Urban Angel


The smell of sex and my lavender perfume filled my nostrils every time I breathed in. This was supposed to be a quick fuck. It was supposed to been my last shot of cock before my parents arrived for commencement. Thirty minutes at the most I thought it would last. Four hours later, I'm in a cowgirl position, covered in sweat and cum. Tommy. The young kid that swept me off my feet a year ago, was hung like a stallion, and had the stamina of thoroughbred running in the Triple Crown. Goddamn this kid could fuck my brains.

I pull off of him turned and straddle him looking him in the eye. My body is weak from the the hours of physical exertion. It was almost as if I'd run a marathon. I turned right to look into a mirror. I never knew how much of a turn on seeing the reflection of me fuck could be.

He reaches between us and sticks his cock into me and as I begin to rock back and forth on him, he sucks on my tits. Still in me, he stands and holds me tight by the ass and then lowers me to the floor. He pulls out and slides between my wet thighs. I could feel his hot breath between my legs, and even though I had my eyes closed, I could almost feel him looking at my labia. He loved looking and playing with my labia for some reason. He got off knowing that I'd been with other men. He liked knowing, I was more experienced than him. Fuck, it turned me on too, thinking of my sexual conquests.

When his mouth wraps around my lips, I almost cried in pleasure. Like I said, I've fucked many of men and boys, but Tommy was the only guy that I've been with that actually likes eating me out after he's cum in me. He's the only guy I've been with that actually likes kissing after I've swallowed a mouth full of his cum. I had this one guy tell me that it was disgusting to kiss me after a blowjob. I'm like, I just sucked your cock and swallowed your cum, what could be more disgusting than that? Tommy was not like that and that and I think is what made me like fucking him.

I grab hold of his head as he begins to probe my pink walls with his tongue. It took all but one tutorial before he realized that a tongue is no replacement for a dick, but he was adventurous and I showed him the spots to hit when he ate me.

My body twitches when he hits my clit. My thighs jolt up. My breathing becomes heavy the closer I get to a climax. I turn my head to look at the clock on the wall.

"Fuck, I have to pick my parents up from the airport in forty minutes." I mumble before biting my bottom lip. The feel of his tongue in me, and the slurping sound of him licking and sucking on my lips, enhance my climax. When I reach the height, my hands grab hold of his head and I push my lower body into his face.

"Fuck." I scream. I didn't give a fuck at this point if anyone heard me. Most times, as soon as a cock enters me, the vulgarities begin to spew out. But fucking in a small college dorm room, I leaned to suppress my outspokenness.

Barley being able to catch my breath, I touch his face gently and as he looks at me from between my legs he smiles.

"I gotta go." I said.

He buries his face into my trimmed bush and sucks on my labia. We've stayed in this position for hours in the past, but today was different. I could not let my parents wait long at the airport. I'd never hear the end of it.

"I have to go." I slide back, but he pulls me toward him again all the while still licking between my legs.

I push him off and stand. My knees buckle as I do, and as I begin to put the micro mini on, he rushes behind me, grabs my tits and begins to kiss my neck. He then bends his knees. I could feel his cock's head at the crack of my ass waiting to explore my third hole. When he found out that I was a three input girl, he flipped. But I told him he has to warn me before any anal intrusion. Most of the time, he would just out right say it, "I wanna fuck you in the ass." And I would take it. But there were time like this, when we fucked with little or no verbal communication, that I knew what he wanted by his actions, like standing behind me and breathing heavy on my neck. When he did this, I'd close my eyes and wait.

"You ready?" He whispered in my ear.

I nod my head and take a deep breath. I could hear people moving in the hall, so I did not want to scream, but no matter how much I like anal sex, it hurts and I scream. I reach behind me and grabbed his neck and when he enters me, I let out a quick, "FUCK."

His left hand slides down my soaking wet abs and when he gets to my cunt, he grabs a hand full of hair and pulls.

"That fucking hurts." I said to him. Pulling on my pubic hair hurts more than a dick in the ass.

He pushes me over and then pulls on my long blond hair. His grips became tighter the more he thrust his shaft into my ass. The more he thrusts the more violent to me he becomes.

There was something about anal sex with him that turned him into a monster. We could have hot passionate straight sex and he would kiss me, suck on me, lick me, but as soon as he enters my ass, he changed. It was a bit degrading, but shit, but I liked it, and I would like this even more if I didn't have to be at an airport an hour away, in thirty minutes. When I hear him grunt my name that means it was time for the money shot... ass to mouth. He steps back. I turn around and kneel in front of him. The first shot of cum goes in my hair, the second, smaller, hits my forehead and slides down my face. I look up at him. He looks down and grabs my head with both hands and pulls me into him. When my mouth wraps around his wet cock, his knees buckle and his grip tightens.

"I want to cum in your mouth one last time. Make me cum one last time and I'll let you go. Please Emmy."

I grab his butt cheeks with both hands and begin to suck on his cock. I glance up at him as I move back and forth on him. His eyes roll into his head, droll drips out his wide open mouth the close I bring him to cum, and when does cum, he loosens the grip on my hair and moans. I could taste his saltiness filling my mouth, and when his twitching is over, I slowly move off of him and stand. He grabs me by the neck with his right hand, and runs his thumb across my face. I open my mouth to let him see his pool of seed mixed with my saliva. He looked at me as streams of cum oozed out of mouth and down my neck. He lowers his face to where it's within inches of mine. I could feel his warm breath touching my lips. Most of the time, I've swallowed by this point. God only knows why I kept the sperm idle in my mouth now. Soon though, his lips touch mine. The kiss was soft at first, but then he grabs my hair and pushes my face into his. Our lips lock and as I opened my mouth, cum came gushing out. I grabbed hold of his neck and wrapped my legs around his waist and entered his mouth with my tongue. I gave him a wet, cummy good bye French kiss. I then leaned my head back and swallowed what was left.

"I love you." He said.

I lowered myself off of him and walked to the other end of the room, picked up my skirt and top. I put my clothes on and as I walked out the room, I turned to him, and said, "I know."

I glanced at my watch running out of the dorm.

"Shit." I said as I wiped the cum from the face of it. "Fuck." I screamed when I realized that I had fifteen minutes to pick up my parents. When I entered the Mercedes, and turned the ignition, the phone in the armrest rand.

"Fuck, fuck fuck fucking fuck." The only person that has this number is my father, and if he's calling it, that means he and my mother arrived.

"Fuck." I cleared my throat and took a deep breath, "Hey dad, what's up?"

"This is your mother Emilia."

Pulling out of the parking lot, I silently curse, "Fuck. Oh hey."

"We've been trying to call you but you didn't answer."

"I'm so sorry I had the radio on blast."

"How long are you going to be? We landed early and we wanted to take you out to lunch."

"Lunch? How early did you guys land?"

"We've been here at the lounge for four hours."

Fucking think hard Emmy. Say something that can smooth this over. "I'm sorry, but I was with my boyfriend and one thing lead to another..."

"Dear god, I don't want to hear any more. Just get here as soon as you can."

My mother was the only person I could talk to about anything, including sex. And although I was late picking them up, she'd understand if I just told the truth. Even if that was admitting that I'd been fucking for the last three hours. Dad on the other hand, oh dear god, the man thinks I'm still a virgin. And my mother and I let him think that. I've pretty much concluded that I'll be a virgin until marriage.

While at a stop light, I look into the rear mirror and see a glob of cum in my hair. I look down and white halter is soaked from sweat and the car reeks of sex.

"Fuck me."

I had no time to go home and change, but thank god there was a Wal-Mart not far from the airport.

As I run into the store, I notice people looking at me, men in particular. I walk past a mirror and to my horror my tits are hanging out.


I dodge behind a pile of apples and tie up the halter and rush to misses section. I grab a T-shirt and pair skirt. As I run to the check out aisle, I bump into a classmate.

"Emmy? This is the last place I'd thought I would ever see you."

I grin and hold up my outfit and smile, "Who doesn't like a bargain?"

When I get back to the car, I strip and fiddle for my keys, when I reach for my safety belt I notice a teen age boy smiling at me from the window of the car next to me. I gasp and put on ,my new top.

I reach the air port and drive to the arrival section where I see my mother and father standing. I smile and look down, realizing I had nothing on.


I reach for the new skirt and while behind a shuttle bus slide it on. I breathe a sigh of relief and then reach into the glove compartment for my perfume. I spray it a couple of times and roll the windows down.

My father smiles as I pull up. I get out and run over to him and give him a hug and kiss. My mother gives me a very stern look before giving me a kiss. She reaches behind me and takes the tag off my shirt.

"Am I going to meet this boy?"

"Uh, no."

"Christ, I've raised a whore."

I look behind me at my father helping the redcap put the luggage into the trunk.

"I'm not a whore mother. I'm just a girl who likes sex."

"What's the difference?"

"Stop acting as if dad was your first."

"I'm not acting as if he was my first. I'm trying to protect him from your dumb fuck ups."

Damn, I pose nude for a guy who happened to a photographer for Hustler magazine and I never hear the end of it. My mother though, pulled some strings, got the proofs and the film and managed to get the guy arrested on child pornography charges.

My mother touches my face and smiles, "Darling you're my only child. I love you with all my heart. My husband, your father seems to think you're this perfect little angel and if he finds out your slutty little whore, it would break his heart. You've seen what I've done to those who take advantage of you. Heed those warnings. I don't want to have to hurt my only child."

"Yes ma'am."

She certainly has a way of making me feel guilty.

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