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Unwished for Gift Ch. 00


Chapter 0 -- Prologue

Caitlyn hated the holidays. The non-stop parade of capitalism hidden beneath the veneer of giving made her want to hide in bed until January. Coupled with the constant barrage of yuletide singing and merry-making around the neighborhood, Caitlyn wished every year she could escape to a deserted island, preferable where it was warm and sunny. On top of that, she dreaded the obligated trip home to spend Christmas with her family. It wasn't that she didn't love them. She did love her family and loved spending as much time as possible with them. It was just that her family was growing and with her being single, she was the constant talk of discussion among them. That coupled with a new niece or nephew every few years made her cringe at the thought of going home.

"You are coming right sis? You know mom's already making plans and getting the tree ready. She's been hounding me all week to find out about you and if you are bringing a date..." asked her brother Brandon. Caitlyn mentally sighed and braced herself for the million questions she knew was coming.

"No Brandon... there will be no date," she replied. "No, I'm not going to say any more about it. Just tell mom I'll try. Bye." Caitlyn hung up quickly and hoped that Brandon's wife had at least heard part of it and would keep him from calling her back. Holding her breath, she waited. When five minutes had passed without the phone ringing, she sighed in relief. Getting up off the couch, she moved to the bathroom to take a hot bath. Feeling the hot water surround her, she let her mind drift to thoughts of the past.

In high school, she was labeled as a nerd. She had glasses and braces and wore baggy clothes because she felt more comfortable hiding her growing curves than actually showing them off. Being top of her class also didn't help her social standings any. She was shy and quiet which coupled with her brother's popularity only made things worse. They were all high-school jocks, not to mention handsome, fun and social. Everyone liked them and even after they graduated, the kids in her class still talked about them.

The summer after her senior year, her favorite cousin Sarah came to stay for awhile. She had just graduated college and didn't feel like traveling home for the summer. During those three months, Sarah transformed Caitlyn from a nerdy gawky girl to a beautiful grown up college student. Caitlyn's braces had come off right before school ended so that wasn't an issue. She took Caitlyn to get fitted for contacts to get rid of the glasses. After glancing at Caitlyn's choice of clothing, Sarah dragged her out to get fitted for a whole new wardrobe. From hair styles and make-up basics, manicures to pedicures, Sarah coached Caitlyn on all the etiquette to be more girly. They talked all night about girl stuff and even about boys. She gave her words of wisdom and a shoulder to cry on when she got too emotional. Sarah knew Caitlyn better than anyone and was happy to help her out of her shell.

At the end of the summer, even though she was still shy, Caitlyn was a whole different person. Her mother couldn't thank Sarah enough. Her father almost had a heart attack. Her brothers were called immediately and made promises to beat the living shit out of any boy who dared to come near her. When it finally came time to go to college, her dad refused to pay the tuition. In the end, he relented but gave her a stern lecture on the birds and the bees before letting her go. Caitlyn reassured him, but her dad knew that his little girl was a woman and a beautiful one at that. He worried about her and constantly called to check on her, even visiting at odd times.

Caitlyn didn't mind. She loved college. There was so much learning to do. She knew she wanted to be a lawyer so she studied as hard as she could. This left little time for socializing, to the dismay of her male classmates. Her girlfriends were also disappointed that she never wanted to go to a party with them or double date with them. But her kindness and sweet disposition won them over, and even though the boys lusted after her, she ended up being a kid sister in many eyes and they watched out for her too.

After graduation, she got a job hundreds of miles away from home. Her parents cried and begged her to stay close to home, but she wanted to work for this firm. She found an apartment in a decent neighborhood and settled into her adult life with much joy and excitement. Because of her outstanding grades and high test scores, she was able to get a job at one of the top firms in the state. She loved every bit of it, even more so after the men stopped trying to date her. After working there a few years, everything changed when she met Scott.

He was one of the senior partner's sons. He had been given an internship with the company at the request of his father. Once there, he made a name for himself and eventually took over for his father when he retired a few years later. Caitlyn had been preoccupied when she ran into him before a meeting. He had spilled water all over the front of her blouse and in embarrassment, she burst out crying. He escorted her to his office and left her there while he ran to the nearest store and bought her replacement clothes. When he returned, he asked her to dinner. She accepted and after a couple of dates, she was smitten.

The only problem that existed between the two of them was Caitlyn's virginity. Scott was shocked that she was still a virgin, but he was excited to be her first. Caitlyn, on the other hand, was so inexperienced she kept stopping Scott every time he tried to touch her. After months of coaxing and pleading, and even professing his love for her, Caitlyn gave in. She regretted every minute of it. It hurt an awful lot and she didn't get any pleasure out of it. Scott loved every bit of it, and even though she cried about it, proceeded to fuck her all night and even once more before he left for work. After he left, Caitlyn swore she would never have sex again. She called in sick, got in her car and left.

She ended up at Sarah's house and spent a week recuperating and being spoiled by Sarah and her family. It didn't help that Scott called her every few hours begging and pleading with her to come back. He wanted to fuck her some more but he didn't tell her that. She was the tightest pussy he had ever had and he didn't want to let her go. In the end, she told him the truth of why she left. He couldn't believe his ears. He finally gave her an ultimatum -- if she didn't come back the next day, she was fired. Upset with the whole situation, Caitlyn responded by calling her boss and quitting.

Caitlyn then called her parents. Without going into too much detail, she let them know that she was staying with Sarah for awhile. Within a few months, she was back on her feet and looking for a job and place to stay. She found one closer to home, and after packing up her stuff, moved on. She started working for a smaller firm which paid less, but she felt more comfortable there than her last job. She was surprised that Scott had still given her a glowing recommendation but realized that with her impeccable work record he really had no choice. As for socializing, Caitlyn dreaded a repeat and firmly believed that was all any guy wanted from her, so she refused to date and worked obsessively.

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