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Valentine Tail


This story continues on from Valentine Head


'All right, I'm gonna say this just one more time, to make it clear, so don't ask me again. You get one drink coming from the County budget, and those of you who rode yesterday you get one drink for that too.'

Applause and whoops came from the speaker's small audience that numbered just under twenty men. From above, leaning over the upstairs balustrade the prostitutes watched in silence.

'Now hold it, hold it, now that's two,' he said, holding up two fingers for emphasis. 'But after that it comes outta your own pocket, you hear me Skinny?' he pointed a finger at Skinny.

'Yes, sir.'

'Alright, now we're pullin out early in the morning, we're gonna chase these fellas clear down to Texas, but don't be spending too much of your money, alright?'

Approving laughter rippled through the group in the smoky saloon.

'We're gonna divide up into four parties, and we're gonna hit every farm and the trails and make a big circle, and we're bound to come across somebody who's seen these . . .' the words died in Little Bill's throat, as he noticed the stranger who'd just entered. '. . . skunks,' he finished lamely.

The jovial mood faded into silence and tension as the others noticed the stranger too, his presence malign and threatening, his shadowed features grim - a harbinger of death. In his right hand he held a rifle pointed upwards, the blue steel of its barrel matching the coldness in his eyes.

Outside the saloon a roll of thunder crashed momentarily deafening the torrential rain that lashed the small town with a relentless pounding.

The stranger didn't speak but instead slowly lowered the Spencer rifle he held and aimed both barrels with deadly accuracy at Little Bill.

Nobody dared move.

The doorbell rang.

'Fuck!' Steve cursed. He hit pause on the DVD remote, lengthening the dramatic pause in the film's climax to a degree its director couldn't imagine and certainly wouldn't approve of.

Steve pulled himself out of his armchair, and wondered who might be at the door late on Sunday evening.

He hit the light in the hallway and pulled open the door.

'Oh, it's you! Hi,' he said, stepping back to allow his daughter in.

'Sorry not to ring before hand, but I kept, uh, changing my mind,' she said, breezing past him.

Steve closed the front door. Kelly hovered in the hallway.

'I'm in the front room,' he nodded. 'Can I get you a drink or anything?'

'No, I'm good thanks,' she said, going in. 'Oh, you're watching something,' she said in an apologetic tone.

'Just a DVD, seen it a million times,' he dismissed sitting down opposite his daughter. 'So, two times in one weekend, a new record.'

'Yeah, well Matt's meeting up with some buddies of his tonight. They go bowling every fortnight then on somewhere for drinks. He's not working tomorrow so he's crashing out at his mate's place.'

'Oh right,' Steve said. There was awkwardness in the air. He hadn't spoken to Kelly about yesterday morning. In truth what was there to say? Five minutes of madness and their whole father-daughter relationship was now in jeopardy.

'So how did your Valentine's date go last night? I want to hear all about it,' Kelly enthused.

'Well, I met up with her, Laura, her name is, and we had a meal at that Italian restraint, The Fiddlers, you know, in Kenton?'

'I always thought that was an Irish restaurant.'

'Nope, Italian, but I see what you mean.'


'Well, and we talked, you know,' Steve said. 'She's very nice,' he shrugged as if this was enough.

'Well dad, I wasn't expecting such an expansive answer as that,' Kelly said sarcastically, arms folded.

'C'mon, Kelly, what do you want to know?'

'How about; what was she wearing? What does she do for a living? How old is she? Does she have any kids? What did you two talk about? Did you hit it off with her?'

Steve frowned 'Well . . .' he began tentatively, wondering what question to answer first and trying to remember what Laura was wearing and wishing he'd given a camcorder to the waiter to record the whole date so instead of this interrogation he could give his daughter a download of the whole evening.

'Tell you what I'll call the agency, get her number and ask her how it went,' Kelly said exasperated.

'No, no, no' he protested, the memories gradually returned. He then gave his daughter a step by step account of his Valentine date, as best as he could remember, and Kelly drank in the information, seeming to approve of how the date had gone and curious to meet her father's potential new girlfriend, potential because they had agreed to call each other sometime in the week and it was uncertain if they'd meet up. Finally Steve finished his account and satisfied his daughters demanding questions.

'So,' Kelly said, glancing at the TV rather than her father. 'Are you glad I changed your mind about going?'

'Yes, of course,' Steve said, sharing the feeling of awkwardness as Kelly made her opening allusion to the elephant in the room -- how she'd changed her father's mind in the kitchen that morning.

'Are you okay with it, I mean with me?' Kelly said trying to sound casual, and now studying her shoes.

In truth Steve wasn't sure how he felt. After Kelly had performed fellatio she'd made them both breakfast and then left as if nothing untoward had happened. He'd hardly slept that night in bed, reliving the five minutes Kelly had spent using her mouth on him. The experience had left him feeling confused, guilty, and turned on as hell. He'd wanked twice over it, then felt even more guilty than before.

'I think I'm okay with it, how about you?'

'You must think I'm a slut,' she said quietly, but now looking him in the eye, trying to gauge if he was being honest with her.

'No Kelly, I don't think that. Not at all,' he said, surprised at the forcefulness behind his own words and angry at her for suggesting such a thing.

'I don't know what came over me, it was a total spur of the moment thing. I guess I just wanted you to go on that date. I didn't want you to miss out,' Kelly's words came in a rush, and Steve sensed she might start crying.

'Look,' he said gently, 'We both got a little out of control, both of us. But there's no harm done, eh?'

Kelly shook her head, and sniffed.

'You okay, love?' he said concerned - and regretted the words immediately.

Kelly started crying, and Steve went to her, took her in his arms. She buried her face in his should, wetting his shirt with her tears. Her shoulders shook with each sob.

'C'mon, Kelly, there's no need for this.' Steve soothed.

After a minute or so she pulled away, wiping away tears and sniffles and looked up into his face. 'Thanks dad, sorry, I needed that.'

'That's okay, really.'

'I haven't ruined things between us have I?'

'Hell, no. You could say we even closer now,' he said, a crude effort at a joke.

Kelly laughed and he grinned, feeling a little of the tension ease now.

'So I was good then?' she grinned back.

'No Kelly, you were very bad, very bad indeed.'

'Are you going to punish me,' she said playfully, a little of her devious personality resurfacing.

Steve pushed a damp lock of her hair away from her cheek. 'You know Kelly, we can't ever do that again?' he said, serious now.

Kelly gave a small compliant nod. 'I know.'

'Everything's going to be okay, let's not talk about it again, right?'

'Right,' Kelly said. She let out a big sigh relieved that they had talked about it. 'I guess I better be making tracks, let you get back to your DVD.'

'Right, I'll catch up with you next weekend, let you know if Laura gives me a call, eh?'

'Yeah,' Kelly said.

They went into the hallway, and Steve opened the door for his daughter.

Outside the front door Kelly turned, the evening breeze tugging at her blonde hair. She hugged her dark red leather jacket to her body and gave Steve a weak smile. 'Thanks dad, for being so understanding.'

'You're welcome kiddo,' Steve said.

Kelly threw her arms around him and gave him a crushing hug, which he returned in kind. She pecked a kiss on his cheek, and broke the embrace. 'I'll drop by next week.'

'Sure,' Steve said. 'Drive carefully, now.'

'I will. You go back inside, you'll get a chill standing there.' She started down the driveway, and got in her car and waved to Steve as she pulled her seatbelt on. He waved back, then closed the front door, leant against it and closing his eyes let out a deep sigh. He patted the bulge in his trousers disapprovingly. 'You bloody calm down,' he said to it. Then he sighed again. 'Christ all bloody mighty.'

He went back to the front room and reached for the remote control.

There was a knock at the front door.

Kelly was standing there, when he opened it.

'Forget something?' Steve asked.

'In a manner of speaking. Look, I know we said we wouldn't talk about it again, but I know if I don't ask you something, it'll eat away at me.'

'Okay, come in.'

Kelly stepped into the hallway. 'I have to know, dad, and please be honest. Please.'

'Of course,' Steve said, closing the front door.

'After we . . . you know. Did you think about it?'

'A little difficult not to,' Steve answered.

'No, I mean, last night, when you went to bed did you think about it then?'

'Ye-es,' Steve said slowly.

'And,' she took a deep breath. 'Did you . . . have any feelings, I mean did you get a, well, you know . . .'

Steve looked at his daughter, contemplating the lie, knowing the danger of the truth. 'Kelly . . .'

'Only, when we hugged just now, I noticed you were . . . hard.'

Steve decided there was no point lying. 'Okay, I'd admit I've a bit of a hard on, and yes I did think about what happened last night.'

'Me too,' Kelly said, her voice a whisper. She stared intently into her eyes.

Neither spoke for a moment, as though trying to reorganise their thoughts.

'What shall we do about it?' Kelly said, her tone serious as though they were discussing a life and death matter.

'About what?'

'About your . . . you know, your hard on.'

'Nothing,' Steve said. 'It'll go down by itself.'

'What if it doesn't?'

'Kelly, I don't think we should make the sort of decision we're both thinking of.'

'No,' Kelly agreed. 'We shouldn't.'


'We'll let the coin decide,' Kelly said holding up a silver coin.

Steve looked at the coin in her hand. There was no denying the sexual tension in the air.

'Okay,' he said mollified by the solution his daughter presented. Fate would decide.

'I'll toss,' Kelly said.

Steve nodded appreciating that this seemed to take the decision even more out of his hands. His erection was now fully back and straining in his trousers.

Kelly tossed the coin, and slapped it deftly on the back of one hand.

They both stared.

'We didn't call heads or tails,' Steve observed.

'No need, dad.' Kelly removed her hand slowly.


Steve sighed both relieved at the negative result but at the same time disappointed. It was for the best though. This game was too dangerous.

Kelly removed her jacket and hung it over the banister.

'What are you doing?' Steve asked, puzzled.

'What do you think?'

'I thought you were going home. It's over. The coin came up tails, Kelly.'

Kelly kicked off her shoes, and unfastened the button on her jeans. She hooked her thumbs in the seams and tugged them down. 'Dad, yesterday the coin said heads, so I gave you head. This time I'm going to give you tails.' She patted her rump.

Steve stood speechless, unsure what to do.

Kelly sat on the bottom stair, her tight jeans still around her lower legs. 'Help me get these off, dad,' she said.

Steve knelt and helped her remove her jeans, something he hadn't done in many years. They came free and she sat, her legs bare, only her panties thick socks and a t-shirt covering her body. She looked small, vulnerable, sexy.

'We can't do it here on the stairs,' he protested.

'Why not?' she said.

'Upstairs?' he suggested.

Kelly cocked her head. 'You'll change your mind by the time we get up there.'

'I won't,' Steve said.

'Let's do it here,' Kelly insisted, standing and getting ready to remove her panties.

'No,' Steve said firmly. 'Upstairs to bed, young lady, I'm still your father.'

'Yes, dad,' Kelly grinned. She turned and skipped up stairs. Steve's eyes fixed on her curvaceous round buttocks as she took each step.

He scooped up her jeans, held them to his face and inhaled her scent. Then slowly mounted the stairs.

In his bedroom she was waiting. She wore no panties or socks, but still had on her t-shirt. He stood by the bed and she came to him, standing before him, only an inch or so between them. He could feel the heat from her body.

'Let me undress you dad,' she offered.

She undid his top shirt button then the next, her small fingers trembling slightly. Each button popped out with ease and she ran her hands over his broad chest. She slipped his shirt from him, then kissed his chest. She moved down to the floor. Undid his shoes, removed them, putting them neatly at the foot of his bed. His socks followed, she rolled them into a ball and placed them into the shoes. She looked up into his eyes as she reached for the button on his trousers, rubbing a hand over the prominent bulge there. She kissed it, a pledge of the pleasure she intended to give. She popped the button on the trousers and eased down the zip. The trousers loosened, fell easily to the floor. Steve stepped out of them. Kelly picked them up, folded them neatly and placed them by the foot of the bed. Only his underpants remained.

Kelly pressed her face against the cotton materiel feeling his cock on her face, the wet spot where pre-come stained the material. Then she hooked her fingers in the elastic band and eased the pants down releasing her father's full proud erection.

She pulled her t-shirt off revealing her fully formed breasts, nipples pink and engorged. She knelt and rubbed her cheek over his shaft and gently kissed the sticky tip. Steve watched her, his breathing growing deeper. Kelly stood and pressed her body to his, her breasts against his ribcage, his cock pressing into her pale soft belly.

Kelly reached down between her legs, feeling for the wetness of desire there. Her fingertips came away glazed and wet. She brought them to her father's mouth. He took her hand in his, inhaling her scent then pressing her fingertips to his open mouth, sucked her fingers clean.

Kelly whimpered with arousal. She felt his hands on her sides and he lifted her onto the bed.

'Tails,' she reminded him, as she moved up onto the bed, turning and adopting a position on her hands and knees, her rear towards him.

Steve climbed on to the bed, positioning himself behind his daughter, taking in her curvaceous form, her round buttocks tapering to her slim waist then her heavy breasts hanging down. He smoothed his hands over her silken alabaster skin, enjoying the delightful contours of her buttocks, thighs and waist. Her breathing was deep like his own, the scent of her of juice mingled with her perfume to create a heady intoxicating odour.

'Enter me dad,' she pleaded, pushing her rear up and closer to him. He moved in, gently pushing her thighs apart. He looked at her moist wet sex, noticing a treacle-like string of come drip onto the bedcovers. He brought the swollen head of his cock closer to his daughter's proffered vulva.


The tip of his cock, the foreskin fully back, touched the outer lips of her labia. Kelly exhaled loudly.

Steve pushed into her a fraction more, feeling her warm vaginal slippery lips close over the sensitive bulbous head of his cock. He gripped her hips with his large hands that were dark in contrast to his daughters pale flesh.

'Please dad, please.' Kelly urged, tormented by his gradual penetration.

He did not want to hurt her. Slowly he entered her, his thick cock disappearing into the welcoming folds of her vagina. Kelly gasped pushing her buttocks back so he was fully inside her. She groaned aloud with pleasure as he filled her passage.

Steve withdrew slowly and as his head began to emerge slimy with her juice, he rammed it back it, eliciting a shout of joy from Kelly.

'Oh, God, dad, Oh God!' she cried.

He pulled out and rammed in again. Then again, and again.

He'd taken Kelly's mother on this same bed, in this same position so many times, and his daughter body was so like her mother's when she was Kelly's age. This was the bed they had conceived her on twenty five years ago. The realisation drove his to new heights of arousal.

Kelly reached with one hand between her legs, her fingers finding her father's taut balls, soaked with her juice, and she massaged and rubbed them. Steve thrust faster into his daughter, increasing the rhythm and finding a pace. Kelly too matched his motion, pushing her buttocks back as he thrust into her, ensuring each time he was as deep inside her as possible.

Kelly grunted as he thrust home, his hands tight on her hips, using them for better purchase. Both her hands were back on the bed, needing to help balance her position as her father became more strident in his motion. Her breasts jiggled and slapped against her ribs each time he drove into her. Kelly groaned, her mind over come with the eroticism of giving herself to her father. The cock of the man who helped give her life, sliding in and out of her. The thought of his life giving semen inside her as it had been her mother drove her to a frenzy of intense pleasure. Kelly could feel her orgasm beginning to build.

'Dad, dad, I'm coming, I'm coming,' she gasped between cries.

'Good girl, Kelly, good girl,' Steve encouraged.

Kelly was panting and grunting as ploughed her. She threw back her head, her blonde hair tossed high. 'Daddeeeee,' Kelly cried out, her fingers twisting the bed sheets. Steve held her tightly to him the flesh on her hips where Steve's fingers gripped her was white as he impaling her fully with his thick long cock feeling his own climax begin.

He thrust again and his and Kelly's cries merged as they both reached orgasm. He felt a surge in his loins as his ejaculate burst forth. He came deep inside his daughter's quivering body, holding her firmly against him until his spasms subsided and his seed filled her and mixed with her come. They remained for some seconds in position, spent from the intensity of their lovemaking.

Steve, feeling his erection lesson, withdrew, slipping out of his daughter and collapsed beside her. Both their bodies were damp with sweat. Kelly curled up on top of him resting her head on his chest.

Their breathing slowed as their bodies relaxed. Neither spoke. Kelly began to trail idle fingers around her father's chest hairs.

'You, okay dad?' she whispered.

'Uh huh. You?'

'Yes, oh definitely, yes.' Kelly said. She kissed his chest and her hand trailed down to her father's navel.

'You're the most beautiful thing my life,' Steve said, stroking her hair.

'Thanks dad, - a thing am I?' she quipped.

'Uh huh,' Steve said.

Kelly's fingers went further down, exploring his wet pubic hair, then over his softening cock and balls, still slick with her come. She felt his cock stir under her touch. She also felt a fresh stirring of her own arousal. She needed more. She began to move her head down his chest.

'Hey,' Steve said, his eyes closed, feeling relaxed but still quite turned on. 'What are you up to now?'

'Well dad,' she said, her head reaching his crotch. 'You brought me up to be a good girl didn't you?'

'Yes,' Steve said.

'And a good girl always cleans up after herself, doesn't she?'

'Yes, why?'

Kelly did not reply, and Steve, his eyes closed, his body relaxed, smiled as small sounds of his daughter licking clean his balls and cock filled the room that was leaden with the scent of their lovemaking. As his cock grew thick in Kelly's mouth, Steve reflected Tails was good, but Heads always won.

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