You’re sitting in a chair next to the bed, wearing a pair of jeans and nothing else. Even with my eyes closed I can feel you watching us, as we touch kiss and tease each other. You can hear me moan softly as I suck on her tongue and I feel her fingers running though my hair and down to my ass. I can feel her pulling me closer into her, and we start stripping each other, touching, sucking You know how much I love to lick and taste ((((mmmm Babyyy)))

As I lay down on the bed she straddles me and I can feel how wet she is as she leans over and slides her tongue over my lips and down my neck. God I can feel her nipples all hard on my tummy and her wet tongue sliding down my skin. She opens her mouth to suck on my nipples; I can feel her tongue on my nipple ring. I feel her body between my legs spreading them open more, and I feel her hot pussy pressing hard against mine; it's so fucking hot now. With my hands on her ass pulling her into me more, both of us grinding into each other and moaning softly, both our pussies are shaved smooth and it feels so hot. My hands sliding up her body as she slides down mine.

I slip my fingers in her hair, I feel her wet tongue making its way down past my bellybutton, and it takes my breath away because I want it deep inside me. I look over at you... your jeans are gone; you're watching us with your cock in your hand, stroking it softly and OMG I want to fuck you so badd. She slides her tongue lightly over my lips just to tease me. I feel her breath on my skin, licking, sucking on my thighs. She reaches up and slides her finger in my mouth so I can wet it and I suck on it as I moan, feeling her sliding her tongue between my pussy lips and stroking my clit. I can feel her moaning and the vibration on my wet pussy. She is driving me crazyyy. She brings her hand back down and slides her finger inside me. I slide mine down and stroke my clit as she licks me. Moaning I say, “yes Babyyy OMG yes.”

You walk over to the bed and kneel down by my side. I take your balls into my hand and bring my mouth up to lick you; you feel the warmth of it and I hear you softly moan. It makes me want you Babyyy, all of you. I love to lick you. I want you so badd. I slide my tongue up to your hard cock. It's so long and thick. I stroke it with my tongue and looking up at you, opening my mouth and slowly start to slide you, an inch at a time, inside me. You feel my mouth tighten up around you as I start to suck you a little harder. OMG. I could cum just by you being in my mouth, feeling you sliding in and out, pushing my mouth open wider and with her fucking me with her mouth.

You straddle my face and I wrap my arms around you and with my hands on your ass and the back of your thighs I keep sucking your cock, moaning with you deep in me Babyyy. I can feel you both licking and sucking on my wet pussy, feeling your tongues touching each other’s as she slides her fingers inside me deeply. Mmmmmm damn I want to cum. and she slides her tongue deeper inside me. I moan loudly, and she can feel me tighten inside as I cum. You both lick and suck on me as you slide my cum all over my clit, and I throb inside. I tell you I want you to fuck me. that I need you to fuck me HARD .

You change places with her. You kneel on the floor at the foot of the bed between my legs, and she is sitting on my face. I lick and suck on her thighs. She leans over and starts to lick me. You take your long hard cock into your hand, holding it around the shaft, and start rubbing it all over my wet pussy ... its still swollen and throbbing. I can feel the head of your dick sliding all over my clit. You know that drives me crazyyy. I can hear the sounds that it makes as you do it. OOOh My God Babyyy. I feel her tongue wet and wild, stroking us both at the same time. All I can think of is how much I want you to FUCK ME HARD as I beg you to let me cum. I feel your legs pushing against mine as you move closer. I bring my hands up over her sides and slide them over her ass and she can feel my fingernails raking lightly over her skin, and I use them to hold her lips apart. Then I taste her, she's so sweet and so fucking hot. I blow on her clit, and as she tries to move, I hold her in place. I start to lick her; long and slow licks with my tongue flat against her wet pussy. I slide my right hand down to her head and open my fingers up in her hair, taking it in my hand; I pull it back till her face comes up to meet your cock. You guide it into her mouth and take both hands and slip them down to my ankles. You hold them high and lift them up in the air, and open my legs wide so you can move in more.

I feel her pussy rocking back and forth on my tongue as you fuck her mouth, and her warm mouth tightens on your cock. I feel you gripping my ankles tighter, I can hear you moan low, and you start to fuck her mouth faster and harder, feeling your cock go deeper and deeper. I slide a finger into her pussy; her juices slide down and meet my tongue. She tries to grind her pussy on my mouth, but I hold her away and start sucking on her thinking. Mmmm Babyyy, I don't want you to cum without me...your cock is so fucking hard and you know you can't take much more, you can feel it in your balls. You try to slip your cock out of her mouth so you can fuck me, but she sucks you in harder, and you feel her mouth tighten around your throbbing cock she doesn't want to give it up. I'm fucking her with my tongue, fucking her harder each time I slip it into her and we hear her moaning grow louder.

I slip a vibrator out from under the pillow (God I've been waiting for this) I lay the head of it on the crack of her ass and as I slide it down to meet my tongue, I trail my way down to her clit, and the tip of the vibrator follows. I slide my tongue side to side over her wet clit, and I bring my other hand up, sticking a finger inside her. I feel her wetness slide down the palm of my hand. I stroke her clit and the tip of the vibrator with my tongue. I turn it on. I can feel her quiver and I take out my finger, slowly sticking it in her ass. She tightens up at first, and then starts to push into my finger. OMG I want your cock deep inside me, I want you to make me cum Babyyy. I run the vibrator up and slide it in and start to fuck her; she is rocking back and forth and rubbing her pussy into my face ...and I fuck her harder in her pussy and in her ass.

You take your hard swollen cock out of her mouth, and slam it into my wet pussy, and start to fuck me roughly the way I like it. yes Babyyy harder Babyyy.OMG I can feel the head of your cock as you pull almost all the way out of me and then slam it in again, spreading me open wider every time you do. Her mouth goes to work on us both again; she sucks on my clit, pulling on it as your cock slams into me, and I know I am going to cum so fucking hard. I take her clit between my lips and start to suck hard. I feel her legs start to shake and hear you moaning so loud, and all at once we cum together. I feel it from my head to my toes. I feel you’re cum hot and shooting deep inside me as my pussy tightens up on you and you keep stroking it into me.

My face is all wet with her cum and it's dripping into my mouth. I can taste it as it sides past my tongue and down my throat. Hummmm. Yes Babyyy keep fucking me, as I lick her pussy dry, you walk to the bathroom, and when you come back, you see us lying in each other’s arms. Kissing, licking, sucking, moaning softly as we touch each other, stroking each other. You sit in the chair against the wall with your long legs slightly open and stretched out in front of you ... you start stroking slowly as you watch us. I stand up and take her by the hand as we walk over to you. I kneel between your knees, and without using my hands, I take you deep into my mouth, stroking your cock all the way down to your balls with my lips, feeling your cock opening my mouth wider as it thickens and grows even harder, longer. I take you in and out a few more times to get you wet then slide your cock out of my mouth as I guide her over your lap, stretching her legs around the outside of your legs. I hold your cock with 2 fingers as you place your hands on her hips and push her down slowly on your cock and I can see it disappear into her. She's wet and I see it sliding all down your cock to your balls. I push her back against your chest and your hands go up to her tits as you squeeze her nipples between your fingers.

I take my tongue and slide it back and forth between her clit and your cock over and over again ... tasting you both, licking your balls, your cock ... and her wet pussy. I feel one of her hands on the back of my head pushing me into her more as she moans. She starts to moan deeper as I flick my tongue faster over her clit, and then start sucking on it. As she cums all over your dick, I lick it off your cock and balls, stroking you both till you’re dry. I want you to fuck me Babyyy. I need you to fuck me HARD from behind. I want you to take me as you have so many times, to make me yours. You know I want you, and how.

As you stare in my eyes (I can see it burning in you), you take me over to the bed and slide behind me. With one hand you bend me over and I feel your fingers run through my hair and you pull my head back as I feel your cock slide deep inside me fast and hard, taking my breath away for a minute. I feel your hard cock slide almost all the way out and back in deep over and over again, feeling your balls slapping on my wet pussy as you fuck me, jarring my while body faster and harder each time. You feel me pushing back into you as you fuck me harder. You slip your hard cock out of my pussy and start stroking the head between my wet lips and all over my clit and up to my ass. And OMG my body goes weak. You know I want you. you slide into my ass, stroking slowly at first; I feel your knees against mine opening my legs up so you can move in closer. I feel your hands around my wrist holding me down as you start fucking me so hard. I feel you slamming into me as you fuck me faster; your balls slap my pussy over and over again. OOoh Yes Babyyy. God you feel so good. you push me flat against the bed, holding me down tight, and I feel you throbbing deep inside me. As I moan louder, you pump faster and harder. You bring your hands down and put them under me, holding my tits as I feel your mouth open on my shoulder. I feel the warmth if your mouth and the wetness of your tongue sucking on me. I start to cum as my pussy tightens; I feel your cock explode in my ass, feeling you’re hot cum shooting off inside me. I cum harder. You keep fucking me slowing down as you go.our bodies throb as we lay there. the 3 of ((( US ))) holding each other close :)

*** Babyyy ***

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