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Unwilling Witness


Marie sat bound to the chair. Her eyes squeezed as tightly shut as possible, trying to block out the sounds and sights that were assailing her. She was more furious than she had been in her entire life. Silk scarves held her arms and legs snugly in place against the arms and legs of the chair, and try as she might, she couldn't break their restraint. Unable to resist, she opened her eyes to see the scene in front of her, her stomach lurching as she took it all in.

Spread across her bed was her husband was some nameless, faceless woman. Marie didn't care about her, and couldn't bring herself to study the woman's face. The only thing she knew about her was that she hated the woman. Showing his ultimate control over her, he had bound her to the chair in the most seductive possible manner, and she could only imagine the treats that were in store for her that night. In her wildest dreams she wouldn't have expected what would come next.

He had left her there, tied to the chair. She had waited, her womanhood throbbing in expectant anticipation. Minutes passed and the ticking of the clock on the nightstand had been enough to drive her insane, until finally she heard the squeak of footsteps on the stairs. Through the dim lighting she saw his outline in the doorway and wondered what he was going to do next. The shock came when he stepped forward and there was a woman behind him.

Immediately Marie felt the red haze of anger swirl before her eyes. Not uttering a single word, the look on her face spoke volumes.

John saw the look and knew the anger that must be in his princess's heart in this moment. He felt it and reveled in it. Jealousy... Plain and primitive, making her beautiful blue eyes glow with the fire that he loved so much. When she flexed the muscle in her jaw he saw the slight twitch and knew she was clenching her teeth.

Ignoring the unexpected jab of pain in his stomach at seeing the hurt and fury in her eyes, he brought the woman forward and began to peel her garments from her, slowly, taking care that Marie was paying attention to each and every stroke his fingertips made of the woman's body. With her naked before him, he gestured toward the bed for her to lie down.

She knew what he was doing and it was killing her inside. She couldn't turn her eyes away as she watched him spread his large frame over this woman's exceptionally smaller one. It was only now that she bothered to look at the woman's face, and gasped in shock when she realized that she was stunningly beautiful. That made things so much worse and she thought that she never should have looked at her.

Marie watched him kiss her passionately, and she could tell he was aroused, it was blatantly obvious. Grinding her teeth together, her gaze was transfixed as he began kissing down the woman's bare chest, his lips and tongue savoring the taste of her salty skin. Laving her nipples with a very moist tongue brought them sharply to attention. Against Marie's will, she felt her own nipples stiffen in response. Her body's un-willful reaction to the things he was doing to the other woman incited her anger even further.

Unable to hold back any longer, she whispered three words that she never thought she would say in conjunction with him. "I hate you". She could tell that instead of making him angry enough to stop, it goaded him to push further. He continued his downward path until his lips were a breath away from the woman's pussy. Cal tried to close her eyes but she had to watch. With his capable hands, he spread her lips to expose her to view, and positioned himself so that Cal could see every movement. Flicking his tongue out, he played with the little nub of nerve endings that would bring her such pleasure.

Once again, Marie's body reacted without her consent. She felt her clit becoming engorged and the wetness soaked her womanhood. She watched as he flattened his tongue against her wet flesh and the woman squirmed on the bed, thrusting her hips up to bring his mouth into harder contact with her. Marie watched with a mixture of anger and arousal as the woman's small, pert breasts bounced with her movements. She tried to clench her thighs together to lessen the aching of the arousal she was plagued with, but her legs were tied firmly to the wooden posts of the chair. Without thinking, a muffled moan escaped her throat.

He chucked! The bastard heard her and was laughing about it! It wasn't until then that she realized that even though he gave the appearance of being totally involved with this woman, that in truth, every cell of his body was attuned to each little sound and movement that she made. In complete control. In a sudden jolt, she had an idea that would teach him a lesson.

He wanted to be in such control of her, he wanted to decide when to touch her, when to kiss her, and when to let her come. She decided to take that power away from him. Only her arms at the wrist were tied to the chair, and her legs at the ankle. Seemingly foolproof, but she knew how easily stimulated her own body was, and tilted herself forward so that her swollen clit brushed against the upholstered fabric of the seat beneath her. Careful to keep her outward expression even, she rolled her hips suggestively against the chair and felt her body pulsating with the thrills of it. Keeping her lips sealed together tightly, she wouldn't give in to the urge to moan out her pleasure, not until the last moments where he could do nothing to stop it. With her pussy grinding against the seat and her nipples brushing against the underside of her arms, she knew it wasn't going to take long. Grinding harder and faster she felt the tension inside of her build up until she knew she had reached her breaking point.

Totally unaware, John continued to lick and suckle the woman, gently easing two fingers into her opening. Thrusting his hand, loving the wet, slapping sound it made. Sure that Marie was just behind him, full of fury and frustrated sexual anger; he smiled as he went about his task, until he heard a sudden frantic moaning behind him.

Glancing up he was just in time to see her thrust herself against the seat underneath her a few final times before the orgasm ripped through her. She was so loud, moaning in ecstasy. Her body trembling from the force of her orgasm. Her head was thrown back and her succulent breasts stood proudly at attention while her teeth nibbled at her bottom lip.


Red hot anger flew through him.

This was not how he had planned it. She absolutely was not allowed to orgasm until HE was ready to let her.

She came out of her post orgasm stupor and looked him evenly in the eyes. They were more God damn calm than he had ever seen them. Thinking to pay her back for misbehaving, he positioned himself above the lovely, sensual, eager stranger and thrust his cock deeply into her wet and waiting pussy, not breaking the contact with Marie's eyes. His fury mounted as all he saw staring back at him was a gentle calm.

Son of a bitch, she thought she had won. He could see from the calm smugness on her face. He thrust his turgid cock into the woman over and over again. His hard body slapping noisily against her softer one. All the while never taking his eyes off of Marie's face. He pounded his cock furiously into the woman beneath him, and he felt her start to orgasm. Her nails scored the flesh of his back and she whispered sexy and dangerous things to him, but try as he might, he couldn't cum in her. Something in his body wasn't letting him.

Marie felt the power humming through her veins. She didn't care that he was fucking this woman; she could see in his eyes what she had done to him. She could feel the anger and frustration radiating through him. Smiling exultantly, she watched him slip himself out of her, help her to her feet, and collect her discarded clothing. He led her out of the room and Marie could see the tension radiating through him. A few seconds later and he was back, this time alone.

Stepping into the room, he closed the door ever so softly behind him. Looking into his eyes from across the room, she could see the sudden glint there of a predator stalking its prey.

Her body trembling with expectation, she awaited his tender assault.

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