tagSci-Fi & FantasyUnorthodox Punishment Pt. 07-09

Unorthodox Punishment Pt. 07-09


Part VII

Bethany awoke to familiar surroundings, although that still didn't help to ease the throbbing behind her skull. She turned her head and saw Jared still lying exactly as she had left him the night before, snoring loudly. Not taking any care to mask her movements, not that she could have anyways with all the stuff tossed about the room, Bethany found some semblance of clothing. Most of it happened to belong to Jared. "But that's the price you pay when you go to bed with a sexy chick," Bethany thought to herself. Tossing one of Jared's baggy T-shirts and some athletic shorts on Bethany found her own scattered clothing and walked out of the room.

The common room was a similar scene to Jared's bedroom. Assorted guys and girls in various positions, some still entwined, others collapsing where they stood, or rather where they used to be standing. Still others had at least managed to find a couch or a chair that was probably unoccupied when they fell asleep but now had a person or two draped over their sleeping bodies. Taking care not to drop any of her clothing on the various bodies sprawled across the floor Bethany bent over to pick up her heels. Standing again caused her sight to sway as the blood rushed to her head compounding the already massive pulsing behind her skull. Steadying herself against the door she used her few unused fingers to pry the door open and slip into the hallway.


Jared was mildly aware of Bethany's departure only a few minutes earlier, but decided he better not say anything. Mostly this was due to the fact that he didn't know what to say, but also because making any sound at all was causing a fierce amplifying echo inside his skull that wasn't exactly pleasant. Just then the sun hit that perfect angle that he hated so much and streamed in through the side of his of his window shade to blast his closed eyes.

"Alright, for real this time I'm moving my damn bed," Jared thought for the umpteenth time as he turned over rubbing his eyes to ease the pain. It was then that he realized as he moved his legs that he was still wearing the condom from the night before. "Damnit I didn't even clean up last night. Fuck this is gross," his mind reeled. Summoning all his will power Jared swung his feet out over the bed and reached down to pull off the cum-stuck condom. He pulled gently on the tip and pushed at the base feeling the dried cum slowly pull away from his skin. Finally, Jared held the condom in his hand for a brief second before tossing it in the trash can beside his bed.

Walking over to the bathroom he grabbed a pair of athletic shorts from the chair next to his desk and slipped into them. Walking across the room he grabbed a pair of boxers, and another clean pair of shorts from his dresser and made his way to the bathroom. He was careful to avoid the people scattered across the floor, and even more so was amazed at how many people he had invited last night. "As a matter of fact," he thought glancing at the guy slumped against the wall outside the bathroom, "I definitely don't know this kid. Gotta stop letting Brad invite random guys over to drink our booze."

He closed the door to the bathroom behind him, and took a quick survey to make sure no one was passed out on the tile floor. Satisfied no one was curled over the toilet he reached over and turned on the shower. Stepping out of his shorts, he placed his clean clothes on a nearby countertop, and stepped into the warming shower. Sighing he let the water wash over his shoulders and turning around to face the drain began to relieve himself of last night's liquid courage.

"Nothing like a good morning piss to start your day off right," Jared thought, then corrected himself. "Well except waking up to find Bethany still there and begging for more." He knew he should be angry with himself, he had intended to talk to Kim that night about everything, and although he had no doubt that she would forgive him, he highly doubted that she would want to get back together with him. "Well no use in wondering now, not much to say when you're licking salt off a girl's nipple and your ex walks in." Shaking his head he chuckled a little, and looking down his chest he said, "It's your fault you know. Getting me into all this trouble."

He squeezed his dick and felt the final ends of his stream flow out , and he reached down to shake loose the last drops. Only something wasn't quite the same. He looked down again and felt his dick in his hands. It felt smaller, which was ridiculous he knew, but definitely it didn't look as a big as before. "Eh, don't worry about it, it's probably just the water." He said to himself, shaking it off, "Either that or I'm still wicked drunk."

Although he still explored this new development, he eventually convinced himself he was imagining things as he finished up his shower. "No normal person's dick shrinks," he thought drying himself off and slipping into his boxers. And he would have been right if this was any normal circumstance.


"Damn, maybe I shouldn't have rolled these so much at the waist, they're rubbing like crazy." Bethany muttered as she finally made it to her door. The shorts she had on were rolled at the waist a half-dozen times to make an effective pair of short-shorts. Unfortunately for some strange reason it was rubbing rather annoyingly at her pussy and creeping up her butt to give her an awful wedgie. Regardless, she reached into her small purse and opened the door with the key stepping inside.

She dropped her clothes and purse in a pile right outside the door and making straight for the bathroom she only paused to grab a cup from her desk beside the door. The cold tile felt amazing beneath her feet as she opened the medicine cabinet above her sink and pulled out a bottle of Advil. Popping a couple pills into her mouth she filled the cup using the sink faucet and downed the hopeful saviors to the rest of the day. Reaching over to the shower she turned the knob and pulled her shirt off over her head. She wriggled out of Jared's shorts and stepped into the shower thankful for the soothing water.

She reached down with a hand to massage the inside of her legs where they had been rubbing hoping that it was more from the shorts than from things that she didn't quite remember doing last night. "I'm pretty sure I only fucked Jared last night, so why does it feel like I took a half dozen guys last night," she thought to herself. Then she remembered the strange thing that had happened when she was fucking Jared. Taking a hand she took her finger and gently let it walk over her pussy lips, feeling the familiar light electricity course through her legs. Taking things a little further she took her other hand and began massaging her nipples. As her hands flicked and toyed with her hardened nipples she thought, "they felt a little smaller than normal, in fact my boobs feel lighter for some reason-OH GOD!"

Her previous thought was shattered as her pussy exploring finger brushed up against her clit sending heat coursing in waves through her body. Well that answers that question, she thought as she felt her body temperature rising, guess it was just Jared being...inadequate last night, OOOOHHH. Her finger continued to probe its way around her clit, but despite her sensations, Bethany was a little confused. She knew her body pretty intimately, and well to be blunt, her clit was never this big. She was pretty sure she could actually, "MMMPPHHHH, OOOOOHHH GOOOODDD," she said aloud as her train of thought was temporarily broken. "Yep I can definitely massage it with two fingers." Her mind running away quickly towards her pleasure senses, she began to have an internal debate with herself. It was quickly apparent though her logical thought was losing.

"What's going on?"

"Never mind that who cares."

"Why is your clit bigger?"


"But what if something's wrong?"


"YES, YES, YES, I'M CUMMING!!" Her voice finally erupting from her throat.


She got out of the shower feeling like she had just had the best fuck of her life. She reached for the towel hanging up on the wall and used the towel rack as a support to hold her trembling legs. She dropped her head looking at the pussy nestled between her legs and how it puffed out slightly to incorporate her enlarged clit. "Not just bigger," she reminded herself, "soooo much more sensitive." She pulled herself up and toweled off as much as she wanted to before walking out into her room. Grabbing a pair of panties from the dresser beside her bed she shimmied into them, thankful that they didn't rub the way Jared's shorts had earlier. She reached into another drawer and drew out a pair of pajama pants and a loose fitting T-shirt. Today was definitely going to be a day to veg-out since she didn't have to work and recovering from last night. "Who am I kidding," she mused, "recovering from this morning is the only thing on my mind."

At least that was before there was a knock on her door.

Bethany groaned a little and crossed the room opening the door.

"Wow what's it with me and catching girls in their underwear today?"

"I'm in my pj's."

"Close enough."

"Who the hell are you?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. My name is Miranda and I just moved onto this floor. I'm a transfer student."

Bethany eyed the tall curvy black girl standing in front of her, "Aaaaand what do you want from me?"

"Aren't you the floor advisor? I thought maybe you could show me around and help introduce me to some of the girls."

Bethany shook her head thinking, "I definitely do not have time for this." She responded though, "Alright first off, I'm not the floor advisor-"

"But you have a single room? I thought all floor advisors had singles."

"They do," Bethany said pointing across the hall, "And she's right there. Or at least she would be if she wasn't at work."

"Ok, then how do you have a single?"

"I used to date the old floor advisor before he graduated last year. He gave me the room right before I broke up with him."

"Oh," The black girl eyed Bethany, "Aren't you only a sophomore?"

"And I dated a senior yes." Bethany said eager to get this girl to shut up and go away, "And back to your original question, it's only like what noon?"

"It's 2 PM actually."

"Like I said," Bethany said rubbing her head. Her headache was coming back, and this girl was not helping, "It's way too early for these girls to be up. Try coming back around five or so."

"Night owls huh," Miranda said, then put her finger up to her cheek, as if in thought. Then her eyes brightened up, a brilliant shade of emerald green if Bethany had ever seen one, "Why don't I give you my number and you can call me if you girls end up going out?"

Suddenly Bethany was holding a piece of paper with Miranda's number on it and saying, "Sure thing, no problem." She shook her head a little confused as to what had just happened. "When did she give this to me, and why did I say yes?" Her mind was suddenly fuzzy, but she attributed it to the headache she was likely going to have to nurse thanks to this girl's constant questioning.

"Aww thanks babe, you're the best." Miranda said winking and blowing the girl a little kiss. "Well I'll catch you later, don't forget to text me what's going on!"

Bethany watched the black girl sashay down the hallway, hips swaying deliciously with each step. Bethany shook her head and closed the door to the hallway, "What the hell am I doing checking her out. She's a girl, even if she is pretty good looking she's got nothing on me. Besides, she hasn't got a cock between her legs to please me" She originally had no intention of going out tonight, but maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing to find some guys who were better than Jared.

And she knew just where to go, and they'd love that Miranda girl and her sweet looking ass.



Tim leaned back in his computer chair and pushed his hands up through his hair in exasperation. His computer displayed the various lines of code he had spent the last four hours writing, and despite his considerable programming skill this project was getting the better of him. "For the moment at least," Tim thought, "but really the problem is I'm just preoccupied." He turned his left hand over and stared at the black tattoo inscribed onto it and sighed, "Maybe I shouldn't have done this. Maybe I should have just let her go and do her own thing. God knows I released a demon onto this plane."

He shook his head furiously trying to convince himself, as he had been for the past two days that what he had done was right. He could justify the hurt and the pain, but was that a reason to lash out like this? "I'm not even sure why I did this. I've always kept my cool around her and everyone else, why did I decide to cave in now. And that brought him to the second half of his mistake, Why did I decide to bring Kim into all this?"

He had been asking himself this question more often than the others. He had always known that there must be other summoners, or at least magic users in the world, but he had always assumed that they would know what they were. When Kim had practically freaked out at him, he thought it was amusing, joking around like that. But when she kept up the so-called facade far longer than was funny he realized that she was being serious. "How can you not know? She must have seen things, heard things. Things that nobody else would believe. Her parents must have known, at least one of them had to be magically inclined." Tim ran through the internal dialogue over and over again. He had assumed that he would be showing off his power by summoning a demon, and not just any demon, a well-known succubus and concubine in the underworld. He summoned her and bound her to his will, enough to impress even his teacher he was sure, but she had been mortified.

"And then I left her to deal with what she saw all on her own, expecting her shock to silence her." He sighed again, "What kind of person am I becoming. I would never have left someone alone like that regardless of the situation."

"Well time to fix that." He said as he reached for his cell phone.


"Kim your purse is ringing!"

"Hold on, just a sec," Kim said hastily hooking the push-up bra she was trying on and sliding her arms through the straps. She just about had the straps over her shoulders when Steph walked in and handed her the ringing phone with a sly look on her face. Kim looked at her friend curious, but then noticed the name on the caller ID.

"Oh hey Tim...Ya I'm out shopping right now...Mmmhmmm...yea, you kinda did ditch me...well I suppose that would be a good way to make it up to me...uh huh, yea sure...alright, ya I'll text you when I get back from shopping with Steph...what? Of course she's here, who else is going to be honest with me?...Haha ya ok you have a point...alright sounds good see ya later."

"OOO, got yourself a date?"

"Oh don't be silly it's just dinner." Kim said handing the phone back to her friend. "He kinda ditched me the other day and wanted to apologize."

"Aww isn't that a sweet line." Stephanie said mockingly, "Honey it's a date face it."

"No we're just friends, and besides I wouldn't tell you if it was a date anyways."

"Why? I thought we were bffls."

"If I told you it was a date you'd make me put on more of these bras until I found the perfect one to show off my boobs."

"Oh Kimmy, we don't have to look much further." Stephanie said licking her lips teasing her friend.

"Oh stop, this isn't that ridiculous. I mean I can still - HOLY CLEAVAGE!" Kim said involuntarily as she looked down at how the bra fit. It was hugging her new breasts as they practically thrust out from her body. She'd never been flat, but never did her breasts look this good. "Damn, this must be what Bethany thinks every morning. Only hers are still bigger and nicer than mine. With any luck that's going to change soon and I can't wait," she thought.

"Alright, I'll get this one, the girls seem to like it."

"Of course they do! Now time to go dress-shopping!"

Kim groaned as she pushed her friend out of the stall to change back into her street clothes. "Still though," she thought as she slipped into her shirt and sweatshirt, "Steph has a point, why shouldn't I treat this like a date? He's not seeing anyone, and from what he said over the phone he wants to talk about magic."

Stepping out of the booth she gathered her things and the bra from Steph and made her way to the front counter. She pulled up the sleeves of her sweatshirt since it was actually one of Jared's and went digging through her purse to find her wallet. Finding it, she handed the bra to the cashier, who after ringing it up said, "Nice tattoo, who's your artist?"


"That tattoo on the back of your hand, it's really well done." The cashier said pointing to Kim's outstretched hand holding her debit card.

"You went and got a tat without me?" Steph said noticing for the first time the design on Kim's hand.

"No. No I didn't. I mean, it's, uh, it's henna. I did it this morning before you came back from the gym."

"You never told me you were into henna," Steph said with a skeptical look. But that look was quickly replaced by awe, "But damn girl that's good. You should do me one day."

Kim signing the receipt and taking the small bag holding her bra from the cashier turned to Steph as they began walking out of the store, "You meant more than just henna with that comment."

"Of course I did." Stephanie said pecking Kim on the cheek causing her to blush, "but right now I gotta get you dolled up for Tim."


"Hey Jack I'm heading out I'll be back in a bit."

"Alright see ya later man...actually you finish that code?" Jack, one of Tim's suite mates said over the sounds of Call of Duty on his Xbox.

"Nah I'll get to it later tonight."

"Aight, let me know if you figure it out I'm totally lost."

"Maybe if you actually looked at it instead of playing CoD all the time," Tim thought as he shut the door behind him. He still had a couple hours before meeting Kim tonight and decided that he should have a chat with Myrla, just to make sure she understood what was expected of her. Succubi were notorious for finding loop holes in contracts, resulting in many male summoners losing their souls to the power hungry demons. He'd even heard of a couple willingly transform into incubi, but that was probably myth more than anything.

Making his way out to the abandoned warehouse wasn't difficult, and there were few people out at this hour. Most were either getting ready for a night of festivities and drinking, dolling themselves up, or pre-gaming, or there were others who would be diligently doing the work assigned to them over the short break. Either way no one to watch his progress was much better than having to come up with some sort of explanation later. Taking a quick stroll around the warehouse to make sure there wasn't anyone to interrupt him he summoned Myrla.

The flash of light was accompanied by a burst of wind and followed by a swearing, curvaceous black girl. Tim smiled, "I see you've improved your image."

"Fuck you, I'm a hundred times better looking in my real form." Then she stuck out her tongue at the summoner, "It's too bad you sealed it," Myrla said, suddenly winking, "or perhaps you like the way I look now. Maybe I could show you a good time."

"Some other time perhaps," Tim said smiling, "How is your work coming along?"

"Only one day and already you're asking if I'm done? Did you even know this girl?" Seeing Tim cock an eyebrow she shrugged, "Girl is a sex fiend, and that coming from me should tell you something." Then almost as an afterthought, "Oh ya, the two of us are going out tonight together. Thought you might want to join us."

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