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Unreported Attack


The night was like any other. Warm and humid, and harsh to breathe. Aven sat out on the front steps inhaling her cigarette, almost happy for the no smoking rule inside. Her ex Chris sat inside eyeing her up for the last hour, and after past events, she did not feel comfortable.

She watched her cigarette burn, hoping that it would take forever. She had promised her friend, Mike, that she would stay the night. But as long as Chris was there, she didn't want to be inside with the rest of the group.

Her thin body sat there dreading the finishing of the cigarette. She hunched over resting her elbows on her knees. Silky black mid back long hair spilled around her. Her blue eyes stared down at the concrete, searching for images to come to her and comfort her scorned heart. The form fitting jeans she wore revealed the perfect shape of her legs, and the black button down low-cut shirt showed her bust in an arousing form. Her long neck was wrapped with a black bead and red gem collar, and her wrists and fingers carried rings of interesting designs and bracelets of unique patterns.

She inhaled the last of her cigarette and flicked it into the street. She let out an emotion filled sigh, and pushed herself to her feet. The hike up the steps was a languorous one, and as she reached for the door she felt as if though she should run away. An awful feeling filled her whole being and she knew that she should not be there. Yet, she still opened the door.

"Aven, where have ya been?" Mike asked of her.

"Smoking a cigarette. I'm gonna go to the bathroom." She replied.

Aven then turned and headed up the stairway. At the top of the stairs, staring her in the face was the open door to the bathroom. She strode in, and shut the door behind her. Her body slid down to the floor and she threw her head back against the door. After a few minutes of depression, Aven pulled herself using the sink, and turned the faucet on. She pulled the water up to her face in cupped hands and splashed the water cleansing the red tear stained cheeks.

After wards she turned the faucet off and grabbed a towel to dry off. She turned toward the door, threw her hands down to her side and sighed a cleansing breath. But as she turned the door knob it flew toward her and smacked her in the head.

Aven flew back and hit her head off the tub wall. She instinctively grabbed where her head had been hit, and tears blurred her vision from the brought on pain. When she thought that maybe she pulled the door too hard, she heard it slam and was being thrown to a new position on the tiled floor. Her back was pressed flat against it, and laid straight by strong hands. Aven struggled, blinded by pain and tears, struggling to get hold of this swift person, tormenting her in this way.

The pressure of his body soon fell on top of her. She felt his hand roughly massaging her left breast, and his other hand clamped her mouth to prevent any escape of screams. Aven could hardly get her bearings straight. She wiggled and wormed beneath her attacker, not realizing she could even scream. But as her attacker sat up to unzip his pants, she caught her first glimpse of Chris, smiling sadistically, proud of what he was doing.

She whispered a "no" under her breath, and a hard punch came across the left side of her face. It left her head spinning, and she was unable to fight much afterwards. He ripped open her shirt, and she listened to the sound of the buttons hit and bounce around the floor. Her chest was well exposed, and he came and bit her breast with terrible force. Aven screamed in agony, only to receive a second punch across the right side of her face.

This time Aven laid there, her head swam with pain, and she began to fade in and out of consciousness. She felt her jeans being pulled fiercely from her legs, and her body stroked aggressively. She felt his bites moving in odd patterns on her body, and finally he slipped himself inside her. As he did, he sank his teeth deep into her neck. Aven let out a moan of suffering. She began to regain strength, but when he noticed this, he held her wrists to the floor. The resentment for him caused every thrust of his pelvis to be painful, and she moaned out in torment. Chris propped himself up with one hand, and grabbed a handful of her hair in his hand, pulling her upper half from the floor. She looked into his eyes in such fear that it made him laugh, and with brute force he slammed her head back down to the floor. After this, Aven laid there. Still, and soundless. His body soon began to quiver, and a moan emerged from his parted lips. He then let himself fall on top of her body. Aven let the tears stream from her eyes. He then propped himself on the whole of his forearm, and looked down at her. He even stroked a lock of hair from her face and tucked it gently behind her ear.

He let out a snicker, and forced his tongue inside her mouth for a passionate kiss. When he finished, he looked at her again and said "You're so pathetic," and stood from his lain position. He zipped up his pants and left the bathroom. As the door opened the room filled with the blasting sound of the downstairs music.

Aven laid there on the floor. She didn't move. Her panties were around her knees, her shirt laid wide open and blood poured from her lip. Bruises where he had bit her began to surface, and all the while she cried. Chris had to of said some pun intended phrase downstairs before he left, for in only a few seconds Adam, another friend of Aven's came to the bathroom door.

"Dear, God," he muttered and ran into Mikes' bedroom to get a blanket. He kneeled on the floor next to her, and pulled her upright and wrapped the blanket around her. He then sat on the floor and pulled her into his lap. He rocked her and told her as gently as he could that "everything will be all right."

"Don't call the police or anything, Kay?" Aven asked of him.

He looked unhappy about her request, but he nodded in agreement. "Let's get you cleaned up, all right?"

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