tagRomanceUsing Beth Ch. 02 #5

Using Beth Ch. 02 #5



"Rest time," Deedee said. "But not a finish! We've got this big finish in mind for our Beth."

Beth looked up at her and kissed her thigh.

"Don't you bite me, girl!" Deedee said with a grin, and Cassie laughed.

Beth gave her a feral kind of smile then and simply kissed her thigh again.

"You stay here with Cassie, honey," Deedee said to Beth then, "I need to get something."

She was gone only for a few minutes and came back carrying two harnesses to which were attached large rubber cocks. The cocks were 8" cocks, and Deedee was grinning broadly.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Beth said, sitting now by Cassie.

"Party time," Cassie said.

"Big finish for Bethie," Deedee murmured, as she pulled the strap on up her hips and got it in place.

They looked absolutely obscene, when the rubber pricks were in place, and they gathered Beth in for a hug. As she was surrounded by her mistress and Cassie, Beth held onto the rubber cocks, manipulating them, and thereby giving both women a thrill, as the ends of the rubber cocks were pressing hard against Deedee's and Cassie's pussy.

"Come on, Cass, before this minx gets us to cum without our having fucked her at all!" Deedee said, and led them into the garage.

"We'll play in here!" she said, and turning to Beth said:

"Wrists together, missy! Time to fuck Bethie!"

Beth stood with her wrists together and presented them to Deedee, who fetched some duct tape from the drawer of the work bench and taped Beth's wrists. Then she led her over to a corner where there was a large hook hanging from a beam. She lifted the wrists up and fastened Beth to the hook via her taped wrists.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" Beth moaned.

"Here's the lady who was biting you!" Deedee laughed.

"Sorry!" Beth said meekly to Cassie.

Deedee picked up a jar of vaseline from the work bench and began to coat the rubber cock that she wore with it.

"Guess where this goes, dirty girl!" Deedee said.

"In me?" Beth said in a tiny voice.

"Up your ass!" Deedee replied.

"Eeeep!" Beth said.

Cassie laughed and said: "I guess 'eeep'!"

"Other surprises here too coming right alone, girlie!" Deedee said with a smile,while Cassie nodded conspiratorially.

She picked up a clothes pin from the work table.

"Now what can we do with this?" she wondered showing it to Beth.

"Nothing?" Beth asked with a tiny voice.

"Wrong!" Deedee proclaimed and put the clothes pin on one of Beth's nipples.

Beth hardly was able to suppress a huge scream, only to have another clothes pin attached to her other nipple.

"What do you think, Cassie," Deedee asked, "Photo time?"

"Definitely photo time!" Cassie said.

Deedee got the digital camera and began taking photos of Beth, hanging in the garage, feet on the floor but by her toes only.

Then Deedee went to Beth and put her arms around the suspended woman. She ran her hands up and down Beth's sides and her back and ass saying to her:

"Sweet angel, you look so hot! Are you okay? Shall we stop?"

"No," Beth said quietly, "Don't stop! It's as if you've crawled into my head and understand where the buttons are and are pressing them one after another. It's as if you've captured my soul."

"Then, honey, it's time; if it gets to be too much, you let me know, hear?"

Beth shook her head 'yes' and then said softly:

"I love you, Deedee! I love being your dirty girl!"

Cassie spoke then:

"This just bowls me over; Beth Swinton. Everyone knows Beth Swinton at the hospital; everyone knows how good and competent she it; everyone knows that if you want the job done and done right, you go to Beth Swinton, and here she is naked, hanging by her wrists, waiting to be fucked and loving it!"

Deedee was grinning then and said:

"Grand, isn't it?"

Then Deedee gave some instructions:

"Here, Cass, let's grease you up and you take her from the front; I'm going to take her from the back."

"Ready, honey?" Deedee asked.

"Do me!" Beth said in a voice that was strangled with her own lust.

"You heard her," Deedee said, and moved into place to help Cassie put the rubber cock that she wore at the entrance to Beth's pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Beth moaned, as the pussy slipped into her already wet pussy. "Ohhhhhhhh, yes! Do that! Doooooo that!"

"Seems to like it," Cassie said flexing her hips and moving the cock around, with another round of loud appreciative remarks from Beth.

"Here I come, angel," Deedee said and pulled Beth's hips back to give her a better angle.

She used her hand to grease Beth's rosebud ass hole and then inserted a finger. Beth moaned in her throat. Then it was two fingers and the moan was louder. Then the fingers were removed and Beth complained.

"Time!" Deedee said and pushed the head of the rubber cock against Beth's ass hole now, as she held Beth's ass cheeks apart. She pushed with her hips and the cock popped inside of Beth's ass hole.

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" Beth almost shouted. "Huuuuurts! Huuurts a bit!"

In only a few seconds, Beth was saying:

"Better, better, better, yes! Do that now!! Fill me!!!!!!! Fillllllll meeeee!"

From that point on Cassie and Deedee worked together in a rhythm, and Beth, being buffeted by both of them, front and back, kept up a constant wordless moan.

The final orgasm, that occurred in Beth first but then took over Cassie next and finally Deedee was a cacophony of sound from the three women.

It was obvious that Beth was near passing out, when they were finished.

"Cassie, help me here," Deedee said, both of them had discarded the strap on contraptions and released Beth from her hanging position.

They got her down and she sat on the floor, at Deedee's feet and just rested her head against Deedee's knee.

"How are you, love?" Deedee asked. "That was quite a work out."

Beth giggled: "Was; I surely got done! I'm just tired."

At that point Cassie was up and grabbing her clothing. She said:

"Deedee, I appreciate the invite to stay over but you guys have a real love thing going on here, and I'm going home. Beth has had a real going over tonight and I enjoyed every bit of it that I was involved in but I really need to get out of your hair."

"Please don't go," Beth said, "I'll be fine after a few moments."

"Bull, honey," Cassie said, "You're all in. You know it and I do and Deedee does too."

"She's right, sweet angel," Deedee said. Then she turned to Cassie and said:

"Hey, Cass, you're a class act!"

"I love you too, girl!" Cassie said, as she started to leave.

She went to Deedee for a hug 'good night' and then to Beth also.

"Thank you, Cassie," Beth said, "This has been exciting for me!"

"It certainly has for me," Cassie said.

"Come on, Cass," Deedee said, her clothes now on. "I'll give you a ride home."

Then she turned to Beth and said:

"I'll be back in just a little time," she kissed Beth and left to take Cassie home.

Beth was waiting for Deedee, when she returned. She had a glass of sweet wine for each of them and was wearing a short, white silk robe.

"Lovely!" Deedee said, and sat in the living room with Beth.

"Bed time or shall we talk a bit?" Deedee asked.

"Let's talk," Beth said.

"Yes," Deedee replied, "Girlfriends."

"Girlfriends!" Beth said.

"What about the house?" Deedee wanted to know.

"How about if we go and look at the house one more time. Price doesn't really matter but we'll get a tax break, if we have a mortgage, so why not go that way with the project?"

"Good idea!" Deedee said, "Downpayment from the bank account?"

"Yes, a nice hefty one, at lest 20%, I guess," Beth answered.

"That reminds me," Beth said, "I have the bank books to show you. I want you to understand our financial picture."

"Oh, that's exciting," Deedee said.

"But first," Beth went on, "Why not work tomorrow at bringing some of your stuff here? How about if we go ahead with the house and you move in here, bringing your necessary stuff. We'll keep the rent up on your apartment and then transfer your stuff to the new house? It would make it easier!"

"That's why you have such a reputation for level headedness at the hospital, girl!" Deedee said with appreciation. "It sounds fine the way you describe it. I can bring clothes and stuff. I have plenty of room in my car."

Here she beamed at Beth and jumped up to give her a kiss and a hug.

"Most of the stuff at the apartment can wait until we're ready for it. Maybe we can get a quick closing on the house."

"Well, for the mortgage, I know that John Eltringham will take care of that for us."

"Nice to have people like that to help out," Deedee said.

"Nice breakfast tomorrow, maybe out, and then the house and then do some runs to your place to get you established here for good."

"Exciting!" Deedee said.

"Oh, I agree," Beth echoed.

Deedee slept a bit late but was awakened by the smell of baking cinnamon rolls. She got up put on a short robe and went to the kitchen, where she found Beth, clad only in an apron, finishing the work on the cinnamon rolls.

"Mmmm, yummy!" Deedee said.

Beth grinned at her and said "Good morning!"

Then Deedee said: "And cinnamon rolls too."

Beth giggled and went for a morning hug. They sat down to the hot rolls and some coffee. They talked about their day and Beth said:

"Let me get my folder and we'll look it over."

She got the folder that she was talking about, from Mr. Eltringham, and they both looked it over.

"This is pretty impressive," Deedee said.

"Yes," Beth answered. "I know it sounds goofy but I haven't touched this, at least not until the new car. I just haven't wanted to look at it. It makes me think such sad thoughts. They worked so hard for it."

"And they would want more than anything else to know that you're enjoying it," Deedee said.

"I think you're right," Beth answered. "I don't know why that never occurred to me but it's true." She sighed.

They looked the report over and it was Beth that spoke first:

"Gee, there's a lot more here than I thought at first."

"Got that right!" Deedee said. Then she added:

"Bethie, I'm nervous about this, I mean about taking anything from this. It's not why I want you or love you. I wanted you long before this ever came to light."

"Oh, I know that, honey," Beth said, putting her arms around Deedee; but you said it; you said that they'd want me to enjoy this and that's what I want to do, enjoy this with you."

"But there's over 5 million in these accounts," Deedee said.

"Great!" Beth said, "Let's buy the house and just make the mortgage payment an automatic one."

"Could do that!" Deedee said, giving Beth a hug.

"Sure, sweet angel?" Deedee said softly.

"All this is part of the me that you get!" Beth said.

"Whoohoo! All this money and tits 'n ass too! Good for me!" Deedee exploded.

Beth was grinning then. "Let's go look at our house!" she said to Deedee.

"Yes, and we can decide what kind of furniture we need to buy to make it ours together!" Deedee answered.

"Oh," Beth said next with enthusiasm:

"If we have a house, can we have a kitten? I love kittens."

"We should have at least two, make them companions for each other," Deedee said. "One of our first orders of business with the house is to go to the shelter and pick them out!"

"Whoohoo!" Beth said then.

"It's too bad that we have to dress!" Deedee said, "You look so hot that way!"

"Shower with me first and I promise to kneel and do honor to my mistress!" Beth said softly.

"You convinced me, lovely woman! Shower first!" Deedee said.

"And honor for my mistress!" Beth repeated.

"And that too," Deedee said.

They went off to the shower hand in hand.

Their day was a blazing success. The house was as lovely as they had remembered. It was large with a master bedroom wing up on the second floor above the kitchen and dining area. That master bedroom wing had a lounge-office room off of it and a huge bathroom. Shower stall on the side with a jacuzzi tub and immense closets.The main entrance led to a living room and off to one side and on a lower level was the family room. A separate area was off to the right of the living room and it had four guest bedrooms with a bathroom between each set of guest rooms. There was also a powder room, off of the living room.

They decided that they'd make one guest room an exercise room.

"Needs a big tv!" Beth said.

"Yes," Deedee agreed, "Cassie knows all about that kind of stuff. We can ask her and she'll get us set up for sure.

"Share an office room or each have one?" Beth asked.

"Maybe share one," Deedee said, "The one off of the bedroom for our desks and computers. Think?"

"Yes, lovely!" Beth said. Then added: "This is so exciting. It makes me sad that I don't need a new car!"

"Aha, folks," Deedee said, "She's got the itch."

Beth giggled.

They decided to make an offer and worked with the real estate agent to get the offer written and submitted. They also officially listed Beth's house for sale. She said that she'd contact the young couple who had an interest in it.

When they were finished with their house adventure, they went to Deedee's apartment and packed items, mostly clothes this time, to take to Beth's house/their house.

It was a busy day. They sat down in the mid afternoon at a coffee shop for a cup of coffee.

"We both have about a week or a little more coming," Beth said over coffee, "We can take some of that to get your move to our house settled, but how about a trip for the two of us? Short trip? New car and all?"

"Great!" Deedee said where shall we go?

They spent some time planning a driving trip that they were going to take for a few days.

Work the next day was one of the last of their days at the hospital. Beth's schedule was slightly lighter than Deedee's and they agreed to meet after Deedee was finished to decide about dinner.

Beth went to her car in the lot. She normally parked in the farthest lot, since it gav her exercise to walk to the hospital then.

She notice, as she walked along, that there were three guys playing basketball. Just as she got to her car, the ball rolled up to where she was. She picked it up and was going to throw it back, when she noticed that they were walking toward her.

"Got our ball, lady!" one of them said.

Beth knew by the look of them and the tone that there was going to be trouble.

"Yes," she said, "I was going to throw it back to you."

"Know what parking spot this is, whitey?" one asked.

"What?" she asked, and then: "What parking spot?"

"It's the blow job spot!" was the answer.

"What?" Beth asked again, getting frightened now, and looking around but seeing no one. "I don't understand," Beth said.

"Easy, white bitch," one said, "You park in that spot and it's gonna cost you a blow job for each of us!"

"Cost me? Blow job?" she said slowly, with a mixture of fear and an added element of sexual heat.

"You stupid, lady?" one asked.

"No," she said quietly.

"Then here's the way it'll be," came the next demand. "You take your clothes off until you're just wearing your pretty panties, and you kneel and then you suck us each off and there's no beating. You don't do that and the beating starts right now!"

"Don't hurt me! Please!" Beth said.

"Then strip, momma!" came the answer.

"Do you know Deedee McWilliams?" Beth asked.

They gave her a wary look, "Everyone knows Deedee," they said.

"I live with her!" Beth said.

"Yes, and I'm Harry Truman, the president!" one said and they laughed. "Strip, bitch or we kick your ass."

Beth realized that it wasn't going to help her. She began to unbutton her blouse.

"That's better, momma," she was told, "Get those clothes off and start doing what you white women always want to do!"

The blouse was off now and Beth unhooked her bra; she shook it off and straightened up.

One of them said: "Nice tits, bitch!"

"Thank you, " she said quietly.

"Bitch is polite!" one commented.

"Bitch doesn't want to get an ass kicking!" said another and the three of them laughed.

"Get it goin', you white cunt!" came the order next.

Beth knew that she had to continue the process and now unzipped her skirt, trying to avoid the temptation to look around for help. The skirt was off and set aside with her blouse and bra.

"Look at the ass on this momma," came the comment.

Beth mumbled another 'thank you,'; they cackled when she did.

"She's gonna even say 'thank you' so nicely, when we kick her lilly white ass!" one said, and they laughed again.

Beth waited.

"On your knees, whitey!" one said, "And open that white whore mouth!"

Beth sunk to her knees, knowing that at least this part was fuel for her fantasies, despite her fear of what was going to happen.

One of them stepped up to her immediately; he had his shorts down around his hips, showing a good looking torso and the tops of a pair of plaid boxers. He took out a medium sized, stiff black cock.

Another of them went behind Beth and grabbed her arms and held them behind her back The third one grabbed Beth by the back of the head and held her head in place.

Beth opened he mouth as wide as possible and clamped her lips around the invading prick. He began to push it in and out of Beth's mouth right away.

"Momma's certainly a cock sucker!" he crowed, as he plunged in and out of Beth's mouth.

"She's gonna have a mouth full of black jism soon enough!" the one fucking Beth's mouth continued.

"Fuck that bitch's mouth," said one of those standing behind her.

He increased his speed and Beth struggled to keep up with the cock that was, in effect, raping her mouth.

He came and she almost coughed it up but managed to swallow and swallow and take his cum down.

"You bro!" said the first and he was replaced by one of the others.

It was the same scene now, the same procedure, and Beth set out to endure it.

She had her mouth fucked by the second one, who didn't last any more than the first. Then he was replaced by the third. The third one came quickly, steamed up, as he was, by watching the action up until now.

"I say we take her someplace and fuck her then kick her white ass good," the first one said then.

"You said," Beth wailed.

"Shut the fuck up!" he cut her off, "I said fuckin' nothing."

"We're waitin' for James," came a protest.

"Fuck James," the first one replied."We've got some prime white meat here and I want my cock in her ass!"

They were interrupted then by James who came on the scene and had heard the last of what was said.

"What the fuck are you guys doin'?" James protested.

"Just using the whitey's mouth!" came the reply, it was the first one who spoke.

"You're fuckin' with Deedee's babe!" James said with unbelief.

They both looked startled.

"This is?" said the first.

"I said so," Beth said but wasn't hear in the panic that ensued from James' statement.

"Hey, bro," one of the other guys said, "Can you square this?"

Before James said anything, Deedee stepped out of the shadows. She looked like the very presence of the wrath of God!

"Bethie!" she said.

Beth breathed a loud: "Deedee," and got up and went to her, sobbing against Deedee's shoulder.

"I told them I lived with you; they didn't believe me," Beth said.

"Hey we didn't really know," one of the three said to Deedee, who had by then pulled out a pistol from her purse.

"Oh, shit!" one of the three said.

Deedee thundered at them:

"It doesn't matter, you fuckin' mutts, if she was mine or not. You don't just pull aside a white woman because she's near by and make her suck your randy cocks! That's what you shit for brains guys get for thinking with that animal between your legs!"

The three guys now looked fairly frightened, not knowing what Deedee, in her rage, might or might not do with the gun she had.

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