Used & Abused


My name is Jessie and I'm a thirty-three years old married woman. I live in a small town in the Northeast US. By nature I'm very shy. Although I'm a bit of a tomboy, under my jeans and sweaters I have a sexy body, long dirty blond hair and a cute smile. I was raised in a small town and my parents were not very open sexually. As a result, I am usually reluctant to discuss sex with Mike, my husband of four years. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Mike and we have fun with sex. But it even took me while to let him see me totally naked when we were first married.

I guess my shyness and trouble with sexual thoughts has hindered our love life a bit. To be truthful, I rarely if ever have an orgasm when we make love, and sometimes after Mike rolls over and goes to sleep, I masturbate in order to "finish off". Not that I blame Mike, the fault is pretty much mine for being too reluctant to tell him what I really want. Occasionally, when Mike would suggest that we try something different, like oral sex or me dressing sexy, I clam up and usually indicate by my body language that I don't want to discuss it. He is very gentle and would never force these things on me, but sometimes I just wish that he would "use" me treat me a little rougher.

Mike loves sports and was a star on his college baseball team. During baseball season, he coaches the "Eagles" a team in a local league in our small town. Most of the players he coaches have graduated from our local high school where I teach and are looking to get on the local college team where Mike was once a star player. Mike loves being a mentor to these younger men and gets excited when one of his players makes the college team. It gives him real personal gratification that he has helped some of these boys make it to the varsity team.

At the end of each season, Mike and I have a tradition of throwing a big barbeque for his team and their girlfriends. As you can imagine, by the time the season is over both Mike and I get pretty close to these guys and since we don't have any children of our own yet, they become like our adopted family.

That is where my story begins. It was at last year's end of the season barbeque that my life changed in ways that I could never have imagined, not in my wildest dreams. As I write this, I still can't believe what happened to me. I am actually blushing thinking about it now, but I know that I have to write this down as a way to come to grips with what happened to me and what I need to do next.


We had prepared all week for our end of season barbeque. Mike and I spend hours shopping for food and beverages and cleaning up our small house and yard that we are so proud of. The day of the final game, I stayed home (I'm usually in the stands rooting for Mike's team) to make sure that we would be ready when everyone arrived. We had a large garbage pail full of beer and soda, and even though most of the team members are between 18 and 20, we allow them to drink some beer or wine since they are almost all in college or starting in September and they all drink anyway.

About three o'clock Mike and the team arrived. There were about thirteen guys and about four of their girlfriends, the two of us and one of the other coaches. I knew most of the kids at the party from seeing them at the local high school where I teach. Most had graduated in June and a few were finishing their first year at our local college. It was a hot day and Mike was cooking on the grill while I made sure everyone had enough to eat and drink and that all were having a good time.

As you can imagine, these young guys are pretty wild. It was a hot day. One of the guys grabbed our garden hose and began a water fight with a couple of other team members and one girl. Pretty soon, all the guys were soaked and barefoot and had stripped off their shirts. Everyone was having fun drinking and horsing around. I must admit after several beers, these young, fit guys looked pretty sexy and I was probably flirting a little with them while Mike was cooking.

The captain of the team, Glen, was one of the oldest players on the team. Although he just graduated in June from our high school he was almost 19 at the time. He had brought his digital camera and had posed the team for a picture for our local paper. He was taking pictures of the shenanigans and showing them to me. One was funnier than the other. As he tried to show me the pictures he took on the small screen, Glen reached around and grabbed my waist and put his face close to mine. Suddenly I realized how sexy this young man actually was. I kind of froze as I pretended to be interested in the pictures he was flipping through on the screen. I couldn't help feeling his strong, muscular arms and hard body through my tee shirt and shorts as he pulled me closer. Finally, I twisted away with a chuckle and gave him a look. Although I was smiling I was giving him the message that he had gone too far and that I was a little uncomfortable being that close to him.

Mike once told me that he was sure that Glen's pitching arm and hitting abilities would land him a starting spot on the college team that fall. Besides being one of the star players on the team, Glen is a very "macho" guy. So I wasn't surprised when he just stared at me with a leer and gave my body the once over after I pulled away from him. He was always flirting with the girls at school and seemed to be the type that didn't take "no" for an answer. For some reason I began to shudder and I could feel the crotch of my panties get damp. I blushed and turned away from him and took up a conversation with two of the young girls that were there. As I spoke to them, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Glen was still staring at me, devouring my body with his eyes.

As Glen went back to taking pictures of the partygoers, I pretended to talk to the two girls. But really I was thinking of Glen and how his body felt next to mine. I finally shook myself from these thoughts and went back to being a hostess to our guests and didn't give the incident any more thought.

By about eight o'clock only four guys and one girl remained in our yard. We were all exhausted and the place was a mess! Every horizontal surface had a beer can or used plate on it! I stood in our back your with my hands on my hips and announced, "Who is going to clean up this mess?"

Because of the hot weather and all the beer that I had to drink, I was not in the mood to clean up. All I wanted to do was to go into the cool house and sit down for a few minutes. Mike also looked exhausted and was sprawled out on a garden chair.

The one couple that was left were really sweet. Steve and Rose told us that they and the remaining three guys would clean up while we went into the house for a few minutes to rest and relax. I figured that Mike and I could clean up the kitchen while the young kids tackled the yard. Mike and I went into the kitchen and started straightening up. When we were alone, he put his arms around me and started massaging my breasts and kissing my neck. I realized that, uncharacteristically, Mike had had a lot to drink and was pretty drunk – and horny. I started thinking about Glen as Mike caressed my body. I playfully pushed him away and reminded him that we had a lot of work to do in the kitchen. He laughed and we both began to tidy up. I could see that Mike was noticeably slowing down fast as we began to finish our work.

"Why don't you take a shower, hon?" I asked him, hoping that he would freshen up and be able to begin what he started earlier in the kitchen.

"Thanks, Jess. That would really be great. Are you sure it's OK to leave you to finish up in here?"

I gave my husband a peck on the check and told him that it was my pleasure to finish in the kitchen and that he deserved to relax. He went upstairs to our bathroom to begin his shower as I finished cleaning up the kitchen. As I heard the water running, I looked out the kitchen window to see the five young people working diligently to get our yard back to its former state of cleanliness. I felt good thinking that I didn't have to tackle that messy job. As I stood there I was subconsciously staring at Glen, who was one of the boys helping out

As I gazed at Glenn's chiseled chest and rippling abs I could feel my panties getting damp again. I knew that this was not what a married woman should be doing and shook myself out of my reverie. I wiped my hands on the towel and headed to the stairs to see if Mike was finished with his shower. Everything was quiet up there so I quietly climbed the stairs and peeked into the bedroom. There was Mike with a big white bath towel wrapped around him asleep across our queen-sized bed. He was so exhausted, he had passed out after his shower and was gently snoring.

I looked down at him lovingly and covered him with an afghan that was at the foot of our bed. Then I headed downstairs to check on our guests' progress. Steve and Ruth were shaking hands with Glen and his two friends Rob and John. I heard them say that they had to leave, but the three boys assured them that they would finish up in the yard.

Happy that things were under control, I went into our air-conditioned living room and sprawled out on the couch with a glass of wine in my hands. I was proud that we had a great party and that everyone had a good time. I was also glad that I didn't have to do the lion's share of cleaning up. As I sat on the couch I realized how sleepy I was. Soon I was in a deep, almost hypnotic sleep. The sun, the alcohol and now the air conditioning had the same effect on me as it did on my husband. I was soon gone to the world.


Although it was still light out when I sat down, when I woke up the living room was dark. I was startled. I must have slept a couple of hours on the couch. I wondered if anyone else was still there. I was really groggy and I felt a damp chill come over me. I reached down and realized that my tee shirt was up over my breasts as was my bra. There was some kind of sticky substance on my breasts and on my face; it was even in my hair by my ear.

I didn't remember exposing my breasts. All of a sudden I became very embarrassed. I ran to the bathroom just as I was. When I turned on the light I saw what I looked like. My tee shirt was rolled up over my breasts and my bra was pushed up. My breasts stuck out obscenely and were shining with a white fluid on them. There was the same kind of fluid on my cheeks and next to my nose.

I scooped up some of the fluid on my fingers hoping it was wine. It smelled musky and a little like Clorox. I knew what it was! My heart started beating wildly in my chest. Would Mike have done this as a joke? Had anyone else seen me like this? I was pissed. I grabbed a towel and quickly wiped off the mess. I adjusted my breasts in my bra and pulled down my shirt. I could still feel the sticky substance cling to my bra as I tried my best to clean up my face and remove the white globs from my ear and hair.

I hurriedly walked up the stairs to our bedroom. What I saw made me freeze in shock against the doorframe to our bedroom. There was Mike, sleeping soundly like a baby with the afghan over his white towel just as I had left him a few hours earlier. I panicked! Who had done this to me! Who had pulled my tee shirt and bra up and exposed my breasts like that? Who had seen me naked?

I sunk down against our bedroom door jam and began softly sobbing. My mind was in turmoil and I couldn't think straight. I knew I wasn't so drunk that I had done something I would be sorry for. I was asleep the whole time! It must have happened while I was in that deep coma like sleep. Then I became frightened. Suppose Mike had come down while I was still like that? Oh God, how mortifying! What would he have thought?

"Calm down, Jess," I told myself as I fought to keep my heart from beating out of my chest. Mike obviously had not moved since I covered him after his shower. It was a good thing that I woke up before he did! As I began to think of the possibilities, my head began to spin. I knew I had to take a shower and wash away my shame before Mike woke up. I was sure that the whole room smelled of the semen that was all over my upper body.

In a panic, I rushed downstairs and grabbed the towels in the bathroom that I had wiped myself with. I took off my clothes and began a wash, putting in the towels and some dirty dishtowels from the kitchen to make it look innocent – as if Mike would ever look in the washing machine! I was walking around the house naked and in a daze, something I never did.

As the washer started its cycle, I turned on the lights in the living room and, with a damp sponge, made sure that no evidence of what happened remained. I couldn't find anything and that had me in a panic. What if I missed something and Mike found it? I was obviously not thinking straight, but at the time everything I did made perfect sense. I felt like I was a criminal revisiting the scene of the crime, trying to eliminate evidence.

When I was done, I quietly went upstairs trying not to wake Mike and went into our bathroom, quietly closing the door. I turned on the shower and let the water run over my body for what seemed like an hour. I must have washed my hair and face about three times before I calmed down and stepped out. As I dried myself, I vowed not to even think about what might have happened or who did it. I gently slipped under the afghan with my husband not wanting to wake him.

I just lay there next to Mike thinking about what had happened. To my shame, I felt myself getting sexually aroused at my thoughts. I brought my fingers to my vagina and found that I was wet. I gently began rubbing my clit as waves of soft pleasure began to sooth me. Mike must have felt my motions because he stirred. Groggily he got up, tossing the afghan and the towel onto the floor.

"I gotta pee!" he muttered half asleep.

As my husband stumbled to the bathroom, I pulled the covers down and climbed into bed. When he got back, I whispered to him.

"Boy, you were really out of it!"

"What time is it?" he muttered.

"About one o'clock. Go back to sleep."

Mike crawled back into bed and spooned my naked body, pushing his soft penis into my ass. I felt love and protection in his touch and soon I was fast asleep.


The next morning I awoke early as usual even though it was Sunday. I usually get to school at 7:30 each morning for monitor duty, so I naturally get up early. Mike usually sleeps in on Sunday, especially after a big game. I enjoy the quiet time to myself on these days. It was a sunny morning as I went into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee and get the Sunday newspaper. As I stood at the kitchen window, my turmoil of the night before came rushing back. I was sure it was only a bad dream brought on by the sun and too much to drink.

As I sipped my coffee the phone rang. I quickly grabbed it hoping not to disturb Mike. It was Glenn.

"Jess, Hi!" he said in a cheery voice.

My heart started to pound and I felt a little dizzy.


"Yeah, its me. Is Mike up yet?"

"No, he's sleeping in." I whispered, even though there was no chance that Mike could hear me on the phone from upstairs.

"Oh, well . . .I wanted to call to tell him that I posted our team pictures on the Eagle's website this morning – you know, early bird catches the worm."

I was silent for a full thirty seconds. I began thinking about Glen with his damn digital camera. I thought about how I found myself when I awoke. My stomach started churning and I began to fear the worst.

"Oh?" I said weakly, hoping he would speak first.

"Yeah, they came out great, nice and sharp! Mike will love them. I thought he should be the first to see them, you know, being the coach and all."

I didn't like the tone of Glen's voice, I was sure there was a hidden meaning behind his words. My mouth was dry and I couldn't speak. I just kind of stuttered into the phone.

"Anyway, you might want to check them out before he gets up. Let me know what you think."

"OK" I muttered weakly.

There was silence and then he hung up. I raced into our small study next to the living room and fumbled with the button on our computer. I was in panic as I urged to boot up fast. Finally the desktop appeared. I clicked on the Internet Explorer button, waited impatiently as it loaded and then went to Mike's "favorites". I saw it. The "Eagles" website. I clicked on it and waited as the home page came up.

I saw the familiar home page and noticed it had changed some. The team picture was one Glen took yesterday at the barbeque. Also new was a big red link that read "Pictures of the Eagles Year End Barbeque."

My stomach sunk as I clicked on the link. A new screen appeared. It was a series of thumbnails with a link next to each. The first one was "Final Game" and there was a small picture of a guy in an Eagle's uniform at bat. The second read "Team Pictures" and had a posed picture of the entire team. The third and last one on the screen said "Party Pictures'. I immediately clicked on it. These were the pictures I saw Glen taking at the party of the guys drinking and horsing around. There was nothing out of the ordinary. I went back to the main screen and scrolled down. There were two more thumbnails. The first one said "Our Coach". It was a close-up of Mike holding a fork at the grill smiling into the camera. The next picture was one of me holding a beer and laughing with two girls! My heart literally stopped. Next to the picture it said "Jess". My hand was trembling as I moved the mouse over the link. I clicked expecting the worse. The first pictures were of me outside at the barbeque, nothing out of the ordinary. As I scrolled down to the bottom there was a small link that read "Adults Only!" My heart was beating so fast I almost passed out. I put the cursor over the link but couldn't press the button. I was sick to my stomach and in a panic. I clicked on it.

Instead of a group of pictures appearing a small dialogue box popped up that said "Password". Shit, what was the password? I typed "Jess" just as it appeared in the link and pressed "enter". Bingo! The next screen appeared.

There they were, big as life! The pictures! The pictures I knew in my heart that Glen had taken while I was asleep. As I gazed at each one I was beet red and mortified. Although the house was silent, I kept looking at the door expecting Mike to be standing there.

The first picture was of me asleep with my breasts exposed. The second picture showed a large penis in the picture very near my mouth. Although my eyes were closed, it looked as if I had a smile on my face. I stared at the penis. One thing was for sure, this wasn't Mike's. It was long and thick, much longer and thicker than my husband's member.

The next picture showed the penis ejaculating onto my face. You could see the rope of semen arching onto my lips and cheek! My face was in a grimace as you would expect with someone getting a sperm shower. The fact that my eyes were closed seemed normal for such a picture. If you didn't know better, you would think I was participating in this obscene act.

The next picture showed two penises, neither one as large as the first. One was positioned on each side of my face. Again, there was a strange expression on my face and although my eyes were closed, it didn't look as if I was really sleeping.

The last picture showed the two penises again, only this time they had obviously ejaculated over my breasts. The gobs of fresh white semen were apparent in the picture and my face wasn't visible past my nose.

I quickly closed the screen as if it were a bomb ready to explode. I was angry, embarrassed and confused - every gut wrenching emotion you could think of. I got up from the computer and paced around the room. That shit Glen! He was not going to get away with this! Why did he do it? What was he trying to do? It seemed almost as if he had a vendetta for me and wanted to ruin my marriage. I began pacing around the room thinking, thinking. My mind was going in circles. I didn't know what to do, but I knew I had to get those pictures off the team web site and somehow destroy them.

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