tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnintentional Seduction of a Friend Ch. 03

Unintentional Seduction of a Friend Ch. 03


Intro: Dan and Cammy begin their affair. It's full of surprises and twists, so you have to read it to find out.

Story: Dan took the note, crumpled it in his hand, and dropped it on the floor (mistake) as he pushed the door open and stepped in quietly closing the door behind him. It was pitch black, but he had made note of the furniture while the door was still open. He shuffled his feet slowly as his eyes adjusted to the dim light coming through the window, shedding his pajama top and bottom by the time he got to her bed. Her breathing was deep, almost snoring. As quickly and gently as possible he lifted the sheet and climbed in beside her, barely able to fit sideways on the single bed. She was on her side in fetal position facing away from him. He leans gently against her, reaching over her side and bringing his hand to rest just below her breast. Fortunately her hands are at the pillow and out of the way. His face is against her neck and he's got just a corner of her pillow, fully enjoying an intoxicating mixture of perfume and wine. Wow! She must have had a lot. The ends of her braids are starting to tickle his nose. He is lightly pressing against her whole body and he feels drops of pre-cum escaping the end of his cock, soiling his boxers, and maybe leaking out.

Time to make his move. He manages to push his hand into the mattress at the same time pushing her breast the other way with his thumb and rolls his hand between her boob and the mattress. She stops breathing. He stops and holds very still, just cupping her mound with a relaxed grip and a couple of minutes later she is breathing deeply again. After another few minutes he begins massaging her breast ever so gently and slowly, still outside the thin nightie, but can feel everything. His hand is trapped between boob and mattress, but he can wiggle two fingertips against her nipple and with his thumb in her valley he can easily massage part of both breasts, not quite able to reach the other nipple. It doesn't take long and her nipple becomes erect through the nightie. He focuses on that for a while, gently squeezing and teasing, circling her aureola with his index finger.

His penis is on full alert and pressing firmly against her butt cheeks through the nightie. "Ohhh" she quietly moans, stirring slightly. Her body responds automatically without waking up. She rolls back into him slightly, relieving some of the pressure on his hand. He can now even more gently use his fingertips and thumb to caress her nipple through the thin cotton nightie. He can feel the ridges on her aureola wishing he could get the nightie off. "Soon" he tells himself, soon."

He explores the other breast half hidden behind her arm. She stops breathing, makes deep sounds in her throat and moans again. He stops and holds still. "Don't stop" she moans pleadingly in a quiet voice. He decides she must still be half-asleep, but somewhat aware of what's going on. He pulls her back onto himself gently and far enough to get his other arm under her, past his elbow so he is now giving her a complete hug front to back. With his left arm now able to give attention to all her bosom he goes exploring with his right hand down her belly, noticing the hard protrusion at her naval and finding the nightie is long. He scoops the folds up past her hips by gathering the folds with his walking fingertips and gets his hand inside. Phew, home at last.

He lightly caresses the smoothness of her belly and glides to her abdomen, right over the edge of her lace panties, noticing the decoration and what feels like a tiny ribbon tied in a bow at the front. Her legs are tightly closed, but still he manages to get one finger between her hips, down to her vulva, and is pleased to feel thin lace completely wet and slippery, probably nylon. He gets even more excited. He pressures his hand against her inner thigh. She stretches out her leg, bending her knee slightly, and opens up a bit. He can now get three fingertips into her most private place. He slides his fingers under the fabric, passing his middle finger over her clit, giving it a quick squeeze with a little help from his thumb, and then his middle finger goes inside her slit searching for the g-spot. Next, working her vagina and breast at the same time, he tickles her ear with his nose and tongue. She giggles. He stops. "Oh, Gordy, don't stop" she whispers.

Gordy? That must be that nerdy geek she sometimes had visit on weekends. He was surprised, but they must have been intimate. "I'm not Gordy. I'm your mystery man" he whispers back. "Oh, Dan!" she says louder. "What are you doing?" "I thought you wanted me. You left a note." He began caressing her again. "Oh, I did" she giggled, now fully awake. Then almost in one motion, she stood up, pulled the nightie over her head, pushed Dan to the center of the bed, and climbed on top. "I mean, I do want you" she purred as she fondled his cock through his boxers. "Nice!" Then she yanked them off of him insistently, almost violently. She reached into the night stand, produced a condom, opened it with her teeth, and confidently rolled it over his member. "She's experienced enough" he thought to himself. Dropping her panties she jumped onto the bed, balancing her weight by placing her hands on his ribs, and mounting him. "Mmmmmmm." She started slowly rolling her hips and pressing him in and after after 30 seconds escalating. Dan meanwhile was holding his thumbs against her nipples and enjoying the ride. He pulled her down onto his chest and supporting her weight he managed to get on top without losing contact. He thrust a few times into her, long and slow. She moaned. He moaned. The door opened. It was Debi. The lights snapped on and a whip cracked.

Debi was dressed in a dominatrix suit with short leather skirt and matching strappy top that gave limited support and absolutely no coverage of her nipples. Dan had never seen this outfit before. "What the HELL are you two doing?" She cracked the whip again. Dan lost his erection and Cammy became pale. "Get off my husband, girl. NOW!" Cammy grabbed the sheet and used it to cover her nakedness. Dan used the pillow to cover his. "I found your little love note, darlings. How long has this been going on?" As Cammy whimpered and Dan started to stutter, Debi took control again. "Oh shhhh. I don't want to know. Really, I don't. I just want to know WHY you two are having a party without me. Huh? That's just SO rude!"

"That's my cock you were riding girl." She grabbed the pillow away from Dan exposing his nakedness again and gave Cammy a light smack with the whip. "Look at that pathetic thing. Girl, you need to get him ready for me. But, with your mouth and hands this time. In fact, why don't you just crawl up on top of him while you do that and let him taste your your juices? I bet they're sweet." They didn't respond. "NOW!" Debi commanded loudly, accenting her frustration with another whip crack on the floor. As Cammy moved towards the bed, Debi ripped the sheet away from her leaving them both naked. Cam didn't have much previous experience sucking a cock, but as soon as she touched Dan he responded. Debi helped, too, pulling the slightly used condom off. His limp member perked right back up. Plus he was pretty good at making love to a pussy with his tongue and Cam was enjoying it too. She moaned.

"OK, that's enough. Stay on his face, but sit up straight girl. It's my turn." Debi climbed onto the bed with them, straddling Dan with her knees and facing Cammy. She slowly speared herself on his erect penis. It took a little while since she wasn't moist yet. She just sat and enjoyed his fullness inside her. "Let's see what these titties feel like that he wants so much he ignored mine tonight." She firmly grabbed Cam's chest with two hands and twisted them a couple times--enough to hurt--then with both palms fondled her perky tits in slow caressing circles. "MMmmmm. I see why he likes them."

Debi, now feeling emotions herself, began riding Dan slowly, then building, all the time fondling Cammy's young breasts. Cam didn't need to be told to caress Debi back and she responded quickly as Debi kissed her fully and did a tongue dance. Cammy came first, screaming "Yes! Yes!" breaking their kiss. That excited Dan and Debi a lot who reached their climax together shortly afterwords. They all collapsed together on the single bed. Debi's last words, sorta mumbled as they all drifted off to sleep were "There's going to have to be some changes around here." She wasn't sure Cammy and Dan heard it.

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