tagBDSMUnexpected Valentine

Unexpected Valentine


I guess it could be the fact that it's Valentines Day. I suppose it could be that he is a little drunk and feeling frisky. It could also be neither. I had just never thought of him in that way. Okay, that's not true. I have fantasized about him a lot. I guess I always thought he was just way out of my league. I mean I have seen the caliber of women he goes for. They are all tall and skinny, you know, perfect. So why in a million years would I have thought he could find interest in me. Don't get me wrong, I am happy with myself. I am above average height, voluptuous but not huge, and I have some other amazing assets. I have very nice, firm, DDD breast and thick, soft lips. What more do men really need anyway? I am not a fashion person. I dress for comfort and of course ways to show off my various pieces of body art. The darker the clothing the better is my philosophy.

All these thoughts rush through my brain as his soft supple lips explore mine. His devilish tongue darting occasionally into my parted mouth. I am lost in his taste. My brain drifts from my incessant thinking and floats into him. I gently nibble on his bottom lip; pulling slightly. His kiss deepens and I am lost in him again. He slowly releases our lips. He steps back slowly and smiles. Such a beautiful smile he has. One defined dimple and one partial. He has very boyish good looks, but I am sure that it is just a front. He can't be as innocent as he appears. If he is, I am pretty sure I can corrupt that innocence. And have a fun time doing it.

"We should probably get back inside with everyone else." Aaron suggests.

"Yeah, we should most likely do that." I reply, a little let down that his lips were no longer pressed to mine.

We walk back inside and resume the holiday partying. I can't help but steal glances at him. There is something about him that purely intoxicates me. Something that makes me want to get to know him on various levels. He is talented, genuine, and incredibly attractive. Why he is single I have no idea, but women are stupid and cant see a good thing when they are offered it. I on the other hand, am not stupid. At least his being single works on today of all days.

Our legs casually touch under the table. Each time sending shivers through me. My friend suggests we all go back to her place for some after party hot tubing, and how could any of us resist? I meet Aaron's gaze and hope he will offer to take me in his car. We always travel in groups so this is a normal thing, nothing out of the ordinary.

"Hey Lilly, if you want, I can give you a ride." Aaron offers. "Anyone else need a ride?"

"That would be great Aaron. Thanks." I smile. I am hoping no one else takes him up, but of course that's not to be.

"Sure man, I could use a ride." Cole says as he saunters over, stepping between Aaron and me. "I think I have had to much to drink and don't need to be behind a wheel of a car."

"Cool. Safety first man." Aaron says as he delivers a playful punch to Cole's stomach.

"OOF! Oh dude, not cool." Cole grunts.

Everyone laughs and we all start heading to the cars. I kind of linger back and wait for Aaron to pay his tab. He puts his arm around me and whispers in my ear. What he says makes me giggle and I lay a kiss gently on his cheek and head to catch up with the group. I have a feeling this Valentines Day will be more fun than I had originally anticipated. I think I need to try a different approach with him though. I imagine he has had his fair share of submissive women, and I would really love to dominate him. And I really love a challenge.

Outside, Cole is jumping in the front seat of Aaron's car, so I slide myself in behind him. Aaron gets in and we are off to Casey's' house. It feels like the longest car ride ever, the guys are talking music and I am dreaming up things to do to Aaron. Cole lights up a smoke and starts getting preoccupied with the radio. I feel Aaron's hand sliding slowly up my leg. His soft fingers running up my smooth, velvety leg. My whole body reacts to his touch. I feel my nipples become unyielding against my corset. A slight heat begins rising deep inside me. To top it off, I am actually blushing. This man does things to me I would never have imagined. The slightest touch and I am flushed with intense heat. His kisses made me feel like I could melt into him.

Just as quickly as his fingers were there, they were gone. Cole had found his station apparently and the music talk had resumed. We were about five miles from Casey's house. It is a big fancy ranch out in the country. Plenty of rooms for everyone to crash and no neighbors for miles. It is definitely the best place to have parties. Tonight is just a casual group of us. Casey and her boyfriend Mike, Cole, Aaron, Kyleigh, Gina, and myself. The usual group and all of us are single except Casey and Mike, so we always have fun together.

Aaron pulls his SUV into the long driveway and we start up to the house. Casey, Mike, Kyleigh, and Gina are already getting out of the car and stripping off their clothes in a mad dash for the hot tub. Cole is jumping out of our car with child like exuberance. I can't help but laugh at the whole display, but at least I finally get a chance to talk to him alone. I climb out of the backseat and start to walk towards the house. Aaron slips his arm around my waist and pulls me into him.

"Do you really feel like going in the hot tub?" He asks slyly nuzzling into my neck.

"No. I would rather find a quiet and secluded place to spend the rest of this Hallmark holiday with you." I purred into his ear. My tongue flicking his ear lobe.

"I much prefer that idea. Casey's parents are gone for the weekend; we can find a room in their side of the house." He suggests as he begins leading me into the house.

The entire time my mind is exploding inside. He is so cool and confident and in control. My pussy is beginning to get hot at the thought of completely dominating him. He is leading me down a darkened hallway to the very last door. The noise from the party outside has drowned away. I can't help noticing how amazing his ass looks as he leads me into the room. He walks deftly to the nightstand and turns on a small lamp.

"I think you should sit down for a few minutes Aaron. I need to look around the house for a few things. I want you to get naked and lay on the bed. I will be back shortly. Do you understand?" I say all this in a gentle yet forceful tone. The look that spreads across his face goes from shock to confusion to realization in a blink of an eye. I do like that he is quick on the uptake; in the end it will make tonight much more fun and easy.

"Yes. Yes. I can do that." He says as that big breathtaking smile spreads across his face.

"Good. Hopefully this wont take to long." I stroll out the door and begin my hunt. First things first; something to tie him down with. Luckily for me, he picked a room with an exquisite four-poster bed. I wandered into what must have been the parents' room and began rummaging through drawers. This was my lucky night because I happened across a whole stash of hardcore bondage gear. I made a mental note to tell Casey her mom and dad weren't as "white picket fence" as she thought and grabbed everything I needed. I opened a door in the hallway and found an array of candles and towels and grabbed both. I quickly hurried back to the room, proud of the ease of my search.

Upon opening the door I discovered that Aaron was very well at following directions. He had comfortably stretched his delicious nakedness across the bed. He raise up on his elbows and smiled. Oh how I was becoming addicted to that smile. I deposited my findings on a chair by the bed. After a few seconds of scouring I found what I was looking for and slinked to the bed.

"So I have been thinking about this whole situation. You are in between women and I just got out of a rocky 6-year relationship. It's Valentines Day and we have both had a few, and probably on a normal day this wouldn't be happening." He started to interrupt "Don't say a word unless I ask you a direct question. Do you understand?" I demanded.

"Yes, but I really wish." was all he got out before I reached out and gripped his erect nipple between my nails and pinched him. He fought back a shocked cry and moaned instead.

"I don't want to be a harsh Mistress. Don't interject opinion. Until I say so your opinion is now what I tell you it is. Now where was I? Oh yeah, the whole holiday theory. Whatever our reasons and motives are for this, I want you to know that I have always wanted you. Since the day we met you have enthralled me. On the other side of that, I kind of assume you are always the dominant one, and that's fine, but not tonight. Tonight you get to find out what it is like to have your free will stripped from you." I slip the blindfold I ad been holding over his eyes.

"Now lay down on your back and place your arms above your head." I order.

Aaron does so quickly and with a smile. Again with that smile. I swiftly retrieve the tie downs I had found. They were high quality. Long leather strap with velvety soft cuffs. I attached all the cuffs around his wrist and ankle first. Moving quickly to attach them firmly to the bedposts. I noticed with every limb I tied up his cock started to stiffen. It had already been half way there when I got back and now it was beginning to grow and thicken. Like the rest of him, his cock was also delectable. He kept himself well trimmed and it accented his thickening erection. Once I had him firmly tied up, I turned off the light and lit a candle. Furthering his sense of lost sight.

I went to the far side of the room and slowly and quietly disrobed. The girl in me had thought ahead and wore the perfect outfit. A blood red bodice top and matching boy short panties. Add the black stiletto heels and I was your perfect valentines lingerie add. Well, if you were looking for a dominatrix for Valentines Day, that is. I glided back over to my chair of goodies and grabbed a long feather. Starting at is right ankle I lightly ran the feather over his body. Gently running it up his thigh to his balls. Tickling them lightly. Aaron tries to break free but is powerless against the binds. I begin again working the feather softly up and over his cock. Swirling it down and around its length. I move the feather across his stomach and up to circle his completely erect nipples. Watching him squirm and hearing him moan under the movements of the feather is making me want to climb onto his lap and immerse him in my wet pussy.

I resist my own urges and return the feather to the chair. I find 2 clothes pins and return to the bed. I lean over his cock, my long black hair falling gently between his legs. I yield to my need to taste him and take his swollen penis into my mouth. I suck gently at first, allowing my tongue to massage his shaft as I go. His hips try to piston up to put himself further into my mouth, but I have him tied very taught and his attempts to move become more futile. He whimpers a little in his defeat.

"Don't worry Aaron. I do this well. You shouldn't try to move or I might decide to stop." I say in between deep throating his entire cock. His cock is becoming more engorged with each suck. I take him all in my mouth and start sucking in fast burst all the way to the tip of his penis. My tongue swirls around it one final time before I get up from the bed. I return my focus to the clothes pins I had picked up. I crack them in the center to loosen them and then attach them quickly to each of his nipples. Aaron cries out in surprise and begins to thrash against the ties.

"Oh calm down. If you relax, the sensation will be one of enjoyment. Stop focusing on the pain and enjoy the pleasure that comes with it. The pain is like the kindling to the fire that is the pleasure." I reassure him.

Aaron's body relaxes back onto the bed. My pussy is screaming at me to feel his pulsing cock buried inside it. I climb onto the bed with my back to him and position myself over him. I slowly lower my clean-shaven pussy down onto the head of his dick. Gently rubbing my pussy lips against only the very tip. Allowing him only a slight feel of the heat trickling out of me. I can feel him straining against his binds to be free to slam deep inside of me. I am truly enjoying this. I grab his balls firmly in my hand and massage and caress them; all the while sliding my pussy just barely across his cock. I can't hold back any longer and suddenly slam all the way onto his swollen cock. The feeling is amazing. I begin fucking him with long deep strokes. Slamming all the way down and then sliding right back to the tip. I pick up my movements. Making my thrust harder and deeper. Aaron is getting harder and harder. I know he is on the verge of coming, so I quickly pull all the way off his cock and hop off the bed.

"I am going to untie you now and you are going to bend me across this bed and fuck me till you come. Do you understand?" I breathlessly demanded as I began undoing his binds. I had to feel his hands on me.

"Yes" The answer of a well deserving pet.

The moment the last bind falls to the floor his arms were around me. His lips and teeth exploring my body, right along with his hands. It felt like he was devouring me. I returned his exploration with equal exuberance. Undoing the clothes pins so I could lick and suck on his nipples. Running my nails savagely down his back as I gently licked his neck. I was drenched in my own juices. My cunt was throbbing with desire to have his cock ramming into it. I pulled away from our intense petting and turned my back to him. He took no further instruction. His hands swiftly found the back of my neck and shoved me the rest of the way over. There was no teasing, just a swift thrust and his cock was tearing into me. He put one hand on my hip and the other he tangled into my hair and pulled me back against him. Plowing in and out of me. First with moderate paced strokes. To quicker and deeper strokes. To finally grabbing me completely by the waist and pounding his long, throbbing cock into me. I was moaning and thrashing against him. My body felt like pure electricity as I suddenly came, covering his engorged cock in my juices. At the peak of my orgasm I felt him explode deep inside me. His body getting rigid as I grinded back against his orgasm.

He pulled out of me and I dropped to my knees and quickly licked our mixture of juices off his cock. He was smiling again. Damn was he a cutie. He pulled the covers down and pulled me into the bed with him.

"Well, Lilly, I think this has been one of my all time favorite valentines days. Thank you." He cooed as his snuggled me against him.

"Oh no, thank you. That was amazing, but next time I want my own toys to play with you with." I whispered back. I was quickly fading into his sweet smell and the impending sleep.

"Oh there will definitely be a next time." He said as he kissed the top of my head. I could definitely get used to playing with Aaron. Hopefully this was the start of a beautiful relationship.

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