tagNovels and NovellasUnwished for Gift Ch. 01

Unwished for Gift Ch. 01


Chapter 1 -- Home Sweet Home

"For the last time Caitlyn -- stop working and go home already," her boss yelled from his open office door. Caitlyn looked up to see him grabbing his coat and hat. Looking down at her papers, she sighed and started gathering them up to take home. Aaron dashed quickly over to her and slammed his hand down on top of her papers. "You are not working over the holidays - period. I mean it," he growled menacingly. "You work too much as it is and even though this case is important to you, it can wait until you come back in two weeks," Aaron stated.

"Two weeks!!" shouted Caitlyn. "I've only requested time off for a few days!! What happened!!" she cried.

Aaron sighed and sat down on the edge of her desk. Gathering his thoughts he said to her, "Caitlyn, you are one of the best employees this firm has ever had. You work without complaint, you put in more hours than you say you do, and you hardly ever take a day off. But you have an air about you that shows how unhappy you are. Don't deny it. I've been around a long time and I know what I know. So please take two weeks off during the holidays. I insist."

Caitlyn started to protest but looking at Aaron, she knew how much he cared for her. Because of that, she nodded and grabbing her purse and jacket, left all her work behind as she walked out of the office. Aaron stopped to lock up and then escorted Caitlyn to her car. Caitlyn smirked a little because she knew Aaron escorting her was also a deterrent for her to sneak back in to get her work. Aaron looked at her and grinned knowing she knew him too well too.

After starting the car, Aaron tapped on the window. Caitlyn looked up and saw him hold up two fingers and mouth the words "two weeks." She sighed and nodded. When he dropped his hand, she quickly stuck out her tongue at him and then putting the car in drive took off for home. Once there, Caitlyn called her mom and let her know she was on her way in the morning. She hung up the phone and began to pack her suitcase. When everything was packed, she slipped into some comfy pajamas and climbed into bed to get some sleep.

"I am not going with you Kyle," stated Gabriel.

"Come on, man. You know you ain't got no where else to go. My mom insisted you come when I told her you were staying here for the holidays," Kyle replied.

"Damn you Kyle -- why'd you tell her that," grumbled Gabriel.

He knew that Kyle meant the best and had since they met the first year in college, but this time he felt he went too far. The truth was that Gabriel envied Kyle and his close-knit family. Ever since Kyle had brought him home for a few weeks after his mom's death, they had become a second family to him. Kyle's mom even insisted he visit any time and call if he ever needed anything. Kyle's dad was especially kind to him. He included him along with Kyle and his brothers and treated him as if he was one of his sons. Every time he was around them, a little bit of the pain he carried with him melted away. He couldn't help but want what he was denied his whole life.

Even though his mom tried her best to raise him, she couldn't fill the hole left by the father he never knew but always wanted. As he and Kyle became best friends, Gabriel knew he wanted to have a family like Kyle's. Yet every girl he dated just didn't match up to him. Kyle had jokingly told him one time when they had been drinking all night that his sister would be perfect for him since she too kept her distance from everyone. Even so, Gabriel had never met her. Kyle talked about her often, but rarely saw her as she worked all the time as a lawyer.

Not that he and Kyle got much time to visit either. Their construction company was booming and all the projects they kept juggling kept both of them tied up. But they both agreed that the holidays were important so every year they closed the company for the whole month of December and gave everyone a huge holiday bonus. Usually, Gabriel stayed in the city and worked. Kyle had tried year after year to get him to come home but he had not given in. This year was different -- it had been very hard personally for Gabriel. Kyle knew that which is why he kept on insisting Gabriel come stay with them for the holidays.

"You will finally get to meet Caitlyn," Kyle stated. "Apparently her boss booted her out and made her take a two week vacation," grinned Kyle. Rolling his eyes at his best friend, Gabriel sighed and went to pack.

"Mom I'm here," shouted Caitlyn. She winced as she heard squeals of joy coming from the kitchen. Before she could take her shoes off, two little girls came running down the hall and barreled right into her legs.

"Auntie Cate is home! Auntie Cate is home!" shouted her twin nieces Emily and Mandy. They grabbed her hands and started to dance in circles as her mom and eldest brother Brandon watched from the hallway. Caitlyn couldn't help but smile at the joy on the girls faces. She bent down and gathered the two of them in her arms for a huge bear hug. They squealed some more and gave her hugs and kisses back before grabbing her bag and running up the stairs with it. "We'll put it away," they shouted back to her.

Brandon was next to grab her in a huge bear hug and swung her around too. "Good to see you too, B," she gasped as he squeezed her tight. She grinned up at him when he finally put her down.

Kissing her cheek, he said "It's good to see you sis. We've missed you around here. Angie's been bugging the crap out of me wanting to know when you are going to get here."

"Brandon Francis," cried their mom. "Don't go telling on your wife like that. Now you go check on them grandbabies of mine and let me see my little girl." Caitlyn laughed as Brandon winked at her and sticking his tongue out at his mom quickly made his way upstairs to find the twins.

"My dear sweet Caitlyn," her mom whispered as she embraced her warmly. "You've finally come back to us. Your dad is going to be so happy to see you. Our family is complete now." Caitlyn blinked back tears as all the emotions she had held back for so many years came rushing through her heart. The love her mom had for her and the pain of being away from home coupled with the joy of having her back threatened to have her bawling like a newborn baby.

"It's alright Caitlyn. Everything will be alright. You're home now and hearts have a way of healing themselves in the warmth of family," her mom softly whispered to her. "Now since we've got the whole family coming in and staying, your dad has tidied up the attic and put in some airbeds up there. We've got some portable heaters up there and blankets so you shouldn't be too cold. Go on up and get some rest before your other brothers show up," said her mom pushing her up the steps. Nodding wearily, Caitlyn went up the stairs and then up the pull down ladder to the attic. She did feel tired all of a sudden so pulling out an old comforter, she took her mom's advice and laid down for a quick nap.

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