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Unfaithful Dog


We live near in the country and has done for 2 years or so. A dog would make a nice addition to our country lifestyle. Well that was our thinking.

My wife and I went to the pet shop to buy a dog. We wanted a red setter. The lady, Tania, there was very informative about the dog breeding and kept us talking for ages. I didn't mind as she was a real cutey, with a low cut top and a lot of breast being displayed. A very pleasant conversation indeed.

She often made eye contact with me during the conversation, smiled and made sure I was checking out her assets. To finish up she took my mobile and my wife's mobile, so she could inform us of when a dog was available.

A few days later, I received a call. She invited me for lunch at her place. She said that she may have a dog for me.

"Please come alone and don't mention it to your wife. I'm sure we can come to some mutual and pleasurable agreement if you catch my drift."

That sounded mysterious and a bit naughty I thought. My mind was drifting onto images of her cleavage.

Anyway I had agreed.

That lunch time, I was there on the dot. We ate at her dining table. We had plenty of small talk at lunch. Again her low cut top was displaying her breasts her beautifully.

"I see you like them?"

"Yes, of course, they are lovely."

She stood up and took her top off, freeing her breasts to the air.

She approached my position so I could get to them.

I started to hold them and suck each nipple delicately in turn.

After a few minutes, she took my hand and lead me from my seat upstairs.

She slowly and seductively stripped me of my clothes. As she slipped my pants off, my erection bobbed up.

"It looks like someone's an excited pup." she laughed.

She led me by my cock over to her bed. I sat on the bed as she stood in front of me and I finished undressing her. Kissing her smooth sweet body as I released her skirt. As I pulled down her knickers, I found myself on my knees at face height to her pussy. She grabbed my head, and pulled it into her pussy. "Eat me, drink my juices". I didn't need to be persuaded. Her pussy scent was intoxicating. I tasted and she tasted so sweet.

She was muttering something as I inserted my tongue into her pussy and worked my way up to her clitoris. Something inaudible. Soon I tuned in to her words.

"You eat my pussy, you lap my sex, you fall under my spell. You dog of a man, unfaithful beast, your mistress you must obey."

She's a bit kooky I thought but her pussy was sweet and I was enjoying it.

Then she orgasm-ed, she screeched. "You're a dog. You're a dog. You're such a big bad dog. A dog you shall be."

With that I looked up at her and she laughed. I tried to stand up but I couldn't. My balance wasn't right. She got up and got a mirror. She showed me.

"Look! You are a dog. I meant it. I turned you into the dog that you really are. This is what I do to men who can't behave themselves and act on their dog-like animal instincts."

I looked. I saw. It wasn't me. Not how I'd ever seen myself anyway. It was me but I was no longer me. I saw a red setter. I was now a red-setter. I tried to say something but it came out as a whimper. Not a human whimper but a dog's whimper.

"Oh and you never got to get your cock up me. Oh dear, I can't do anything about that now."

Before I knew it we had company. Another lady arrived. She must have arranged the appointment in advance.

"Elizabeth, great to see you again. I have another cute doggy that needs fixing. I almost feel sorry for the poor dogs but it does make them a lot more docile."

"Yes, pity we can't do that to the human males eh?" Elizabeth replies.

"You have the skills my dear."

"Ye, nice thought!" Elizabeth chuckled.

I didn't have a chance to digest the words before I was sedated. I was fighting the sleep. I knew if I fell asleep I would lose my balls. But my eyes were heavy and I was losing the battle.

I awoke. I was in a cage in a van being driven somewhere.

We arrived. The van opened and I was taken out.

It was my own house. My wife greeted Tania.

"Wow, what a beautiful red setter. I cant wait till Pete comes home and sees him."

Pete never did come how and see him.

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