well Cullen," Gavin took a sip of his brandy, "you definitely screwed up royally. What could have possessed you to say those hurtful things to your Mate?" Gavin didn't like it at all how Cullen acted. If he could, he would have hit him already.

Cullen ran his fingers through his hair. "I don't know! My God, I don't know!" Cullen sighed.

"Well I suggest you find a way to fix this...and fix this fast."

"But how can I? You saw the look on her face. She hates me more now then she ever did before."

"That is because unlike before, she didn't care for you this deeply. Today, not only have you accused her of being prone to accidents, you have also broken her heart in the process. I don't have any suggestions to give you, because it is always a difficult situation when it comes to Angel. But what I do suggest is that you don't sit here, and drink yourself to a stupor." Gavin took his last sip, and headed to the door, "Goodnight Alpha."

As Gavin shut the door behind him, he pulled out his cell phone. He sighed deeply. Gavin didn't want to make this call, but he knew he made a promise. As he dialed the familiar number, he waited for an answer. Finally, someone answered. "Hello Owen..." as he continued, telling Owen what has transpired today, knowing already how Isobel will take it. Wondering if he should make a bet how quickly Isobel will arrive here in Scotland.

Cullen sat there, thinking over everything. He knew he had to make things right, but how would he even begin to rectify this?


Angel sat there on the bed. She thought she should be bristling in anger, but she just felt numb. She barely saw both Glynis and Eilis helping turn down her bed, and stoking the fire. The room was still cool, but knew it would be warming up in no time.

"Come on lambie. How about a nice how shower?" suggested Glynis.

Angel couldn't do nothing but follow Glynis where she led. In no time, she was standing under the hot shower, letting the water run down her body. She placed her head under the water. Feeling the hot water run over her head and face like this felt amazing, and helped with the headache she started to feel again.

She didn't know how long she stayed in the shower, but soon felt someone turning off the water, and wrapping a towel around her. Angel just felt like a robot. Feeling or thinking nothing, and just going through the motions.

Glynis helped Angel into bed. "Try and get some sleep lambie. I will stay with you for the night to watch over you."

Angel didn't know when she fell asleep, but soon she felt safe again in the embrace of the darkness. This is where she always felt safe, and now knew, the only place she will be safe and be at peace.


An hour or so later, Cullen walked up the stairs, seeing the lights were lit for once. He stopped before Angel's door and just stared at it for a few minutes. He couldn't help himself, but tried to open the door, but it was locked.

Glynis heard the rattle of the doorknob, and thought someone was going to hurt Angel again. She believed Angel right away, when she told Cullen that she was pushed. There was no reason why Angel would lie about that. Glynis stood up right away, a broom in her hand, and as soon as she opened the door, she started to swing the broom. She kept on hitting someone over and over, until she heard his voice!

"Desist!" shouted Cullen, as he ducked and dodged quickly when the broom came back down again. "Cease immediately!"

"Oh my Lord! Alpha, because, forgive me. I thought it was someone going to try and hurt milady once again. Please Sir, I beg you pardon, I did not know." Even though Glynis was mortified at what she had just done, she couldn't help but feel that some good was done at hitting him for what he did to Angel—but of course she would never admit it.

Once Cullen straightened himself out, he didn't know what to think. He was actually hit a couple times with a damn broom! He knew Gavin would have a field day laughing when he heard about this. Cullen took a deep breath. "I would think it wouldn't have mattered if you knew it was me or someone else," said Cullen. He knew how protective Glynis was becoming over Angel, and he couldn't fault with the woman. "I came by, to see how Angel was doing."

"Yes of course," said Glynis stepping aside. "But be warned, I still have the broom in my hand if you should wake her up," warned Glynis.

Cullen would have had her flank for talking to him like that, be knew she was just doing what is best for Angel. He gave her a small smile, as he walked carefully to the side of the bed she was lying on. He knelt down on one knee, to get at the same height of her, and just stared at Angel carefully. He noticed right away how bad the bruise had become and how the bump looked even bigger now. He sighed sadly. Instead of trying to comfort Angel after this accident to make her feel better, he goes off on her. Cullen did feel like a complete asshole, just like Angel had called him.

Cullen leaned in closer, brushing a strand of hair away from her face gently. "I promise Angel. I will make this up to you. I don't know how, but I will somehow. I just found you, and you mean the world to me already in the sort time since I saw you. We finally saw how it could be between us, and I refuse to let that go. I won't let that go. I messed up, my love. But I will fix it." Cullen leaned in and placed a soft gentle kiss on her forehead, and whispered, "I love you."

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