tagIncest/TabooValentine Head

Valentine Head


'Fuck!' Steve cursed. He lay in bed, still groggy from sleep. He blinked his eyes, focused on the bedside clock and scowled when he saw in was 10am. 10am on Saturday morning to be precise and some bastard had woken him up. He lay back down, eyes focussed of the white ceiling, contemplating if he should bother getting up, going downstairs and seeing who was at the door. He decided to wait and see if they'd ring the bell again. Hopefully not.

Long seconds stretched out. Steve, now fully awake, waited.

The bell rang again.

'Shit!' he said, throwing back the duvet. He swung his legs out of bed and got up, the cold air suddenly assaulting his nakedness and fuelling his rage at whoever had ruined his Saturday lie in. Resolving to make whomever it was regret the day they'd come to his front door, never mind ring his bell, he pulled on his dressing gown and went downstairs tying his dressing gown cord as he went.

He pulled open the door ready to give his tormentor short shrift.

Fresh air hit him as the door swung in, and his ill mood was checked as he saw his daughter, long blonde hair gleaming in the morning sunshine, a pair of shades pushed casually up over the crown of her head.

'Hi dad,' she said airily, then, without waiting for his response breezed in and made a beeline for the kitchen, a bag of grocery shopping in one hand.

'Hi,' Steve said, more to himself, as by now she was in the kitchen delving into the bag.

He closed the door and sighing followed his daughter into the kitchen, her perfumed scent lingering in the hallway was not unpleasant and he felt his bad mood dissipating.

'Got some breakfast for us,' she said over her shoulder.

'Kelly, what are you doing here?' he asked from the doorway.

'That's a nice welcome for your daughter,' she said, feigning hurt.

'You know what I mean.'

Just thought I'd drop by. See how you were, y'know?'

'I'm fine.' he said.

Kelly was pulling items out of the grocery bag. 'I got muffins, eggs, croissants and milk. In case you were all out. Jesus, Dad, don't you ever do any dishes?' she looked disapprovingly at the kitchen surface, that Steve had to admit was a total mess. Dirty pots, pans, plates and few empty beer bottles littered the space around the sink.

'Hey,' he scowled at her.

'Put the kettle on,' she said cutting him short.

He opened his mouth to protest, realised it was useless, and filled the kettle from the tap.

'So how are you?' Kelly asked, adjusting the temperature dial on the cooker.

'Fine,' Steve repeated.

Holding the grill tray, she paused, bent over at an angle that allowed him an uncomfortable view of her cleavage, and appraised his appearance.

'You look like shit, Dad,' she said lightly.

'Watch your language, Kelly,' he said automatically – a parent's response.

'I'm not a little kid anymore,' she pouted, straightening.

Steve sighed. Running a hand over his stubbly, unshaven face, and had to admit she had a point. But so what? Who didn't look shit first thing on a Saturday morning?

'Have you booked a restaurant yet?' she asked.

Steve groaned inwardly, anticipating the imminent battle. He really didn't need this. 'Eh, look Kelly. I don't think I'm going to go ahead with this thing. I'm going to call it off.'

Kelly regarded him coldly, and Steve steeled himself for her response. He'd divorced Kelly's mum six years ago and every now again, Kelly made an effort to stir is interest in dating again. He resisted her for a while, then joined a dating agency she'd found, just to get her off his back. Now, despite his lacklustre interest in the whole business, the agency had fixed up a date for him.

'Dad, you can't . . . Not tonight of all nights. You can't let the poor woman down on Valentine's night.'

Steve tried to divert the subject, 'What about you, is Matt taking you anywhere special?'

'Never bloody mind about Matt, I won't enjoy this evening with Matt if I know you're rattling around here on your own all night.'

'That's not fair – in fact that's emotional blackmail. Besides, I like rattling around by myself,' he retorted.

'You can't do that to the woman the agency's hooked you up with. You can't.'

'I know it's not a nice thing to do, but better than going along, then letting her down later on. It's more honest this way.'

'So, you're not even going to give it a try?' Kelly said, her voice almost tremulous with anger.

Steve held up a placating hand. 'Look Kelly, I really appreciate what you've done, but, I'm just not interested in a relationship. I'm happier on my own, why can't you respect that?'

'Because no one is happier on their own. Don't you miss female company?'

Steve shrugged, 'What's to miss? Anyway, I see you, don't I?'

'That's not what I mean, and you know it.'

'I get by alright,' he said dismissively.

'So I see,' Kelly said, looking purposefully around at the messy kitchen.

'Kelly, when you get to my age, being in a relationship isn't that important,' he explained gently. He had the impression he was getting the upper hand.

'What? You're only fifty five, Dad,' she said exasperated. 'Look, have a shave, freshen up, put on a decent shirt and . . .'

'Uh, uh.' Steve interrupted. 'My mind's made up, and that's final. I don't want a relationship, I don't want a date. I'm happy the way I am. There's nothing for me worth dating for.'

Kelly said nothing and Steve sensed victory.

But instead of giving in, she cocked her head slightly, a mischievous look in her eye. I'll make you a deal, Dad.'

'What?' Steve said, instantly suspicious.

'We flip a coin.'

'I don't think so, Kelly.'

'If it's heads, you let me try and change your mind. Give me say, just five minutes to change your mind. If it's tails, I'll drop the whole thing. I won't harass you again. I'll let you be the happy divorcee single man you are. That's a promise.'

Steve ran over the words in his mind, trying to find the suspected trap within. 'So if I lose, I just give you five minutes to change my mind. I don't have to go on this Valentine's date thing?'

'Nope. If you still don't want to go that's fine, I'll even ring the dating agency, tell them you've come down with the flu or something. Just give me the chance to change your mind. Five minutes, tops.'

'And if you lose, you'll drop the whole thing?'

'I will. That's a promise.'

'Do I get to toss the coin?'

'If you want.'

'I do.'

'So it's a deal?'

'Okay. A deal. I just need a coin.'

'I've one,' Kelly said, fishing in her purse. She produced a coin and handed it to him. Steve inspected both sides to make sure it wasn't a double headed coin. Satisfied he put the coin on his thumb, ready to flick it.

'Just one thing,' Kelly interrupted.

'What?' he said, suspicious again.

'If it's heads, and I get my five minutes you have to do as I say, and you are not allowed to say or do anything during that five minutes.'

'Fair enough, I think I can manage that for five minutes.'

'Solemn word?'

Steve sighed, 'Solemn word.'

'Then toss the coin.'

Steve tossed.

The coin chinged as it spun in a silver blur. Steve caught it, slapping it face down on the back of one hand, his other hand covering it, hiding the result.

Steve kept his hand over it. His eyes met Kelly's; adversaries in the last seconds of a duel.

He slipped his hand away, to reveal the decision of chance.


Kelly beamed.

Steve returned the coin to her. 'Okay you got your five minutes.'

Kelly slipped her jacket off and hung it over a chair then turned to her father. 'Right Dad, when I said don't you miss female company you said; what's there to miss, right?'


'Ah, ah, no speaking, just nod if I ask you something,' she chided, stepping close and putting a finger to his lips.

Steve rolled his eyes then looked at his daughter who was staring very intently at him, her face just inches away. The moment lasted too long, her eyes reflected a hard determination, a look she'd affected since childhood whenever she meant to get her way. Steve suddenly felt uncomfortable. Then he felt a tugging around his stomach. She was loosening the dressing gown cord. He put a hand out to stop her, but she swatted his effort away. And his gown hung loose. He gave his daughter a look of disapproval, and opened his mouth to protest, to end her silly game. Two things stopped him.

The first was Kelly's forefinger against his lips, the second, that occurred simultaneously, was the sensation of her cool smooth hand pressed lightly against his genitals.

Her action and the shock of being touched by her so intimately froze him into inaction. It was as though his mind had not yet caught up with his senses. Her pale blue eyes bored into his, holding his gaze so he did not look down, and receive visual confirmation of what she had just done. She had touched him before – growing up she had always be happy to rub his shoulders when he got home from work, even into her teens, or rubbed a calf muscle after he'd had a cramp - natural behaviour between a father and daughter. This though, was something very different.

He had only a second or so to react. If he did not push her away instantly it would come across as consent. But the moment for instant reaction passed, for he could barely convince himself what she had just done was real.

She kept her hand there, and the shock his senses had registered was now being replaced by a very pleasurable sensation. Her hand felt cool and smooth on his penis, and already his member began to respond of its own volition.

Kelly moved her hand down slightly cupping his balls with her fingers, then allowing her fingernails to delightfully scrape gently against his scrotum. He inhaled deeply, through his nostrils. It had been a long time since anyone had touched him there, other than himself, and the feeling was amazingly exquisite in intensity. His cock grew thicker against his daughter's hand. Kelly drew her palm up his erect shaft and gripped it in her hand. Her eyes were still locked on her father's reading the confusion and pleasure reflected here.

His eyes widened slightly as she placed her thumb on the sensitive moist tip of his penis. She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. For a moment he resisted. Then he reflected, allowing her access to his mouth. It felt small against his thicker tongue, but Kelly kissed him hungrily. She broke the kiss. Then moved down, planting smaller kisses on his neck and chest, leaving a cooling this trail of saliva as descended all the while continuing to fondle and stroke his taut balls and hard shaft, now using two equally attentive hands.

She knelt on the kitchen floor her face barely inches from his now full erection. Part of him deep inside screamed at the wrongness of what was happening, another part urged him to give in his desire, to accept and enjoy the moment. She looked up at him, and despite the confused feelings churning in his mind he detected doubt in her eyes, a flicker of fear that he might reject her for leading him to this incestuous act but there was something else there too; tenderness. His hand trembled as he reached out. His fingers touched her hair, stroked its silken softness. Kelly sensing his approval bent her head and kissed the wet tip of his penis, running the tip of her tongue around the swollen head of his cock, sending shockwaves of pleasure up through his nervous system. She moved down, wetting his shaft with her tongue then moved to pay attention to his balls, lapping them attentively, not missing anything so that his balls were soon damp with her saliva, she licked back up his shaft each movement deliberate and affectionate.

Steve cupped both hands either side of her head as though guiding his daughter's actions, but it was clear Kelly was in control. She paused at the head of his swollen member, then engulfed him, pushing her head down to take as much of her father into her soft wetness of her mouth. She began to slowly bob her head in a slow rhythmic manner while her fingers massaged his balls, further enhancing Steve's sensation of unbelievable pleasure. Kelly began to increase her speed, and her father's breathing was deep and fast as inevitable building of his orgasm began.

The pressure of his hands on her head encouraged Kelly to move still quicker as she sought to encourage her father come in her mouth.

'Kelly,' Steve breathed. He was near now.

She moved faster. Small slurping sounds escaping as her mouth went the full length of his cock, rising and falling in a delirium of lust.

Steve cried out as his orgasm hit, holding his daughter's head firmly as he ejaculated in her mouth. Kelly swallowed as he came in three gushes, keeping him in her mouth until he had finished coming. Then, delicately she ran her tongue around his spent cock, kissed the tip of his penis and then pulled his dressing gown together and tied the cord. The she stood and looked him in the eye.


Steve did not know what to say.

Kelly gave him a small shrewd smile. 'So Dad, about tonight's Valentine's date?'

'Steve smiled back at his daughter. 'I think I'll go. I suppose there's nothing to lose.'

'Good,' his daughter beamed, her victory complete. 'Well, I suppose I better get those croissants under the grill. You must be hungry.'

Steve grinned at his daughter. 'Starving actually.'

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