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You have come into my house to design new furniture for the master bedroom. You are an artisan and have been taking measurements and making notes of the contours of my bedroom as your minds eye envisions the end result of your labours.

You think I have gone downstairs to run the laundry and so you think you are alone. I came back to grab the laundry hamper from the bathroom and I see you cross my bedroom and open the top drawer of my dresser. I see you slide your fingers across my intimate things. You rub the satins, silks and fine lace between your thumb and forefinger. Your fingers touch my panties, my bras and even the special occasion corset and garters that I bought to turn my husband on which he didn’t even notice.

I should be outraged and disgusted at your actions. This is what I tell myself even as I feel my pussy moisten and my respiration increase. Even, as I begin to pant softly. My heart begins to race and I find myself leaning up against the wall as I watch through the crack in the doorway. You lift a pink satin thong out of the pile of lingerie. It is my favorite pair of underwear and I wonder what you are doing when I see you raise it to your nose and inhale deeply. I nearly moan as I feel my body flush with something I refuse to acknowledge as desire.

Again I lean over to peek through the crack in the doorway and what I see next nearly buckles my knees.I see you walk to the bedroom doorway and glance down the hall and carefully close the door. Then you walk over to the dresser and I hear the rasp of your zipper. You still hold my thong in your right hand and I see you pull out your cock with your other hand and wrap my thong around it. I swallow the moan rising in my throat as you start to jack your cock wrapped in my thong.

I struggle to keep my breathing quiet as my rate of panting increases. The sight before me is impossibly, inexplicably arousing and my hand falls to my skirt of its own volition and lifts it out of the way.

Cool air rushes in to touch my bare thighs and I quickly step out of the lacy white thong that I had chosen to wear today and kick it out of the way. I feel the cool air kiss the skin of my bare pussy and I spread my legs a bit as my hand reaches down to part my soaking wet folds. My fingers slip in and are flooded with sticky juices. Shivers run the length of my body as I move my hand in long, slow glides from my clitoris, down through my labia and swirling in my gaping needy hole before beginning the glide back up.

I continue the slow easy glide of my fingers up and down my cunt and feel shivery shards of desire fall down my legs and crawl up my stomach as my hand begins to quicken its sliding pace. Every few seconds, I peek through the crack in the door to watch you as you continue to pleasure yourself. I watch your other hand reach in to pull out your sack and caress them, pull them out and away from your body. And all the while, the hand holding my thong is stroking, stroking, stroking up and down the full length of your cock. As you glide up, your thong wrapped hand rubs the head and then down you glide again to the base.

In my minds eye, I imagine beads of precum pooling at your slit and being rubbed into my thong as it glided on its way.The images of that hit my mind with the force of a tidal wave and I gasp aloud. It is the merest breath of a sound, but it is enough to freeze me in my tracks and I see you still with a barely verbal growl. I go to step back quickly, to hide myself and run away but your eyes catch mine before I can do that and I stand frozen in place, my skirt around my hips, my fingers in my cunt, my breath panting as if I had just run a marathon.

You take your thong wrapped hand off of your cock and tuck yourself away with difficulty accompanied by a small hiss of pain as you tuck your fully erect, weeping cock into your pants. Again I move to flee but you whisper, ``Stop,” and I cannot move. I am frozen in place by your will alone and all the while, I am still panting, my pussy juices escaping my cunt to slide down my leg.

You walk to my dresser and replace my pink thong among my things and I moan desperately at the thought that your precum is mingling with my lingerie. It seems such an incredibly intimate act somehow. You shut the door to the dresser and turn to face me. You are wearing a t-shirt which shows your strong upper body and reveals a tattoo of tools on your upper arm. I feel frozen by your gaze and as you walk slowly towards me I begin to tremble.

When you reach me your hand reaches out to pull my fingers from my still dripping pussy and you bring them to your mouth and lick them clean even as I gasp and moan at the feel of your tongue swirling around my fingers and sucking them into your mouth. When my fingers are clean, you lower both of your hands to my ass and push my skirt up even further before picking me up and walking the two steps to the bathroom sink and placing me down on it. ``Stay,`` you say and you walk the three or four steps to where I had tossed the discarded white thong and pick it up carefully. As you raise it to your nose I know that you can smell my scent and the thought and reality of that causes both of us to moan.

My legs begin to move of their own volition. My body is trembling and I feel the ache in my core spread down my legs and over my body. Whimpers begin to echo and I can’t tell whether they are coming from me or you. I think it is me, but I have lost the ability to reason, my brain has been melted into a puddle at your feet by the strength of the lust you have fanned to life within me.

You walk towards me again and stand between my legs. I cannot think, cannot speak, I am on fire, in flames and your presence stokes me higher. You put your hands on my thighs and lean forward. You take my lips and fuck my mouth with your tongue and I moan as I wrap my hands around your neck to steady myself. I can’t think the force of my lust is so strong. I feel your hands pull my buttoned up shirt out of the top of my skirt and I feel air begin to brush my skin as you slowly...much too slowly undo the buttons of my blouse to reveal my lacy white bra to your gaze.

You groan as you see it and your hands reach out to cup my tits through the lacy fabric. You pull me forward and suck my nipple into your mouth through the fabric and I moan again. The feeling is so different from the feel of a mouth on bare skin and I am overcome with the additional sensation. Slowly I feel the wet of your mouth as the lace gets drenched with saliva and you continue to kiss and nibble and suck.

My body is restless. I am trying to get closer but your hands hold me firmly in place while your mouth takes its time nibbling and suckling my breast through the fabric of my bra. My panting has taken on a keening quality and my head is tossing back and forth as you take your time enjoying my breasts. My skin feels to tight for my body, my senses are overloaded and I have been reduced to a being of sensation only.

Your hands slide from their position of holding me in place by my hips onto my inner thighs. You lift and spread me then reach to pick up my feet one at a time and place them stretched wide on the counter I am sitting on. I am obscenely spread. I have to lean back on my hands to keep my balance in this position and I am intensely aware of how open and accessible I am to your touch. I groan as I feel your fingers at the opening of my sex. You do not enter, you just tease and stir my juices as I mewl and whine and cry. Your hand avoids contact with my clit and I feel so close to the edge that I begin to buck against your hand trying to get that last inch of sensation to send me into oblivion. You remove your hand and I groan in frustration.

“Please, please, please,” you have reduced me to begging. I no longer care about pride or appearances. I want to come and I am willing to do anything you want if you will only let me. You look into my eyes and I see your eyes crinkle as a smile crosses your face. “Show me what you want.” you say. Your eyes are glittering with lust as you wait with feigned patience. Your breathing is hard and heavy but you stand still and wait for me to react to your words.

I seem to react in slow motion. My head keeps up its tossing motion as your words register. I feel a cold shiver of anticipation as I realize that you are going to make me own this choice. I won’t be able to claim that I had no choice. I look into your eyes and the words are pulled out of me part groan, part sigh, “Fuck me.”

Again I see your mouth twitch in response and you bring your hands between my legs again. “Do you want me to fuck you here?” you ask the question while you slide two fingers into my soggy, aching slit and hit my g-spot forcefully. Your hand swirls through my juices quickly and then withdraws as I cry out at the aching emptiness. “Or do you want me to fuck you here?” With those words you slide your wet sticky fingers to my ass and circle the tight rosette, coating it with my fluids before you slide one wet finger inside.

My inital reaction is to clench and I whimper in pain. “Shhh....” you say as you glide back and forth with tiny motions. Letting my ass get used to the new sensations flooding it. “Relax and let me make you feel good.” Gradually your gliding motions become longer and my body responds to these new sensations with confusion and lust. The feeling of having your finger buried in my ass is unlike any I have had before. More intimate somehow...and I moan and whimper. I need more. “More,” I groan and again I see that mischievous grin cross your face.

“Do you have lube, sweet heart?” you question. “I don’t want to hurt you and if you are virgin back there we need lube.” This you whisper into my ear as you lean forward to nibble and nip at the side of my neck.

“Yes.” My hand comes up and I make a vague swatting motion towards the drawer on the side of the vanity. Words are beyond me at this point. You reach out and open the top drawer, then the second where your hand finds and closes around the container of lube and brings it back. I watch nervously as you coat your finger and my ass with the lube and slide one finger back in. My groan is instantaneous. If it had felt good before this was pure heaven. The slippery slide of your finger in my ass was unbearably good and I didn’t recognize the sounds coming out of my mouth. They were needy and desperate. Whining, mewling, moaning and keening cries filled the air around us.

Another lube coated finger toyed with my ass and then slipped it. A hiss of surprise escaped my mouth as I tried to become accustomed to the full feeling of your two fingers as you stretched and loosened my ass. My cries were sharp and brittle and I wanted desperately to be filled, taken, possessed. I gasp as your fingers leave my and I hear the rasp of your zipper. I look down to see you pull out your still achingly hard cock and quickly coat it with lube. “Hold on.” is the only warning I get before you line your cock up at the entrance to my ass and begin to push foward. My hands grapple to find purchase on the slippery vanity top and I settled for bracing them against the wall and leaning back.

You push your cock forward slowly and I whimper at the burn. The thickness of your two fingers was nothing compared to that of your cock. The pain increases and my breathing takes on a panicky quality. “Shhhhh,” you murmer. “Almost there sweet heart and then it will feel really good.” You never stop pushing slowly forward and finally, as quickly as it began I feel your cock pass the entrance to my ass and the pain recedes.

You begin thrusting with slow short bursts in and out as my body becomes accustomed to the feeling of fullness and possession. At first I am not sure if this is something I will enjoy but slowly my feelings morph and my head again begins to toss. “More, more, more,” I murmer under my breath and you start to lengthen your strokes. The pleasure overwhelms me and when I feel the fingers of your right hand again at my pussy my cries take on a sobbing quality. You push two fingers in and curve them to reach my g-spot and then syncronize the thrusting fingers in my pussy with the thrusting cock in my ass. I am sensation alone. No longer a sentient being I have become keening sound and tossing hair. Nothing in my life has every felt so completely, overwhelmingly pleasurable. I feel myself approaching my climax and I alternate between forgetting to breathe and pulling gasping, aching lungfuls of air into my oxygen starved body.

You are pounding me now. Your cock pulling nearly out and slamming back in with every thrust and we approach the apex together. Clinging to each other with your hands and my legs which have somehow become wrapped around your hips. I feel like I am going to drown in this pleasure. I can’t possibly survive this moment of climax and when it comes I scream my release and hear your answering cry as the spasming of my ass pulls you into your own climax. I feel the wet, molten heat of your cum as it hits my bowels and cry out again at the sensation. You continue to thrust slowly as we both come to our senses and your cock slowly softens. Finally it falls out with a soft snicking noise and you pick me up and carry me to my bed. You lay me against the pillows and return to the bathroom to clean yourself off and return with a cloth. You wipe the lube from my ass and clean me well before. Then you pull my white thong out of your pocket and put it on me. You right my clothes and do up the buttons of my blouse and carefully tuck it into my skirt. I feel cared for after the overload of sensations I have just experienced. You pull back the covers of the bed and tuck me in. “Sleep now.” you say and you kiss my forehead in an almost affection gesture and I feel my eyes close without further thought.

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