tagBDSMUnprepared for Master

Unprepared for Master


I opened my apartment door, glad to be home after a very long and tiring day at work. I let my bag fall to the floor and plopped onto the couch, closing my eyes. Master would be there soon, and I knew I needed to get myself ready, but I was so tired, I couldn't help it, and I fell asleep.

I woke up in the bathtub. I jerked around, confused as to how I got there, but then Master was beside me, and I relaxed. And then began to freak again, seeing as I was not ready for him when he got home. I immediately hung my head, and tried to get in my position for him.

"I'm sorry, Sir, that I was not prepared for you when you got home," I whispered, evident shame in my voice. I heard him chuckle, and I looked up in surprise to see his soft, warm smile.

"When I got in, you were sound asleep, Pet. I knew you were tired, so I decided to draw your bath, and get you ready myself."

"But Master, that's my job!" I exclaimed. He smiled and leaned over and kissed my forehead.

"I know. And you will have to be punished," he said, his voice going stern. I could feel my pussy clench. "But, you need to be clean. Let me pamper my Pet just a bit, before I fuck her until she can't remember her name," he said, leaning down once again to lick at my neck.

I let a small moan escape, and could feel his lips smile against my skin.

Master took his time bathing me, using his favorite body wash, massaging my scalp as he washed my hair, and teasing me any chance he got. He leaned over the side of the tub to let the water out, and at the same time blew so softly on my nipples.

"Out of the tub, Pet," he whispered into my ear.

I stood and stepped out of the tub, gratefully using the towel Master handed me because I began to shiver from the cold. Master grabbed my face between his large hands and kissed me softly, gently. I felt heat course through my core, and got slightly wetter. I felt his fist tighten in my hair, and he yanked my head back, exposing my neck so he could bite it and mumble into the skin.

"My Pet was naughty today. She wasn't ready for Master when he got home. Now she has to be punished." With that, he threw me over his shoulder and headed straight for our room.

In one deft motion, he flung me onto the bed and removed my towel, so I was now laying on my back on the bed. Master came over, and sat on the edge, waiting for me. I knew what to do, and crawled over to lay across his lap. Without warning he slapped my right ass cheek, making me jerk and gasp.

"Count, baby."

"One," I said, my voice strong.

Master rubbed my ass softly, then reared back and slapped my left cheek. I jerked again.


We went through six more slaps, each one stinging more than the last. Master rubbed my ass and kissed each cheek.

"Two more, Pet. Are you okay?"

Tears filled my eyes, and my ass was sore, but I knew I could stand two more, so I nodded. I felt his hand move away from my ass, and I tensed, waiting. But the spank didn't come. It was so strange, waiting for it, and nothing happening. I relaxed and was about to turn around when I felt his hand land square on my right cheek. I cried out loudly, fisting the sheets under my hands.

"N-nine," I stuttered out. I felt Master's hand rub the sore skin on my bottom.


I screamed, unprepared for the pain. Tears flowed down my cheeks, but I knew I had to

say the last number, or Master wouldn't be happy.

"T-t-ten!" I mewled, sniffling.

Master ran his hands over my now glowing ass, kissing it and soothing it. As he did so, he let a hand trail down to my pussy, feeling my wetness.

"Pet liked her spanking, didn't she?" he whispered, letting a finger sink into my dripping cunt. I moaned quietly. Master added a second finger, curling them to hit my g-spot and I spasmed.

Master began to slowly finger fuck my pussy, curling his fingers with every thrust to hit that one spot just right, knowing it would send me over the edge very soon. I began to mewl and moan and whimper as he sped up. He could tell I was close, so he leaned over and whispered into my ear.

"What do you say, Pet?"

"May I cum, Master?" I begged. I could hear him chuckle softly before adding a third finger, and going deeper and faster.

"Cum, my little slut. Cum hard for Master."

I screamed.

My legs flailed, my back arched, my head flew back, and my pussy squirted all over Master's hand. I screamed and cried out and whimpered and gasped as I came, all the while trying to hold onto Master so I wouldn't fall off of his lap. He held me as I came down from my high, my body shaking and my breath coming in shallow gasps.

Master scooped me up, and lay me on my tummy with my head on a pillow, before opening the night stand drawer and pulling out some lotion for my ass. I lay there, still experiencing aftershocks from my orgasm, as he soothed my heated bottom from my spanking. Then he came up and curled me into his chest, kissing my shoulders. I sighed happily.

"I love my Master," I whispered, sleep coming over my body.

"I love my Pet."

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by Anonymous08/22/17

Well written but....

Not to my taste personally. She intentionally defied her Masters orders but yet was still "pampered" she definitely didn't deserve it. She was only punished by getting spanked with his hand but yet shemore...

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