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I wake up feeling safe and loved. I turn my head and see you lying next to me, your arm around me, holding me, protecting me. I snuggle into you, enjoying the security of being right where I want to be. My hand slides down your belly and grasps your flaccid penis. I slowly begin to stroke you as I think about how we got to where we are now, recalling all of the ups and downs that we've been through. Remembering how we came to love each other and develop into us.

My hand slides up and down your stiffening shaft while I think about when we first met. The nervousness I felt before you walked into the room and then the wonderful realization that what we thought we had all this time is really what we do have. I remembered our evolution into our current relationship. I am yours. I belong to you, completely…body, mind and soul.

I look down at your beautiful cock and see how thick it has become. I subconsciously lick my lips and my mouth waters. As I slide out of your arms and down your body, I remember the first time I took you in my mouth. How wonderful it felt after dreaming about it for so long.

I slide between your legs now and look up at you; you're still peacefully sleeping and your cock is now quite hard and stands at attention in my hand. I see a drop of precum on the tip and I flick my tongue over the tip to savor it. I lie between your legs and swirl my tongue around the tip of your cock as I continue to stroke the shaft. I close my mouth around the head and fuck the slit with my tongue.

You moan lightly in your sleep.

I move my head down, gliding my tongue along the bottom of your shaft, taking you about half way in my mouth before I move my head back up. My lips around the tip of your cock again, tongue darting in and out of your slit again.

I start moving my head up and down at a slow steady pace, my tongue all over your shaft inside my mouth. You moan again and your hips start to rise a little. I can tell you think that you're having a good dream. I love the low rumble that forms deep in your throat. Your sounds make me take more of you in my mouth.

I love bringing you pleasure. I also get pleasure myself from sucking your cock. You know it's what I enjoy doing the most. I work my head down further, my lips getting closer to the base of your shaft. I breathe in the scent of you. I love the way you smell. I love the way you feel in my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass. I love you.

You moan again and your hips move upward again. I smile to myself, imagining the dream you're having. I move my tongue to the top of your shaft, pressing down on the bulging vein on the top of your cock. Moving my head up and down before sliding you all the way out of my mouth, I wrap my hand around your shaft again. My tongue is on your balls, pressing against them, feeling the cum filling them. As much as I want to suck them into my mouth, to feel the fullness and the weight of them, I resist, knowing this will wake you up. I settle for licking and kissing your balls before moving my tongue back to your cock. I open my fist and lick your shaft from the tip to the base slowly, savoring it like I would an ice cream cone. You sigh as your hips thrust upward again.

I bring you back into my mouth again and take you in deep, holding you in my throat for a minute, adjusting to the feeling of your thickness filling my throat. I move my head back up and then take you all the way back in again. I'm taking my time, savoring the feelings and relishing your taste. I close my eyes and just enjoy, my head moving up and down faster now.

I'm so lost in my own enjoyment, I fail to realize you have started to wake up. Your hips are moving faster, thrusting your cock upward, sliding it deeper into my throat. You moan again as you see your cock slide between my lips and watching me so lost in my own pleasure. You try to hold out, but you can feel the cum building in your balls and you know you're not going to be able to hold on much longer. The sheer joy of waking up with my lips wrapped around your cock and the wonderful sensations of my mouth is is making it hard for you wait.

Your senses are on overload. The pleasure of watching me devour you, the smell of my pussy becoming more prominent the more excited I get, the sounds of my mouth sucking your cock and my moans of pleasure is making the experience that much more enjoyable for you. Your mouth is waiting to taste my pussy, which you know you plan to do after I've finished with your cock, knowing I'm going to be so wet and juicy for your tongue. Your fingers wanting to touch me so bad. You can't stand it any longer.

The first time I notice you're awake is when I feel your hands on my head. Your fingers running through my hair a few times before entwining in my hair and holding my head still. I know you're going to take control now and I moan loudly with joy, the vibrations running through your cock pushing you closer to the edge.

Your hands hold my head as you slowly drive your hips upward, thrusting your cock deeper still into my throat. I massage you with my throat muscles, knowing how much you love that sensation. I'm rewarded when I hear you hiss "oh God, ya." Your hips are moving faster now as you fuck my mouth faster, deeper and harder. I move a hand to your balls and feeling the cum inside, squeeze them almost as if I'm trying to squeeze it out of there. You thrust in deeper as you moan and I know you're so close.

After a couple more times of drawing your cock almost all the way out of my mouth and then slamming it all the way into my throat, you keep your cock in deep. You never leave my throat now, you stay in there and thrust in deeper. I extend my tongue, lapping at your balls, encouraging them to release your creamy goodness.

"Yes," you moan, as you thrust in and the first stream of your wonderful cum hits the back of my throat. My tongue back inside my mouth now, pressing up against the bottom of your shaft, rubbing it in circles. I'm sucking, the roof of my mouth and my tongue are milking your cock, wanting to make sure I get all of your cum.

Your hips press back a little and then propel forward again, your cock going in deep again as another stream of cum covers my throat. You pull my head down further as stream after stream of your seed fills my throat and mouth. My cheeks begin to bulge with your cum. You are pressed up against the back of my throat and your cum is coming back into my mouth. I can't swallow with you so deep in my throat. I love your cum and can't wait to feel it going down my throat and filling my belly.

After you've emptied your balls, you finally pull back and I greedily swallow my reward, moaning as I taste you for the first time of the day. My mouth immediately starting to suck again, hungry for more. I feel you tugging my head back and know that there is no more cum inside you. Instead of trying to get more, I lovingly lick and suck your cock clean then let it slide from between my lips. I look up at you and smile. "Good Morning" I purr.

"It most certainly is," you reply with a chuckle. You open your arms inviting me back inside them.

I climb back up your body, leaving sporadic kisses along the way. I lie down on top of you, our mouths meeting for the first time that morning. You plunge your tongue into my mouth, tasting yourself on me. I run my tongue along yours, my fingers running through your hair. I feel your hands grab my ass, kneading it roughly and then you move one hand to my head, bringing my mouth closer to yours. You kiss me forcefully, claiming my mouth as yours. I feel your cock starting to recover underneath me.

You moan into my mouth before you flip us over and you're now lying on top of me. You break the kiss and look down into my eyes. You grab my hands and lift them over my head, holding them down with yours and you begin kissing me again. Long deep kisses. I struggle to move, wanting to touch you. You lift your mouth from mine and looking in my eyes again and say one word, "Mine."

I reply with one word, "yours."

You release my hands and tell me that I am not allowed to touch you. Before I can protest, your mouth is on my neck….my weak point. I leave my hands where you had them above me wanting to obey you. You are nuzzling on that sweet spot behind my ear and goose bumps appear on my body. I softly moan and you smile, knowing what affect you're having on me. You run your tongue around the edge of my ear and are rewarded with my body trembling.

You rise up and look down at my naked body, your eyes feasting on me. I struggle not to cover myself up, still self conscious even after all this time, although nowhere close to how bad I was at the beginning. You're teaching me self confidence. You smile at me, proud of how I'm not covering myself up, acknowledging my progress. You're also proud at how well I obey you.

Your eyes take in my body again, this time, your fingers following where your eyes are looking. You look at my breasts, your finger slowly circling one nipple until it's rock hard and then repeat the motion on the other breast. I shiver and bite my bottom lip. You continue your teasingly slow nipple circling, moving between my breasts, causing me to whimper. I want to scream out and beg you to suck them, but I know better than that. You are in control, not me. I am yours to play with as you wish. I am staring at you, wanting to plead with you with my eyes, but you're not looking at my face. You're focusing you attention on my nipples, watching them stand at attention as they seem to strain from being so swollen and hard.

Your eyes slowly lift from my breasts to my face, as your finger trails up the same path your eyes are taking, softly brushing against my skin. This slight touch is so erotic, touching me to my very soul. Your eyes and fingers land on my collar. You slip a finger under it and tug slightly, whispering "Mine."

"Yours." I whisper back.

Your eyes look at my mouth as your finger runs across my lips. "What is it you want, pet?" you ask softly.


You smile and your finger trails back down to my very erect nipple. You lower your head and wrap your lips around it, sucking as you flick your tongue over the tip. You are rolling the other nipple between your finger and thumb and tugging. I push my chest up towards your mouth, wanting more.

"Greedy pet this morning." you observe. You turn and reach into the nightstand, pulling out the nipple clamps. "Perhaps this will teach you to remember to be patient." You say as you attach first one clamp and then the other. You give the chain a slight tug and I gasp.

Your finger trails lightly down my body, causing goose bumps to emerge all over my skin. You push my legs apart and look up at me. "Do not close these legs, pet. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand." I reply very softly, my voice now trembling.

You caress my naked mound with the pads of your fingers for a moment before your fingers trails off and glide down the inside of my right thigh. You start kissing the inside of my knee, working your way painfully slow upward. Kissing, nipping, sucking, and licking your way up a little at a time. At the same time, your finger is now gliding up the inside of my left thigh. When your mouth and fingers get to the top of my thighs, I sigh, wanting to feel both your fingers and your mouth on my womanhood. Your tongue passes over my wet slit on its way to my left leg. You begin working your way down as I tremble, my body literally quivering. Your finger now trailing down the path your mouth took on my right leg. I'm shivering, part in anticipation and part in fear, knowing that if you're going this slowly, teasing me this much; you will push me to my limit soon.

You look up at me again as your thumb and pinky spread my labia and your index finger starts sliding up and down from my pussy to my clit. "So wet." you say and I close my eyes in embarrassment. Still, after all this time, I get embarrassed over how wet I get. Although you've told me over and over that it's nothing to be embarrassed about, I still think about how my ex-husband told me it was disgusting and part of me still believes this. I know you want me to understand that it's not disgusting and that it turns you on. I keep trying to mount this hurdle, but can't seem to get over it. You patiently keep working with me, praising my wetness, savoring it.

Your index finger starts to rub my clit and my mouth opens slightly as I moan. You keep rubbing and with your other hand you tug the chain on the nipple clamps. My hips involuntarily thurst upward and I moan louder. You move your thumb my clit and slide two fingers inside my throbbing pussy, beginning to pump them in and out. My hips start to move up and down, meeting your fingers, driving them in deeper. You feel me clenching your fingers and you tug on the chain again. "Do not cum until I tell you to pet." you warn me. I inwardly groan, knowing it will take all my will power to obey you.

You slide your fingers out of my pussy and bring them to your lips, sucking the juice off of them. This small taste of what you want isn't enough. You drop your heard between my legs and I feel your tongue flicking over my clit. I gasp at the electric-like current that seers through my body and I instinctively try to close my legs. "No!" you command. I stop closing them and open them wide again, as you've trained me.

I breathe deep, concentrating on not cumming as your tongue keeps assaulting my clit. I am thankful when you tongue stops its attack, but the reprieve is short lived as you then wrap your lips around the sensitive bud and start to suck. I cry out as I feel you tug at my clit with your teeth and gently bite down. Your hand finds the chain for my nipple clamps and tugs while you continue savoring my clit.

"Please," I whimper, as I feel my self control start to give way. "Please let me cum."

You tug on the chain again and your tongue flicks over my clit. Your teeth are holding the bud inside your mouth and you're gently biting and releasing, while sucking and torturing it with your tongue. Your mouth is bringing me so much pleasure, I want to cum so badly. My body starts to tremble and I'm breathing harder. Just when I think I'm not going to be able to hold back from cumming any longer, you release my clit and look up at me.

"You may cum now my pet," you say quickly, then slide you tongue deep inside my pussy. You yank the chain and manage to fuck me a few times with your tongue before I lose control. My hips thrust upward, I grunt as the orgasm starts to rip through me. My body shaking and my pelvis still thrusted upward, wave after wave washes over me and cum squirts from deep inside. I remain with my pussy raised in the air as if I'm presenting it to your mouth as I continue to expel my nectar on your face and in your mouth.

As I start to drift out of my orgasmic high, I feel your hands supporting my ass as your tongue is furiously licking up the cum that is leaking out of my pussy. "Oh my God!" I utter when I can catch my breath again. You slowly lower my ass to the bed and give it a firm squeeze before you slide your hands from underneath me. I look down as your face emerges from between my legs and I see your face wet with my cum and your big smile. I know I have pleased you.

"Well done pet, but there's still one more thing." you say. "We have to take the clamps off. I will do what I can to make it less painful."

You reach up and pluck the clamp off of my left nipple. The blood starts to flow back into the nipple and the pain is sharp. As I cry out, you start to rub my nipple and gently massage my clit with your other hand. "It's ok," you whisper over and over. Your words and rubbing help to ease the pain. You repeat the process for my right nipple, this time gently repeatedly whispering "Shhhhh."

When I seem to have calmed down again, you lie down next to me pulling me in your arms, kissing me deeply, our tongues moving in a seductive dance inside our mouths. When we finally quit kissing, I lay my head on your chest, listen to your heart beat and smile. I'm right where I want to be.

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