tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnintentional Seduction of a Friend Ch. 02

Unintentional Seduction of a Friend Ch. 02



Thank you so much for the encouraging feedback to Chapter 1. I had a draft in the works for Chapter 2 for a while now and your feedback inspired me to fill it out. Grab a couple pairs of dry panties. You'll need them.

Chapter 3 is in the works, and those of you who asked for more action will notice chapter 3 goes where panties are recklessly abandoned. I'm hoping for a H=hot rating from Literotica on Chapter 3. RAWR


Cammy fixed her lip gloss, changed her sloppy panties for fresh clean ones she borrowed from Debi's sock drawer--red, lacy, tanga briefs, then slinked downstairs to the party in the basement feeling a little frisky, definitely unsatisfied, very naughty, and looking for some trouble. She recognized only a few of the neighbors and everyone else seemed to be from Dan's office--nobody even close to her age. Blah! He was standing with the bartender joking and passing out drinks. Cammy blushed when he caught her eye and winked at her. Should she feel guilty? Naaah! Cammy wasn't a big drinker, but Dan still poured her a full glass of White Zinfandel. She thanked him, smiled, walked away and began to mingle. The single guys were checking her out, but none made any moves and she didn't return their stares, so Cammy ended up sitting next to Stormy, a pretty young lady who did property title work for Dan and who is his wife and mistress of the party! The jazz band in the yard sounded magnificent and there were a few couples dancing to the lively tunes. Cammy sure yearned to join them. She was surprised by an insistent thumb gently sliding across her shoulder, and turning her head slightly, she saw Dan.

"I see you found Stormy."

"Oh, yes, she's telling me all about the naughty stuff you do at the office" Cammy cooed.

They all laughed.

"It's probably true," admitted Dan. "I'm always just one step ahead of the HR police, but consensual behavior between married people is not much of a violation, now it it?" he teased, raising one eyebrow at her as he flirted. "Care to dance with me, Cammy?" He asked charmingly, his eyes sparkling and teasing. She was persuaded by his salacious smile and sparkling blue peepers.

"Sure! I'd love to" she responded genuinely.

"Have fun, you two" Stormy encouraged as she headed for another margarita, completely obvlious to the affair that was about to begin.

They danced a samba, then the music slowed and Dan pulled her close. Very close. She could feel his warm breath moving past her ear, her emotions stirring up, and the wine causing her to be a little careless. Her breasts pressed against him and she could feel his stiffness pushing back against her belly. She felt weak all over, for the second time tonight, and for a moment let herself slip into insolence, sliding her hand over the back of his suit jacket--up and down, then continuing down past his tight belt, felt his wallet with one hand and comb with the other. Cammy slid her hands under his jacket squeezed his ass slightly. He moaned, and whispered in her ear, "Oh, baby, that makes me feel so hot." She became flustered and moved her hands back up to his neck. Was I his baby? Now she was confused.

"You know. I shouldn't have led you on like that, upstairs" Cammy confessed, whispering back.

"Really?" he chided sarcastically still in a whisper.

"Yes, really. I'm surprised you still want to dance with me."

"Oh, did you think you were fooling me in Sally's room?"

Her face turned bright crimson, but he didn't notice since they were chest-to-chest, hip-to-hip, acting naughty, and his hands were back around her waist.

"I did try to tell you."

"Oh, yes, that." He chuckled. "Your lips spoke more volumes to me when they were pressing against mine than any words that managed to escape your sweet lips. I still remember the taste of your cherry lip gloss." He ran his fingers lightly across her back. She felt a shiver and goosebumps. He continued. "Did you ever notice that Debi is slightly taller and has more muscle tone than you? Her shoulders are tight where yours are soft and pliable. I missed that at first in the baby's room. Your breasts are slightly larger than hers, but it could have been padding. Want to know what really tipped me off?" After he said this, his left hand slowly and steadily gravitated around front, tracing along the bottom of her bra band until he slid his thumb up and planted it firmly where her nipple should be. He felt only padding, but knew the pressure would excite her.

Cammy gasped. "Yes, what?" She was completely leaning all her weight on him now, feeling his manhood against her thigh, her breast squashed intimately against his belly, she leaked into her fresh panties.

"Debi never resists my advances when she's wearing her Mystery Woman dress. And, she always addresses me as 'Mystery Man'--something you didn't do. So, maybe that first touch of mine was an accident, but the kiss was not. When I promised to be with you tonight, I was talking to Cammy. And I shall be with you tonight." He tried to kiss her again, his fingers completely, but lightly in her cleavage, sliding back and forth against any uncovered skin he could find.

"Oh, my!" She pushed his arms away, and quickly walked away around the side of the house.

He easily caught up, and lightly touched her shoulder, pulled her close so he could continue whispering. His digits now firmly between her bicep and boob, "I figured when she dressed you up this way it must be a joke. Or, later, I thought maybe she wanted to see if I would hit on you. Well, I would and I did! I want you tonight, Mystery Woman. I will have my way with you."

"Then, bring her to my room after the party and find out. If you dare!" She pressed her cheek against his, avoiding the transfer of any lipstick. His hand expertly caressed her lonely boob again and this time she just relaxed and enjoyed. After less than a minute, she broke their embrace and walked quietly away. Dan stood there watching her hips sway, her dress flashing glimpses of upper thigh. He watched her glance over her shoulder to check if he was watching just before she disappered back into the party. As she left him with a seductive smile, he walked around a bit until his raging hardon subsided, contemplating how he could get her alone.

Cammy went back to chat some more with Stormy who was by now very drunk and acting quite unladylike. They ended up going back to Cam's room and a couple of cute guys followed them--looking for a quick score. The four were starting to get comfortable and raunchy when Stormy got sick. That ended the charm. Double Blah! The guys helped Stormy took her upstairs to do who knows what. Poor girl. Cammy was tired, brushed her teeth, and crawled in bed. She had no trouble going to sleep even with the loud jazz or talk going on outside her little suite.

... hours later

Dan woke around 4:00 AM and headed downstairs, his head pounding. It was quiet and all the guests had departed. Debi was sound asleep and remained motionless as he closed the door. He needed a glass of water and a double shot of ibuprofen. When he walked down to the basement to check if everything was secure and noticed Cammy's door was ajar. This was unusual. Then he remembered--she said to come in after the party and he did promise to join her. There was a yellow sticky note on the door. Dan took the note, crumpled it in his hand, dropped it on the basement floor (mistake) and then he slowly pushed the door open and stepped in, quietly closing the door behind him after memorizing the furniture. Complete darkness. He heard a gentle snore as his eyes adjusted.

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