tagNovels and NovellasUnwished for Gift Ch. 02

Unwished for Gift Ch. 02


Chapter 2 – Meeting Gabriel

It had stopped snowing miles before they reached their destination. Kyle had grown quiet as they got closer to his childhood home. He did this every time he drove home as the fond memories he had growing up there began to replay in his head. He loved the holidays and his family as much as he loved his beautiful wife – who lay sleeping next to him in the passenger seat. Glancing at her, his heart swelled with joy as he thought of how blessed he was once again to have found his true love.

Gabriel was silent also as they drove along the snow covered roads. He was caught up in the beauty of his surroundings. It was surreal to him how peaceful the woods and country fields looked especially after being covered in fresh fallen snow. As much as he loved the city, there was no comparison when it came to seeing the world in such a pristine state away from all the hustle and bustle of modern technology. It took his breath away every time he and Kyle made this trip. It was no surprise to him that Kyle's parents refused to move into the city when they had all this wonder to behold every day.

When Kyle made the final turn into the driveway leading up to his parent's home, a smile lit up his and Gabriel's faces as they saw the house come into view. It was a typical country farmhouse. There were wide steps leading up to the front door surrounded on both sides by a wraparound porch with swings at the ends. All of the windows were lit up from within and you could see glimpses of delicate lace curtains that were pulled back on both sides. There was a definite homey feeling to the house – warmth that beckoned weary travelers to come inside. Even the huge oak tree that covered one side of the house seemed to welcome them as they parked under it near the other cars.

Gabriel hesitated before stepping into Kyle's family's home. For some reason, he felt nervous. Something was different here. Something made him antsy. He had been here before so he knew that wasn't it but he just couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to happen. Before he could analyze it, Kyle's wife Samantha grabbed his arm and dragged him inside.

"Come on daydreamer," she giggled. "You're gonna be a Gabe popsicle if you stand out there much longer," Sam teased. Gabriel smiled at her and turned around to shut the door. Sam had already moved to embrace her mother in law while Kyle hovered protectively next to her. They were expecting their first child in a few months and Kyle was as nervous as you wouldn't believe. Good thing Sam was a laid back person; otherwise she would have strangled Kyle long ago. Gabriel chuckled as Kyle's mom pushed him away and gently lead Sam to the living room.

"Stop hovering Kyle. It's not like she's the made of glass you know. Go put your things away and let me get Sam settled in the living room. Shoo now!" Kyle's mom said forcibly as she pushed him once more. Pouting Kyle turned around and scooped up their bags and stomped upstairs. Gabriel laughed out loud when he heard Kyle's mom yelling at him to stop acting like a two year old. Kyle tried to turn around and slug him but ended up slipping at the top and falling over backwards. Gabriel howled at that point, even while moving to help his friend up. Kyle scowled but then grudgingly laughed with him. It was a good thing that Kyle had a great sense of humor.

"Since you feel it necessary to poke fun at my expense, you get to sleep in the attic," Kyle stated. Gabriel smiled and nodded to him turning to pull down the ladder to the attic. Climbing up, he stopped and gasped. Laying before him sound asleep was an angel. His heart fluttered in his chest and for a moment he stopped breathing. He couldn't see anything but her face but it was enough to captivate him. He would have stood there and stared at her for longer if not for Kyle.

He came climbing up behind him shouting, "There are blankets and stuff and oh shit!" he exclaimed when he realized that his sis was sleeping. Unfortunately for Gabriel, Caitlyn jerked awake at the sound of Kyle's shouting. She sat up suddenly clutching the blanket around her and stared at the two men looking down at her.

"Huh, who, what??" she sleepily called out.

"Um... I'm so sorry. I didn't know anyone was here," stammered Gabriel still not taking his eyes off of her.

"Sorry sis. I didn't know you were up here. We'll get outta here. Come on Gabe," called out Kyle as he grabbed Gabe's arm and turned to climb down out of the attic.

Caitlyn was shocked when she woke up and saw him standing there. She thought she was still dreaming and frankly didn't mind since he was very handsome. Then Kyle was there which was weird, until she realized she wasn't dreaming. She groaned out loud as she remembered her stupid response to seeing them. God he's gonna think I'm a doofus, she thought to herself. Anger replaced embarrassment as she swore at Kyle. He is so gonna get it for not warning me that he was bringing someone home, she promised herself. Grumbling, Caitlyn shoved the comforter off and clamored off the air mattress. She quickly straightened up her clothes and smoothed her hair down the best she could. Taking a deep breath, she braced herself and climbed down the ladder into chaos.

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