Valentine's Day Divorce


"Is there any further evidence that I should consider?" he asked.

"Yes sir," Cassie spoke. "Sir, I was home last night; I called my husband's cell phone twice from our home phone looking for him. I was on the internet, and I watched a pay-per-view movie. All of those things should be easy enough to verify."

"I really didn't need more from you, young lady, but do you have a response?" he looked at Gene.

"She was with me, not at home," hubby nearly shouted.

"Check your messages, dear," Cassie sweetly said.

He pulled his phone out of his pocket and turned it on; funny, why was it off he thought for a second. The phone beeped that there were two messages.

"Play them on speaker, please," the arbitrator said.

Hubby put the phone on speaker and was in disbelief as the two messages played; it even stated which number the messages came from. It hit him seconds later what had happened and he exclaimed, "Wait, we went by the house for a while; that's when she must have left the messages."

"Oh, not again," the arbitrator said, "And in your version, where were you while she was leaving these messages?"

"I was in the limo with Mary; I couldn't go in the house because I wasn't dressed," hubby stated.

"Mary?" the arbitrator asked.

"Her sister," hubby answered.

"Not my sister," Cassie said.

The arbitrator looked incredulously at the husband, "So, you are admitting to having sexual relations with this other woman? Whoever she is, right?"

"But my wife said it was a surprise?" he answered, realizing that this didn't sound good.

"What?" Cassie asked, faking a surprised sound.

"Just stop, everyone," the arbitrator said, "This is insane. I'm ready to rule. The wife will receive the home, home furnishings and her personal items; the husband will receive the cash and stocks up to the value of the home. Above and beyond that, everything shall be split 50/50. The wife will receive alimony in the amount of $3000 per month which shall continue until she remarries."

"Now, when can these items be split up?" the arbitrator said to them all.

Cassie's lawyer spoke, "My client suspected all of this, sir, so she packed all of her husband's things into luggage and boxes and has had them placed in his suite here at the hotel,"

"You bitch!" hubby exclaimed as the full realization of what had happened final sunk in.

Her lawyer ignored the outburst and continued, "In light of the obvious anger, we ask that a restraining order be put in place, he be ordered not to contact my client except through me, and to make all requests for any items that may have been missed through me as well."

"Very reasonable," the arbitrator agreed. He added that to his order and handed copies to all those present in the room.

Hubby looked at Gene and said quietly, "I got fucked."

"I hope you did, old friend, and I hope it was worth it," he replied.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/30/18

What a load of shit!

The whole process is crap. His pre-nip would not have made any restrictions on the husband's fidelity since it's his pre-nup not his wife's. If she didn't sign it they wouldn't get married. The pre-nupmore...

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by tazz31710/01/17


and dead exes cannot benefit, TK U MLJ LV NV

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by Anonymous10/01/17

1 thing

you don't have to pay alimony to the deceased. that will save him 36,000 a year, well worth the investment. As the old saying goes, the only good whore is a dead whore.

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by Anonymous08/28/17

5!!! HEY ANNONY!! Fooled!!!???

You were fooled your entire married life by your dead ex wife. She fucked a bunch of men all during your marriage and you only found out after she died. heheheheheheheh That's why you bitch and go nutsmore...

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