tagExhibitionist & VoyeurUrban Girl in a Village Ch. 04 Pt. 01

Urban Girl in a Village Ch. 04 Pt. 01


Hi everyone!

Thanks for all the support you've been giving me and sorry for the delays.

So! Most of this chapter is about my adventures in my favorite white tank top that happened in a single day. Since it was a long day, I had to divide it into two separate chapters (I personally don't like long chapters). I hope you enjoy it as I did. Keep reading!


After that encounter with the neighbor uncle, next morning I woke up with embarrassment. I felt like a slut, showing my open pussy to an uncle who was old enough to be my grandfather. I shouldn't have gone till that extend.

But, as always, the other side of my mind tried to defend what I did. I remembered being horny the whole day. I had to find one way or another to relieve myself.

So, I told myself that it was ok, unless he creates some scene out of it. But not wanting to take a risk, I decided not to make it a habit and removed the blanket to get out of the bed.

Oh! I had worn the new nightie last night before sleeping. The amount of skin that was visible under the nightie was way too much.

The red nightie came almost till my hips because I must have rolled around a lot in the sleep. I was not wearing panties while sleeping. My whole milky thighs were visible.

My finger headed downwards and slowly raised the tip of the nightie until my finger met my pussy lips. Yes! It was wet. I must have had some wet dreams at night. My finger easily found its way to the hole and I started masturbating in no time.

I put both my fingers inside the pussy and quickly I got the pace while the other hand was pinching the nipples. Pussy was getting wetter and the nipples becoming harder. Morning orgasm was seconds away.

"ROSHNIII" That voice startled me. I quickly removed the finger from the pussy.

It was my grandma. She was coming to wake me up. My door was locked. She started knocking on my door non-stop.

"Wake up. It's already 8. You have to leave in one hour."

Oh shit.

I woke up, readjusted the nightie and walked towards the door. She won't go until I open the door. She believes that I sleep after she leaves (Which is true as well).

On the way to the door, I checked myself in the full-length mirror. It was a sight!

The hard nipples were clearly visible through the material. They were poking on the thin satin material. It was clear that I was not wearing any panties as well, because if I were, anyone can make out the panty lines if I were wearing one.. I thought of changing the nightie.

But should I? Will she notice? I wondered. I decided to give it a try.

I opened the door and she was standing there.

"Come out fast. Get ready."

She said and left.

While leaving she said: "wear something presentable to the world while coming out." And walked away.

Oh my God! She noticed! That was so embarrassing. I put on a full-length maxi.

Maxi is the Indian version of Nightie. It went all the way till my ankles. It had a zipper in the front. If I unzipped it, it'll go until one third of my boobs.

I didn't wear any bra it panties under it. Who's going to notice. I thought.

I wore it and zipped three fourth of it. Some shades of my cleavage would be visible, but not much. I went out to brush.

That's when I noticed my neighbor uncle doing some work in his land. He was doing some farming in his property, plowing the mud using the hand hoe.

He was only wearing a small towel around his waist. No shirt. And I didn't see anything under the towel from that distance. Lungi or anything like that.

When I looked at him, he waved at me. He had been noticing me. I waved back.

I took the toothbrush and applied some paste on it. I was doing it while turning my back to his side.

I decided to play naughty. I unzipped the zip of my maxi a little more, till the middle of my breasts. From my point of view, I could see an ample amount of cleavage.

I started brushing and walked towards him. "Good morning Uncle.." I said.

He stopped his farming and walked towards me happily and stood near the boundary of our properties. I saw his look quickly going towards my cleavage for a second.

"Good morning Roshu.."

I hate being called Roshu. Anyways...

"Uncle... I wanted to tell you something."

"What, Roshuu...?"

"What happened yesterday was a mistake. It was not supposed to happen. I'm so embarrassed to even stand in front of you."

"Hey, that's fine dear... I totally forgot about it yesterday itself." He assured.

I doubt it. Maybe he masturbated at least 3 times thinking about it.

"I'm sorry uncle..."

I said, with my head down. At that moment I was the most innocent girl in that whole village.

Then he started comfort me saying different things like, I am like his daughter for him... I'm still a child for him, blah blah blah...

I stood there smiling listening to whatever he was saying, while thinking how to change the mood of the scene.

I got an idea. I suddenly acted like some ant bit me in my leg and bent down in front of him, scratching the leg.

I could feel my boobs bouncing under my maxi. After scratching I looked directly at his face. He was looking at my naked boobs. Almost half of my boobs were on display for him.

He must be knowing that I'm not wearing a bra. Not sure if he saw my nipples.

He was distracted for a moment. "Yea... there are many ants here. Next time you should wear your chappals." He said.

"Mm...OK" I bent down again and resumed scratching my leg.

"OK, uncle I gotta go. Let me wash my mouth."

There was a pipe near where I was standing, some two meters behind me. I walked back towards the pipe, and in that moment, I unzipped the whole zip of the maxi, without him noticing.

It went all the way till three fourth of my boobs. I went near the pipe, turned, faced the uncle and started Washing my face and mouth. The pipe was very low, so I had to bend down more to get access to the water.

I bent without any hesitation, like any innocent girl would do, without realizing what was on display for him. But I exactly knew what I was showing to him.

My whole boobs were hanging back and forth in front of the uncle while washing the face. I was sure he could see the whole boobs and further down, even my belly and my navel. If he's lucky enough, he might have seen my pussy hair as well.

He stood there without saying anything, enjoying the beautiful sight in front of him. After washing my mouth, I splashed some water on my face. That movement made my breasts to juggle and right nipple jumped out for a moment and went inside the maxi.

I hoped that the uncle saw it.

After washing, I went near him and said bye.

My zipper open, whole cleavage with half of my boobs until my areola visible in front of his eyes, and water dripping to the cleavage.

I saw him staring into the cleavage.

"You're so beautiful." He said.

I checked his towel. It was tenting now. Now I was sure he was not wearing any underwear either.

I blushed and walked away from him.

On my way back, I zipped up properly and got ready for college.


Nowadays, exhibitionism was a part of my life.

I regularly went out with Wasim wearing the tank top, sometimes with the shawl or Cardigan and the leggings. I always made sure that some part of my body was on display.

Sometimes while we were out, I wouldn't pull down the top too much so that my ass covered in tight leggings was on display. My panty lines were easily visible through the thin material of leggings.

Sometimes I would pull down the top that some of my cleavage was visible from the top of the tank top, slightly covered by the shawl. Some other times, while sitting in restaurants or parks, I made sure that my hands were positioned in such a way that the side boobs were easily visible for whoever was sitting on my sides.

The bra lines would obviously stand out while wearing these tops.

I always got some stare from the back side or from the sides or sometimes from the top, while sitting. I made sure that some cleavage was visible for the restaurant boys who come to take orders or whoever was passing near us.

Wasim didn't have any issue if I wore all those clothes while I was with him. But his assumption was wrong while I was at my neighborhood. To be frank, I didn't really bother if Wasim was ok with all these show offs.

At home I started wearing tank tops and some shorts, which I bought while we went for another shopping. My panty lines were easily visible through the black cotton shorts and it came to around mid-thigh. It was little loose at the thighs and tight at my ass parts.

In the beginning my grandparents used to say things like, "You can't imitate your city life here. People won't take it easily."

‎" I'm wearing this only in front of you two, right...? I'm not going out wearing it." I said.

But I had other plans.

I slowly made them believe that it was ok wearing these short clothes at home. So, they started getting used to me wearing them all the time when I was home.

When uncle used to come home, in the beginning I never used to come out. But slowly, I started coming out of the room and talked with him for one minute, very casually.

I could hear my grandparents telling the uncle things like, "We tell her not to wear these clothes here."

But uncle was always on my side (why wouldn't he?) "She grew up abroad, no. So, she must be used to wearing such clothes. Also, she looks very good in them. Those clothes don't look bad on her, at all."

So now, my grandparents were convinced that what I am doing is alright. Afterwards, I would wear tank tops and shorts just after coming from college (earlier I used to wear them only after taking a bath at night). I had different combinations of tank tops, t-shirts, shorts and leggings and I never wanted to go back.

I started presenting myself more to uncle when he comes home. I would give him snacks, water or whatever he asks, and would make sure that a good amount of cleavage was served to him.

Charity begins at home. I started my exhibitionism from my home too. I made sure that those people who come home in the afternoons and evenings to meet my granddad got some glimpses of me, one way or another.

Thus, I conditioned the whole neighborhood to believe that I wear revealing clothes at home.

I've seen men and boys walking around my house, to check if those rumors were true and I always made sure that they were. At nights I still wear a towel and walk to the house. (I hope that I said earlier about the bathroom, which is a separate building which is at some distance, around 20 meters from the house building.)

‎Wasim was a frequent visitor to my home, at night. He came at least three days in a week, to fuck me. I sometimes invited him to my room, leaving the backdoor open, lying naked in my bed, legs open.

Or, I would go out naked, and we had sex in the outdoors. The risk of getting caught fucking outside excited me. Wasim didn't have any feelings like that. He would get horny whenever he sees me.

Even in college, he would wrap his hand around my waist or touch my boobs while walking together.

He was treating me just like a hole to put his cock in. I started thinking that he doesn't find me special anymore. He thinks that, since I'm showing off my booty and cleavage to others, there's nothing special for him, in me. Also, he has used me a lot. I slowly started losing interest in him. Maybe he's losing interest in me as well. But we never talked about it.

We went for shopping quite often. I bought more variety of clothes.

I bought Sleeveless churidars, most of them plain in color. White, yellow, black... and I chose the clothes which were slightly see through so that People can easily see my bra from the back side and my belly from front. I wore shawls with those churidars, always. t-shirts and shirts, all of them tight across my body, especially boobs.

I bought a spaghetti top as well, which I thought of wearing instead of bra, or sometimes only that top when at home.

Another item I bought was a floral print light maroon colored full sleeve top. It was very loose. But transparent. I was very choosy about my bra while wearing that top. Public can see my bra inside it, and my belly.

I was now in my second year of college. Wasim in his last year. I knew that this relationship won't last long once he passes out from the college. So, I didn't want to be the first one to break this. I also went with the flow. But I was finding other ways to pleasure myself.

I became good friends with my classmates. We had a gang in which most of them were boys.

There were 6 boys and 3 girls in the gang.

The other two girls, Neetu and Aiswarya were in relationship with two boys in the same gang. So, whenever we sit together, the 2 couples would be sitting together in a corner and rest of the 4 boys would be talking with me.

We used to talk about anything and everything in life. When the exams are nearing, we used to conduct combined studies. Sometimes it would be in the college itself, or hostel or in one of the friend's houses.

During combined studies, we used to have a lot of fun. We used to play cards, sometimes share a smoke or watch movies.

I used to smoke before coming to this village. When my new friends used to smoke, I would put some hints about interest in smoking. One day they asked us to smoke. The other two girls didn't.

Me, after a slight hesitation, took 2-3 puffs in style. Boys clapped seeing this. So now whenever we were together and they boys were smoking, I also took a drag or two.

Out of all those days in the last year, while thinking about it now, I clearly remember that one day which can be marked as a milestone in my exhibitionist career. It's worth explaining in detail about that one day, which can be called as 'THE DAY!'

It was a Saturday. Our exams were nearing and Wasim also didn't come to fuck me previous couple of days. I remember having some attempted fingering which was interrupted by grand mom, as usual. So I was a little horny since the morning.

We had planned a combined study in one of the boys' houses. The same evening I had planned to meet Wasim to go for a movie. I decided to carry one tank top. That day since there was no classes, I was wearing a shirt. So, I decided to wear this tank top inside the shirt so that the weight of the bag will get lesser.

I wore a black brassiere and a white tank top and on top of that I wore a red and black check shirt & black leggings.

The shirt I was wearing was an extra decent one. it was full sleeve and not hugging my body or anything. it was a very loose shirt and it didn't show of anything and I bought this from a nearby shop. So I guess that it is fine with the people if I wore that outside.

While leaving from home, my grand mom reminded: "How long are you going to keep that cloth we bought?"

Some day before when we both went out, she bought a clothing so that we can stitch a blouse and skirt with that. Don't get the wrong ideas about the blouse and skirt. The skirt comes all the way to the ankle and the blouse is like a shirt, but without collar. If you guys google for 'Kerala blouse and skirt', you will get an idea.

Yep. That decent.

I decided to give the clothing to the tailor on the way.

I have been to his shop before also. He himself takes the measurements of women, which most women don't approve. Since his works are excellent and he is the only tailor in the village, people adjust with that. I have once heard uncle saying that he is a flirt. I wondered if he was!

I went inside the shop and greeted him. He gave me a broad smile and threw a look all over my body.

"I need these clothes stitched." I said.

"Yes. That's why I am here." He replied with a smile. "Are these for skirt and blouse?" He asked while taking it from me.

"Yes, it is. By when will it be ready?" I asked him.

"In a week?"

"Ok, fine then." I was about to leave.

"But I need to take measurements" He said.

"But last time you took the measurement, right?" I asked him.

"Yea, but for blouse and skirt, the measurement is different. Also, that was 3 months back. You have gained some weight by now."

Oh man, he is a flirt.

"Fine, I'll come in the evening to give measurement. Now I got to rush." I said.

"No issues. I'll be here" He gave one broader smile.

I left from there.

Once I reached my friend's house, other 4 friends were already there. We were alone in that house since his parents had gone out for the whole day.

Both the girls called in the last moment and said that they won't be able to make it as they had some other plans. They must be roaming around with their boyfriends in some park or theatre.

Again, I was left with 4 boys.

We didn't waste any time as we had lots of portions to cover before the semester exams. We studied hard for good 2 hours. Then one of the boys, Abi said that we will have a smoke and then continue the studies. We all agreed.

Chand, to whom the house belonged to, said that we can't smoke outside as the neighbors might see. He said that we'll have to smoke inside the room itself, doors closed. Hoping that the smell of cig will die off by the time his parents reach home at night.

We lit the cigarettes and started smoking. I took a whole cigarette and smoked the whole cigarette.

Once we all finished 4 cigarettes (Kiran, one of the 4 guys, doesn't smoke), the room was filled with the damn smell and smoke.

The room temperature started raising. There was no AC in his room and the fan was not helping. He was afraid to open the doors or windows also. We started sweating.

This gave me an idea.

I have never tried to expose myself in front of my friends. They know that I am in relationship and I might not be a virgin, but I have never given them any idea about the dark side of my life.

Why not now?!

Actually college is safer than the neighborhood. I've been smoking with them, and they have never said anything to anyone else. So what's the harm in showing a little bit of my body, I thought.

Without giving it a lot of time, I removed my shirt.

‎I kept my reaction very simple. I acted as if it's the simplest thing to do. And I saw that they were surprised a little by this move and they started checking out my struggling body trying to get out of my shirt. I could feel my boobs bouncing a little bit and I made sure that my hands were stretched while removing the shirt and my armpit was visible for them.

Once I removed the shirt, I moved my upper body clockwise to my side, to keep the shirt aside, because of which my side boobs were easily visible for their entertainment. The sides were a little wet from my sweat. My kinky side enjoyed showing it to them.

I said "Ohh..! it's too hot in this room.."

I put my finger inside the front side of my top and blew some air into my cleavage. Even though I didn't show anything to them, I could see my cleavage which was sweating now.

All 4 of them agreed to my statement and stared at me. I acted as if there was nothing abnormal happening here.

"Let's start again then" I said and opened the books to start again.

‎The table around which we were sitting was the height of a tea table. To write or read something from the book that's kept on the table, we had to lean a little bit towards the table.

Now, when I leaned towards the table to read a portion in the book, I could feel my boobs hanging down and stretching against my bra. I didn't bother looking right away at them, which might give my friends that I'm showing off intentionally. But from the atmosphere in the room, I knew that my cleavage was exposed to them.

I read the portion aloud for them all to understand and after reading one whole paragraph, I looked up to their faces, asked: "Understand?"

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