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Unlikely Couple


Note: everyone depicted in this story is 18 years old or older. There are no minors.

Also, my boyfriend, washingtonstatecowboy, helped edit this piece. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

As Tori walked toward the building, the sun illuminated her big smile. The building was Hollywood Arts High School in Hollywood, California and the reason she was so happy was because it was the first day back after spring break. Now most teenagers aren't so thrilled about going back to school but this wasn't a normal school; it was a performing arts school for talented students. It was a fun environment and she had even made some good friends. Walking through the doors, she saw them standing by the lockers. A crazy redhead named Cat, a heartthrob named Beck, a nerd with a puppet named Robbie, and an incredible singer/songwriter named Andre. As they all came into contact, hugs were exchanged and break stories were shared. However, there was one person missing. Tori piped up and asked "where's Jade?"

Beck looked at the floor sheepishly then back up to Tori. "Probably avoiding me...she and I broke up over break."

"Are you serious!? What happened? You two seemed like the perfect couple..."

"Yeah well, she seemed to think she could do better...I have to get to class but don't worry Tori, I'll be alright."

As he walked away, Tori tried to process everything she had heard. Beck and Jade had been going out for a long time so for them to just break up was weird. Just then, Jade walked into the school looking as dark as her mood. She was wearing a short sleeved, red and black lace top with fishnet arm bands, a red skirt with black roses, and dark boots. The only thing really colorful about her appearance was the blue streak running through her black hair and the red lipstick. Trying to be a good friend, Tori walked up and said "hey Jade, it's good to see you-"

Before Tori could get the words out, Jade cut her off and snapped "just shut up Tori! I really don't want to listen to you right now." With that, she stormed off to class leaving Tori to sigh and head off to hers.

Later in class, Jade realized how bitchy she was this morning but anything cheerful needed to die. Breaking up with Beck had been really hard and the worst part was she understood why it needed to happen. They hadn't been getting along for a while and this made her mad at the world. 'Ugh, today's not going to be fun...' she thought as she tried to take notes. Little did she know it was about to get worse. After eating lunch alone, she made her way to her weirdest class-Sikowitz. The class itself was acting but the teacher was a nutcase hippie with very unorthodox teaching methods. Jade just hoped nothing would be thrown at her this time. Finding her seat, she said a polite hello to Cat and the rest of the gang. Although awkward, they were still there for her throughout the mess. But when Tori walked in, she sighed and rolled her eyes causing Jade to explode. "OK Jade what is your problem!? I'm just trying to be nice!"

"My problem!? Wow Tori, thanks for being a bitch!"

"A bitch!? Oh that's nice Jade. I mean come on, you and Beck are both my friends-"

"Oh my God Tori what the fuck!? You just had to go there-"


Both girls jumped in their seats and looked for the source of the yell. In the midst of their fight, they didn't notice that Sikowitz had entered the room. Now, he looked annoyed. "Can't a man teach his class without the squawking of you two? And to think, I wanted you two to be the leads of my play next week..."

Both ladies stared at him in shock. "R-really?"

"Yes, but the roles are best friends which is a far cry from what two are...I'll to figure something out to fix that."

The room was silent as he drank from his coconut as per usual with him. But what was unusual was the idea it gave him. "Girls, grab your stuff and come with me."

Jade and Tori exchanged confused looks as they grabbed their bags and exited the room with Sikowitz. Tori was the first to speak up. "Um, Sikowitz, where are we going?"

"You'll see."

After a few minutes, the three of them were standing in front of the janitor's closet. Jade, in her snarky tone of voice, asked "how is this supposed to help us?"

Without saying anything, Sikowitz opened the door, pushed the two girls into the closet, then shut and locked the door. Laughing as his students demanded to be let out; he said "a little solitary confinement will do you good. I'll let you back out when you can behave like friends."

The girls screamed to be released but it all fell on deaf ears. Soon they heard footsteps walking away and then it was quiet. Eventually the sighed defeated and found somewhere to sit. After a few minutes, Jade said "you know this is your fault right?"

"Uh, why is that?"

"You were the one picking fights in class..."

"I wasn't picking fights...or at least not trying to...look Jade, just because you're in a bad mood doesn't mean you have to take it out on everyone else..."

Jade shot a glare to Tori. "Did you ever stop to ask yourself why I'm in such a horrible mood? No. So stop trying to help."

Tori considered her next words carefully while smoothing her outfit. It was a long sleeved, light blue dress with the hem hitting just above the knees. On her feet were black sandals and her brunette hair was down and wavy. "But I do know what happened...Beck told me you didn't like him anymore..."

That statement seemed to strike a chord with Jade. She gasped then quickly hid her face. She was silent for a moment until a small hiccup rose from her. After hearing that, Tori went from annoyance to concern. "Jade...are you, crying?"

Jade hurriedly wiped her eyes but when she looked up, there were still tears welling up in them. When she spoke, her voice cracked. "Yes, I am crying...I'm crying because he's right...ah fuck Tori I love you..."

Had Tori not been sitting on the floor, she would have fallen over. Jade's words played over and over in her mind but they didn't make any sense. The only thing she could get out was "you love me? I thought you hated me."

Jade slightly chuckled but didn't smile. She had stopped crying but her eyes were still red and puffy. "I hated you because I couldn't love you...the more school went on, the stronger my feelings got and I finally thought, if I act like I couldn't stand you, my feelings would go away..." She paused to wipe away a stray tear then said in a small voice "but they became stronger than ever..."

Seeing Jade in such a vulnerable position was so different that Tori almost couldn't register it. But, something in her heart jumped out for the Goth. Starting somewhere, Tori asked "am I the reason you and Beck broke up?"

Letting out a shaky breath, Jade nodded. "Over break, he figured out that my heart was longing for someone else...it doesn't know it's you but he knew I didn't love him anymore...loving you really fucked up my life..."

Before Jade could finish her thought, Tori's lips were pressed against hers. Jade's eyes went wide with shock and then it was over. Tori quickly pulled away blushing. "I'm sorry, I just got excited...to be honest, I love you too Jade...that's why I tried so hard for us to be friends...I figured having you as a friend was better than nothing."

Jade softly touched her lips then asked "are you serious? This better not be some sick joke..."

"If it was a joke, I wouldn't have kissed you."

For the first time all day, Jade smiled and began hungrily kissing Tori. The brunette beauty moaned and wrapped her arms around Jade's neck to kiss her better. Jade took this as a sign to take things farther so she began trailing kisses down Tori's soft neck, bringing forth moans and whimpers. Meanwhile, Tori's hands couldn't stop rubbing up and down Jade's back, squeezing her curvy ass a few times. Jade groaned and gazed into Tori's chocolate brown eyes. "I have been dreaming of doing that for so long...and it felt so good...but now I don't know if I can stop."

"Oh Jade, I want it too but what if someone comes?"

"We'll hide behind something. Besides, Sikowitz probably forgot that we're in here."

"True...then I'm all yours...I-I don't really know what to do..."

"Oh don't worry...it comes naturally."

With that, Jade ran her fingers through Tori's hair while deeply kissing her. Tongues battled for dominance before Jade's mouth once again made its way down the Latina's cleavage. Smirking, Jade made quick work of her new partner's dress, leaving her in just a blue bra and matching panties. Tori blushed profusely feeling very exposed. But Jade was swimming in desire. "Tori, you're so beautiful and your curves are incredible! Now, I think we'll be more comfortable lying down..."

Tori agreed so they laid down their jackets to create a makeshift bed. Tori went to lie down but not before Jade could snatch her bra. She then sat down next to her lover and began to rub and kneed the girl's naked breasts. Nails lightly scratched and fingers tweaked the nipples. As they started to harden, Tori arched her back trying to stifle moans of pleasure. After a few minutes of Jade's torture, Tori was soaked through her panties and unable to keep herself still. "Please...Oh God Jade I need you..."

Those words were like music to Jade's ears. Grinning she slipped off Tori's panties, positioned herself to in between her legs, and admired the glistening folds. Not being able to take it anymore, she started running her tongue over the length of the pulsing sex. This made Tori slap a hand over her mouth in an effort to be quiet while the other hand gripped the jacket under her. Jade kept this going, alternating between fast and slow; occasionally throwing in teeth to nip at the dripping pussy. But what really drove Tori nuts was Jade sucking on her clit making it extra sensitive. At this point, Tori's breathing was rapid and little moans were breaking through her hand. Her body was thrusting against Jade's mouth and her inner walls were contracting. Release was just around the corner and Jade knew just how to get her there. Moving her mouth just a little, she used her finger to rub Tori's tingling clit. It did the trick and Tori came all over Jade's mouth. Her body went still while she groaned then collapsed against the floor trembling. When Jade was sure it was done, she sat up looking over Tori. While trying to catch her breath, she lazily opened her eyes. "That...was...incredible! I've never felt...anything like that...thank you Jade."

Jade smiled before taking off her arm bands. "Thanks but you're not done. Care to help me out?"

Tori nodded then hesitated. " I've never done this before..."

"Neither have I...I just tried stuff."

That seemed to raise Tori's confidence as she began to remove her partner's clothes. In no time, the black haired girl was down to a crimson red bra and a black thong. Tori smirked and said "Huh, never saw that in gym."

Jade laughed while rolling her eyes. "Well you're seeing it now...you like?"

"Yes...you're so sexy..." Murmured Tori as the bra came off. After that, the girls switched places, allowing Tori to give Jade's breasts undivided attention. The nipples instantly became hard as Tori rolled them in her palms making the usually masked Jade whimper with desire. "Yeah...just like that."

Tori then got an idea. Hoping Jade wouldn't object, she leaned down and sucked on a nipple making it extra tight. Jade's back arched toward Tori's mouth and a shuddering moan from her mouth. After a minute of this, she was begging to get off. "Tori please....ah I need it. And don't be gentle."

Not wanting to waste a minute, Tori all but ripped off the thong and began lapping at the wet pussy. It was surprising how quick she knew what to do. She was swirling her tongue, licking fast and slow, and lightly nipping with her teeth. Jade was in heaven squirming around on the jacket, doing her best not to scream. Tori kept this up occasionally thrusting her tongue in and out like a mini penis. Jade was moaning and was right on the edge of her release. She was gripping the jackets and trembling from arousal. On flick to her clit from Tori's finger pushed the girl over the edge. Her body tensed before jerking and then flopping back down. Tori cleaned up the cum, wiped her mouth, and then sat up feeling really proud. "How was that?"

Through her panting, Jade replied "amazing... I've never had oral done like that...you really are a natural Tori."

"Thanks...but I guess here comes the awkward question...what do we do now?"

Jade opened her eyes and sat up. "What do you mean?"

"Well, when I feel like this toward someone, I want to date them but..."

"Oh...yeah...one thing I want you to know Tori is that I'll never leave you. I love you. If someday down the line we want to tell people then we can right now we should keep quiet."

"I couldn't agree more...I love you Jade."

"I love you too Tori."

The girls exchanged a loving hug before realizing they were still naked. Tori blushed slightly before making the comment "we should probably get dressed in case someone comes."

"Haha yeah."

With that the new couple reluctantly parted to retrieve their clothing. Once dressed, hair was fixed and jackets were put in their bags. Just as everything looked normal, Sikowitz flung the door open. "Oh good, there's no death. How'd it go?"

The girls exchanged a grin before Tori replied "It was alright. I think we should be ready for the play."

To this, Sikowitz looked genuinely shocked. "Wow...I did not know this would work. How did you do it?"

This time Jade answered him while walking out the door. "We have our ways."

From then on Jade and Tori were friends at school and lovers in the bedroom; or anywhere that was available. Everyone asked how they did it but all they would say was being friends was more fun than being enemies. After a while, the gang quit asking but Jade and Tori still laughed; loving their dirty little secret.

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